Topic: Proper Waste Disposal, Segregation and Management Rationale: to help the family identify their needs and

know alternative practices to avoid ill effects GENERAL OBJECTIVES: to develop awareness and importance of proper waste disposal, segregation and management SPECIFIC OBECTIVES CONTENT TEACHER LEARNER EVALUATION at the end of the health teaching, the family will be able to: • know proper waste disposal * Definition of * asks family * family members segregation and proper waste members to share state in their own management management. their ideas about the level of • identify the meaning of proper understanding and benefits and waste segregation own words harms/importanc Importance of and management e of proper waste proper waste disposal, * family is able to disposal segregation and * Discusses the site the benefits of segregation and management. importancevof proper waste management proper waste disposal and harms • demonstrate and * Examples of disposal to environment practice initial biodegradable and skills in proper non-biodegradable * Discusses the * family members waste disposal, materials biodegradable and listen to the segregation and non-biodegradable discussion management * Alternative materials • appreciate the practices of proper * family members importance of disposal (ex. * shoes how to watched the proper waste recycle, reuse and recycle and use the procedure of disposal reduce) plastics and making recycled • verbalize "Karton" materials into a new understanding * Let client /family product and compliance members practice * assists family of proper waste recycling their own members in * able to properly disposal garbage decorating garbage demonstrated the and making a new technique of proper * Family members product out of it waste disposal and will give one recycling importance of * teacher asks each proper waste family member *family members disposal will verbalized one importance of proper waste disposal

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