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Zeno USB Host Drivers 2011 v1.

0 =============================== Date: 2011-04-06 Requirements ============ PDA or Smartphone running WM2003, WM5, WM6, WM6.1, WM6.5, WM6.5.3, propper USB c able for your device, PTP digital camera. Information =========== Made by Zeno Sloim. Based on RATOC Systems drivers. The package contains: - USB Mouse driver - USB Keyboard US-101 HID driver - USB-based external CD-DVD unit - USB-based HDD unit, Memory Flash, USB-based card-reader MassStorage Driver - USB-to-Serial Port driver (start Terminal in Start-Programs for configuration) . - RS232 USB Serial Driver (start RS232 USB Serial Driver in Start-Programs for c onfiguration). - PTPView for HOST & PTP Digital Cameras driver (non-USB Mass Storage such as So ny, Canon etc.). - download photos and movies from PTP digital camera to your PDA - photo preview - multiple files download - delete files from digital camera All features tested on Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox 560N running WM6.1 with Trans cend 16 GB SDHC Class 6. Used with OEM USB keyboard, OEM external HDD, Kingston 8 GB memory-flash, OEM ca rd-reader and various SD, SDHC cards, Microsoft various USB Mouses, Jura F9 auto matic-coffee-machine serial port controller, OEM serial GPS unit, Canon Powersho t G3, Canon PowerShot S3 IS Download and run installer.exe on your pc, autorun-ppc.exe on your pda, autorunsp.exe on your smartphone. History ======= - Version 1.0: 2009-02-06 (first version) - Version 2.0: 2009-02-07 added USB Host Mouse support for generic USB mouse. On ly left-click and right-click support included, scroll-mouses are reduced to simple left and right click mouses.)

- Version 3.0: USB-to-Serial Port support added. V3 includes all previous versio ns, no need for uninstall. V3 does automatically soft-reset, which was not the c ase for v1 or v2. - Version 4.0: PTP digital camera support added. V4 includes all previous versio ns, no need for uninstall. - Version 5.0: added compatibility with older devices WM2003, as well as for WM Smartphones. - Version 6.0: improved USB-to-Serial Port driver and added a second RS232 USB S erial Driver more suited for serial GPS units. - Version 6.0a: modified installer, no longer forced reboot after full install, due to conflict with TouchFlo, SBSH iLauncher which caused a repeated reboot. Yo u should manually restart your device after complete install. - Version 2011 build 1.0: upon many requests, added compatibility with WM6.5, WM 6.5.3 and experimental for WM2003.

FAQ === 1. What you see on screen when you connect something? For HDD, Memory Flash or CardReader, you can see in Explorer(Resco Explorer or W M Explorer) the new unit labeled as "Hard Disk". For keyboard, you don't see , but in any program using the device own keyboard ( Touch Screen or slide - HTC Touch Pro), you can just type on external USB keyboa rd. For mouse you see a yellow-green mouse cursor on screen which follows the extern al mouse movements. For DVD you see : "External Mass Storage" For Serial port a little window prompts you to configure the serial port setting s and communication protocol. Or start Terminal in Start-Programs for configuration, or start RS232 USB Serial Driver in Start-Programs for configuration. For digital camera start the program PTP View. 2. Is program limited to only devices with USB-host? Yes and no. It depends on the hardware construction, accesible USB connector, ev en older devices without usb-host can have usb-host functionality. Many models a nd manufacturers has hidden this feature which really exists in their devices. T he only way to find is to test it and if not working, search if other users succ eeded. Original Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox 560N has included by default usb-hos t connector, with support for HDD-Memory Flash only. 3. Cables and power supply - which ones?

I always tested it with powersupply incoupled for my Loox, even if HDD or DVD-un it self was powered separated. More info on how to build an injected USB power s upply here: or here: You can use the cables/accessories from an external powered usb 2.5" hdd unit an d adapter mini-usb to usb (usb cables with 2 heads at one end for external power supply). 4. I ran your installer but nothing happened, and nothing got installed? You must run installer.exe on your PC with your pda connected via Active Sync. O r copy autorun.exe to your pda and run it from your pda. The installer detects if any of the 6 modules are already installed and it jumps to next component to check if it is installed. If all components are installed you see the message that nothing has been installed. After install, if you want to remove a certain component, you can do it by choosing Setting-System-Remove P rograms. You'll see all 7 components and just uninstall the desired one like any other ordinary installled program. There's no common uninstaller for all 7 comp onents at once, but for any of the 7 individually. 5. Does it work on my device? There's nothing harmful, nothing malicious hidden in my program, so you can test it on your devices without risk for dataloss or other unpleasant effects. The installation (CABs) is not locked to certain device, it is uninstallable, it is not compressed to avoid installproblems on certain devices. On my FSC Loox 5 60N I could install/uninstall without problems. Test my program, if it works, I' ll be glad I could help other users, without thinking of money or profit. If it does not work, I can not guarantee I can help you. Just try and see. 6. Can it read data from attached DVD-unit or NTFS partitions? Yes. The DVD unit I used is an Acer USB-based CD&DVD-RW made 2004 for an Acer Ta blet-PC. 7. Barcode readers? A user commented that even an USB barcode reader worked ok. 8. Incompatibility problems with other programs? I can only test on my FSC Loox 560N. You can try on other devices and report in this thread on your experiences. 9. Legal aspects. Is this program legal? Yes. All informations and sources are based on free available information and so urces. No licences or copyrights were infringed. All is legal to use.

10. How much does it cost? This program made by me, Zeno Sloim, is completeley free to use and test. I do n ot demand any payment or any other material form of recompense. My program is done as Freeware and may be used by anyone. However it may be not used or included by any person or company in a shareware p roduct or which demands paying.