Long long ago In a faraway land Lived a frog named Mr.

Stikitung Grand Near a meander In his little mud house In rain you could hear himCroak, Looking for a spouse Rains came and went But he never got a single mate He tried every trick a frog could Still no one fell for his bait He would keep Harnessing his vocals Polishing his webbed digits and Perfectinghis focal While his efforts were appreciated And some found it cute The girls still went out With the true frogs, the slimy smooth With Mr. Grand being so different All warts and moles Others wondered how He would ever father tadpoles

Mr. Grand with his huge eyes And big mouth could do very little All these hurdles madeHim Too depressed and shittle While there were uncertainties Looming large on his life Fellow amphibians were betting On his chances of getting a wife For termites said the caecilians Calling others to join the hoot For worms said salamander and For cricket said the newt. On the fateful day Mr. Grand got fed up And was waiting to call it a night When he heard a hiss Loud enough to give him a fright Hello said the snake why are you In such a spiritual gloom Come let us find out someone Who can help you groom Frog was surprised at snake¶s kindness And overwhelmed at his warmth While his kinds were busy ridiculing him Snakes words soothed him like a balm At first he was cautious and Kept a safe distance from the snake But the snake kept saying he was hurt That Mr. Grand still took his efforts as fake I have nothing to lose thought Mr. Grand And reached out for the help Yum thought the snake and gulped Mr. Grand Before he could think or yelp

Salamanders newts all of his fellow beings Saw this but not a single tear was shed Guess this comes with living a life So cold blooded There was a crocodile, who saw it all Hidden behind a pier Some say he was the only one who Did shed some tears

-Soma Mukherjee

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