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Health Problem

Cues Subjective Cues: he client verbalized Pasensya na sa bahay namin ha. Magulo masyado.
Objective Cues: y Furniture appliances are not properly arranged. y The house has many unnecessary things that make it look crowded. y Living space is not sufficient for family members as evidence by total floor area of 23sq. m

Family Nursing Problem

Inability to provide a home environment which is conducive for health maintenance and personal development due to: inadequate family resources specifically financial constraints and limited financial resources.

After 3 days of home visits, the family will develop ways on how to minimize the problem as evidenced by rearrangement of furniture to maximize their living space.

Objectives of care
After nursing intervention, the family should be able to: a.) Identify risk factors that contribute to the congestion in the area such as unused things. b.) Demonstrate techniques to promote good environment condition such as proper arrangement of appliances, etc. c.) Verbalize understanding about the importance of about having adequate living space.

1. Suggest ways on how to maximize the available living space by rearrangement. 2. Advise the family to separate those things they dont use anymore. 3. Inform the family regarding the easy transmission of disease due to inadequate space. 4. Explain to the family possible effects of having inadequate living space. 5. Explain to the family advantages of having adequate living space.

Evaluation Was the family able to perform methods to maximize their living space? __Yes __No

Inadequate Living Space

Were they able to be aware of the illness and diseases they can acquire of having a bad environment. __Yes __No Were they able to decrease the possibility of having problems regarding inadequate living space? __Yes __No

After 1 week of home visits, the family was able to developed ways on how to minimize the problem as

6. Aid the family in maximizing the living space.

evidenced by: a.) rearrangement of furniture to maximize their living space. b.) the client verbalized Maaliwalas na ang bahay namin pwede na ako makapagpahinga ng maayos.