1. she was born Adeline(blooper?i typed alexandra) Stephen(Clue: author) Virginia Woolf (in case you?

re interested-she had her first?note,1st?mental breakdown at age 13! And finally walked into the river ouse with stones in her pockets. Virginia was her middle name, and woolf was her husband?not quite a pseudonym) 2. why did southern women threaten to boycott ?Gone with the wind?? They threatened to if vivien liegh did not represent the southern woman as they wanted.. other trivia also more famously, david o selznick?the producer?was fined $5000?for the last line.. frankly my dear, i don?t give a damn. The censors thought that was obscenity and fined him to keep it in the script) 3. in hindu myth, how would you better know Vasusena?(Mahabharata, actually) karna?the sena suffix is supposed to mean he?s a kshatriya.. 4. ?the bell jar? is the only novel by which poet of the 20th century? Sylvia plath 5. She was reputedly the 1st person to drink tea in england. Name. Catherine of Braganza?the woman who brought b?bay to the brits. 6. In Asterix comics, name Vitalstatistix?s nephew from lutetia. justforkix 7. How would you better know Natty Bumppo(fiction)? Hawkeye/leatherstocking/pathfinder. The man is not the last of the mohicans?aas per the cooper bbok, that is chingachgook?the crawling serpent. This guy is a white man brought up by the mohicans. 8. According to the Uttararamachartita(I'm not sure about the Ramayana, but i think so) who is Lakshmana?s son? Chandraketu?no googly intended 9. Film Utsav, starring Shekhar Suman, was based on which Sanskrit Play? Mrichchakatikam?shekhar sumans debut, among other things/starring him and rekha. Mrichchakatikam is the clay cart, not the golden toy chariot, as lots of people decided. Charudatta is his characters name, not of the play 10. Who was refferred to in Charles II?s last words??let not poor Nell starve?? His mistress?actress nell gwynne 11. Name the First President of the Republic of Ireland. Douglas hyde 12. Which famous dancer was killed when her scarf caught in the wheel of her car? ISADORA DUNCAN 13. Operation dynamo(WWII)? The evacuation from dunkirk?when the germans invaded france, a british force a dunkirk had to flee across the channel 14. Why should Susanna, Hammet and Judith be famous?(surname) shakespeare?they were his children?hammet was his only son.. excuse the ignorane, but who exactly are the polgar sisters??

15. Which character(book and film) first appeared in the book ?red dragon?? Dr. Hannibal Lecter(of anthony hopkins?silence of the lambs?as a psychopath fame)

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