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Introduction This report is on Content Analysis and it aims to suggest ways through which the web presence of the

MBA in Marketing webpage of the University of Aberdeen can be improved. Report initially tries to understand what exactly content is and what content is made up of. Later, the current MBA in marketing webpage is being analysed and compared with its competitor with the help of Meta Tag analyzer which is followed by snippets and competitors snippets from the Organic results. Some light is thrown on the target Audience and points like where the target Audience is located and what might be they looking for on a webpage is discussed in the narrative. Social Networking sites one of the recent developments in E-Commerce is checked upon and its impact on the web presence. Some pointers are considered before writing down the content and the necessities which cannot be ignored. Lastly report is concluded with some food for thought. What is Content? Content is very important though aforesaid line is very monotonous but it is the backbone of any Search Engine Optimization. The reason is quite plain and simple; when there is a web presence, Content is the thing that attracts customers and retains their attention. It is the one and only means, which would bring customers to the website and turn leads into sales through all the advertising campaigns. ( [S1]: Seriously! nothing better, remember professional boyo

aintenance/article.php?article_id=48) Visitors go on a website because they are looking for a professional product or service. Therefore, it s important that the information passed on the website should be understood and conceived properly by the customers( University of Aberdeen s MBA Webpage and MBA in Marketing webpage of University of Aberdeen is the same where generic information about the MBA as a programme is given

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Instead. meta information in this area is used to communicate information that a visitor may not be concerned with. It is extremely important to have good quality tags and description because even though the users can t see it. Meta Tags Meta Tags are the information inserted into the "head" area of the web pages. It is helpful in engaging the visitor to stay on the website for a longer period of time. the link need to be either rectified or newly created for MBA in Marketing programme. The Meta tag provides information about the webpage that is not apparent to the user. Therefore. can tell a browser what "character set" to use or whether a web page has self-rated itself in terms of adult content. information in the head area of the web pages is not seen by those viewing the pages in browsers. Meta tags.instead of MBA in Marketing core details. Other than the title tag. Richard Lembard 51014358 Page 2 . but the search engine reads it and ranks the webpage according to the quality of the tags and description. such as the keywords and the description of the webpage. Content Analysis Content can be generally defined as a collaboration of multiple keywords put together to give out right and adequate information to the visitors. it is important to put the right keywords and continue the flow of information in the content to keep the visitors engaged. for example. On the other hand there are certain technical facets of content which is unseen to the visitors. In order to start off. They play a crucial role in the web presence of the website some of them are discussed below.

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Below mentioned is the snippet for University of Aberdeen s MBA in marketing. unlike competitors who use keywords that are highly attractive and used in search for MBA in marketing. A search snippet shows how a page. Richard Lembard 51014358 a Page 6 . as a whole. content in the snippets plays a pivotal role in process of conversion of a lead into a sale.Snippets Dictionary meaning of a snippet isa small piece or brief extract. ence not enabling the visitor to even click and go to the actual webpage. As compared to the Competitors University of Aberdeen s snippet is not appealing and not focused on the content of the page. relates to a query by excerpting content that appears near and around where your query shows on the page. COMPETITORS SNIPPETS Above mentioned are the organic results for the search query MBA in Marketing and it is found that MBA in Marketing webpage of University of Aberdeen has less attractive words which hardly draws the attention of the visitors. Therefore.

For that a tool from Google s tool kit can be used and in house research will also give the equal amount of information. Searches for MBA in abroad gave the following results Richard Lembard 51014358 Page 7 . marketing jobs. Since University of Aberdeen is an International University therefore. Therefore. categories. there would be many International student consultants who will be looking forward for information through the website. MBA jobs and the searches which are rising includes Jobs for MBA. their Parents/Guardians/Relatives/ Friends. . it gives a clear picture that most of the target audience is from India where more prominence is given on jobs and jobs after MBA. Previous batches of MBA can be taken into account which will help in understanding the concentration of ethnic background of the students who opt for MBA and more specifically for MBA in Marketing jobs. time frames and properties (http://www. A test conducted on Google insights for search shows that MBA in marketing is highly found to be searched in India and other searches are like MBA marketing jobs. MBA fresher jobs. MBA courses. . Broadly the 3 groups can be termed as User Categories. Now the Question that arises is who (which background of people) and from where the website is being accessed. Another method of finding the right information is through the types of searches made on search engines can help to determine which country is searching for what kind of courses and subsequently other related searches as well. This can be done with the help of Google Insights for search. Google Insights for search: . you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions. fresher MBA jobs. marketing projects.Who is the Target Audience and where are they? Target Audience of an Academic website will be Prospective

Figure 5: Resultsof Study in abroad Figure 6: Results of Study in abroad Richard Lembard 51014358 Page 8 .

Searches like study in abroad. MBA in UK. Expe iences of the A umni: Alumni s can create a sense of motivation amongst the new International students. the search was majorly conducted from the India. Their achievements can be one of the reasons for the prospective students to take up the course. Therefore. Therefore. Accommodation: The best possible Accommodation available for the Students to live matching their requirements varying from En-suite to Shared rooms and at different rates per week. it gives a clear picture that prospective students from India consider studying abroad significantly. Therefore. mentioning about the health and safety measures is quite crucial. jobs in abroad. In figure 6 other related searches and rising searches are mentioned. Richard Lembard 51014358 Page 9 f UK Standa d efe encing system: c h e d d d f b d e d d d d g arvard referencing system is widely used in almost . It hit a low during the period of recession (2009-2010). VISA egu ations: Post study Work Visa and the ever changing formalities and regulations of the UKBA can be given on the webpage to keep the students informed.In figure 5searches for Study in abroad reached a peak in the year 2007 and till date it has been fluctuating. This gives the website designer enough pointers to concentrate on the kind of content that he needs to put on the website. it s advisable to have a link on the webpage explaining the arvard referencing system. MBA in Singapore. What are the ser Categories loo ing for? Students Ca ee Oppo tunities: The webpage should have Marketing Jobs and various opportunities that students can reap from MBA in Marketing. MBA in UK and many more. Family & Friends Hea th & Safety: For any Family ealth & Safety of their loved ones is of prime importance. In 2011search picked up again. The rising searches include jobs in abroad. throughout UK universities.

Taking into account all the aforesaid points make a good enough content for MBA in Marketing website to be in the organic results. Richard Lembard 51014358 p i Page 10 .Finances: This section will deal with the tuition fees and how much a student would require for living comfortably in Aberdeen (keeping in mind the expenses of an average student living) Agents: Key things that the webpage should have for the International Agents/Consultants Reputation and Ranking: Reputation of the University across the globe and World ranking is one of the unique selling points towards the prospective students. Indust y Affi iations: The tie-ups that Business School has and the number of recruitment fares that University conducts.

Example: Facebook. This strategic move enables the Business school to enter the bedroom of the Prospective student as information therefore. This will eventually generate traffic to the webpage and automatically the ranking of the webpage will go up high. LinkedIn. the decision making happens at a faster pace. Full featured communities offer the ability to share views. what is the purpose of the website? Website is designed to attract the visitors and search engines. These can be used as a means of communicating about academic or professional interests (http://library. Twitter. initiate discussions.albany. Educational Institutions can maintain profiles or pages focussing on a specialized interest or general in nature. q e/she is updated with the flow of . Therefore. Pointers There are certain things that should be considered before deciding upon the content of a website. people understand and empathise visuals more than the plain text.More the number of followers better are the ranking of the page. Initially. engage in discussions and discover other common connections through ones contacts. TripAdvisor Latest updates from the Business school can be posted and students following the page are supplied with information on the Networ ing Site Social Networking sites are online communities in which members can interact in a number of ways. Therefore. continuous updating of the page or group is essential. having all the information or certain snippets from the webpage in a video format will accelerate the visitors to have more information on where they are going and how their future may look like after a year of education. contact group members directly. A website is an answer to the visitors Questions or satisfies the Richard Lembard 51014358 Page 11 r Education becomes more personal than ever. MySpace. YouTube You Tube an online video clip channel is one of the most sought avenue Reason being .

The content need to be relevant up to date and well organized and should be written uniquely for each page of the website and should be written as if the website is talking to the customers. They can only move from page to page via a text link so it is crucial to have text links to the main section of the website on every page.html Richard Lembard 51014358 Page 12 .A content rich website which is full of text rather than images will be Search Engine friendly. tips. Spiders cannot see images or graphics they see only text. Eventually it has a direct impact on its page rank. Source http://www.need of the knowledge. Short and crisp sentences are the key for being content rich website.nrjdesign.Avoid jargons which visitors may not understand.The content should include websites. To achieve this aim the website should be content rich. Search Engines collect their data using spiders. tutorials which will hold the visitors interest and compel them to return to the site again. Update the content weekly this keeps the site fresh and interesting and Search Engines are always looking for website which offers information useful for their visitors.

Good content definitely shoots up the ranking in the search results but it does need support from other marketing ideas like sharing the link on one of the busiest websites like www.britishcouncil.Conclusion Sole SEO only helps in getting the websites in the organic list of search results but it s the content that helps to keep it up there. This way MBA in Marketing webpage s Web Presence can be improved and a content rich website will help to stay up in the Organic results of the searches. the success of MBA in Marketing website lies in the promotion of the Website. having the right domain name (preferably a TLD).org. Richard Lembard 51014358 Page 13 . Content is important for the success of any website but sole content is also of no use therefore. a good mix of keywords and lastly affiliation with social networking sites and You Tube is always beneficial.

com/tools/search-engines/ http://www.TML-Meta-Tags) http://www.html Image Sou ce Images are taken from the PowerPoint presentation ow-To-Use.albany.html http://searchenginewatch. www.freedictionary.php?article_id=48 Richard Lembard 51014358 t t u s Page 14 .com http://www.seocentro.Bibliography Web Sou ces /eval/evalweb/socialnetworking.