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Module no.1 Short questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What do you mean by new economic policy? What is economic environment? What do you mean by changing business? Explain the term HRM environment? What do you mean by legal environment? What is technological environment?

Long questions 1. Discuss the impact of new industrial policy 1991 on Indian economy. 2. Define socio-economic environment. Explain its influence on HRM. 3. Explain new economic policy and changing business in environmental context. 4. Explain the response of workers unions and management to the structural adjustment. 5. What is the impact of social and cultural factors on business? Module no.2 Short questions 1. Explain the term HRM MODEL. 2. What is union HRM? 3. Give the meaning of non-union HRM.

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What do you mean by learning organization? Define the term knowledge. What is knowledge management? State the types of knowledge. Long questions 1. Describe knowledge management process. 2. Give the difference between old HRM and new HRM model. 3. Is HRM possible in India. Explain the various obstacles to its implementations. 4. Explain the importance of learning organization. 5. Explain the significance of knowledge management. Module no.3 Short questions 1. 2. 3. 4.
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What is human resources management? What are the objectives of HRM? Mention the functions of HRM. What is the important of Human Resources Management in an organization? What is the role of human resources manager? What do you mean by HR policies? What do you mean by corporate strategies?

Long questions What is HRM? Explain the significance or need of HRM. 2. Explain the various function of HRM. 3. What is the scope of HRM? 4. Explain the perspective of HRM. 5. State the nature of HRM.


Describe the duties and responsibilities of HR manager.

Module no.4 Short questions Define Human Resources Planning? 2. What are the objectives of HRP? 3. Mention the factors affecting HRP. 4. Why HRP is important? 5. Describe the types of manpower planning. 6. Suggest any four forecasting techniques. 7. What do you mean by HRIS? 8. What do you mean by Delphi technique? 9. What do you mean by downsizing plan? 10. What is job analysis?

Long questions
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Explain the various steps in the HRP process. Define HRP. Bring out the factors influencing such a plan. What to do you understand by HRP? What is its importance? Explain the techniques of employee demand forecasting. Explain the barriers to HRP. Bring out the requisites for effective planning. Explain the techniques of job design. Define HRIS. What activities does it help organization perform?

Module no.5 Short questions


Define recruitment.

What do you mean by recruitment policy? 3. What are the sources of internal recruitment? 4. State the various sources of external recruitment? 5. What is EQ. 6. What is personality test? 7. What do you mean by RJP? 8. What do you mean by outsourcing? 9. Explain the term scouting. 10. What is body shopping? 11. What is TLD? 12. What is selection? 13. What do you mean by placement? 14. What do you mean by induction? 15. State different types of test. 16. What do you mean by halo effect? 17. State the different type of interview.

Long question 1. Define recruitment Bring out its purpose and importance. 2. Why is it important for organization to do an effective job of recruitment. 3. bring out the factors which influence recruitment. 4. explain the different sources of recruitment. 5. explain the recruitment process. 6. what is the process of selection.? 7. what is the differences between recruitment and selection. Module no.6 short question 1. 2. 3. 4. What do you mean HRD? Define training. What is sensitivity training? What is reinforcement?

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What is self appraisal? What is on-the-job training method? What is off-the-job training method? What is programmed instruction? Long question 1. 2. 3. 4. Explain the concept and nature of HRD. State the objectives of HRD. Explain the importance of training. Discuss the various methods of training the employees. 5. What are the functions of HRD managers? 6. What is total quality management? How can human resource manager contribute towards TQM. 7. Write a note on HRD in Indian industry.

Module no.7 short question 1. What is performance appraisal? 2. What is 360 degree appraisal technique? 3. What do you mean by assessment centres? 4. What are behaviorally anchored rating scales? 5. What is MBO? 6. Define job evaluation. 7. What is promotion? 8. What do you mean by transfer? 9. State the purpose of promotion. 10 what is field review? Long question

1. What are the objectives of performance appraisal? 2. Explain the importance of performance appraisal in human resources management. 3. Outline the appraisal process. 4. Bring out the methods of appraisal. 5. Define job evaluation. Explain the process of job evaluation . 6. Outline the methods of job evaluation. 7. Discuss the problem of performance appraisal. 8. What are the common raters problems? How can they be overcome? 9. state the advantages and disadvantages of transfer. 10. Explain the steps involved in carrer planning. Module no.8 short question 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. What do you mean by compensation? State the factors which affect wage fixation. What is a dearness allowance? What are the various types of compensation? What do you mean by fringe benefits? Define fair wage, minimum wage and living wage. what is piece wage system. State the components of remuneration. Define nominal wage. Long question 1. Explain the objectives of compensation.

2. How are wages determined in an industry? What is the role of HR manager in administration of remuneration to executives? 3. Explain the significance of reward system in business. 4. Discuss the system of promoting equity compensation. 5. Describe various employee benefits and services. Module no.9 short question 1. What do you mean by industrial relation? 2. What is an industrial dispute? 3. What is strike? 4. Define collective bargaining. 5. What is grievance? 6. What do you mean by lock out? 7. Define the term arbitration. 8. What is IR strategy? 9. What do you mean by judicial review? 10. What is the meaning of retrenchment? Long question 1. What are the objectives of industrial relation? 2. Explain the law of industrial relation. State the characteristic features of law industrial relation. 3. rapid industrialization in india is heavily dependent on harmonious industrial relation. Discuss. 4. Explain the necessary conditions for the maintenance of sound industrial relation. 5. Explain the importance of productive bargaining.

6. What are the major causes for industrial disputes? 7. What are the statutory measures available in india to resolve industrial dispute? 8. what do you mean by a conflict? Explain in detail causes of industrial conflicts. Module no.10 short question 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What is the meaning of trade union? Give the meaning of unionization. What is a union free plant? Define union instrumentality. What do you mean by employment contract? Define political affiliations. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Long question

Define trade union. Why do employees join unions? What impact do unions have on employees and employers? Describe the characteristics of trade unions. State the functions and role of trade unions. What are the problems of trade unions? Distinguish between trade union and trade unionism. Explain any two theories of trade unions. Mention the importance of managerial unionism.