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part 10 Pop Quiz

In fact. Type identification is critical because the seduction strategy for each different type of woman is vastly different.A 1 POP QUIZ lright so what we are going to give you right now is the practical application and implementation of the Pandora’s Box System. So right now we are going to demonstrate with some real life cases so you can determine the differences between a Tester and Investor. . What will really make you kick yourself is that women are right now and have in the past given you many signals as to what type they were you just didn’t know what to look and listen for. this whole testing process to figure out her type will actually become pretty damn obvious to you from now on. After you can test correctly. and you know the right game plan for each type. and a Realist and Idealist. We are going to simulate real life situations. You will realize that some of your past failures with women are not because you used the wrong technique or strategy. success with each woman is easy. and test your knowledge to see if you can pick what type a woman is. But this testing phase is extremely important because it’s the foundation of your future plan of action with each woman. a Denier and a Justifier. you just did it with the wrong woman.

Which type do you think she is? 5. you see each other occasionally as you have friends in common. 1. You know a girl reasonable well and she mentions only having had a couple of relationships that were fairly long (years in fact). because as mentioned before girls who are Testers will act like Investors. I know personally I work really well with real life examples. Tester or Investor? 2 3. and although she tells you they are girls she is texting. you feel intuitively that it’s actually to guys. is she on average more likely to be a Tester or Investor? 6. this will more than likely make it much clearer for you. and if you are still a bit confused with the different types and how they all work. If you meet a girl online.. Ok. Tester or Investor? 2. so this is where I really enjoy beginning to apply the model. and lots of guys are leaving flirtatious comments on her page. So. what’s the signal there? . If you are hanging with a girl and she’s messaging people a fair bit. A girl you met appears to only have female friends. this dynamic can take a little bit of time to determine. Tester / Investor Figuring out if she is a Tester or Investor is actually the most challenging one out of the set. and you hear things about her such as that she is playing the field. and keep the fact they are Testers secret. You look at a girl’s Facebook. So …. Is she a Tester or Investor? 4. If you knew a girl as part of your social circle.This testing process will also solidify the entire model into your mind.

but doesn’t actually leave him. When she talks about dating and finding a guy. This girl you really like has a boyfriend. This girl you like seems to have quite a few guys hanging around her as “orbiters” – guys who she seems to be stringing along keeping as friends or flirting with – and she seems to have quite a few male options. 3 . and complains about him a fair bit. what do you think? 8.7. she seems to care less about meeting that “perfect guy” and more about having fun. Tester or Investor? 9.

This special girl you really like has a really strong religious background. and it turned her off.” Which is the Denier and which is the Justifier? 8. You hear two different girls talking about a guy who tried to hit on her. She’s in her early twenties. it seems to have affected her really strongly. You like a girl. You are friends with a girl and she talks about sex very openly? She doesn’t seem to get embarrassed talking about sex at all. and reserved in her appearance. This girl who is a friend of a friend tends to be comfortable taking some risks. and smokes.4 Denier / Justifier 1. There is this girl you’ve known for a while. and the other one says “Well I don’t need to learn biology anyway” or “It’s because my professor is a jerk. You know two girls from college and something bad happens in both their lives – for example they get a bad grade – one of them tries to distract herself from it. you’d say she’s a bit more casual. Which one do you think she is? 5. This girl you like is a stripper. and the . or she’s got a tattoo. Which one would you say she was? 3. and she’s had a fair few partners for her age. One was turned off by a guy who kept trying to go sexual when she wasn’t interested at that particular time. is she more likely to be a Justifier or Denier? 6. and she doesn’t tend to dress very provocatively or to get a lot of male attention. and she’s already more than 15 to 20 partners that you know about. Denier or Justifier? 4. Denier or Justifier? 2. and there was a really strong parental influence pushing religion hard onto her. for example jumping in a car with a guy she doesn’t know. and not want to talk about it. Denier or Justifier? 7.

which type do you think she is? other had sex with a guy after he was really persistent. Justifier or Denier? 10. Which one is a Justifier and which one is a Denier? 5 .9. You meet a girl and she seems to test you a lot to see how much of a “man” you are. A girl you like is really critical of girls who dress revealing or who sleep around openly calling them “sluts”.

6 Realist / Idealist 1. She is very proud of being a good student. One was saying that she thought women are empowered and can be just as successful as men and the other mentioned that she thought men and women have different roles. You like a girl. Which one is more likely to be Idealist. She seems a little helpless sometimes. and you heard them having a conversation. Which one is Realist and which one is Idealist? 6. Is she is a Realist of Idealist? 2. and her studies and career are extremely important to her. and really enjoys talking about her studies. You have a female friends and she’s really clear on her life ambition. crashing at her friend’s houses. You know a girl. Is her choice of study something that has a definite career waiting for her when she graduates? Or is it something she does just because it’s interesting and she is passionate about it. and which one is Realist? 7. have children and get married? What would you say she is more likely to be? 5. two friends of yours had very different teenage years. Okay. Realist or Idealist? 3. and guys seem to support her sometimes. Which one is Idealist. the other had a job throughout high school and had to work pretty hard for her money. and she even knows how many pets she wants to have. Which one would you say she is? 4. and her potential career. and she tends to rely on her friends a bit to help her out. You know two girls at work. and which one is more likely to be Idealist? . Does she work a fairly low-status job and seem really keen to settle down. and would really like to have kids and settle down. One had a more affluent upbringing and was a bit spoiled. She’s already planned her wedding.

what would that indicate to you? 7 9. If a woman has a really strong ambition to achieve a really high goal or to make something really significant of her life individually. career or ambitions? What’s your opinion on that one? . How important does guys and dating seem to her as a priority right now when compared to her studies.8.

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