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I, JOCYCEIYVY TONDOLIKUS (03-200804-00131) declare that all parts of this report are of my own produce except for the adaptations, statements and short notes, which the sources have been duly acknowledge in the references.


_________________________ JOCYCEIYVY TONDOLIKUS 03-200804-00131

This report has been prepared and submitted to the Masterskill College of Nursing & Health (Metro Campus Kota Kinabalu) by JOCYCEIYVY TONDOLIKUS (03-200804-00131) as partial fulfillment of graduation of Diploma in Healthcare.

_______________ (Date)

_________________ Angeline Chin Wei Mui

____________________ Examiner

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I have taken efforts in this report. However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and organizations. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of them. The special thank goes to my helpful supervisor, Miss Angeline ChinWei Mui. The supervision and support that she gave truly help the progression and smoothness of the practical training report. The co-operation is much indeed appreciated. I am highly indebted to Assistant Director Miss Azearahah and Staff Hospital Duchess of Kent for their guidance and constant supervision as well as for providing necessary information regarding to our practical training also for their support in completing this reports. I would like to express my gratitude towards my parents and 10 member of student practical training for their kind co-operation and encouragement which help me in completion of this project. It makes me realized the value of working together as a team and as a new experience in working environment, which challenges us every minute. My thanks and appreciations also go to my colleague in developing the project and people who have willingly helped me out with their abilities.




DUCHESS OF KENT HOSPITAL SANDAKAN 1.1Introduction to Organization 1.1.1 Mission 1.1.2 Vision 1.1.3 Objective 1.1.4 Services Provided 1.2Training Placement 1.2.1 Function of Administration Department 1.2.2 Function of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) 1.2.3 Function of Library Department 1.2.4 Function of Ward Department 1.2.5 Function of Dietetic Department (Kitchen & Dish) 1.2.6 Function of Waste Management (Faber Medi Serve) 1.2.7 Function of Asset and Store Management Department 1.2.8 Function of Nursing Departments 1.2.9 Function of Finance Departments 1.2.10 Function of Store Integration Department 1.2.11 Function Diagnostic Lab Service Department (Pathology) 1.2.12 Function Imaging Diagnostic Department (X-Ray) 1.2.13 Function of Specialist Clinic Department 1.2.14 Function of Purchasing 1.2.15 Function of Medical Record & Documentation 1.2.16 Function of Health & Safety (OSHA)

1.3 Student Duties

1.3.1 Administration Department 1.3.2 Information & Communication Technology (ICT) 1.3.3 Library Department 1.3.4 Ward Department 1.3.5 Dietetic Department (Kitchen & Dish) 1.3.6 Waste Management (Faber Medi Serve) 1.3.7 Asset and Store Management Department 1.3.8 Nursing Departments 1.3.9 Finance Departments 1.3.10 Store Integration Department 1.3.11 Diagnostic Lab Service Department (Pathology) 1.3.12 Imaging Diagnostic Department (X-Ray) 1.3.13 Specialist Clinic Department 1.3.14 Purchasing 1.3.15 Medical Record & Documentation 1.3.16 Health & Safety (OSHA ) 1.4 Identified Problems 1.5 Suggestion to Improve 2 CONCLUSION 3 APPENDICES 4 REFERENCES 5 ATTENDANCES LIST

1.1 Introduction to Duchess of Kent Hospital Sandakan


were placed



to the






complete our ninth semester. The date we placed to this Hospitals 3 may until 24 June 2011 which means we have 8 weeks practical training and cover more into management units position. The main our responsibilities are to know about the management involved in managing Hospital Duchess of Kent.

HISTORY Duchess of Kent Hospital Sandakan is the second largest hospital in Sabah by having 400 numbers of beds and has 1,002 staffs in the Hospital. In the year 1900, HDOK Sandakan first building was built however, after World War happened, Hospital Duchess of Kent old building was ruined and rebuilt in the year 1952 and was inaugurated by HRH THE DUCHESS OF KENT. This Hospital building further upgraded in year 1960 and 1981 and The Specialist Clinic building started operating in year 1999. On 15 October 1999, the Specialist Clinic building was inaugurated by YB Dato Chua Jui Meng the Malaysia Health Minister at that time. In addition, a New 6th floor Ward Building was building in year 2007 and started operating in 12 April 2007. This building is equipped with facilities such as operating room, ICU, CCU, PICU and others.

Placement at Here

1.1.1 Mission
To provide total clients satisfaction, expectation and needs through excellent service, quality, ethical, efficient and professional care.

1.1.2 Vision Hospital Duchess of Kent Sandakan is to be the best center of excellence in quality health-care in the east coast of Sabah.

1.1.3 Objective To improve the quality of patients managements through effective and efficient diagnostic, curative, continuous quality patient care and early rehabilitation.

1.1.4 Service Provided

Specialist Service
- General Surgery Visit Specialist Services:

- General Medical
- Orthopedics

- Plastics Surgery - Pediatrics Surgery - Gastroenterology - Neurosurgery - Neuropediatrics - Pediatric Nephrology - Nephrology - Respiratory - Psychiatry

- Pediatrics
- Obstetrics and Gynaecology

-Anaesthesiology -Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) -Opthalmology -Radiology

-Emergency & Trauma

Other Medical Services - Male Medical Ward

- Operating Room
- Cardiology

- Female Medical Ward - Male Surgical Ward - Female Surgical Ward & Female

- Neurophysiology
- Day Care Centre (DCC) - Respiratory

Orthopedic - Male Orthopedic

- Maternity Ward - Intensive Care Ward (ICU/CCU)

- Haemodialysis & CAPD - Palliative Care Unit

- Physiotherapy

- Palliative Care Unit - Postnatal Ward (NICU)/SCN - Pediatrics Ward - Psychiatric Ward - Gynae Ward - Eye Ward

- Occupational Therapy - Forensics - Diabetes Resource Centre

- Traditional & Complimentary

Medicine - Ambulances Services


Support services

- Pharmacy & supplies - Pathology - Serving & Dietetic - Medical Social Work - Medical Record - Supply Sterile Materials (CSSU) - Infection Control Unit - Public Health & Inspectorate - Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA)


- Administration - Services Unit - Information & Communication Technology (ICT) - Training & Competency - Asset Managements and Store - Finance - Procurement - Library

- Nursing - Medical Assistant Officer


Training Hospital Duchess of Kent.

1.1.1Function of Administration Department

Customer Care Hospitals Duchess of Kent provide service to public and staff by direct contact and through online by receiving orders from the staff using telephone line and then connect to the officer concerned. There are two lines, such as in- call (HDOK staff) and out-call (Customer). When the receptionist receives a call, they will directly refer to the doctor on call that day. Besides that, receptionist needs to receive and store circulars, pamphlets and roster staff HDOK need info about doctor whos in charged. The activities involved by handling this service is connect the call from staff to other departments or contact to patients number, receive external calls and connect into the desired line in the hospital, receive emergency calls and connect to the emergency department. Another duty of receptionist is to provide navigation to the public on the status or the location of a unit that patients or customer wish to go. Administrative unit Handling policies of the Department of the Ministry and to determine and ensure implementation of properly, smoothly and effectively in terms of administration, service, finance, revenue, development and training. The duty of Administrative Units is managing and distributing internal mail in Hospital Duchess of Kent. Posting of external letters, register and file the letters, monitor and record movement of files, provides punch cards and schedule monitoring punch cards, manage reservations meeting room or 'Conference Hall, and are responsible to keeping and monitor government asset in this unit and record the movement of asset.

1.1.2Function of Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

The function of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Hospital Duchess of Kent is to administer and maintain the Official Website of the Duchess of Kent Hospital, Sandakan (HDOK) and also email accounts for the Ministry of Health Malaysia HDOK citizens. ICT in the Hospital Duchess of Kent will monitor, administer and maintain the infrastructure and local area network (LAN) and WAN, including online EGNet and MohNet in HDOK. In additional, ICT also administers and maintains hardware and software equipment information and communication technology (ICT) in HDOK by provide ICT Helpdesk counter to receive complaints of damage ICT equipment from staff HDOK. Another function of ICT is to monitor and coordinate the implementation of ICT projects in HDOK Ministry of Health. Online MyCPD provide registration services for staff get they own personal email. Besides that, ICT offering technical advice to the ICT users HDOK and implement training or ICT courses from time to time. Coordinate and manage the mobile computer rental services for courses, meetings, seminars etc. Besides that, ICT provide ICT technical service assistance for all activities and programs HDOK. Lastly, ICT also provides supervising and technical support services to the relevant ICT Sandakan and Kinabatangan District.

1.1.3Function of Library Department

The function of Library Department is to provide information especially to medical assisting people in HDOK to search for information. Besides that, to provide latest, fast and accurate information to medical, nursing and Allied health professional through facilities to ensure they are satisfied with the services provided. Library also displays the latest information for references staff HDOK such as health, complains, education, herbs, medication and many more from time to time. Other services provided in this library are such as Lending Services, (Books, Magazines and Annual Reports) Reference Services (Books, Magazines and Annual Reports), Internet Services (Multimedia Room) for reference purposes, Newspapers Services (The Star, The New Straits Times, The Star, Daily Express and The Borneo Post), Information Package Service (33 Titles, Brochure Services, Serial Service (Journal, Magazines General), Medical CD Book and Mini Newspapers (25 Titles)

1.1.4Function of Ward Department

Female Medical Ward And Male Medical Ward One of the function of Female Medical Ward is to accept admission patient that admits into the Ward. The first procedure aims to ensure patients are well executed entry to enable the treatment started. Secondly, to assist Health Workers in the handling of patient admissions standards and lastly to ensure that patients receive the proper procedure carried. The next function of Female Medical Ward is for Surgery Patient Care. The procedure aims to ensure the patient for surgical operation was sent to the House Surgery and ready for surgery. Besides that, this ward also responsible to assist nurses in the way of proper care. Assist the initial confirmation of abnormal conditions such as bleeding, high blood pressure, fever and others and ensure all needed care before the operation carried out in accordance with relevant protocols. The third functions of Female Medical Ward are Patient Care after Surgery. This procedure aims to ensure that patients who had undergone surgery are given proper care depending on surgery and the patient's progress. To assist nurses in the way of proper care of patients and assist the initial confirmation of extraordinary circumstances, such as bleeding, hypertension, fever and others. The last is In-patient Care and Maintenance Procedures is depending on nursing care procedure and further treatment of patients during admission to the ward so that patients receive the best medical services and also assist health workers in such Operation procedures in the admission and treatment of patients. Besides that, making a decision when dealing with issues related and assist health workers to obtain information to enable remedial measures can be done with appropriate services and the last is to provide health advice and counseling.

1.1.5Function of Dietetic Department (Kitchen & Dish) The function of Dietetic Department in Hospital Duchess of Kent is to provide of nutrient administration. Besides that, it also prevents or treats macronutrient and micronutrient deficiencies and doses of nutrients compatible with existing metabolism. In addition, other function included to avoid or manage complications related to the technique of nutritional delivery and improve patients outcomes such as those related to disease morbidity, e.g. body composition, tissue repair, and organ function. nutrition

support consistent with the patients medical condition, nutritional status, and available route

Counseling Whether a dietitian works with individuals one-on-one in an office setting or plans meals for a larger organization, part of her duties include counseling. In an individual counseling session, a dietitian will assist her patients with weight management strategies, detailed meal planning, nutritional assessments and ongoing eating challenges. In an organizational setting, the dietitian will meet with other members of the staff to ensure that the meals being served in the facility meet the needs of the population, whether prisoners, hospital patients or the elderly. Nutrition Planning In addition to counseling fellow employees and patients, a major duty of a dietitian is nutritional planning. Using his experience and education, a dietitian analyzes the nutritional needs of his patient or organization and develops detailed nutritional objectives.

1.1.6Function of Waste Management ( Faber Medi Serve )

Faber Medi Serve is a Support Services for Hospital Duchess of Kent. The services provided by Faber Medi Serve such as, Linen and Laundry services (LLS), Clinical Waste Management System (CWMS), Biomedical Engineering Management (BMES), and Central Sterilize Supply Department (CSSD)

1.1.7Function of Asset and Store Management Department

Store The function of store to supplies equipment, stationery and forms of medicine to all departments that request. Provide briefings and advice on how to record the receipt of stock and stocking supplies, and issuing stock. Store keeper will provide / Verification KEW Store. PS-14. They also prepare Quarterly Report and forwarded to the Department Store Sabah Health. This store also keeps records of files Duchess of Kent Hospital and the record of Sick Certificate has been applied.

Asset In managing government Asset provided at Hospital Duchess of Kent, the equipment must go through by first, receiving the items and taking date that receive and also who responsible people that sign receive form letter. The second is registration. The item will get the registration number as its certificate. The third is Inspection. It is important to double check the items that receive, to know if the items in good condition and safety to be use. Besides that, to maintenance of the items to make sure the items can be use in longer time and safe. This department also do disposal if have items that cannot be use, repaired or Beyond Economic Repair. Furthermore this department also responsible for items that Loss and Write-offs. Police will be involved in this case. Besides that, they prepare documents over the government assets and apply for approval of acceptance of Gifts, Donations to the Ministry of Health (MOH). In addition helping the staff Hospital Duchess of Kent solve the problem assets from the department / unit / ward to the concessionaire. The staff responsible handling Asset and Store will give briefing or advisory services on the Mobile Asset Management Procedure Government Treasury Bills. 5 of 2007 (chapter A to chapter F). They also prepare and apply the letter of appointment to the assets of officials, assistants assets, the official receiver of assets, the board of inspectors and inspection assets on disposal of assets to the State Department of Health Sabah.

1.1.8Function of Nursing Departments The function of Nursing Department in Hospital Duchess of Kent to complement the nursing staff with the knowledge and skills current method of treatment is increased, they have given exposure to the courses, attachment training, conferences, seminars organized by either the local or sent to the hospital / other agencies as stretching. It also ensure the overall quality of care given to patients with an emphasis on physical, emotional, social and religious values based on caring services, working in teams and ethical. To implement the supervision and monitoring of nursing services in hospitals and planning for human capital development activities of nursing staff in hospitals.

1.1.9Function of Finance Department

Financial Accounts Unit provides services under the efficient, fast and trust over time. To manage all matters relating to budgets, claims, loans, salaries, fees and so on. Payment of wages and deduction form and send KEW320 to the Accountant General before the 3rd. Separate payment processing via the voucher within 14 days after receiving the documents. Final Salary Certification Process and ensure that the LPC received at the new pre pay stopped. Fulfillment C.P39 forms within 7 days after receiving the complete documents. The duties of this department are in payment of monthly salaries, pay slip or separate vouchers, Process payment vouchers for all types of payment, Processing claims / change / move and overtime allowances, Managing warrant provisions, Maintain petty cash (RM1, 000.00) in every units in HDOK, and manage lending Vehicles, notebook and loans for staff HDOK.

1.1.10Function of Store Integration Department

Store Integration in Hospital Duchess of Kent is the main activity is managing the procurement and supply of medicines, appliances disposable consumables, medical equipment, non-medical assets, chemical and medical gas to all units in the Hospital. It will purchase items that every Unit or Clinic/ Hospital request. "Hospital Inventory System" (HIS) was used to obtain goods standards (AP) by ordering directly to Pharmaniaga Logistic Sdn. Ltd and also can through e-SPKB system for purchases from other suppliers. Operating hours are normal office hours only.

1.1.11Function Diagnostic Lab Service Department (Pathology)

Pathologists in hospital and clinical laboratories practice as consultant physicians, developing and applying knowledge Pathologists function in broad areas; as diagnosticians, and as investigators. Fundamental to the discipline of pathology is the need to integrate clinical information with physiological, biochemical and molecular laboratory studies, together with observations of tissue alterations. of tissue and laboratory analyses to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of individual patients. This department also Covers the Chemical Pathology laboratory, hematology, microbiology (including TB screening / H1N1), Immunology, Histology, Scatology, Serology and Transfusion Medicine Services to ensuring and providing adequate blood supply (as blood components) to any ward that needs.

1.1.12Function Imaging Diagnostic Department (x-ray)

Assist in patient care programs by providing skilled and efficient services in radiology and ultrasound examination to produce images of high-quality radiographs in the diagnostic procedures always comply with radiation protection in all operating INSPECTION x-rays when they are concerned about patient care at the department. Provide Ultrasound, Computer Tomography Scan (CT Scan), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), including Intravenous Urograhy Fluoroscopy, Bone Densitometry and Mammography.

1.1.13Function of Specialist Clinic Department

Opthalmology The scope of services covers the diagnosis and the provision of treatment services and patient care according to expertise Opthalmology. Medical Procedures and Surgery such as Vision Test, Ocular inspection and evaluation, Examination of Intraocular Pressure, Visual Field Test, surgery Pterigium, Chalazion Incision & Curettage, Lacrimal Duct Syringing, Removal of Extra Ocular Foreign Body, Epilation, Roding, Eye Irrigation, B-Scan and Biometry. Treatment of eye diseases, carry out the operation if necessary (i.e. the problem of cataract) and provide laser treatment for cases of 'hypertension and diabetes retinopathy. Provide counseling points for patients in the clinic.

1.1.14Function of Purchasing E-Acquisition

Manage the account and to obtain supplies or equipment supply service aspect in operating department. Supply is a procurement of goods, whether or not badger goods supplied to carry out an activity, program, or an organization. It is a real input to a work process or service for example, stationery, media, printing, furniture, electronic appliances, food preparation and vehicles. Besides that, the function of E-Acquisition is direct purchasing, quotations, and tender.

1.1.15Function of Medical Record & Documentation These department functions are management, filing, tracking and storage of medical records (including films of x-rays) and also disposal of medical records subject to the rules and regulation provided by in the hospital. Besides that, this department also process and produce medical reports, autopsy reports, police reports and insurance reports for any patients that is involved. Another function included compilation of statistical reports and operation of health care management system. In addition, it also produces verification of births and deaths in hospitals and also Secretariat and the compilation of data quality verification program (quality assurance programs), notification of infectious diseases and cancer. Besides that, they act as the secretariat for the Medical Board, Medical Board SOCSO Board SOCSO Appellate Board and ensure the boards run smoothly. Medical reports shall be completed within two weeks from the date of application.

1.1.16Health & Safety (OSHA) The function of OSHA in the Hospital Duchess of Kent is to assure the safety and healthful working conditions of workers and patients. Besides that, OSHA mandates that employers provide a safe work environment for employees. There are many occupational health and safety hazards throughout the hospital. OSHA focuses on some of the hazards and a control found in the hospital setting, and describes standard requirements as well as recommended safe work practices for employee safety and health.

1.3 Student Duties

1.3.1 Administrative Department. My duties in this department include helping them in filing system which means placing personal details of staff hospital to the right files into the cabinets that provided in this department according to their names and position. Besides that, my duties include helping one of the staff named Miss Eviannie Kin (Public Relation) to prepare her presentation slides such as update info about admission and expired patients at HDOK according to the types of nationality. My team members also complete the departments organization as them request. When I am under Chief Clerk Mr. Zul the head of Administrative, I was ordered to prepare minute and attended the meetings too. My other duty is key in data Staff HDOK who want to request Leave Application in the system. In addition, I also do the internal mail registrations.

1.3.2 Information & Communication Technology (ICT) When we were in attached at this department, Madam Chin Chien Ping gave us briefing and lastly all of us was giving chance to do Key in registrations email Staff HDOK using online MyCPD.

1.3.3 Library Departments My duties at Library include search information that I was asked by staff HDOK. Collect Health info from newspapers, cut and paste to the fail according to the titles, making mini newspaper by separating according to general info and sport, artist info. Besides that, we also visit Taska and Children Ward to perform activities with them such as sing ABC song together, story telling and make them fell comfortable with us. Especially to the children that admit to the ward. Lastly, we were asked to present about the history, mission vision of National Library, types of library and Reading Campaign that have been done organize by National Library.

1.3.4 Ward Department My duties at this ward include helping in filing patients X-ray, discharged patients, teasing case note and deliver description medicine to pharmacies.

1.3.5 Dietetic Department (Kitchen & Dish) When we are placed at the Dietetic Department, Madam Juliana Dieticians of Hospital Duchess of Kent briefed us about diet. Madam Juliana also introduce us advance digital weight measure. This Digital weight Measure can check percentage fats, waters in body and BMI (Body Mass Index). All of us tried that Digital Weight Measure while being observes by Madam Juliana. Lastly, Madam Juliana led us to Kitchen HDOK. All of us wear gloves, plastic hair cover, and plastic shoes cover when entering into the kitchen room.

1.3.6 Function of Waste Management (Faber Medi Serve) Chief Faber Medi Serve Mr. Hakim briefed us about the function of Faber Medi Serve and the facilities that they provide in Hospital Duchess of Kent. Lastly, we tour at the workshop and theirs office.

1.3.7 Asset and Store Management Department When we were placement in this department, we learn about the procedure on how to manage government asset and store in HDOK. A talk was given by Mr.Rusdi at meetings Room about kew-pa that they use when receives order. Besides that, we also key in registrations Asset into system. Lastly, we have test about our knowledge in managing government asset. Test was evaluated by Mr. Rusdi at the end of the day.

1.3.8 Nursing Departments We were briefed by Matron Yau Kim Yain about the management of Nursing in Hospital Duchess of Kent. All management nurses at HDOK was under her observation.

1.3.9 Finance Departments When we were at this department, staff concerned briefed us relating to budgets, claims, loans, salaries, fees and so on. We just help in cop yellow form (on-call payment slip) and fax documents to other units.

1.3.10 Store Integration Department At Store Integration, we were briefed by Madam Mastura who is a Pharmacist who in charged and controlling the order and supplies of medicine to every units and clinic especially Drugs control. We toured the room at Store Integration such as, packing medicine room, Store keeping medicine with suitable temperature and stock appliances disposable consumables room.

1.3.11 Diagnostic Lab Service Department (Pathology) At this department, we were given introduction about all small units that provided inside this departments short time. They also request us to support their blood donor by being an active donor if we are entitled. We also learn to know the types of blood, visiting blood bank, and function of autoclave. Lastly, helping them in registering person who had donated blood at this units.

1.3.12 Imaging Diagnostic Department (X-Ray) When we were placement at here, we were given briefing about the function of this units, and visit to the facilities that provided here such as Ultrasound, Computer Tomography Scan (CT scan), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), including Intravenous Urograhy Fluoroscopy, Bone Densitometry and Mammography.
1.3.13 Specialist Clinic Department

Three of us were placed at Opthalmology, our duties include helping the Sister in registering patients that have appointment with doctor. Calling patients names and helping in searching patients files that have review on that day. 1.3.14 Purchasing When we were placed at this department, they brief us about how to purchase items for Hospitals uses and what the function of E-acquisition system. 1.3.15 Medical Record & Documentation When we placed at here, we were briefed by Mr.Mior about what the function of Medical Record and our duties at this department. My duty is to key in patients data about his treatment in HDOK and have been discharged from hospital. 1.3.16 Health & Safety (OSHA) Health Inspector briefing us about current health issues that occurs in Malaysia and discussion about health and safety in the hospital in briefly.

1.4 Identified Problems The problems that I recognize from this Duchess of Kent Hospital Sandakan are; 1) Not apply 5S All most all of departments not apply 5S into their work. 5s means Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. It is very important to apply 5S into their work especially in managing documentation, filling, and room condition. When we attached at Medical Record department I find out that the staff difficult to find case note because of arrangement cabinets not good. The room condition is not attractive because of lack decorations. 2) Internet Services slow When we attached at Library, there is Multimedia Room available with two monitor computer. I had been uses this two computer for searching information. The internet services are very poor and sometimes not available. The computer also too old to uses by staff HDOK especially for medical officer searching health info because take long times waiting for the result.
3) Safety Control not efficient

We heard complain from staff HDOK that their car has been crashing when they park at parking car at the area of hospital and also accessories cars complains missing. 4) Lack of Specialist Doctor Hospital Duchess of Kent lack of Specialist doctor. This situation cause a lot of patients have too transferred to other Hospital such as Hospital Queen Elizabeth to get better services.

1.3 Suggestion To Improve

1) Apply 5S Lead by Head Department

Head department must take over to solve this problem by lead theirs staff how to apply 5S at their departments. Take one good time to arrange their departments together and decorate to make mo attractive departments. Good ergonomic in every department will reduce stress and fell comfortable, easy to find things and increase customer satisfactions. 2) ICT responsible The ICT must do their duty according to this problem. Be good ICT maintenances and also provided LCD computer to make good services. LCD computer reduce the uses of electrical than monitor computer. It can make HDOK saving electric power. 3) Increase Security Officer Employer more Security Officer and observe them if their doing the duty. Make Security Officers roster to round over the car park often. 4) Import Other Specialist Get Contract Specialist doctor from other country to work at Hospital Duchess of Kent. Besides that, sent Medical Office to continue further study to become Specialist can serve at HDOK.


The conclusion that I can give about this Hospital is the hospital give good service to customers in terms of catering and friendly and also in terms of nice waiting room place they give to patients who come over to the hospital. All management is done by professional and ethically. The Director is a Green Person who loves nature. Lots of plants and trees planted around the hospital. The positive outcome makes the temperature in the hospital cool and windy. The Director is also a woman who is active in terms of making environmental campaign around. Although she was busy with work but she still had time with us to share and talk about the environment. Many things that we have learn during practical training here. In addition, the cooperation of everyone is a good hospital. They are currently welcoming us to their land. Finally, this is a good experience for my application in my job in the future. Thank you.


Hospital Duchess Of Kent in the year 1900

Hospital Duchess of Kent 2009