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1 Anant Kumar Gupta FM/10/001 BVU Amplify Mindware-DITM

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This Project studies the comparative analysis of All Investment & Portfolio Management Services. The methodology used was primary research. Extensive consumer survey using convenient sampling methods was used and the survey was conducted in East, West, and North & south of Delhi region. The analysis of data thus obtained shows that people of Delhi region were not much aware and not interested in investments, PMS And Online Trading due to less knowledge, time constraint, and risk factor. Thus in order to increase its penetration in the market and grab more customers companies in the Investment, PMS and online trading business should able to remove fears from the customers mind by educating them and target customers who are well versed with computers and have high disposable income.

Companies like Share khan, India bulls should offer some services & Schemes like Portfolio Management Services, opening free account for corporate and reducing the brokerage charge on high trade volume and increase its promotional services & schemes in those areas, which are still untapped to increase its customer base.


Share khan Ltd. is one of the leading retail stock broking house of SSKI Group, which is running successfully since 1922 in the country. It is the retail broking arm of the Mumbaibased SSKI Group, which has over eight decades of experience in the stock broking business. Share khan offers its customers a wide range of equity related services including trade execution on BSE, NSE, Derivatives, depository services, online trading, investment advice etc. The firms online trading and investment site - was launched on Feb 8, 2000. The site gives access to superior content and transaction facility to retail customers across the country. The objective has been to let customers make informed decisions and to simplify the process of investing in stocks. On April 17, 2002 Share khan launched Speed Trade, a net-based executable application that emulates the broker terminals along with host of other information relevant to the Day Traders. This was for the first time that a net based trading station of this caliber was offered to the traders. In the last six months Speed Trade has become a de facto standard for the Day Trading community over the net. Share khans ground network includes over 331 centers in 137 cities in India which provide a host of trading related services. Share khan has always believed in investing in technology to build its business. The company has used some of the best-known names in the IT industry, like Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Microsoft, Cambridge Technologies, Nexgenix, Vignette, Version Financial Technologies India Ltd, Spider Software Pvt. Ltd. To build its trading engine and content. Vision: To be the best retail brokering Brand in the retail business of stock market. Mission: To educate and empower the individual investor to make better investment decisions through quality advice and superior service. ACHIEVEMENTS OF SHAREKHAN

Rated among the top 20 wired companies along with Reliance, HUL, Infosys, etc by Business Today, January 2004 edition. Awarded Top Domestic Brokerage House four times by Euro money and Asia money. Pioneers of online trading in India amongst the top 3 online trading websites from India. Most preferred financial destination amongst online broking customers. Winners of Best Financial Website award. Indias most preferred brokers within 5 years. Awaaz customers Award 2005.

PROFILE OF THE COMPANY Name of the company Year of Establishment Headquarter : Share khan ltd. : 1925 : Share Khan SSKI A-206 Phoenix House Phoenix Mills Compound Lower Parel Mumbai - Maharashtra, INDIA- 400013 : Service Provider : Depository, Online, Technical and PMS Research Services.

Nature of Business Services

Number of Employees Website Slogan

Future Plans:

: Over 3500 : : Youre Guide to The Financial Jungle.

2, 00,000 plus retail customers being serviced through centralized call centers/ web solutions. Branches / Semi branches servicing affluent / aggressive traders through high skill financial advisor. 250 independent investment managers/ franchisee servicing 50,000 highly valued clients.

New initiatives Portfolio management Services and commodities trading. Products of Share Khan Ltd.

Classic Accounts Speed Trade(Trade Tiger) Dial-n-Trade PMS


Students work profile(Role and Responsibilities) :

I worked there with SHAREKHAN LTD. with a profile of Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management Trainee. This profile offers me to understand the need of customer and provide them the best deal possible with maximization of the profit, both for the company as well as for the customer. The most important aspect for the role of trainee is trust. So far fulfillment of the targets one needs to: Capitalize on the old and loyal clientage which can be building slowly by advising people in the best possible way.

Generating new leads through various activities.

Since I was new in the field so I had to start from scratch and generate new leads to sustain in the market. The corporate were the most difficult and most temping to get the business from. It took me one day to crack Hi-tech Gears. At SHAREKHAN LTD. after getting the product knowledge in the first week at the branch I was also allotted distributor to work with. In the initial phase I was accompanied by more experienced staff. After I became known to the market and procedure I started doing Investment and Portfolio Management Analysis and attending calls alone. In the Share Khan Ltd. I had to do work on Investment Analysis So I learned about all financial investment, Securities (Non-marketable securities, marketable securities, Money market securities, Capital market Securities), Derivatives, Indirect investment, Mutual funds, SIP System, Insurance & Risk of all of them and Online Trading.
Security Analysis- Involves estimating the merits of individual investments. A three-step process 1) The analyst considers prospects for the economy, given the state of the business

2) The analyst determines which industries are likely to fare well in the forecasted

economic conditions.
3) The analyst chooses particular companies within the favored industries.

So this is securities analysis steps which are use in securities analysis and it helps the investors to identify the present situations of the securities markets which help on invest the money at the right time in the right places. It also forecasts the risks & returns on investment.

Basically I worked there on Portfolio management so I learned there about the portfolio Management Services & investment process.

Portfolio management- Deals with the construction and maintenance of a collection of

Literature supports the efficient markets paradigm-

On a well-developed securities exchange, asset prices accurately reflect the tradeoff between relative risk and potential returns of a security

Efforts to identify undervalued securities are fruitless Free lunches are difficult to find.

Market efficiency and portfolio management-

A properly constructed portfolio achieves a given level of expected return with the least possible risk

Portfolio managers have a duty to create the best possible collection of investments for each customers unique needs and circumstances.

There are two types of PMS in Share khan Limited-

PRO PRIME:It uses in-depth independent fundamental research.

PROTECH (Technical)

It uses Technical research. Purpose of Portfolio Management

Portfolio management primarily involves reducing risk rather than increasing return.

The Six Steps of Portfolio Management1. Learn the basic principles of finance 2. Set portfolio objectives 3. Formulate an investment strategy 4. Have a game plan for portfolio revision 5. Evaluate performance
6. Protect the portfolio when appropriate.