It is clear that the AVN and its officers are incapable of abiding by the law, or simply have no intention to do that. For example, they have been breaking the NSW Associations Incorporation Act since the AVN was formed in 1994. Today we draw your attention to that part of the Act that requires an Incorporated Association, (which the AVN is), to: a, hold its annual general meetings within 6 months after the close of the association's financial year. The AVN runs its financial years concurrent with calendar years, so the AGM must be held before 31 July. (S 37); (maximum penalty: $110); and b, submit its financial statements for the previous financial year (and the auditor's report if it is a Tier 1 association) for those statements to the meeting, (S 44 and 47), (penalty $550); and c, within one month after the annual general meeting or 7 months after the end of the previous financial year, (whichever is the earlier), lodge a summary of the association's financial affairs for the previous financial year, and the association's financial statements for that year, (and the auditor's report if applicable), with the Director-General of the Office of Fair Trading, (S45 and S49), (Penalty $550) We do not know if the AVN conducted an AGM as required, but we do know, after contacting the Office Of Fair Trading today, that the AVN has not lodged its 2010 annual financial statements with the OFT as required in the legislated time frame, i.e. before 31 July 2011. This is Standard Operating Procedure within the AVN. Since the AVN was formed in 1994:  Annual Financial Statements for the years 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000 were never submitted.


 The Annual Financial Statement for the year 1995 was not submitted until July 1996.

 Annual Financial Statements for the years 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2007 were not submitted until September 2008.

 The Annual Financial Statement for the years 2005 and 2006 were not submitted until April 2008.

 The Annual Financial Statement for the year 2008 was not submitted until June 2009.

 The Annual Financial Statement for the year 2009 was not submitted until August 2010.

 The Annual Financial Statement for the year 2010 has not been submitted.

See the OFT’s Association Extract here. This is the OFT’s register of official correspondence received from the AVN. Of all the 17 years it has been in existence, only twice could it be possible that the AVN has complied with this requirement of the Act: 1995 and 2008. Their occasional President and now Public Officer, Ms Meryl Dorey, seems to have all the time in the world for speaking at conspiracy- theory conferences and blogging on Facebook, but evidently, complying with the law is beneath her. Note that under the Act, it is the Public Officer who has personal responsibility for ensuring that the relevant documentation is submitted to the OFT. A quick back-of –the-envelope calculation, assuming the AVN has four committee members and one public officer, each of whom may be fined, and with the AVN as a corporate body also being liable, the total amount of fines that could have been levied totals $82,500. This ignores fines for failing to hold AGMs, submitting financial statements to AGMs, maintaining a register of committee members, conducting elections of officers, and so on; each of which we know the AVN failed to do in many years.


And now for the most surprising information of all: not once has the AVN and its officers been held to account or faced any form of legal sanction.

SO WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT? We urge you to contact the relevant NSW Minister and urge him to have his department apply the legislation that the Parliament enacted. Contact: The Hon Mr Anthony Roberts, MP Minister for Fair Trading Ministerial Office Level 36 Governor Macquarie Tower 1 Farrer Place SYDNEY NSW 2000 Phone (02) 9228 5276


Reference: OFT File RML M11/364

Published here by the group “Stop the Australian Vaccination Network” 9 August 2011

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