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” But. You were My first Male Best-Friend.Dedication First & foremost I dedicate this. . I also dedicate this book to everyone who is. Laura Ann Jenkins (Blanchard) for helping me write my first poem at age 6 & encouraging my love of the arts. You have been the love of my life since I was 12 yrs old. Charles Anthony Wells. for our special “walk & talks” & our night-time jazz drives. Most Especially of All. My Mother. Love is “Universe-Sol. out & through all of time. has been or will ever be in a relationship. & My Father. this book is dedicated to Anthony Sinclair. My first Wet Dream. My first Wet Kiss & Most Importantly the Father of Our First Born & for that I love you with a love that is indestructible. I still remember our first kiss. Thank you for loving me so authentically. in. My first Love. to the Most High Universal Consciousness from whence it came. my first published book. I will always be your friend.


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Shiral. . For that. Alisha. Dwarren'ee. Kim. Tammy & Tisha for coming to my first Spoken-Word Performance & eagerly participating in the standing ovation. Tamesha. Tim. Be Easy.G. but I am always grateful for your support. Danetia & all the rest of My FB Homies! You know darn well it's too many to name all of you! My Cousins Pam. My Friend M. Thanks For Your Support! It is Greatly Appreciated! My Cousin Teresa for supporting me in every endeavor. but I sure do miss writing with you late at night in the studio. L. I thank you wholeheartedly. The Body-Guard position & Autograph you asked about are yours whenever you're ready. We may not see each other often. . Breezy. Carol. this book would feel incomplete. Carla.. Patricia. Beautiful wherever you are. W.T. Clevester. Shonnon. Cee-Cee. everything happens for a reason.Acknowledgments I would like to thank all the Special People in my life who Supported.. Rochelle.-) My Friend R. Encouraged & Contributed their input to the making of this book (In No Specific Order): My “Die Hard-Face book Fam” for their unwavering support of my writing. Demetrice. without your magic touch.

You are my most valuable & significant creations. but certainly not least. day-in & day-out & never complaining. My 6 Beautiful Daughters for putting up with me Rapping. Thank you for loving me & allowing me to be your Mother. .Last. I love you with all of the Love any Mother could possibly have for her children. You are my harshest critics & My Most Loyal Fans. Singing & Spouting Poetry all through the house.

A “1001 Wet Kisses.. song. Whether it's through a poem..Preface The poetry. raps & songs in this book are all derived from personal experiences in past relationships. . story or essay. “Been There. Love & Relationships”. Each piece in this volume corresponds to a chapter & or relationship discussed in the guidebook.” is the lyrical prelude & companion to the relationship book. Whenever I am overwhelmed or inundated with emotions. I have the utmost clarity & insight when I am writing & speaking. Done That! A Black Woman's Guide to Life.. rap. I find it easier to express myself & how I am feeling through writing.

Good Morning My Love... The shining of the sun cannot compare to the smile that lights my face at the mere thought of you. Good Morning My Love... Permit me to bask in the afterglow of our early morning lovemaking. My womb is full of your seed and my love canal still throbbing from the expert stroking of your manhood. Good Morning My Love... How is it that your touch can simultaneously send chills up and down my spine and yet set my Soul aflame? Good Morning My Love... I thank the Most High for the simple pleasure of looking upon your handsome naked form at my side. You are my beautiful Black King. Your presence is enough to make the Angels sing! Good Morning My Love... I become flushed all over as you slowly turn, still hazy with sleep to gaze upon me.

My heart becomes exceedingly glad that You are My Friend, My Lover, My King, My One and Only, My Everything. Good Morning My Love... Good Morning My Love... Good…Morning…My…Love!

my stars. my life. we dance. We'll replay every note. The yin to my yang you make me complete. You are my love. I’m enraptured by all that you are. my moon. .Lover's Dance You are my sun. We twirl. my light. The beat of my heart. There won’t be any tears or regrets for the times that we danced to our love’s melody. And after the music is done And our song has been played for the very last time. the reason. You’re the spring in my step the breath in my sighs. we are one. From the moment you entered my life All my days and my nights have been music so sweet. the rhyme. the gleam in my eyes. Our love is the song. every step and our dance will live on in our heart’s memory.

Allow me to Kiss. Undulating shock waves too many to measure.Mental Stimulation Making Love with our minds as we enter a mental vortex. Multiple orgasms of the cerebral cortex. Afterglow caresses designed so intricate. Neurons blazing from the virtual simulations. Touching ether to ether as all thought turns to reflex. Let your subconscious hips rise up to intercept. Touching you in places all others have . Lick & Stroke your erect intellect. Lost on an ocean of sensual pleasure. Erotic images intercourse through our imaginations. Spiritually connected beyond physical sex. Trapped in ecstasy as our synapses fire. Intoned without words our deepest desire.

Mind Love is the ultimate. . Overwhelmed with emotions so deeply intimate. impossible to resist. Never to be forgotten.missed Ingrained upon your psyche.

with the sweetness of your lips upon mine. And. Lips… so full and sensuous. I am intrigued by your thoughtful ways. I can think of no greater wish. I become lost in their gaze. though I blush. I would melt at your slightest touch. if I were to share with you my most intimate of secrets. Shrouded in an air of quiet mystery. I would remain unashamed. The beauty of Your Sol leaves me speechless. And yet to die. . And though I yearn to caress you tenderly. Though I long to be held in your arms. I would surely die from your softest kiss.Eyes Eyes… so dark and beautiful. Do I dare to ask of you so much? My dreams are haunted fantasies of You and I engaged in passion that sets my soul ablaze.

Where I remain lost in your dark and beautiful Eyes. for my heart could tell you no lies. .but my pen speaks boldly. And as I am ending I return to the beginning.

Underneath your sexy spell on my hands & knees crawlin'. Nice smile. Stretched out across the bed. got a girl wide open and all in. I can tell that you're ballin'. Relaxin' conversation make a girl wanna fall in. got me climbin' the walls I'm Lost in ecstasy and it's you're name I'm callin'. Anything you wearin' man you know you look boss in. Givin' out the kinda vibes that make me wanna come callin'. common sense got me stallin'. Over head & heels in love. You're dangerously sexy cause you're so damn enthrallin'.Dangerously Sexy Deep dreamy eyes that a girl could get lost in. . Ego trippin' on your swagger.

Sexiness personified Erotically overqualified Xtinguishing the fire inside You're feeling oh so satisfied. .

Just you and I. I anticipate the feel of your kiss and tingle with pleasure from the touch of your lips. . Softly. sneaking kisses on the rooftop. I savor your masculine taste. revel in its sensuality. sweetly We explore each other. I snuggle deeper inside your warm embrace.. I silently pray that you will never stop.. wish we could stay this way for all eternity.. I. The heat of our passion rising further and further. As our tongues meet. I.. As our kiss deepens.New York Nights 1 As the cool gentle night wind Blows against my naked skin.

. Physically and Sol-fully. Giving in to our desire. Erupting into pure ecstasy. Meaningful conversations.. Igniting your inner fire. Losing all of our inhibitions. Needing your touch so desperately. Orgasmic waves meeting Volcanic emissions. Intensive acts of intimacy Satiating us Mentally. Arousing the mind. Kindling erotic expectations..Making Love Is.

honey coated. But. could I just stroke your waves and maybe play with your braids? See. I don’t care what style you wear.. Sexy Black Man. Would you mind telling me. to peek into your Sol. I don’t mean any harm. I beg your pardon.. mahogany brown. But. Sexy Black Man. would you please permit me to intertwine my fingers through your luxurious locks or maybe massage your smooth bald head? Or. butter yellow damned-near-red-bone melanin freckled skin? While I ponder exactly where in my life can I fit you in? . cinnamon dusted. may grow wise. I just wanna touch your hair. would you allow me to caress your dark chocolate. so that I too. how did you get those sparkles in your mesmerizing eyes? The wisdom dancing in them beckons me to gaze deep inside.Sexy Black Man Well hello there. Sexy Black Man.

tall. lover. Sexy Black Man? Why is it that the motion of your butt and the self assured way that you strut. makes me moist in places I would most happily beg for you to touch? See when it comes down to a Sexy Black Man. or dare I say… just a friend? I hope you don’t mind me asking. . But. I don’t care whether you’re short. so soft and wide that every time you break into a smile. Sexy Black Man. what side of your family gave you those pearly white teeth and those full sensuous lips. little butterflies they come and flutter by to tickle me oh so gently in the nether regions between my thighs? Oh please won’t you tell me. significant other.Will it be as my husband.

hairy. bald.. Black. or thin. Man… Except of course… a Sexy Black Woman.... light. fat. It really doesn’t matter what package the Most High put you in. there’s no other work from the Creator’s hand that can compare to a Sexy. . dark. As far as I’m concerned.

swift and quiet like . Your very presence in this house is getting me all worked up inside. You call my name ever so softly. I can’t stop thinking about you. in the dark with the same look you had the last time we were together. Knowing how close you are to me right now is driving me insane.I come forward. I find you waiting for me. You knew I would come looking for you in the middle of the night as soon as everyone else went to sleep. Just like always.Midnight Rendezvous I toss and turn all night. No matter how hard I try I can’t stop thinking about you. I sneak downstairs to see you. so that only I can hear you & ever so slowly. It’s been so long since I’ve had you and I know it’s going to be good. So. I knew it was a bad idea to have you around me like this.

tiptoeing on my bare feet. I can hardly wait to get started but, I don't want to rush this. So, ever so slowly, I strip your cover off. I can tell you've been waiting for me all day because you’re nice & hard already. Damn, you look so good to me right now you're making my mouth water. So, ever so slowly, I start to lick you. Up & down, round & around. Swirling my tongue from the top of your tip to the bottom of your shaft & back to the top again. I take my good old sweet time and ever so slowly, I trace the very tip of my tongue all over your rock hard body. I lick my lips and moan softly as I watch the little beads of sweat run down. You're all wet & shiny & glistening in the moonlight coming through the window. I would play with you a little longer but,

it’s too damn hot in here as it is & I don't want anyone to catch us before we can finish so, playtime is over. I can't wait to get you all up in me and feel that sweet melting sensation deep in the middle of my tummy. I shiver with anticipation for what comes next. Gently, I press my lips together & ever so slowly, I give you a soft, warm, wet kiss right against the very tip of your pole. A cool ticklish feeling starts to spread all over my body giving me goosebumps from my head to my toes. I hesitate for a moment, because I know that what I’m doing is so wrong, but I take one look at you, sitting there, glistening with sweat & oozing little drops of cream all over my lips & I know it’s too damn late to turn back now. It’s been so long since I’ve smelled you… touched you… tasted you…

I want this moment to last. So, ever so slowly, I push you firmly against my lips & take ever inch of you into my mouth &… Ummmmmmmmm there is nothing else in this world like your smooth velvety texture All firm & silky against my lips & tongue. And ever so slowly, I start to suck you in and out and back and forth we go (I’m trying to control myself but, I can’t cause you just taste so damned good) So, I'm still sucking you in and out and back and forth we go (I start to choke a little cause I can barely fit you all in my mouth) But, I keep sucking you in and out and back and forth we go.

I'm having too much fun to stop) So.go. I'm still sucking you in and out and back and forth we go (and just when I think my jaws can't take it anymore & my lips go numb) I keep sucking you in and out and back and forth and out and in you. . but I ain't stopping until you're done) So. I keep sucking you in and out and back and forth we go (I don’t know how long it's gonna take me to finish you off.(You’re lasting a lot longer than last time which just makes me suck you harder & faster) So.. I'm still sucking you in and out and back and forth we go (My jaw muscles are starting to ache a little but..

but it was worth it. .For the very last time and I slowly swallow everything you have to give. I whisper. “Ummmmmmmmmm. as I slowly rise to wash my face and hands and place the empty creamsicle wrapper in the trashcan. It was even better than last time”. I feel so ashamed of myself. Savoring each and every sweet creamy drop as it trickles down the back of my throat.

Addicted You’ve got that somethin’ special Can’t put my finger on it But every time you’re near me I can’t help but want it It makes me give it up Until my body’s sore And every time I get it I just want it more I want it. got to have it You got me so addicted Is it your sexy eyes? That makes me spread my thighs What makes me saddle up And take you for a ride? Is it your doggy style That’s drivin’ me so wild That each & every morning I wake up with a smile I want it. I got to have it . I need it. I need it. I need it. got to have it You got me so addicted Is it the pheromones? That makes me wanna bone You got me talkin’ dirty On the telephone Plus each & every night Before I fall asleep I have to pat the bunny Beneath my satin sheets I want it.

You got me so addicted It must be The lust in me That wants to see You on top of me But I close my eyes To try and hide The tears I cry From all the joy inside Addicted I’m addicted I admit it I can’t resist it You got me so addicted I want it. I got to have it You got me so Addicted . I need it.

. If I could be by your side for the rest of your life. I would fly to the heavens above. If I could. If I could be yours for just a moment or two. If only you knew the joy inside that beats in my heart when I gaze in your eyes. If it meant I could be the one that you love.If If only I could alter the Master’s design If only I could find a way to make you all mine. If only you knew how happy you’d be If you were to become one with me. then that my dearest would be paradise.

.If only I could be blessed to be loved by you.

When you look at me do you ever really see me. See. You are my living. she hurts you then.. I see my dreams manifested into reality. you expect me to be in your life and deny the way I feel.. when I look at you. Everyone who looks at us sees two best friends. fantasy. Flesh and Blood made Ecstasy.How How am I supposed to look into your eyes and lie? Those beautiful deep brown eyes framed in thick long lashes. when I look at us. How am I supposed to watch you hurt and not feel your pain inside? How am I supposed to watch you be with her? When every time I see you two together a little piece of my heart dies. or just what you need me to be? Because. . you turn to me to be healed. I see a love affair that would never ever end. Yet. breathing. But.

No more than the moth that is drawn to the flame asked to get burned. The moth cannot help itself and neither can I. As if I ever had any choice. I bask in your presence... No one ever asks for a love that is not returned. The heat of my passion for you reduces me to ashes and like Phoenix I rise reborn at the mere sound of your voice. So again.I revel in your existence. Society would condemn me for the way I feel for you. How am I supposed to look into your eyes and lie? ... I ask you.

If I know I love you. then why can’t I believe that you feel this way too when you say you love me? . but still I’m so afraid to be loved by you. I’m so in love with you and there is no doubt. then why am I afraid to be loved by you? You know I’m crazy about the things you do. And people can say what they want. (and they do).Afraid to Be Loved (Thoughts on the Road to New York) As I sit and I watch the road rolling by. A million thoughts are running through my mind. All I know is that I need to come be with you and I don’t give a damn what I have to go through. And I’m in heaven just from thoughts of you. There’s just one thing I can’t figure out. If these feelings we share are so good and true.

I won’t be afraid to be loved by you. Now how can this be? Gotta change my views. I don’t want to lose this love so sweet. So. Please God help me see. What it is I gotta do to set my heart free. . And I want and I need to give into you.I’m a walking contradiction.

even with that mile-wide metallic grin of yours. Morgan I wonder what made me dream of you? I hadn’t thought of you in years. lean & well muscled.D. mixed with just a hint of Polo cologne. tight brush waves. I can’t believe I still remember what you looked like back then. Tall. Back then there was nothing like the scent of a sweat-drenched. Smooth mahogany colored skin hazel brown eyes. hormonal. sexy lips. with a pencil-thin mustache and a thousand kilowatt smile that made sunlight obsolete. meet the right girl and settle down? But more importantly. though I have often wondered what became of you. thick. What did you make of your life? Did you ever get from under your oppressive mother. Did you ever get rid of those damn braces? You always were a sexy little something. I used to love the smell of your sweat. teenage boy. everyday with that well-toned athlete’s body you got from all that high school and black top basketball you played. . You walked around the neighborhood all day. full.

And boy did you know how to kiss. Do you ever dream about me? . (You hid that part from everyone else.. but me…I was honored). braces be damned! You were smart too. with a poet’s soul. I sure do miss you D.You were every girl’s hot chocolate fantasy and first “pee-pee dream” within a twelve block radius. Morgan wherever you are… I wonder..

Love when ya do that stunt When ya push it to the front Make it boomerang back-back. Ooh “Daddy-Daddy” . Daddy” Want you to give it to me Grab up on my booty Put it in ya lap-lap. Then ya move it all around & bounce it up & down Make it do a little clap-clap. I know that “Daddy” be poundin' When I hear that sound & The “Kitty” go splat-splat.“Ooh Daddy. And the bed steady creakin' From the heavy freakin' Bangin' out my back-back. Know ya love when it wiggle Gone & make it jiggle With a little slap-slap. And ya know I never fake it I can barely take it Cause he got a fat bat. Diggin' the way ya do me When ya put it to me With the double tap-tap.

Please “Daddy-Daddy” won't you come & put it to me. Please “Daddy-Daddy” Come & give it to me all night.I be lovin' how you do me. Ooh “Daddy-Daddy” You know you can make it all right. .

won't you do me again. You started out . yeah yeah. You took my breath away. do me again. yeah. You were simply amazing.G. yeah.Do Me Again Dedicated to & Inspired by M. yeah. I told myself that I wouldn't give in to you.T. I tried to pretend that I wasn't that in to you. do me again. So. yeah. Come on & do me again. But. Baby please? You make me feel so good. do me again. do me again. yeah. I called myself being so sly. Cause I let you have your way And I don't regret one thing. I thought I knew all there was about making love. now we know that was a lie. Baby please? You make me feel so good. yeah. yeah. But that night you proved me all wrong. yeah.

do me again. yeah. Then grooved me all night long. Made me scream your name & moan. Your whole damn technique. Pull the sheets & twist & shout. yeah yeah. Plus. Took two trips downtown. yeah. yeah. Has got me strung out. Cause we went for One round of making out. yeah. Then you laid me back down. . yeah. yeah yeah. Come on & do me again. yeah.with a little light shoulder massage. that I can't resist it. do me again Baby please? You make me feel so good. three trips back uptown. So. You took me places. Cause I love your lickin' And I dig your strokin'. do me again Baby please? You make me feel so good. do me again. won't you do me again. I never knew existed And your head game is so tight.

Baby one mo' time Come on & do me again. The way you touch me.Your deep wet kisses. I need to see you again. Oh baby baby please. Makes my love come runnin' out. Got me wide open. You're turnin' me out! So. won't you do me again Baby one mo' time Baby one mo' time I wanna see you again. . Each time you fuck me. (Do me again) Baby baby please. (Do me again) One mo' time.

You can be my superstar. . I put my heart in your hands. So come on with the come on and get with the gettin’. I will be your groupie baby. I love you for your mind and not just for your penis.Proposition You got me gone I wanna get my freak on It’s been about a week long. Givin’ good love like no other man could ever do. Since I saw you last and you got me fiendin’ for that bombastic lovin’ you be givin’ me. I swear on my life that I will be with you forever boo. so don’t be thinkin’ that I’m kiddin’. I’m all strung out on the way that you be diggin’ me. This love is much deeper than the sex that’s between us. I’m oh so serious with this. So come and sign your autograph all across my heart. tighter than a candy bar. You and me through infinity I swear we’ll never part. You got me all wrapped up though.

I wanna be with you. .so what you gonna do? I hope you got big plans cause.

YOU. Maybe because it was all so brand new There was no US yet only ME and YOU As in YOU wanting ME ME needing YOU YOU loving ME ME loving YOU cause ME and YOU had fun becoming US As in “Stop people are looking at US” “Damn Daddy not so hard your neighbors are going to hear US” “Man everyone is so envious of US" But then. WE Everything was different in the beginning. ME. that seems so long ago Now US has become WE As in WE don’t talk anymore all WE do is fight WE don’t make love WE just lie awake at night WE don’t even sound like . US.

Now YOU and ME both know what WE is like WE don’t do nothin’ for US YOU can correct ME if wrong but. YOU and ME make WE and WE is takin’ US for granted and WE is in trouble! So WE got to do somethin’ Since WE made this mess WE got to clean it up Because US can’t take it no more and if WE keep goin’ the way WE goin’ it ain’t goin’ to be no more US and YOU and ME both know WE don’t want that now do WE? .US …anymore.

I'm feelin' Hyped & I'm killin' it Dip in my hip booty sways. You know ya wanna smack it up.Big Booty Theme Scene 1: At the Club Got more butt than a little bit See how I jiggle it Fellas in the club Just love when I wiggle it Tight beat. You like my big old butt when it's shaking? I'm gonna back it up for the taking. Mad at me cause she hatin' Big booty theme got her hatin' Cute in the face . Don't be faking Ya girl gonna act a nut cause she hatin'. when I swivel it.

in my sweet spot. All up in my butt making me hot. Watch my bubble butt when the beat drop. 1. Eyes on me till the beat stops.body shaped like an hourglass. Got that apple bottom booty right here for ya daddy. . 2. I'm gonna clap it up until the beat stop. 3. Shake like jelly. My thong is riding up. Like whatcha see Cause you see I gotta lotta ass. Nice breast small belly. and the beat drops.

Booty got 'em hypnotized cause it's so plum Swingin back & forth in their eyes like a pendulum They all got the same old lines Where do they get 'em from? Trying to swing my way all the time “Yo Baby where you from” “Girl your booty lookin' swoll” “You need to gimme some” “You know I got a big pole” Be thinking that I'm dumb NeGroe Please! You ain't gettin' none! Take that .Big Booty Theme Scene 2: On the Street Got more cakes than a bakery meaty like a steakery Ya girl see me instantly She be hatin' me Booty stick out like a rack fellas they be likin' that gonna crash they whip on the strip steady lookin' back.

cheese back where you got it son. Don't be mad at me Be mad at him Cause ya'll be killin' me Playin' on my phone When he ain't home . I ain't tryin' to Ain't he with you? He must be feelin' me. Spandex jeans booty mean when I'm stretchin' 'em Fellas always askin' When I'm passin' How I get in 'em? “Ancient Chinese secrets” I be teasing When I'm tellin 'em Big cheeks Chinky eyed smile I be killin' 'em But I don't play no games I ain't ashamed I keep it real with 'em But Girl watch ya man Cause man. I be stealin' em' But.

.I don't be claimin' him Put some more Spine in ya grind & get to training him Cause if I get him Just forget him You will never get him back My ass will make him Flip on you faster than an acrobat Booty plus thong It's mathematical He so sprung He acrobatical.

Drippin' wet . hump that shake that booty. Workin' it swell you're all up on it. Watching my booty got you hypnotized. Weak in the knees & you can't fight it. thick girl. Pump that. rub it. Big girl. I know you like it. Don't try to front I know you want it. Take It Swing those hips & work those thighs. All in ya face. slang that standing ovation. Freak you out like it's my hobby. Wanna touch it. Freak of the week can you step to me. Do you like what you see? I know you do.Work That. work that body. squeeze it too. Bang that.

Don't just stand there work that. . take it.with perspiration. Got you sprung & you can't fake it.

Now hold up. Pretty smile. since you done had your bell rung and been with a real one? As real as they come “G”. run. All that and then some. Don't you like what you see? You must do my brother Cause you're lookin' at me. I'm all that. I'm just statin' a fact. I''m not conceited. Cute face. How long has it been son. Cause my lovin' keeps on runnin' like that Energizer Bunny and I do run. Don't believe me? Then come see. I .One Night Stand Now. run. Cause baby got back and oh yes. I got more game than Parker Brothers. Big body with that ass on the jam like Smuckers.

I need a stiffy. take ya home. I can't front. So. You need to eat it up . come along with me & we can get it on And do the nasty til the break-a break of dawn Because I really wanna Take ya. But you don't have to stay Don't worry there's no strings attached Cause on the real I'm just out to get that booty waxed.run.do run. I hate to be so blunt but. So. I swear on everything the love I got will blow your mind. I want it long & strong Don't be comin' with the quickie. if you're man enough just for tonight I'll make you mine. I'm I'm I'm I'm in the mood for a one night stand and feeling horny and ain't got no man and tired of the toys & using my hand and in the mood for a one night stand Now we can get it on & poppin' like it's Jiffy.

But. If you're good with the lickin. be careful you don't strangle. .& beat it up until it's sticky. I'm known to be a squirter So. Then get the whipped cream & chocolate sauce off the table. So. I want it from the back. we can 69. Sorta like a mango. don't be making plans. Take my two wrists & handcuff 'em to my ankles. & the stickin' it. Then we can be friends You know the kind with special benefits. the side & every other angle. At least I'm sweet & flavorful. back & forth like a tango. I'm a have to run when we're done. So.

I'm I'm I'm I'm in the mood for a one night stand and feeling horny and ain't got no man and tired of the toys & using my hand and in the mood for a one night stand .I'm not your girlfriend. You're just a One Night Stand.

Wet. I love running my wet tongue from your ear to your neck. Licking & sucking Til you come nice & hot. I want to wrap my lips tight on the head of your cock. warm hugs & tight sex. Warm & Tight I love giving you wet kisses. Then lay naked and sweaty wrapped tight in your arms. I want you to . When you're near me I can't fight the warm tingles I get. I'll cover you with wet kisses. All moist & warm.

Warm.. .& Tight.pull me on top so I can ride you all night. While you take all this good lovin' so Wet....

My lovin' is the best. Just look at my casabas. I'm always gettin' mine. My grip will keep your stick stiffer than frozen peanut butter. I keep it hot like lava. I like to do it right. And ride it thru the nite. Now go down south with your mouth And taste that juicy guava. I'll m-m-make ya stutter. Sure nuff know how to grind. But I won't let ya slip. Don't even waste my time. One squeeze will make you dizzy. Juicy like Everfresh. It be so tight and squishy. Can you hold on til I'm done Before you shoot your fizzy? I'll work ya like no other. I'll take you deeper than deep . My walls be slicker than ice.Pimpin' Part #1 My kitty is the tish I got the gushiest. Think you can hang with this thang? Let's put it to the test. If you ain't workin' with nothin'.

You'll think I'm spittin' game.And make you see the light. Until you scream my name. . When we get thru with the screwin' You'll never be the same.

Every year a new truck can't drive no bucket. Got the house & the car . Bangin' in the bedroom is part of my plan. Kissin' on ya neck and lickin' in ya ear I'm a tell you all the things That I know you wanna hear. Like platinum bars & jewels so bright. Get what I want kitty got you tamed. I'm a do all I can. I'm the kinda chick make ya wanna do anything. Keep me iced with diamond rings. While I lead you around by the tip of your thing Black AmEx Card I love those ducats. Freak you out to get the things I like. Make you think you're the man.Pimpin' Part #2 Pumpin' your ego Strokin' that membrane.

.everything in my name. And this is how lady pimps get paid. Swiss bank account got zeroes for days.

Tit for Tat What you do-I do If you look-I look If you touch-I touch If you fuck-I fuck What you do-I do If you look-I look If you touch-I touch If you fuck-I fuck It's called tit for tat Trade this for that If you strike first Then I strike back You take two fourths I get one half You tip the scales I tip them back You do your thing Then I do mine Balance remains Works every time Now we know you don't want me doin' what you're doin' boy So please don't be playin' with me My love's not some toy Now we know whatever you dish out .

we go back & forth playing lover's tit for tat What you do-I do If you look-I look If you touch-I touch If you fuck-I fuck What you do-I do If you look-I look If you touch-I touch If you fuck-I fuck If you push I pull When you zig I zag If you hide I seek Like playing tag When you see I saw If you slip I slide We dip & turn Like a coaster ride First game is yours Last game is mine Even the score Works every time Now we know you don't want me doin' what you're doin' boy So please don't be playin' with me .I dish it back So.

we go back & forth playing lover's tit for tat .My love's not some toy Now we know whatever you dish out I dish it back So.

You Must Think I'm Stupid You must think I'm stupid Like I'm some kind of dummy You always be tryin' To run some game up on me You must think I'm stupid And I think you're crazy If you think I would let someone like you play me I don't know who you be out with and what you're all into You don't be answerin your phone when I'm callin' you. But you done messed up better 'fess up buck your chest up You done been caught out in the wind with your dress up You think I'm gonna let it slide by you got me messed up. Got me half-way feelin' like I'm stalkin' you. All out in the streets with them freaks on the sideline Got them chickens peckin' & steppin' all into my time You think you're gettin' over on me like I don't know what's up You're never gettin' over on me You need to give it up .

.That game that you think you're runnin already been done. So. you locked the top spot with the cock block but you're about to lose what you done got you done forgot irreplaceable baby you are so not. That shit is a millenia old Where you been son? Gotta tighten up your game you better re do it Must've wrapped it up in saran I can see thru it Crystal clear like baby tears & saline fluid Can't believe your monkey ass wanna play me like I'm stupid You must think I'm stupid Like I'm some kind of dummy You always be tryin' To run some game up on me You must think I'm stupid And I think you're crazy If you think I would let someone like you play me Are you suffering amnesia? You forgot who I am? I'm the one you pressed up on beggin' to be my man.

Kissin' on me. You better get one. Actin' like you ain't got a clue.I will go Beyonce on that ass & put your shit out to the left son. Thinking this is somethin' brand new when this is veteran. You need a betta alibi to be ahead of the game. Don't you ever get it twisted tryin' to play me like I'm stupid. This is old school pimpin ain't no way you're gonna play me. We invented every trick that the new school get. You must think I'm stupid Like I'm some kind of dummy You always be tryin' To run some game up on me You must think I'm stupid And I think you're crazy If you think I would let someone like you play me You be comin' home late & your story be lame. It's a better fella just waitin' to be the next one. . Certified boss ever since I was baby. talkin' sweet.

And you think that cause my kit-kat love your big bat. You must be gettin' me confused with one of ya little hoochies. on how you do me. Them young girls you nuttin' on don't even know how to come. Cause I can get my kitty sticky somewhere else man. You think cause I scratch your back when I come. Like if I'm ridin' on your meat I'll forget your lies. Do you think that I won't trip cause you pipin me right? When you know it be my grip that keep you stiff all night.rubbin' on my thighs. Think you got me strung out on ya stickin' just forget that. You can go out trickin' come an get back. You can take your magic wand swish & flick it somewhere else man. I can't find a man . I will never be caught up so tough. Making sure you don't bust too quick before I'm done.

Never lyin' cheatin. lookin' better than yours. Keepin me iced. Go ahead keep on cheatin .to match your act & get it done. when he come. livin right. while you're freakin' in the streets I'm gonna show you how to do it. So. he might top your act. And me. I got my mind on the guy that's replacin' you. Have that potent scrotum sac so fat I get a son. I'm his only one. Matter of fact. Not gonna waste my time cryin or be chasin' you. While you're doin' me wrong. Takin' me places. like it's never been done. creepin'. With his rims & his whip lookin' better than yours. doin things. cause his paper is long. his new honey dip. Treatin me right like a wife.

You must think I'm stupid. You must think I'm stupid. If you think I would let someone like you play me. Like I'm some kind of dummy. You always be tryin' To run some game up on me. And I think you're crazy.& treatin me like I'm stupid. .

he would do anything for me even die for me. I want to go back there. . Back when he would look at me like I was the most beautiful thing in the world. Now. he would do anything to be free of me. We cannot even bear to look at each other. Our words have made us ugly. Back then. We have become sad at the end. give his last breath for me.In the Beginning We were so happy in the beginning. There is Nowhere left to go.

I sure do miss the beginning. he would use his last breath to speed the flames. .If consumed by fire.

I can't be the lover you want Cause I'm too busy lovin' me I can't do it baby When we're around our friends & family You put on an act like we're the perfect team But when we're home & we're all alone It's a different story behind the scene Our relationship's a living nightmare & I'm tired of living in this pipe dream You be tearing me down killing my self-esteem Your version of us is not reality I can't be the one you want Cause I'm too busy being me No. I can't be the lover you want Cause I'm too busy lovin' me I can't do it baby . I can't be the one you want Cause I'm too busy being me.I Can't Be You say you want me the way I am Then you turn around and try to change me You say you love me the way I am But it seems like you really hate me Cause you don't like the way I wear my hair And you don't like the kind of clothes I wear And you don't like the friends I hang around It seems like you wanna keep me down. No.

I think it's time for me to leave you Cause if I don't make my move right now You'll keep on changing the rest of me Until one day I'm a look around And there won't be any left of me I can't let that happen No.Now I've done all I can just to keep you And I've jumped through hoops tryin' to please you But. I can't be the one you want. no. no. You criticize me from the top of my head to my shoes After changin' all of that You still give me the blues You be comin' up with something new like every day I'm surprised you haven't tried to change my DNA You switch a piece here a piece there Now what do you see? It's the person you want . no. no. I can't be the lover you want. Cause I'm too busy lovin' me I can't do it baby. Cause I'm too busy being me. No. no I can't let that happen No. I realize now that I don't need you So. no.

.but. if you can't love me When I'm keepin' it real I gotta leave you & find somebody who will. So. that ain't me.

no I don't mind me sleeping No.I Don't Mind I don't mind Being by myself You see I rather enjoy my company I don't mind The vacancy you left Cause I've filled it up with love for me No. no I don't mind this weeping No. I would regret losing you? . no. no. no I don't mind this grieving No. no I don't mind you leaving No. Did you think. no I don't mind not waking up with you No. no I don't mind this breaking up with you I don't mind The hurtful things you said Cause I refuse to take them personally I don't mind The extra space in bed Because I use it to lay so peacefully Did you think.

Did you think.. no I don't mind you leaving No.. That I would beg you to stay? Did you think.. this way? No.... no. I'd sweat about parting ways. no. no I don't mind I don't mind I don't mind I don't mind this grieving this weeping this breaking up with you. no I don't mind not waking up with you No. this one turning to two. with you.... not sleeping next to you. me getting over you. no I don't mind No. I don't mind this breaking up.. no I don't mind me sleeping No. no I don't mind No..Did you think... Did you think. I'd forget the things you do? Did you think. Did you think. .

W. You piss on yourself tuck your tail and you run. You claim that you're trying and doin' your best.Nothin' On Him (Dedicated to & Inspired by R. Yet whine and complain over each little stress.L. Believed when you said You would clean up your act. But it's been some years and you haven't changed. You ain't got nothin' on him . Stick to your guns Wear your bullet proof vest But when you need to Do what needs to be done.) I used to think that you were all that. You talk the same talk and play the same games. When you would mess up I'd take you right back. And we'd run the world if I had your back. You need to man up Put that “S” on your chest.

The Most High in his life and of course He has me. Plants his feet where he stands. Works hard every day. He handles his biz Follows through with his plans. Respect for himself and his community. When others need help He's there lending a hand. You ain't got nothin' on him He's everything you wanna be. You need to better yourself You can't do nothin' for me. A degree. His own car. You need to better yourself You can't do nothin' for me. I've found someone else and yes he's a real man. Now exactly what is it You're offer- .He's everything you wanna be. He has his own house.

You hangout all day Watch T. Now why in the hell Would I give you some play? You ain't got nothin' on him He's everything you wanna be You need to better yourself You can't do nothin' for me You ain't got nothin' on him He's everything you try to be. Can't get your G. You need to better yourself You can't do nada for me . And smoke weed.D.E.V. You live off of her and can't pay your own way.ing me? You stay with your mom.

Then You said You said You said You said You said You said you didn't want me no more You said you didn't need me no more You said you didn't love me no more No more No more But.) You said we Could not be together. now you're standing at my front door Coming back to beg me for more And now it's time to even the score The score The score . I asked you were you for sure. You said don't call you no more. I said I Wanted you forever. You said you Had another lady.T.You Said (Inspired by M.G. I said I Thought I was your baby.

I begged and pleaded not to hurt me. You said don't come back by here.You said you're Quitting me cold-turkey. You didn't care about my tears. You said I Failed each time you tested. When I needed you . now you're standing at my front door Coming back 2 beg me 4 more And now it's time 2 even the score The score The score When I wanted you My love just wasn't good enough. I tried to prove I was invested. Cause You said You said You said You said You said You said you didn't want me no more You said you didn't need me no more You said you didn't love me no more No more No more But.

Now you're standing here Wishing you could have me.You put me down for other stuff. But I say I say I say I say I say I say I don't want you no more I say I don't need you no more I say I don't love you no more No more No more So get away from 'round my front door Don't bring your ass back out here no more I'm through with you & that is for sure For sure For sure Cause you said you didn't want me no more You said you didn't need me no more You said you didn't love me no more No more No more Now you're standing here back at my front door Coming round 2 beg me 4 more But I'm through with you & that is for sure For sure For sure Cause You said you didn't want me no more You said you didn't need me no more . When I was loving you You threw my love back at me.

You said you didn't love me no more No more No more Now you're standing here back at my front door Coming round 2 beg me 4 more But I'm through with you & that is for sure For sure For sure .

I was willing to forget about everything. Love is a wimp against Pride this strong.T.Stoplight at Six Mile & Hamilton Dedicated to M.. Just dash my ass across the street and hop quick fast back into your passenger's seat. your constant deceit.G. For a moment. I couldn't lower my self esteem. Long enough for me to read the vanity plate six times. Forget your about womanizing. but somehow.. Today. My last chance to leave my cream . I proved Sade's song to be all wrong. Today I saw you stop at the corner by my house. Mychance for me to be headed back to your place. You lingered at the light for quite a while Even after it had turned green. Watching my last chance slip slowly away. I just stood there watching you drive slowly away. And every fiber of my being was dying to call out.Silver Dodge Avenger style. on your sleek and sexy love machine“MTWNGLD”. So... Even forget about that gaggle of whores you keep.

Ricocheting it's way through to your neighbors walls.. Softly whispering that sweet. "Michael" I whisper.all over your face. I blink. and that tear finally falls. My last chance to pull your sheets and scream your name on the wet wild ride which was your claim to fame. as one tear slides slowly down and even more slowly I turn around. sweet sound. Which used to go echoing up and down the walls of your room and out through your halls.. .

What a waste I could've been ya ace backed to the fullest I was feelin' you thinking you was one of the realest I admit I was green enough to fall for the game Didn't stand a chance Cause you've been too long in the game I ain't ashamed I was eager for the cat to be tamed But when it comes to bustin' nuts . that's really a lie You're steady sayin' you ain't pressed But steady chasing them chicks Especially the tricks that wanna give it up to you quick Cause you can roll up in their ass at a faster pace I need to get to know you first before I squirt on ya face.) You gave me ya digits when I finally called to see what's up We talked about being friends But you were looking to fuck I wasn't quick to seal the deal Even though you were fly You claim that you keep it real But. G.Keepin' It Real (Dedicated to M.T.

men are all the same But. what's really sad the part that's really making me mad is that deep inside I still wanna fuck you so bad Now that's real that's just really real that's keepin' it real Being honest Cause I'm brave enough to say what I feel. Now that's real that's just really real that's keepin' it real Being honest Cause I'm brave enough to say what I feel .

The way I'm feelin' you. I can't believe how. I wanna know What are we gonna do? I never even saw it comin'. You got me open. Every time we get together I love how we just flow. So into you now. You got me diggin' on you heavy. Thought I was playin' it so cool You know how us cute girls do It went from “Nice to see you”. You keep me on my toes. If this so. That you are feelin' me. You got me open. Until I looked up one day And I was fallin' hard baby.Got Me Open I can't believe how. You got me hopin'. That you are feelin' me. damn I really need you. I think you're sexy too. I wanna know What are we gonna do? You got that stimulating convo. You got me hopin'. The way I'm feelin' you. So into you now. Thought I had my guard up baby. Now it's like. If this so. .

Wide open. I can't believe how. To give it up to you. So into you now. I'm open. If this so. That you are feelin' me. I'm open for you. You got me hopin'. There's No need For hesitating. The way I'm feelin' you. You got me open. I wanna know What are we gonna do? . I Feel you So deep inside. My Love is Here for the taking.You got me heated now I'm ready. You Got me Open so wide.

I just wanna hold ya. Do you hear what I am sayin'? Come on. Baby let me show ya. You won't owe me any favors. And I Hope you're not blind. baby let me show ya. That I put my plan in action To give you some satisfaction.Come On Baby Man I'm Diggin' your mind I just wanna get close to ya. . I'll be on my best behavior. Come on. Cause this is not a game I'm playin'. I wanna get to know ya. Baby let me show ya. Playin' games have got you trippin'. Can I Get some of your time? I know all those other women. I won't do nothin' wrong to ya And I think it's about time. I wanna get to know ya. Come on.

You know I'll never disrespect it.You won't owe me any favors. Just give me a minute of your time. I wanna get to know ya. Come on. Just let me get to know ya. For some silly girl to come along. Baby let me show ya. Baby let me show ya. I came to change the game. I'll be on my best behavior. Make it better than expected. We can handle it together. I could tell you 'bout my lovin' But it's better if I show ya. Do you wrong and break it. I know that my love Will change ya mind. I just wanna hold ya. I know they got you trippin'. I just wanna hold ya. Start it out as friends. When life has got you down. I'm the one that you've been waitin' on. If you let me in your world. Baby let me show ya. . then Keep it tight forever. All those other women. Come on. Man I know it's hard To put your heart out for the takin'.

You won't owe me any favors. I'll be on my best behavior. I just wanna hold ya. . Come on Baby let me show ya.

) I should change my name to paper and just call you the wind. Cause you were looking wicked sharp when you cut in my life. Twisted me all around and then threw me away. You had me blown away. The way you blew into my life then blew back out again. Let me fall to the ground all battered and torn.G.I Should (For M.T. I should change my name to pie & nickname you the knife. I thought you wanted . Swept me clean up off my feet. I regret the day we met and the day you were born.

You assured me as you stuck me You'd be treating me right. When you were done poking the pie You stabbed me straight in the heart. You ate up all the creamy middle let the rest go to waste. But you just wanted a slice.all of me. Every time you felt on edge I came & gave you a taste. . You stuck your blade into me deep & carved out all the best part.

my love is the epitome of sweet. Sugar. Until you taste my saccharin treat. He dreams of stinging me. lunch or dinner Plus snack times in between. Breakfast. sugar. sugar. Sugar Inspired by Demetrice Jones Sugar. It goes down nice and smooth. My sugar. sugar For my honey bee. Sugar. For my honey bee. I keep my bowl so neat. My sugar's good to eat. For my honey bee. I taste so good to him He dreams of stinging me. He likes to come inside Deep in my honey tree. sugar. My flavor can't be beat. You don't know how delicious raw sugar is. Sugar. sugar. sugar.Sugar. sugar. Any time you like. I taste so good to him. . You'll get addicted to it. Sugar. sugar.

Sugar. Deep in my honey tree. You've eaten quite enough now. Friction from your Busy lips & tongue makes heat.For my honey bee. sugar For my honey bee He likes to come inside Deep in my honey tree . Don't be so greedy baby. You know I'm hungry too. You'll put me right to sleep. Sugar. let me taste your meat. sugar. Now you're sticky cheek to cheek. I need some comfort food So. sugar. sugar For my honey bee I taste so good to him He dreams of stinging me. Turns sugar into syrup all on your face. If you eat much more. He likes to come inside. Your face is shiny sleek.

There we are in that when. Where you and I stand Hand in hand Soul to Soul. looking back on the you and me that we are now. As deep in love As two people could ever hope to be.This Moment There is a point on the horizon. Marveling at how far we have come to be as One. So. This is the new memory . Deeper than the feeling of déjà vu. We must remember this moment. We will recognize it in it's new guise by the old feeling of new remembering. A singular moment in time that is yet to come. when it comes again.

Let us make the most of this moment. The you and I deeply in love. For even though there are many more moments yet to come. looking forward to the me and you of then. We will miss this one when it is gone.of the old you and me of now. Looking back at the us in this moment. Becoming the we will be in that moment. But. in this moment. as of right now You and I are here. . when we finally become as One.

“Strawberry Letter 23 by the Brothers Johnson”. “By Your Side”. writing you an intimate letter as if we have been old friends and lovers for years. As I am writing. here I am. I felt it only fair that you too should know the sound-track of my love for you. writing you an intimate letter. Present & Yet to Come My Dearest Soul Mate. I am so afraid of what you might think of me.Dear Soul Mate: #1 Dedicated to the Love of All My Lifetimes. and finally. I muster up the courage to continue. I firmly believe in following my first mind and fear is only “false evidence appearing real”. I am listening to my MP3 player & alternating between a few of my favorite songs. a perfect stranger. all by Sade. One perfect stranger to another. “I Will Be Your Friend”. Currently in rotation are: “A Long Walk” & “He Loves Me” by Jill Scott. Past. I almost second guess myself and chicken out. Since. (and probably the most apropos of all). “Nothing Can Come Between Us” & “The Safest Place”. My Spirit moves me to write you tonight. as if we have been old friends and lovers for years. So. .

Keeping me up with endless thoughts of you. wherever you are. My Love. As it stands. My Dearest. You. and Dawn is breaking wide across the sky where I am right now. never-the less. studded with silver stars to reveal its silky royal robe of dazzling . seeing as how you have yet to meet me. Your nightly travels were unbeknownst to you of course. The same Dawn that will greet you. you were there. while thinking of you and a host of other equally pleasing thoughts. I marveled at its beautiful sense of style and grace as it ran the gamut of blue colors. mesmerized by its total lack of inhibition as it threw back it's nightly satin coverlet of the deepest cobalt blue. seemingly without effort or the slightest bit of hesitation. I have been up all night. running across my mind at break-neck speed.It is nearly morning. I had the distinct pleasure of watching the horizon dress itself in all its magnificent Glory. But. I watched. Kept awake by the various trains of thought tirelessly traveling through my mind. just happen to be the most prevalent among these traveling thoughts as they race each other endlessly back and forth across my mental landscape.

Silently wishing you knew of me. so you could be thinking of me too. All the while I was enraptured by this celestial cerulean striptease. The heavens slowly discarded this robe to expose a nylon negligee of the most sensuous lapis lazuli. it seemed satisfied to settle on a beautifully subtle. yet elegant. Lovingly & Passionately Yours In Spirit. cashmere frock of baby's breath blue. Me. Only to discard and dress again in even more fetching shades of blue that grew lighter and brighter in color and opacity until finally.sapphire. I was thinking of you. Your Undiscovered Soul Mate .

I sought the next. I hope others will learn from my mistakes . we all must pay for what we do. the right to have my love returned. But. But in the end. I'll finally earn. When I was young. eventually he left too. Until then. without a man. I felt so incomplete. My trifling habits I took pains to break. Each time. I finally learned. But like Phoenix. When I slept alone. like all the others. Once one was done. I strive to not repeat my past. I refuse to treat my heart so vile and vicious. I filled my life with sex. ending up emptier than when I began. I rise reborn from out the ash. I pray one day. Some brought years of darkness to smother my light. There was a vacancy deep within my chest. how passionate wild fire causes fatal burns. With so much of myself at stake. I could not rest. Some were mine for just a night.1001 Wet Kisses Many lovers have come and gone in my life One was even brave enough to make me his wife. Through trial & error.

and shun the path I did foolishly take. For I marked the trail with a 1001 Wet Kisses. .

Do you not know who I Am? Do you not recognize Me? For surely. we had always been as One. I do you. Our Divine Love of Self split us in two. spin. many millennia. twirl & dip composed . In our new found freedom. Each step. Until that moment. Our joyous movements made music. You & I have known each other many. we danced naked & unbound into the void.Bonus Poem Hello Old Sol.

the Song of Creation. It is the very essence of our nature to be One. So, in each passing, we draw, closer & closer. Every step brings us, closer & closer. Each spin finds us, closer & closer. Every twirl gets us, closer & closer. Until finally, we collide in the midst of the void And become a nucleus of White Hot Heat & Passion & Pure Potentiality.

The intensity of our cosmic collision begets what is now known as Quantum Physics. Our fervent Kisses bring forth the Sun, Moon, Stars & Planets. Each Caress brings them into Planetary alignment, Configuring Countless Constellations, Spawning Galaxy after Galaxy. Our frantic attempts to enter & be entered generates Gravitational Push & Pull. Once we achieve connection, the Outburst of Energy that we produce emits a Spark so bright it Illuminates the Cosmos & Awakens Universal Consciousness. Our frenzied yet Divinely ordered

undulations dictates the design of Light, Sound, Ocean & Brain Waves. As we give into & receive of each other, we are slowly drawn deeper & deeper into our Impassioned Paradox. Our spiraling descent into ecstasy circumscribes the construct of DNA. Our rhythmic thrusting motion becomes the syncopated pattern of Heart Beats. Each reciprocated pulse of pleasure provides a fuller Over-standing of Ourself. Our intrinsic hunger & desire

As we lay. reverberating throughout the expanse faster & faster.for this Knowledge causes us to quicken our pace. . Our synergistic energies are now being passed back & forth at the Speed of Light. pounding force of our Knowingness causes us to explode in a cataclysmic orgasm so Powerful. deeper & deeper. harder & harder. it sends our collective Electromagnetic Fluids spraying out in every direction across the Universe. temporarily satiated & completely immersed in a substance we have named Love. Until the driving. Saturating the Heavens until the meaning of Life itself is born.

only the Speed of Thought has passed. Title: The Iconic Paradigm ~ Dedicated To & Inspired By: Icon Author: MeKah 1/1/11 . Eternity..Our gazes lock & we stare into & out of & through each others eyes.. we define what is now known as Time. To all else we have made manifest. It is in this moment. they call it. To us. in order to measure the length of our separation & reunification.

play games. lyricist.blogspot. spoken word artist & single mother of 6 beautiful. as well as being outdoors.com/user/MeKahSpeaks http://twitter.com http://youtube.facebook. MeKah likes to cook. loving. To Contact MeKah You Can: CLICK: http://www.MekahSpeaks. watch movies. MeKah is available for book signings. grill out. spend time with her friends & family. She currently resides in Michigan serving as Editor-In-Chief at Paradigm Publishing & CEO of Make Your Mark Enterprises LLC. speaking engagements.About The Author MeKah is a writer.-D .com All emails receive personal answers from MeKah. In her spare time. & spoken word performances. .com/MeKahSpeaks CALL: 888-556-MEKAH (6352) ~or~ WRITE: BookMeKah@MeKahSpeaks.com http://MeKahSpeaks.com/MeKahSpeaks http://www. preferably near the water. talented & intelligent daughters.

Oklahoma City.” "Nice work! You really took me there and did not leave me hanging.More Reader's Praises for “1001 Wet Kisses. Thanks MeKah!” ~Clevester Burge.. To fuel our fires & feed our fantasies. I especially like the influence you have on men and women alike. Good job! You got me calling people!" ~Edward Croft. Love the Writing! Love the Websites! Love Me Some MeKah!" ~Cee-Cee Ronda Williams. OK "It's about time! Some intellectual stimulation. MI "I love what you wrote girl. Express Yourself! Love Your Work. Tulsa OK . It takes Maturity and Heart to do what you are doing. feisty & erotically tasteful poetry. Detroit. 1001 WET KISSES is for the Grown and Sexy who are not afraid of spicy.. I completely dig what you are doing.