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Pyle Pro 1000 Watt

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz 2-channel bridgeable 500 Watts x 2 Channels @ 4 Ohm 250 Watts x 2 Channels @ 8 Ohm Overload and protection indicator

Two Channels idgeableSpeaker/Terminal Connection,And SPEAK ON. Double Cooling Fan 110/220 Volt Switchable 2x5 LED Input Level Indicator Overload and Protection Indicator Signal/Noise ratio:=102dB Distortion:=1.0% Frequency response:20Hz-20KHz less than0.5dB input impedance: balance 20KO Input level:+4dB Total Power 1000 Watts

Precio : 450.000 garantia total de un mes entrega 10 dias habiles a 15 dias habiles

Gemini (3000W)

Input Sensitivity & Imp: .77V Freq Resp: 10 Hz50 Khz at 1.5 Db Xlr & , 6.5Mm Jack, Balanced & Rca Unbalanced Inputs Ipp High-Power Output To Drive Professional Loudspeakers Without Clipping 3 Speakon Outputs For Channels A/B/Bridge 3 Speakon outputs for Channels A/B/Bridge Freq resp: 10 Hz?50 kHz @ 1.5 dB Input sensitivity and imp: 0.77V XLR and -Inch,6.5mm jack, balanced and RCA unbalanced inputs

Precio : 600.000 garantia total de un mes entrega 10 dias habiles a 15 dias habiles

The Yamaha HTR-3063 Receiver

1080p-Compatible HDMI Repeater with 3D The Yamaha HTR-3063 has HDMI repeater functionality, with 4 inputs and 1 output, ready to pass content The HTR-3063 features HDMI repeater and 3D capabilitie from all your highdefinition sources to your HDTV. And thanks to the latest HDMI technology, the HTR-3063 is HDMI 3Dready with a simple firmware upgrade--making you ready for the next generation of "next generation" content. The HTR-3063 Supports Deep Color (30/36-bit) Transmission The Yamaha HTR-3063 supports the latest HDMI 30- and 36-bit color depths, improved from the 24-bit depth of previous versions. This "Deep Color" allows the rendering of billions of colors for far greater accuracy. Colors are so vivid they seem to jump off the screen, with perfectly smooth tonal transitions and ultra-fine gradations between colors. It also enables many times more shades of gray, for higher contrast ratio. Three New Volume Controls The HTR-3063 has three new volume features. Volume Trim adjusts the volume of every input to normalize your volume across all your connected sources. Initial Volume allows you to tune to a preset volume level every time your receiver is turned on. Max Volume lets you set your own maximum volume, to help prevent "blowing out" smaller speakers (like satellite speakers). SCENE: A New Level of Operating Ease Four SCENE buttons make operating the receiver easier than ever. They are initially set to default settings for DVD Viewing, Disc Listening, TV

SCENE buttons automatically launch play of the source controlled by that button

Viewing and Radio Listening. Pressing a SCENE button automatically launches a number of operations that initiate play of the source controlled by that button. Other SCENE settings are also available, such as iPod Listening, XM Listening, TV Sports Viewing and Action Game Playing. Browsing and selecting the settings is quickly accomplished by rotating the Input knob and watching the on-screen display. The settings can be selected for one-time use, or they can replace the original default settings. You can even change the SCENE names for convenience. Audio Delay Compensation Keeps Your Experience On Track The latest display devices perform complex internal processing, causing time lag in the video signal. It is a small difference, but because the audio arrives first, the viewer may feel that something is not natural. The Audio Delay function for adjusting Lip-Sync matches the audio to the timing of the output of the video on the screen.

Surround Realism
CINEMA DSP Digital for Enhanced Surround Realism Conventional multi-channel audio reproduction systems base their sound on Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, using matrix and steering technologies to create surround sound effects. Yamaha CINEMA DSP is much more advanced, actually creating richly realized independent sound fields that envelop you in an unmatched surround sound experience. With dialogue, music and effects ideally located in these separate sound fields, you will hear sound with accurate placement, smooth movement, exceptional clarity and richness, and startlingly realistic presence. It will seem as if the walls of your room have disappeared and you are in the middle of your own immense theater. Adaptive DRC (Dynamic Range Control) Yamaha's Adaptive DRC technology automatically adjusts the dynamic range of the sound according to the volume that is selected. Adaptive DRC refines the dynamic range parameters to make low volume sounds easier to hear (narrower dynamic range) while retaining the massiveness felt during high volume (wider dynamic range). And because our ears lose sensitivity to low and high sounds as volume decreases, it continually adjusts these frequency ranges according to the volume and to the input signal level.

SILENT CINEMA and Virtual CINEMA DSP SILENT CINEMA makes it possible to hear large-scale surround sound through ordinary headphones! This is a variation of CINEMA DSP technology that Yamaha developed to let you listen in private to movies and other multi-channel sources for hours without listening fatigue. Virtual CINEMA DSP lets you enjoy the effects of CINEMA DSP surround sound without using surround speakers (handy for use in custom installations where some rooms don't have surround speakers). It can be used with the front / center / presence speakers or even with just the two front left and right speakers.
Large scale surround in your headphones

Compressed Music Enhancer Refreshes Your Music Yamaha employs sophisticated digital signal processing with exclusive algorithms to enable playback that improves the performance of compressed music formats, including MP3 and WMA. With the Compressed Music Enhancer, highs and especially lows are richer and smoother, bringing music back to life to be as close to the original as possible.

Precio : 600.000 garantia total de un mes entrega 10 dias habiles a 15 dias habiles

Pioneer VSX-820-K Receiver: A Complete AV Control Center at a Surprising Value

There's only one way to get closer to an artist's true intent--and that's to get as close as possible to exactly what the artist created. With this in mind, Pioneer ushers in an entirely new era of high definition stereophonic performance. From enjoying the very best 1080p high definition picture available to hearing every last nuance with award-winning audio capabilities, Pioneer's range of receivers offers nothing less than a miraculous performance at every level. And with an ever-increasing list of connectivity and integration options as well, these receivers will also guarantee to get you closer to the original experience than ever before. The Pioneer VSX-820-K delivers amazing home theater performance in an elegant package at a surprising value. With connectivity options for all your latest highdefinition home theater components, the VSX-820-K takes it a step further with support for your digital media via a front USB input and compatibility with Bluetooth sources (using the optional AS-BT100 adapter, sold separately). Plus, it's "Works with iPhone"-certified, so you can incorporate your favorite Apple products into your home theater easily.

"Works with iPhone"-certified, USB/Composite video cable included Support for latest HDMI spec (3-D ready), plus DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD, and Dolby Pro Logic IIz Bluetooth ready (with ASBT100 adapter, sold separately)

The Ultimate iPhone Experience--Now In Your Home Theater

Bluetooth capability (with adapter, sold separately) lets you play music wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled portable devices

Included cable makes integrating your favorite Apple products a breeze

"Works with iPhone" Certification Provides iPhone Users the Ultimate Plugand-Play Integration Get a truly plug-and-play iPhone experience with your home theater. Thanks to the VSX-820-K's "Works with iPhone" certification, you can enjoy music, movies, downloaded TV shows from iTunes, photos, and more. An included USB/composite video cable makes connecting your iPhone to share your favorite media easy--and your iPhone charges automatically when connected. Unlike other receiver lines, there's no need to buy a separate dock to enjoy your iPhone with your home theater. This included cable also works with most generations of iPod Classic, nano, and iPod Touch. Share your videos, and enjoy music with full album information on your TV. Your iPhone's wireless and network features remain fully functional and music and movies will mute when you receive an incoming call. And you've got lots of control options--use the iPhone directly, or push a single button on the VSX-820-K's front panel to switch control to the included preset remote and an intuitive text GUI.

Plus, your iPhone's music will always sound its best thanks to Pioneer's exclusive Advanced Sound Retriever technology, which restores lost data in compressed music files. So even in a big room, you'll get much closer to the artist's original intent from your iPhone, iPod or other MP3 player. And Auto Level Control means a smooth, consistent listening experience with no jarring volume changes between your favorite songs and albums. Release Your Smartphone's Music with the AS-BT100 Bluetooth Adapter (sold separately) For wireless connectivity, add a Pioneer AS-BT100 Bluetooth adapter (sold separately) to release your music from your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android smartphone as well as other Bluetooth-enabled sources like laptops. And the VSX820-K's Advanced Sound Retriever technology makes sure that even your compressed MP3s are brought back to near cd-quality sound.

How Pioneer's Technology Delivers the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

The Latest HDMI Technolo gy Gets You Ready for 3-D All of Pioneer's latest receivers support Connectivity for all your home theater components. the latest HDMI specification, meaning that you're not just getting the most out of your existing movies and music, you're preparing for the next generation of 3-D video content with the VSX-820-K. And with 4 HDMI inputs, you've got plenty of connectivity options for the growing number of high-definition sources available today. True-to-Life, High-Definition Audio and New Dolby Pro Logic IIz Of course all the latest Pioneer receivers support high-definition audio formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Audio to give your Blu-ray Disc movies a soundtrack that's true-to-life. But Pioneer adds an extra dimension with support for Dolby Pro

Logic IIz across its entire 2010 line of receivers, which adds a "height" channel for an even more immersive experience. Total Control with Custom Pioneer Technologies: Acoustic Calibration, Advanced Sound Retriever, and Auto Level Control Pioneer's exclusive Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration system (MCACC) provides a near studio-quality, multi-channel listening experience customized specifically to your listening environment. An included microphone measures every speaker's connection, and notes its size, distance from the listening point, sound levels and timbre to calibrate and maximize performance. Even compressed audio such as WMA, MP3 and AAC is enhanced with another Pioneer exclusive, Advanced Sound Retriever, by filling in areas where minute details were left out during the compression process. This technology also enhances the audio quality of SIRIUS Satellite Radio and can realize an upper limit frequency of 20kHz with compressed audio playback for surprising audio richness and clarity even from "lossy" digital audio sources. Additionally, the Auto Level Control feature can equalize volume level differences between tracks playing from an iPhone or iPod or during television programming so the volume can be enjoyed at a consistent level--no more jarring "blare" when switching audio sources. All of these technologies come together in the VSX-820-K to deliver a powerful level of control and sophistication for your home theater.

HDMI OnDolby Bluetoot USB/ Intern iPhone PC In - Scree Powe Pro- h Ready iPhone et Remot Contr 3D n Logic (with Certifie r Radio e App ol Read Displa IIz adapter) d y y 110x 5 Watt VSX-520-K s 110x 5 Watt VSX-820-K s PreOut 3 -



110x Speak 7 er Watt Assign VSX-920-K s


110x Speak 7 er Watt Assign VSX-1020-K s Pre120x Out 7 and Watt VSX-1120-K Speak s er

6 inc. Front 6 inc. Front / 1 Out



Precio : 850.000 garantia total de un mes entrega 10 dias habiles a 15 dias habiles

Crown 1000 Watts Power

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215 watts per channel at 8 ohms, 350 watts per channel at 4 ohms, 1100 watts per channel at 4 ohms bridged High Performance, Lightweight Class-D amp weighs less than 11 lbs Integrated PureBand(TM) Crossover System for better performance and control PeakX(TM) Limiters provide maximum output while protecting your speakers XLS, 1/4", RCA Inputs provide outstanding flexibility

Precio : 760.000 garantia total de un mes entrega 10 dias habiles a 15 dias habiles

Technical Pro 1100

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Bridge / Stereo Selector Dual cooling speed fans 1100 watts peak power 460 watts @ 2 ohms 370 watts @ 4 ohms

Precio : 550.000 garantia total de un mes entrega 10 dias habiles a 15 dias habiles

Pyle-Pro 1400 Watt

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700 Watt x 2 Power Amplifier - Dual Output Level Controls and Illumination Clip Indicator Power On/Off Switch - Stereo/Mono Selector - Stereo or Bridged Power Into 4 or 8 Ohms Dual RCA/Combo Inputs - Binding Post Outputs - Blue Color LED Display Ground Lift Switch - AC Accessory Inlet - Heavy Duty Fan Cooled Aluminum Heatsink 110/220 Voltage Selector - Dimensions: 3 15/32"(H) x 19''(W) x 10 11/16''(D)

Precio : 500.000 garantia total de un mes entrega 10 dias habiles a 15 dias habiles

Pyle-Pro 2000 Watt

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Blue Numerical Digital Sensitivity Input Meter 2 Multi Colored Led Output Meters 500 watts Rms per channel @ 8 Ohms max power Inputs: Balanced XLR, 1/4'' (6.35mm), RCA Cooling Speed Fan

The Blue Rock PDG2000 cranks out 2000 Watts peak power. Each channel features precision individual level controls, a power switch and power LED, and LEDs which indicate signal, clip and fault. Four-pole Speakon connectors and binding post jacks are both provided for output. The binding posts accept banana plugs or bare wire. Housed in a rugged, all-steel chassis, the PDG2000 will have no problem coping with the rigors of dayto-day usage. The PDG2000 boasts extensive protection and diagnostic capabilities. Output Current Limiting circuitry protects the amplifier output stage from damage caused by short-circuit loads. DC Protection disconnects the loudspeaker load in the event of an output DC offset exceeding 2V. The high-voltage power supplies are protected by a circuit breaker, and the Thermal Protection circuit protects you from overheating. Of course, prevention is the best protection. Internal heat sinks and efficient forced-air fans prevent

excessive thermal buildup to begin with. Pyle has been in business for over 35 years, and their manufacturing experience and expertise is easy to see - and hear.

Precio : 680.000 garantia total de un mes entrega 10 dias habiles a 15 dias habiles

Peavey 1600 Watt

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2 Channel independent fourth order Linkwitz-Riley crossovers DDT Revolutionary IPR class D topology-Detented input controls Combo XLR 1/4" inputs - Combo twist-lock output connectors Light weight-Individual signal pass 1/4" jacks on each channel LED illuminated

Precio : 800.000 garantia total de un mes entrega 10 dias habiles a 15 dias habiles