Soul, Life



Mountain; ibn Yazid, who liv...



Name of Ibn Harisah a compan...



Soft hearted, tenderness of ...



Powerful, mighty.



Consoler, restorer, comforter.



Compulsion name of a compani...



Curly, Frizzled; ibn Dirhim ...



Brook, rivulet.



Spring, rivulet.



Yellow Flower.









World conqueror, global, king.



Beautiful, Charming



Abu Amr Nasr, an authority f...



Abu al Mujashshar had this n...



Handsome man, high sound.



Diligent, hardworking, striv...


Detail/Add Jalinoos Intelligent. impres.. Detail/Add Jamal-ud-Din Beauty of the religion (Isla. Detail/Add Jalal Majesty. chum.. grace.. Detail/Add Jalees A companion. magnificent. Detail/Add Jami Gatherer. author.. Detail/Add Jalil Great.... a fast fr. of high quality.. Detail/Add Jaish Excellent.. Ibn Huzafah Al-Adawi. Detail/Add . Patient.. .Jahm Sullen.. exalted. Detail/Add Jalis Companion Detail/Add Jamal Beauty. glory. Detail/Add Jalal-ud-Din The majesty of religion (Isl. grandeur. collector.. Detail/Add Jamil Handsome. Detail/Add Jaleb Attainer Detail/Add Jaleed Powerful.... attractive.

A distinguished c. Detail/Add Jan Life. Detail/Add Jaraah Surgeon. Detail/Add Janan Heart. paradise. name of a tabaree.. herald.Jammaz Name of Muhammad Ibn Amr who. Detail/Add Jareem Praising.. Detail/Add Jamuh Defiant. Detail/Add . courageous. messenger.. vicegerent.. sing. Detail/Add Jarood Name of a companion of the P. Detail/Add Jareed Hawk. Detail/Add Jari Bold. heaven. Detail/Add Jareer Corpulent. Detail/Add Jarrar Very Brave Detail/Add Jarullah Neighbour of Allah. Detail/Add Jan Muhammad Life of Muhammad.... Detail/Add Jariya This was the name of Ibn Jam. Detail/Add Jandarah Name of a Sahabi RA. brave.. Detail/Add Jan-e-Alam Life of the world. Detail/Add Janasheen Successor. Detail/Add Jamshed The sun in Pisces.

open-hand. Detail/Add Jasur Brave. bold. attractive. Detail/Add Jawad Generous.Jasim Great and famous. Detail/Add Jehfil Strong. liberal. Detail/Add Jaza Reward. val. pl. Detail/Add Jazey Impatient. Detail/Add Jazam Encourager. Detail/Add Javed Eternal. instigator... Detail/Add Jazi To take revenge. bold. courageous. gem. Detail/Add Jawahir Jewels. Detail/Add Jasir Brave... essence. Detail/Add Jazool Happy. Detail/Add Jawan A young man. Good Manners. courageous. val. jewel. Detail/Add Jazib Absorber. Detail/Add Jasim Healthy Detail/Add Jasim-ud-Din Great (man) of the religion . perpetual. Detail/Add ... Detail/Add Jawdan Goodness Detail/Add Jawhar Jewel. Detail/Add Jazel Good Attitude.. Detail/Add Jehandar Worldly.. of jawhar.

. Detail/Add Jihad Strive. Detail/Add Jibrail Arch Angel Detail/Add Jibran Result.. holy war. Detail/Add Juhaym Sullen. Famou. Detail/Add Jummal A thick rope.. Detail/Add Juday This was the name of a skill. Detail/Add Jnab An honorific title..... Warrior. Detail/Add . A companion ibn. Detail/Add Junaid Soldier. ransom.. Detail/Add Joinda Searcher.. Detail/Add Jubayr Compelled. Detail/Add Jurayj This was the name of a teach..... Detail/Add Jumlish Brave... Detail/Add Jundub Grasshopper. name of a companion. Detail/Add Jiyad Very good.... a rope with wh. Suitable o. Detail/Add Juail One black and ill-shaped.. Detail/Add Jinnah .. Your Exc. there is also a m. Detail/Add Josha Satisfied. A companion of the P. Detail/Add Jerwan Used to. a .. Detail/Add Jumanah Pearl.. Assisted a compan...Jergees Brave. value.

Detail/Add Yafir . Detail/Add Jusamah Nightmare. Detail/Add Yaqzan Vigilant. Detail/Add Yala Height. Detail/Add Juyal Quarrdsome... right side. Detail/Add Yaqoot Ruby.. Detail/Add Yaeesh Bin al-Jahm was a narrator o. the biblical Jaco... A companion of t. on the alert. Detail/Add Yagana Unique. awake.. Detail/Add Yafi Bin Aamir had this name. Detail/Add Yar Muhammad Friend of the Prophet Muhamm.... auspicious. Detail/Add Yamin Right.Jurhad He was ibn Khuwaylid Al-Asla. sapphire. A Prophe. Detail/Add Yaghnam bin Salim Bin Qamber (Qanber.. Detail/Add Yaqeen Belief.... Detail/Add . Detail/Add Yaamin Blessed.. Detail/Add Yahya To love. unprecedented.. Detail/Add Yaqoob A Prophet. will live.. Name of a compani.... Detail/Add Yar Friend. topaz.. Detail/Add Yamak A king. Detail/Add Yakta Unique. he . right hand.

Detail/Add Ma'n Examine closely. Detail/Add Yasha Long line. Detail/Add Yawar Helping. Detail/Add Yunus A Prophet. Convenience. Detail/Add Yazeed A companion of the Prophet (. Ibn Abdul.. Detail/Add Yusr Ease.. Detail/Add Yazan Determined. rich.. affluent. the biblical Jonah.. Detail/Add . resolved. Detail/Add Ma'dan Name of the tutor of the fam.. Detail/Add Yuhannis The name of the Freed slave . Detail/Add Yasoob Title of Ali... Detail/Add Ma'mar One who lives long.... Detail/Add Yasin The opening letters of the f. prosper. Detail/Add Yusri Easy. Detail/Add Yumn Happiness. Detail/Add Yasrib Former name of the city of M.. Detail/Add Yasir Easy. prosperous.. wealth.... wealthy.. Detail/Add Yasra Affluent.. an edifi. the biblical Jose. accept the .. Detail/Add Yusuf A Prophet... affluenc. Detail/Add Maad An old Arabian Tribe's name.Yasar Prosperity.

Detail/Add . Detail/Add Mahasin Pl... proprietor. prosperous. cl.Maahir Skillful. beauty.. Detail/Add Mahdi Rightly guided. Excellency. experienced. evident. Detail/Add Mahfuz Safeguarded.. Detail/Add Baadiyah Name of a sahahiyyah. commendable. Detail/Add Madhat Praise. attr. Detail/Add Maali Noble.. magnificent. Detail/Add Baahir Prevailing.. Detail/Add Maheen Fine or thin texture. Detail/Add Mahfuzur Rahman Protected of the Beneficent Detail/Add Baadi Distinct.. Detail/Add Maalik Owner... able. feeble. Detail/Add Mabruk Blessed. Detail/Add Madih Praised. sublime. lauding. Detail/Add Mahboob Dear. master.. civilized. beloved... Detail/Add Madani Urbane. Detail/Add Baahi Glorious. Detail/Add Mabad A place of worship.. plain. of Mahsana. l.. Detail/Add Mahbubullah Beloved of Allah.. Many of . well-protected. Detail/Add Maaz A Friend Of Prophet Muhammad.

Detail/Add Babar Tiger. Detail/Add .... A King Name Detail/Add Badeeh Wonderous. splendor magni. Detail/Add Badiuz Zaman Genius of the time. lightning.. superior. . Detail/Add Badran The most beautiful. outstan. Detail/Add Baari Originator. creator. Detail/Add Bahauddin Glow of the religion (Islam). bright.. marvelous. unique.. Detail/Add Baghawi Resident of Bagh or Baghshur. Detail/Add Badr Full moon. Pious. Detail/Add Baariq Shining. Detail/Add Badi Wonderful. Detail/Add Badiul Alam Unique in the world. Detail/Add Badruddin Full moon of religion (Islam).. Detail/Add Baar Just.. Detail/Add Badrud Duja Full moon of the dark. Detail/Add Babik Law... Detail/Add Baare Brilliant.Baaligh Major. Detail/Add Baasir Seeing. glow. Detail/Add Badr-e-Alam Full moon of the world. wise. Detail/Add Baha Beauty.

fortune. brilliant. Detail/Add .. Detail/Add Bakhit Lucky. fortunate.. venerated.. Detail/Add Bahjat Splendours. Detail/Add Bahz Name of bin Hakeem.. Detail/Add Bahiyud Din Radiant.. Detail/Add Bahhas Examinar. a saint's name.Baheen Exalted. Detail/Add Bahir Dazzling. glow.. Detail/Add Baha Beauty. Detail/Add Bahauddin Glow of the religion (Islam). splendor magni.... he has r.. forgi. Detail/Add Bahu Rod. noble. Detail/Add Bakeet Lover. brilliant. of Bahjah. brilliant of the re.. give.. Detail/Add Bakht Luck. d. Detail/Add Bahi Splendid. fortunate. Scholar of researc. inclu... Detail/Add Bajala Honoured. Detail/Add Bakhsh Gift. shining.. Detail/Add Bahili Name of famous people. Detail/Add Baghawi Resident of Bagh or Baghshur. Detail/Add Bahram Mars. a king. Detail/Add Bahlawan Acrobat. paramour. great. Detail/Add Badruddin Full moon of religion (Islam).. pl.

Detail/Add Faaiz Victorious.. Scholar of researc. d. Detail/Add Bakeet Lover.. shining. Detail/Add Bakhit Lucky. forgi. noble. Detail/Add . Detail/Add Bahhas Examinar... Detail/Add Bahi Splendid. Detail/Add Bakhsh Gift. Detail/Add Faaris Horseman. pl.. Detail/Add Bahiyud Din Radiant. brilliant. triumphant. cav. rider.Baheen Exalted. fortunate.. Detail/Add Bahu Rod... succ. he has r. fortunate. fortune.. Detail/Add Faateh Conqueror Detail/Add Faaz Victorious. a saint's name. Detail/Add Bahz Name of bin Hakeem.. knight. brilliant.. Detail/Add Bahjat Splendours... Detail/Add Bahir Dazzling. venerated. Detail/Add Bahlawan Acrobat. Detail/Add Bakht Luck. a king. inclu. paramour. give. brilliant of the re. of Bahjah. Detail/Add Bahram Mars. great. Detail/Add Bajala Honoured.. Detail/Add Bahili Name of famous people... successful.

. Detail/Add Faizul Anwar Abundance of light or graces. Detail/Add Faiq Excellent. lear.. Detail/Add Fakeeh Cheerful. Detail/Add Fakhr-ud-Din Pride of the religion (Islam). magnifi. Detail/Add Fajr Dawn. beginning. Detail/Add Fakhr-ud-Dawlah Glory of kingdom/state. arbitrator. Detail/Add Faisal Umpire. . Detail/Add Faid Benefit. advantage.. wo. Detail/Add Faizullah Abundance from Allah. Detail/Add Faiz-e-Rabbani Possessing divine surplus..... start. Detail/Add Faiz Super abundance. Detail/Add .. gain. lynx.. Detail/Add Faheem Intelligent. effluence. honour. Detail/Add Faghir A flower name Detail/Add Fahd Leopard. Detail/Add Fahmi Intelligent.. outstanding.. judicious.Fadi Redeemer. pride. rise.. intellectual. decisive. superior. Detail/Add Faizan Benefactor Detail/Add Faizi Endowed with superabundance. dist. Detail/Add Fakhir Excellent. Detail/Add Fakhr Glory.

joyful. bin Uma. Detail/Add Faoz Success.. Detail/Add Faqeed Rare. height. Detail/Add Faqih Jurist. hon. lucky. Detail/Add Fakih Humorous.Fakhri Proud (for noble cause). one renounces t. prosperity. Detail/Add Faraj Comfort. repose. Detail/Add Faraz Ascent.. Detail/Add Faqir Poor. scholar in fight (Is.. Detail/Add Farahat Joys.. relief. Detail/Add Falih Fortunate. Detail/Add Farees Intelligent Detail/Add Farhad Wise.. Detail/Add . special. victory.. needy.. happiness.. ease. Detail/Add Falah Success.. Detail/Add Farhat Calm. delights. Detail/Add Farhal Prosperous. satisfaction.. Detail/Add Farasat Perception.. successful. bounteous... Detail/Add Farhan Glad.. cheerfu. sagacity. Detail/Add Fardeen Radiant.. advantage. Detail/Add Farafisa Name of a companion. happy... Detail/Add Farhad A character in Shahnameh (Th.

. Detail/Add Farrukh Beautiful-faced. Detail/Add Farooq One who distinguishes truth . Detail/Add Farih Happy. Detail/Add Fasih Ur Rahman Eloquent (by grace of Rahman. Detail/Add Fariz Promising. Detail/Add Fasikh Successful.. Detail/Add Farique Separator. precious. Detail/Add Farwah Some companions had this nam. decree. well-spoken.. Detail/Add Farmanullah Order of Allah... Detail/Add Farqad Two bright stars of Ursa Min. ausp.. Detail/Add Fariduddin Unique of the religion (Isla. determined.Fari Tall... Detail/Add Faris Horseman.. fluent. Detail/Add Farzad Splendid birth Detail/Add Farzan Wise Detail/Add Fasih Eloquent. shoot. young (bird). happy. Detail/Add .. Detail/Add Farid Unique.. lofty. knight. bounty.. towering. Detail/Add Farjam Perfect Detail/Add Farman Order.. matchless.. bliss. delight. Detail/Add Farookh Sprout. b.

Detail/Add Fazal Grace. .. Detail/Add Fawwaz Winner of victory after vict. triumph. Detail/Add Fateh Victory. one who o. Detail/Add . Lethal.. vi. Allah. Detail/Add Fathi One who wins victory after v... Slavation.. victorious. Detail/Add Fattah Conqueror.. fascinating. Detail/Add Fayyaz Generous... success.e.. Detail/Add Fawzan Successful. Detail/Add Fatin Clever. victor. sagacious.. Detail/Add Fayzul Haq Grace of the truth i.. conquest. Detail/Add Fazil An accomplished person.. know. Detail/Add Fawzy Triumphant. bright.Fatan Intelligent. Detail/Add Faziuddin Bounty of religion (Islam). Detail/Add Fatik Deadly.. Detail/Add Fazalah Name of the father of Anas a...... Detail/Add Fawz Victory. Detail/Add Fattooh The little conqueror. succ... Detail/Add Fatih One who eases difficulties. Victo. Ibn-Fadalah .. Detail/Add Fathullah Victory granted by Allah...... triumph. Detail/Add Fattan Charming. munificent... . diminu. smar. most b.

Detail/Add Firasah Perspicacity. grace. Detail/Add Furoogh Splendour. glory. All. graceful. Detail/Add Firas Perspicacity.. Detail/Add Fudail Excellent in character Detail/Add Fujai Name of a companion of the P. light.. Detail/Add Fazle Rabbi Bounty of my Lord. gif... Detail/Add Firoz Turquoise. brightness. Detail/Add Fazle Mawla Bounty of the Lord (Allah). Detail/Add Fikhar Honour...e.. Detail/Add Fuad The heart.. redemption. a n.Fazl Favour. Detail/Add Fazulul Haq Bounty of the Truth i. Detail/Add Fazle Ilahi Bounty of Allah. Ibn Abu Mawdood. Detail/Add fizan Popularity Detail/Add Fizza Silver... Detail/Add . pride. Detail/Add Fazlullah Bounty of Allah. kindness. Detail/Add Fida Sacrifice. bountiful. Detail/Add Fazle Rab Bounty of lord. Detail/Add Fazli Kind.. v. Detail/Add Furqan Criterion (between right and. acumen..

of. conquests. Detail/Add . pl..Futuh Victories.. Detail/Add Fuzail Diminutive of Fazl.

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