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Ketu 15:41
Moo 11:50

Male Horoscope
29 June 1959

Sat® 10:25

While Looking at the Karakatwa of Planets and their Placement in Rasi and combination in 1,5,9, 2, 7, we can arrive

Ask any doubts on this - ? Try to analyze his profession based on Saturn on sim
We will discuss next week about the profession - on Naadi System.

1 Education:
Sun 12:14

For Education we take Mercury:

Mercury is in the House of Moon:
Mercury is establishing connection with Moon an
(As per naadi 1,5,9 Principle).
Moon will make him to change his education
Ketu will create problem in education.
Mer 5:38 Here Ketu is in the Jupiter House and with Enem
Mar 22:55 Therefore, he is week to trouble education, inste
oroscope Ven 27:33:00 will give concentration in Education and Give an
ne 1959 Moon is also in Jupiter House and seeing his ow
:50 Therefore, both the Planets are not obstructing f
cutta Next Mercury is associated with Mars
Mars is Technical Education
Venus is for "Panditya" higher education.
Therefore, Mer in with concentration, and analyt
has taken up Mar technical line Computers
and Venus made him to do the masters degree
Moon is for Travel, Ketu is Tail, Mars is Machine
Venus is Management
Travel in Tail line machine, - is Rail.
Railway track is also Ketu.
Therefore the - Native has taken up the Diploma
Sanskrit is Language of Devas, similar langauge
Jup® 29:39:00 Rah 15:41 represented by Jupiter, Jupiter is retro and conn
Rahu in Virgo, Rahu is representative of foreign
Now Retro Jupiter along with Rahu connects to
Ketu Moon is connected to Mer. Therefore, Fore
Sanskrit language modified, as Hindi is one of h
in 1,5,9, 2, 7, we can arrive at the matters precisely

ased on Saturn on similar line and post group mails

Dip - Rail-Transport Management
Hindi Visarada

use of Moon:
ng connection with Moon and Ketu

o change his education

em in education.
upiter House and with Enemy Moon
k to trouble education, instead he
n in Education and Give analytical power
er House and seeing his own house.
Planets are not obstructing for Education.
ciated with Mars

a" higher education.

h concentration, and analytical knowledge of Ketu
hnical line Computers
m to do the masters degree in computers.
etu is Tail, Mars is Machine or Power

chine, - is Rail.

e has taken up the Diploma in Railway

of Devas, similar langauge which is

er, Jupiter is retro and connects to
is representative of foreign.
ong with Rahu connects to Ketu and Moon.
ted to Mer. Therefore, Foreign Influenced
odified, as Hindi is one of his Education.