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Mara Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards No.

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The City
Join the queue, carry a package from the pile, take it to the depot, go back to the queue and repeat this all day. That s my job, every single day of every single year. I have been doing this since I was a kid. Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I had more time for myself. Probably I would go outside, have some fresh air and rest. I d probably spent a whole day staring at the clouds. I ve been told they re beautiful. Unfortunately I was born in the working class and that kind of activities are forbidden. We cannot think of doing anything but carrying things to the depot. Or that s what I thought until that day. I ll tell you exactly what happened.

One day I left my cubicle; I joined the queue and carried a package when suddenly two soldiers asked me to join them. I left the package on the ground and nervously walked to where the soldiers where. Did you saw how he carried that humongous package? He is perfect for the job. One of the soldiers said. Lets take him to the royal palace. We walked for hours through a secret tunnel. Apparently this tunnel crossed the whole subterranean city; it was the first time in all my life that I walked through this tunnel. Only the very important people of the community were able to use this secret tunnel. Finally we got to the gates of the royal palace. We stopped there and the soldiers finally explained to me what was going on. They told me that the current governor Willeminant IV has just died and having no heirs the next to become Queen was her brotherEdwantsdaughter Victoriant. My job was to carry the new Queen to the new plalace of Buckinghant . For the next weeks I was trained for that deed. I was going to carry her through the entire city; it was going to be a sort of parade.

It was finally the day. I was very nervous; the whole community was going to see me performing this important task. One single mistake and I was going to be executed for sure. I arrived at the Kensingtant palace were Queen Victoriant was getting ready. Finally she went to the entrance of the palace were the security staff and I were waiting. She looked beautiful, I thought she was already old but actually she looked younger than me. She sat on my back and we left the palace. It all came perfectly; I had the chance of greeting some good friends while I crossed the city.

Now Im part of the Buckinghant palace staff, i got married and I have two little ants. My life is perfect and I don t have to think of working all day. And the best thing of all is that I was able to make my wish come true. I left the anthill and spent a whole day watching the clouds. I cannot lie, sometimes I miss walking through the city but I wouldn t change anything of my new life.