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Serbia (offcially the Republic of Serbia) is a
landlocked country in central and southeastern Europe, which covers the central part of the Balkan peninsula and the southern part of the Pannonian plain. The capital is Belgrade. It is placed at the crossroads between central, southern and eastern Europe. Official name and structure: The Republic of Serbia (Republika Srbija). It has two autonomous provinces: Vojvodina (in the north) and Kosovo and Metohija (in the south).

Area: 88,361 sq. km Population: The latest 2002 census puts the population of Serbia (excluding Kosovo and Metohija) at 7,498,001. Capital: Belgrade (Beograd), with a population of 1,6 millions, is the administrative, economic and cultural center of Serbia. Major cities: Major cities in Serbia are Niš, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Subotica and Priština. All of them represent regional centers of industry and culture.

Language: The offcial language in Serbia is Serbian language which is a part of Slavic family of languages. The official script in use is Cyrillic, but Latin script is also used. Religion: The main religion in Serbia is Christian Orthodox. Time zone: GMT + 1 = CET (Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Belgrade) SERBIA Currency: The monetary unit is the Serbian Dinar (RSD, local abbreviation din). Euro is not adopted as an officital monet, so you will have to change it in some of the exchange offces (recommended).


to 02.m. to 07.BEST Nis SUMMER COURSE 2010 ”Smart houses of the future!” Exchange course may vary and it is approximately: 1 eur ˜ 100 din para = 1/100 din (as cent in euro). SERBIA Shops: Alimentary shops are opened daily from 06. A Juice (in a bar) = 100 RSD A Sandwich = 90 RSD A Juice (in a store) = 60 RSD Cigarettes = (may vary depending on a brand) the cheapest are around 70 RSD Snickers. hotels and restaurants.m.00 a.00 a. On Saturdays they are opened from 08. to 05. 100.00 p. to 09.m. to 08. while on Sundays they are opened from 08.5L = 40 RSD A Hot chocolate (in a bar) – 90 RSD -2- . Coins: 1.m. 50... 20.m.m. Power supply: 220 V.5L = 35 RSD.m. there are stores open 24 hours a day. 50 Hz. 1. Pharmacies are opened from 08. on working days and on Saturdays from 08. including Saturdays. airline companies. to 03. Tip: The credit cards are not accepted on train/bus stations.00 a. Important phone numbers: Police: 92 Fire service: 93 Medical emergency: 94 Prices: Beer (in a bar) = 90-120 RSD Sljivovica (a shot) = 50 RSD Pljeskavica = 100 RSD The rest of the prices you probably would not need.00 a. 10 and 20 Dinars Banknotes: 10.m.m.m. Markets are opened every day from 06.00 p.00 a.00 p.00 a. 5.m.00 a. for Nis (0)18 For the international calls from Serbia dial “00” + “code of the desired country” + “code for the city”. Milka = 90 RSD A Water (Voda Voda) = 0.00 p. Area codes: Phone code for Serbia is +381. Everywhere. Mars = 45 RSD.m. Diners are accepted in the most shops. Medical care: There are organized duties in hospitals and clinics round the clock. for Belgrade (0)11. 500.00 p. 2.m. Banks & Post offices: On weekdays they are opened 08.m. 1000 and 5000 Dinars Credit card: International credit cards Visa.00 p. 200.00 p. to 03. Master Card.

. but softer dž is pronounced as j in Jam đ is pronounced as j in Jesus lj is pronounced in a way you'll never learn :P nj is pronounced as gn in lasagne š is pronounced as sh in show ž is pronounced as g in Moulin Rouge ..BEST Nis SUMMER COURSE 2010 ”Smart houses of the future!” Serbian language Tips for pronunciation of some letters: • • • • • • • • Basic Serbian English Yes / No Hello / Bye Thank you Excuse me Sorry Please Good Morning Good Day Good Evening Good Night How are you What is your name My name is… I do not speak Serbian I do not understand Exchange office Wine / Beer / Vodka Coffee / Tea / Juice Sugar / Straw Basic Serbian (Southern accent/slang) English What a fuck What’s wrong Aaahhh You are tripping I will go I will kill him We will do that… -3Serbian / Srpski Da / Ne Zdravo Hvala Izvini Oprosti Molim te Dobro jutro Dobar dan Dobro veče Laku noć Kako si Kako se zoveš Ja se zovem… Ne govorim srpski Ne razumem Menjačnica Vino / Pivo / Vodka Kafa / Čaj / Sok Šećer / Cevčica Serbian / Srpski A be bate be Ša je be Liiii Ša se ubacuješ Ću odem Ću ga utepam Će se majemo. č is pronounced as ch in bitch ć is pronounced like č..

but it has only flights to and from Zurich and Bologna (http://www. We can give you useful navigation tips.zeleznicesrbije. It costs around 2 euros and lasts 30 . When you get to Belgrade. 1.beg.bas. Otherwise. How to get here-by bus There are several ways to get here by bus.asp). You can check on your bus station if there is a direct bus to is our national air company that flies directly to is outside of the city. you can come via Belgrade (http://www. Petrol stations are usually on every 15 km and the liter of petrol costs app.bahn. and you just need to specify where you plan to enter Serbia. Note that it may arrive later than expected. we can provide you with various information. you can choose either to travel last by motorway and pay or travel the alternative time-consuming way but without paying. Croatia (Zagreb) and other neighbor countries. Tip: The nearest airport to Nis. How to get here-by car In case you wish to travel by car. try with cheap flights. Bulgaria. depending mostly on traffic. there are daily buses from Bulgaria (Sofia).BEST Nis SUMMER COURSE 2010 ”Smart houses of the future!” How to get here-by plane JAT airways (http://www. is in Sofia. but it's still cheaper than the bus! In addition. It is not so cheap so unless you are a millionaire. Suggestion: Train may not be as punctual as the bus. which is in EU. Macedonia (Skopje).30 euro! Feel free to contact us if you need more info about petrol stations and prices. Please check desired connections before you start a voyage. Ticket price may vary from carrier to Notice that airport “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade (http://www. Important: Notice that some timetables may vary due to the changes in international train schedule. try to buy a ticket at the station because it can be more expensive in the train! Tip: With Euro26 card you get 50% and with 1SIC card 30% discount on the train ticket.airportnis. Nis also has an airport. The airport provides transport to the train station. There are many daily departures from Belgrade to or http://www. You can also try with cheap companies that fly to our neighboring countries.60 minutes. -4- . There are daily trains and buses from Sofia to Nis. How to get here-by train Try using http://www.jat. Tip: The train and bus station in Belgrade are next to each other so you can choose further way of transport.

New Belgrade (Fountain). and alter 50m you'll be at the main railway station entrance 2) Route: Airport — Slavija Square. turn left and walk across the big pedestrian-crossing to the other side of the street. and this is the direction you should move in. just follow the path and walk through it. called „Zeleni Venac". -5- . and also. the easiest way to reach the city center is by bus. There are two different bus lines: 1) Route: Airport — Zeleni Venac GSP line 72. at the main entrance. and then you'll be at the main bus station entrance. there are 27 stations and you should get out at the last one. the main railway station and the Slavija Square. You'll see a lot of stairs which lead to the street.BEST Nis SUMMER COURSE 2010 ”Smart houses of the future!” Trip from Belgrade Airport to train and bus station When you land at the "Nikola Tesla" Airport in Belgrade. Don't spend too much time there because there are many city dealers (gypsies) who will try to “sell” you something. At the first crossroads. There are only a few stations and those are "Nikola Tesla" Airport. In total. The ticket is valid for 2 zones (the whole trip in one direction). turn right. There is about 45-60 minutes to the city center. Go down the street which leads near the „Zeleni Venac" market. After park. you can easily go to the main bus station or the main railway station. and the last at 00:00 pm. official Serbian transporter Jat Airways This is much faster line because the whole trip last about 30 minutes. When you reach the park. and the last at 10:00 pm. First bus to the city goes at 5:20 am. and the departures are on every 30 minutes. You can wait for this bus at the airport Terminal 1 and the airport Terminal 2. If you continue to the left. The ticket price is 160 dinars. and the departures are on every 32 minutes. First bus to the city goes at 7:00 am. The same bus timetable is both for weekdays and weekend. When you reach Zeleni Venac. The other way to reach the city from the airport is by taxi and the price is around 15€. The ticket price is 60 dinars inside the bus or 46 dinars outside the bus (in tobacco shops). at the first corner turn right.

Tvrđava The Horse .BEST Nis SUMMER COURSE 2010 ”Smart houses of the future!” Some landmarks to get around in Niš Bus station – Autobuska stanica Fortress .Konj Train station – Železnička stanica -6- . Main Organizers: Milena Dostanić .BEST Nis SUMMER COURSE 2010 ”Smart houses of the future!” Contacts LBG Niš Office phone number: LBG Niš email: +381 18 529 375 Milan Sremac See you soon ! -7- .Sremac Telephone: +381 64 260 2938 e-mail: Telephone: +381 64 938 7058 e-mail: President BEST Niš: Ivana Ivanović Telephone: +381 64 701 47 81 e-mail: ivana.

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