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Computers that can act as servers to other machines but can also request network resources should be called: A) Nodes B) Clients C) Servers D) Peers Any two computers that communicate across a network must share a common language, called a -----A) Medium B) Technology C) Topology D) Protocol Primary reason to install a network is to --------- resources and services. A) Share B) Deliver C) Create D) Control What component of a coaxial cable carries data? A) Core B) Insulating layer C) Wire braid D) Sheathing or Jacket Which of the following cable is not suitable for network use of any kind? A) Category 1 B) Category 2 B) Category 3 B) Category 4 Name the type of connector most commonly used with CAT-5 UTP network. A) RJ-11 B) RJ-45 C) BNC D) MT-RJ You are required to install a network and want Zero chances of electronic eavesdropping. What kind of cable should you use? A) UTP B) STP C) Coaxial D) Fiber-optic Which of the cabling element does not occur in fiber optic cable? A) Glass or plastic fiber core B) Glass or plastic fiber cladding C) Wire Braid D) Armedion Fiber MAC address is a --------- bit Address A) 32 B) 48 C) 24 D) 16 Choose the correct statement A) Most significant 3 octets of MAC address identifies the manufacturer B) Least significant 3 octets of MAC address identifies the manufacturer C) Most significant 4 octets of MAC address identifies the manufacturer D) Manufacturer information cannot be inferred from MAC address CRC is acronym for A) Circular Redundant Checksum B) Cyclical Redundancy Check C) Convex Recalculation Check D) Computed Recursive Check Which layer of OSI reference model does project 802 breaks into two-sub layers? A) Physical B) Data Link C) Network D) Session Subnet mask of an IP address ----------------A) Provides encryption in TCP/IP network B) Allows automated IP address configuration C) Defines which part of the address specifies the Network D) Allows users to use a computer’s name rather than its address Which of the following addresses cannot be sent across the Internet? A) B) C) E)


the slot time is A) 512 Microseconds B) 51.224 is used then base network address A) Belongs to class C B) Belongs to class B C) Belongs to class A D) It can belong to either of class A.255.240 is used then number of hosts that can be connected are A) 14 B) 16 C) 32 D) 30 If a subnet mask of 255.255. Q17. Computers on different networks must have: A) Same network Number B) Same Host Number C) Different Network Number D) Same network number but different host number Which of the following access method is used in fast Ethernet? A) CSMA/CA B) Token passing C) Polling D) CSMA/CD For class C network address 196.255.120. Q21. The total numbers of broadcast and collision domains in the network are: A) 3 and 3 respectively B) 3 and 1 respectively C) 1 and 3 respectively D) 1 and 2 respectively 10/100 Mbps auto negotiation Ethernet hub is a A) Physical layer device B) Data link layer device C) Network layer Device D) Transport Layer device Choose the most appropriate statement: A) Store and forward switches have least latency B) Fragment free switches have least latency C) Cut through switches have least latency D) Cut through switches have greater latency than fragment free switches Choose the most appropriate statement: A) Bridges create multiple collisions and multiple broadcast domains B) Bridges are usually store & forward therefore create multiple collision domains C) Bridges create single collision and multiple broadcast domains D) Bridges create single collision and single broadcast domain 2 .255. Q23.240 D) 255.Protocol A) DHCP B) DNS C) ARP D) RARP When Using TCP/IP. Q27. Q22. A) Both segments have separate collision and broadcast domain B) Both segments have separate collision but same broadcast domain C) Both segments have same collision but different broadcast domain D) Both segments have same collision and broadcast domain In a network a hub is directly connected to a Bridge port.255.248 C) 255.10. Q18.255.255. which of the following subnet mask delivers 30 subnets? A) 255. Physical address to logical address resolution is performed by the -----.0 B) 255.255.Q15. Q19.12 Microseconds Choose the correct statement: In a network where two segments are connected with the help of a router. Q16. Q25.0. Q24.24 If a subnet mask of 255.255.255. Segment A and B are connected to port 1 and port 2 of Hub and segment C is connected to Port 2 of bridge. Q26. Q20.6 Microseconds D) 5. Class B or Class C.255.255.2 Microseconds C) 25. Which IP address scheme permits workstations to use private IP addresses to access Internet? A) Supernetting B) Subnetting C) DHCP D) NAT For the fast Ethernet based network.

The 80/20 rule states that bridges are most efficient when A) 80 meter cable is used for connecting 20 hosts on a segment B) 80% of the segment traffic is local and only 20 % is needed to cross bridge C) 20% of the segment traffic is local and only 80 % is needed to cross bridge D) 80 hosts are connected to 20 different segments Which routing scheme collects data from its near and far neighbors using LSPs then applies the Dijkstra algorithm to build a map of shortest paths to each network? A) Bellman-Ford B) Spanning Tree C) Link State D) BGP In Ethernet. Q33. late collisions A) Are normal events. Q40. Q39. Q29. C) Are theoretical events only. A) MAC B) LLC C) Category 5 cabling D) ARP Which of the following are common names for a packet switch? A) Gateway B) Layer 3 switch C) Router D) All of the above Port numbers are: A) 32 bit long B) 16 bit long C) 8 bit long D) None of the above Registered port numbers lie between A) 1024 to 49151 B) 1023 to 49151 C) 1024 to 49152 D) 49152 onwards Compression/Decompression is a function of A) Transport layer B) Presentation layer C) Sessions layer D) Both B and C Inserting synchronization points in data is a function of A) Transport layer B) Presentation layer C) Sessions layer D) Application layer Nagle’s solution to silly window syndrome is implemented at A) Sending end B) Receiving end C) Either at sending or receiving ends D) Is not a practical solution The difference between data link layer and transport layer sliding windows is A) Window size is fixed in former and variable in later B) Window contains frames in former and bytes in later C) Both A) and B) D) There is no basic difference Error control is required on transport layer because A) Data link layer error control is not reliable B) Errors might be introduced inside the routers and these are not detected by data link layer C) Checksum based error control is better than CRC based error control D) None of the above 3 . D) Are detrimental to network performance and should be corrected immediately. Q38. used to arbitrate access to the medium? B) Occur within the last few bit times of a minimum sized Ethernet frame. Q37. B) Its primary purpose is to create a loop-free environment. they never occur in practice. C) Bridges communicate with end stations (hosts) to determine optimal paths. Q36. Q30. ________ performs error control and flow control at the data link layer. Q32. Q31.Q28. Q35. Which of the following is characteristic of the Spanning Tree algorithm? A) At least two master bridges (roots) are designed for redundancy. D) TPDU messages are exchanged between bridges. Q34.

FDM B) TDM. FDM 4 . CSMA/CD D) TDM. Which of the following techniques can be correctly referred to as channel partitioning protocols? A) ALOHA. Congestion can be controlled by A) Increasing the line bandwidth B) Having a fast router processor C) Having fast processor on hosts D) Both A) and B) Q45. Which layer governs end-to-end transmission between two hosts across an Internet? A) Network B) Transport C) Both of the above. D) Neither A nor B Q42.Q41. FDM. CSMA C) CSMA. AMI encoding is A) Unipolar B) Polar C) Bipolar D) Non polar Q43. Thick Ethernet is based on A) RG 11 cable B) RG 58 cable C) RG 59 cable D) RG 12 cable Q44.

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