To, All Naadi Lovers Sub: Dictionary for Words From Naadi Palm Leaf Predictions Introduction As the Naadi

palm leaf predictions are getting popular day by day, the Naadi centres are spreading all over India and abroad. New centres are mushrooming very fast. However there are no proper interpreters available. Persons get dejected if proper interpretation is not provided for the most accurate words used by the Maharshees in their Tamil writings. On many occasions one gets feeling that the essence of the predictions is missing. The Naadi centre owners and interpreters are also aware of limitations of their knowledge and experience. In absence of exact and appropriate words they keep repeating the few words they are aware of due to their limited exposure to language. Hindi translation is generally done by the person who happened to reside in Hindi speaking areas due to employment needs. They relay on the words they hear or read for their routine jobs. At present there are no arrangements for proper training to the interpreters. The Naadi centres in Vaideeshwaran Koil should take lead to overcome the situation by starting courses in theirs centres by the proper English trained persons. Necessity of Dictionary There are many interpreters who could not get proper training but wish to enhance their word power of their own. The dictionary of the words generally used in interpreting the Naadi predictions for them is a boon. The dictionary will provide them different shades of meanings. The most apt and correct word selection could be possible. The thesaurus is also provided to enlarge their word expressions. The dictionaries available free on line could be used. If needed some more could be procured. To compile the data of Naadi words the notebooks from the persons experienced the predictions will be collected. The Xerox copies of the note books will be used. To begin with, the task of converting of Tamil words and phrases in to Roman and Devnagari Script for Hindi and Marathi languages will be undertaken. In the next phase, Japanese and some European languages will be included. On completion of project the dictionary in

the form of CD and book will be made available at nominal cost to Naadi centres located all over India. “Project Dictionary” for Naadi palm leaf predictions is being undertaken by some Naadi lovers from Pune and Mumbai areas. From 1st of January 2007 this project will begin from some centres willing to cooperate with project. You are a keen Naadi lover. You can provide a helping hand by following ways: I) Provide sample data for creating dictionary You can hand over Xerox copies of Notebooks of any Kandams from any Centre of any year. We ensure that the data confidentiality will be maintained.

II) Financial assistance :A) To procure Laptop Comps (Three to begin) with full peripherals such as multimedia, printer, scanner, etc. B) C) D) To buy softwares of CDAC products like Ileap, Leap office, Publisher for Indian multilingual support. Computer table, 3 chairs, steel cupboard, paper and other consumables. To pay honorarium to the person employed for compilation of the words data. Rs 5,000/- per month from Jan 2007. for coming 6 to 12 months. (The Cheque No. 12345 of Rs. 5,000/- for the month of Jan 2007 from the undersigned as token Contribution has been received) To meet expenditure to produce books and CDs. To create Website for the Naadi lovers activities. to meet expenses for all the activities many not be listed above but might be required during the process of creating the dictionary

E) F) G)

Those who want to contribute financially can contact the undersigned to know more details about the mode of making contribution. III) Administrative/Supervisory Support We may require help from the Naadi Lovers to volunteer for providing administrative/supervisory support for coordinating the activities during the process of creating dictionary.

Contact Information Telephone No.s : Wing Commander Shashikant Oak – 9881901049 Rajas Khaladkar – 9890658280 e-mai : Looking forward for a whole hearted support & participation from all Naadi Lovers for this first step towards the noble cause. Yours Faithfully, For Naadi Lovers Group

Shashikant Oak/ Rajas Khaladjar (Promoter of Pune Chapter)

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