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Cultura Technologies’ MillMaster

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Cultura Technologies’ MillMaster
Cultura Technologies’ MillMaster provides unrivalled and comprehensive process control links to systems supplied by companies such as Datastor, DSL, Promtek and others, enabling the operator to eliminate costly errors encountered with manual and basic interfaces whilst at the same time providing a detailed analysis of production performance.



Cultura Technologies
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he communication process is two-way: MillMaster being the master source for data such as raw materials, product and additive formulations, production plans, product labelling details, cross-contamination rules and intakes. The process control system returns details on: • Production plan status • Target and actual raw material usage (including raw material batch numbers where applicable) • Finished product batch detail • Press data including liquids • Moisture • Batch stocks and plant downtime As data is only entered once, operators can be certain that information is consistent across all systems. For example, if all formulations can only be amended via the Formula Storage Module, and then downloaded to process control, there is proper control of the nutritional analysis, labels and costs. However, if formulations are changed ‘in flight’ on process control, no such controls exist.


control. Assuming the intake is accepted, once the load has been tipped and the tare weights entered into MillMaster, the final net weight of the load is submitted to process control in order to keep the stock balances in line. For batch tracked materials, batch numbers and expiry dates can be transmitted to process control.

Product and additive formulations

on forward sales order and stock requirements. During the plan creation process operators are able to verify the manufacturing sequence against the same set of sophisticated cross-contamination rules used within MillMaster and process control. Once a production plan has been submitted to process control, an online dialogue between the two systems captures and transmits any changes to the plan and also updates the current plan status.

to the base formulation transferred by MillMaster (such as raw material substitutions), will be transmitted back, against which, a sub-version of the formula will be created. Details of target and actual moisture inclusion can also be transferred back into MillMaster.

Press runs
Actual fat and molasses usages are captured for the whole run and once complete are apportioned back into the individual production batches, thus allowing accurate costing of liquid raw materials.

Control systems for Animal Feed, Flour, Pet Food, and Premix Plants


Downtime and events
Downtime details and any other events recorded within process control are captured and transmitted to MillMaster, which together with any additional details you enter manually, provide the total picture of the shift via the production diary module.

Raw material
MillMaster transfers details of any new raw materials directly to process control systems, ensuring both databases are kept in line. Once the arrival of a raw material intake is recorded within MillMaster, details of the expected weights are transmitted to process
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Approved mill-ready formulations held within the MillMaster Formula Storage Production batches Module can be automatically transferred to During the production process, the procprocess control, eliminating potential errors ess control system collates and transfers during manual entry and reducing delays in ‘real-time’ batch and press data to MillMaster waiting for formulae to be added. for analysis. Along with details of the finPlant-specific production data such as ished product batch weights, raw material micro-ingredients, tip point, grinder screen usage and raw material batch numbers any and target moisture can be maintained and operator changes made on process control downloaded with each new formula version. Each formula can have an We have activation date the missing and time, allowpiece ing formulations to be prepared With over 30 years of experience in the Feed Industry in advance.

Bulk outloading
Details of sales orders are automatically downloaded from MillMaster, ready for despatch by the bulk outloading system. Any subsequent order amendments are updated to process control, to ensure that both systems are kept in line. Once an order line has been physically loaded, MillMaster immediately receives the bulk outloading details from process control. When all order line details have been received, MillMaster will automatically despatch the order and produce a delivery note, incorporating the weighbridge details and statutory declaration.

Stock balances and adjustments
Physical stock counts can be recorded within MillMaster and where applicable can be by batch number. The raw material stock balances can be requested from the process control system and any adjustments applied as a result of the manual count will be applied to both systems. Details of raw materials despatched through MillMaster are transmitted to process control, in order that the stock records are decremented accordingly.

William McAusland – Production Director, Fane Valley Feeds

“DSL were selected based on the fact they used the latest technology and were regarded as the best available” “Changing to DSL’s AutoPilot4Feed was the best thing we ever did.”
Tom Rylands - Managing Director, M. E. Waterhouse

Production planning
Production plans can be created based

Complete Mill Control • Legacy System Upgrades • Trending, Historic & Real Time Data • In-line/On-line Moisture Monitoring and Control • Integration with Nutritional and Business Systems • Micro Ingredient Hand Weighing Solutions • Energy Monitoring and Control • Labeling & Bar code Systems Please visit our website @ or telephone +44 (0) 01260 277025

DSL Systems, Adbolton Lane, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5AS, England T: +44 (0) 115 981 3700 | |


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July - August 2011
247-1007 • Brabender • Anz. • Anz. 90x270 Stand 24.03.2011 • englisch 247-1007 • Brabender 90x270 mm • mm • Stand 24.03.2011 • englisch



Carl Swisher joins 4B as Sales Manager
Mr Swisher has over 20 years of experience in industrial sales and international business. Proficient in Spanish, he is a graduate of Washington University in St Louis and holds an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business in marketing and international business. Prior to joining 4B, Swisher was the sales manager for Tapco Inc.

B Components Ltd, a worldwide manufacturer of material handling and electronic components for bucket elevators and conveyors, announced on July 11, 2011 that Carl Swisher has been hired as sales manager for material handling products.

…… where quality measured. where quality is is measured.

Delivering Buckets full of experience
The world’s largest range of elevator buckets


“Carl will help to strengthen our position as a global leader and manufacturer of material handling products. He comes with a strong knowledge of the elevator bucket business and will be a great asset to the 4B team,” says Johnny Wheat, Senior-vice President and Director of 4B Components.

The appropriate The appropriate solution forfor any task: solution any task:
More 4B Components Ltd 729 Sabrina Drive East Peoria, IL 61611, USA
Tel: +1 309 6985611 Website:



Working Flour Mill • View immediately in the the UK Working Flour Mill • View immediately in UK

Norbert Dentressangle feeds Duffield’s supply chain

With Brabender®-technology… With Brabender®-technology…


.L. Duffield & Sons, manufacturers of animal feeds, has appointed Norbert Dentressangle to support the distribution of palletised products through its flexible and cost-effective nationwide network.


Contact us for further details: Contact us for further details: Rigal Bennett Group Rigal Bennett Group Gravel Hill Hill Lane, Whitley,Goole, E Yorkshire, DN14 0JJ 0JJ Gravel Lane, Whitley, Nr Nr Goole, E Yorkshire, DN14 United Kingdom United Kingdom Tel: Tel: +44 1977 661095 +44 1977 661095 Fax:Fax: +44 1977 662165 +44 1977 662165 Email: Email:

Z.A. de la Lande 49170 ST-GEORGES-SUR-LOIRE - FRANCE Tél. : 33 2 41 72 16 82 - Fax : 33 2 41 39 32 12
E-mail : - Web :
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Grain feed millinG technoloGy Grain feed millinG technoloGy

at its nearby site in Ipswich. Next day deliveries are made to various customer locations including game, dairy, poultry, pig and stud farms via its shared-user network. Duffields also owns Pen Mill Feeds based in Yeovil and through the Norbert Dentressangle transport network supplies feeds across the Based in Saxlingham Thorpe, South and South West regions Norwich in the UK,®-ATanother to cater for the high number of Farinograph with -AT and Kernelyzer-F (NIR) Farinograph® and Kernelyzer-F (NIR) site in Wingham, Kent, the livestock reared in the areas. family-owned company has been To improve operational efficiency, supplying farmers in East Anglia Duffields is utilising Norbert and the South East with animal Dentressangle’s bespoke feeds in the ruminant, pig and SHARP (Shipment Handling and poultry sectors for over 100 years. Reporting Program) technology. Over the last year the company The integrated online system ThisThis is not only a contribution to technical quality is not only a contribution to the the technical quality expanded its thriving business with enables the company to place of our our products but also our implicit service orientation. of products but also our implicit service orientation. the addition of bespoke concentrates orders electronically, which technically trained service team takes care for andOur Our technically trained servicescannedtakestracked in real packaged products, taking are team and care for a long term smooth function of ourand access proof of delivery a long term smooth function of our instruments. its combined factory and traded time, instruments. goods production to over 250,000 information. tonnes of feed per year. To manage this Our Our service you:you: a More inforMation: growth, Duffields required service for for specialist pallet transport solution to Norbert Dentressangle Advantageous maintenance contracts Advantageous maintenance contracts ensure it meets customer demand. Lodge way, New Duston, All-embracing customer support NN5 All-embracing customer support To support the continued expansion, Northampton Various calibration flours Various makes daily flours Norbert Dentressanglecalibration 7SL, United KingdomMade Made in in collections of palletised products Email: info Germany Germany from Duffield’s mill in Saxlingham Brabender® GmbH & Co. KG KG Website: www. Brabender® GmbH & Co. and a storage depot in Bury St E-Mail: · E-Mail: consolidating loads Edmunds ·

l Large range and inventory of many sizes l Higher capacity for existing elevators l Durable, long life designs l Free elevator design service

…… and all-embracing and all-embracing customer service customer service

Watchdog Elite
Complete Hazard Monitoring System for Bucket Elevators and Conveyors! l Bearing Temperature, Belt Misalignment, Underspeed, Belt Slippage, Blockage Detection l Fully programmable to optimize elevator operation l LED displays for speed and set-up l Simple, reliable, consistent

Elevator Bolts
Cold Forged for Highest Quality! l Euro Bolts (DIN15237), Original Ref 70, Fang Bolts & Easifit Bolts l Available in steel / stainless / zinc plated l Wide range available from stock
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&feed millinG technoloGy

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