All Is Fair In Love And War chapter 8: A Bit of Advice

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:D Thanks for commenting Ajanae Clark and vampirelover27; I really appreciate it! Now since I haven t updated for a while I ll upload two chapters, just to be nice ;) Chapter 8: A Bit of Advice I stared at him, lost for words. It took me quite a long moment to get back my posture and reply him. I m Isabella Swan, but you could just call me Bella. I said, feeling how a blush began to creep upon my cheeks and he smiled friendly back at me. Alright Bella, it s a pleasure to meet you. What can I do for you this evening? he asked, and I gasped as I remembered what my actual goal for tonight was. Oh right! I am sorry to trouble you but I trailed off, dropping my gaze to my feet and I felt how my cheeks continued to heatuncomfortably. I m sort of lost. This fact seemed to amuse the boy, and he laughed once again. You re lost? Well Miss, where were you headed before you lost your way then? he asked, trying to sound friendly and helpful, but I could hear the mocking beneath his voice, the edge to his tone that was anything but polite. I glared at him angrily, feeling utterly embarrassed and humiliated, and felt how tears of anger began to fill my eyes. Thank you very much Mr. Black, but with some afterthought I think I can manage to find my way back myself. And with those words, I stormed off, passing him as fast as I could. I could see the shock in his face as I walked by, but I decided to ignore it. This boy, Jacob, had hurt my pride. I know it was juvenile and probably outright rude, but the only thing I felt for right now was to hurt his pride too. Wait! he called behind me, but I refused to stop. I heard how he began to follow me, his long and swift strides catching up with me most efficiently. He grabbed my arm to stop me, and I swirled around to stare at him. What do you want? If all you want is to mock me, go ahead. I growled, all of the anger and frustration spilling over, and a single tear escaped my eye and rolle d down my cheek. I quickly wiped it away, hoping Jacob hadn t seen it, but I knew very well that he had. He stared at me apologetically, his guilt obvious. I m I m so sorry Bella, please forgive me. I know I behaved extremely rude, especially since I am a servant, and I beg that you will forgive me. He said, his dark e yes shining like a lost puppy s, and I sighed. I am sorry too. I m a little bit on edge tonight. I replied after a small minute of silence so I could cool down. I knew I was acting rude an d even though he was mocking me I should ve controlled myself better. But the anger I had felt for Caroline when she had forced me to dance still lingered inside of me, and in a desperate act to get it out, I began to bash this

young boy for no reason. I s ighed once again, and felt how shame and guilt replaced the anger inside of me. Jacob shook his head, a smile spreading slowly upon his lips, and then he cleared his throat. Let us just start everything over. He said, closing his eyes for a few seconds. He then opened them, letting them gaze friendly back at me, and with a gracious smile he stretched his hand towards me. Hello, my name is Jacob Black, a fellow servant onboard this ship. May I ask of your name? I m Isabella Swan. I answered, taking his hand slowly. Without a further warning, he took my hand towards his face instead of shaking it like I had expected, a nd whilst watching me carefully he planted a soft and gentle kiss on the top of my hand, his smile still intact. Hello Miss Swan. Is it alright if I call you Bella? he asked, and I nodded. Good. Well, here s the thing Bella, there was a little bird here a moment ago and it told me that you were lost. Is that correct? he asked, clearly enjoying his little game, and since he seemed to be sincere, I figured that there was no harm in humoring him. Besides, he was sort of amusing in his own way. Yes. I was heading out from the party to get some air, but on the way I seemed to get lost. I explained, and Jacob nodded understandingly. Do you wish for me to take you outside to the deck? Or would you rather like to return to the party? He asked, and even though his smile stayed on, I could ve sworn I heard his voice darken in the end of his sentence. I shook my head and sighed. Going back to t he outside wasn t really that tempting anymore, and dancing was the last thing I wanted to do at the moment. But dancing with Edward really had been something I blushed in embarrassment of the memory, and then took a small breath before I answered Jacob, hoping he hadn t seen my pale cheeks darken in a crimson way. I think I would just like to go back to my room, if you don t mind taking me there. I haven t really gotten a hang of the outline of the ship yet. I told him truthfully in small laugh, and he grinned. No worries. Where are you staying? I d be honored to take you. Well I trailed off, and after a moment of thought I groaned. I had forgotten.

He laughed, realizing my dismay immediately, and gave me a reassuring look. It s alright. We ll just go to the staffroom and check on the passengers list where your name is registered.

Would you do that? I don t want to be of any trouble. I told him with a frown. Poor boy, having to take care of a stupid girl like me who couldn t even remember in what room she was staying in. It s alright. He told assured me once again with a grin, and together we began to walk towards the staffroom.After a few, short minutes, we were there. Jacob knocked on the door a few times, his fist pounding hard against the door, and after a small moment of silence, the door opened and a small, old man revealed himself in the doorway. Jake, it s about time your fucking ass showed up here you piece of shi- He began to scold angrily, glaring at Jacob darkly, but the second he saw me standing there behind him, he shut his mouth tactfully and looked at me curiously. Who s the girl? The man asked, his tone changed into a milder one. The man was short, even shorter than me, and he was dressed in the same sort of uniform that Jacob was in. His hair, that obviously used to be blonde before it became gray with age, was cut short, nearly shaved, and his eyes were pale blue and full with knowledge. His face was filled with wrinkles, and was hard as stone. He reminded me of the old men that used to sit in the pubs in my hometown, drinking away all of their money when they all knew damn well that their wives and children needed them. Our town wasn t that poor or a dr inking hole for that matter; it had all sorts of people living there. People like Caroline, who were wealthy and rich and mostly lived on their family money, and other people who had to work all days of the week and send their children out in the street to beg for money so they could they could pay the rent for another week. But the way this man stared at me made me realize that he had seen the roads to hell and back and gone through every hardship there might be, and nothing was going to fool him. This is Miss Swan. She s returning from the party, but she got lost and now she s forgotten what her room number was. Jacob explained, and the man grinned. I just need to get the passengers list so I can check where she s staying. You re always welcome to stay in my room. I think I have enough room for the both of us in my cot. The man snickered, winking suggest fully at me. I stared at him with wide shocked eyes, and I didn t know if I was supposed to be angry, embarrassed or just outright appalled by his suggestion. Probably all three. Shut up Andy, you big drunk. Jake growled and grabbed his collar and went inside , taking the man with him. I waited impatiently where I stood, and I could hear a small thud quickly followed by an angry complaint from the old man. Jacob returned after a few minutes with a list in his hands, and without a second of hesitation he slammed the staffroom door shut and took my hand and began to walk. I immediately followed him, and after a few minutes of silence Jacob sighed and looked at me apologetically. Sorry about that; Andy s always rude, just ignore him. He wouldn t know what politeness was even if it came and bit him in his ass. Pardon my language. He excused, but I didn t mind. I just laughed.

It s okay, I chuckled. It s not your fault anyway. I smiled at him, and then shook my head. But really, thank you for doing this, I really appreciate it. I told him for like the millionth time, but he didn t seem to mind. It s alright. I have no problem with it really and t o be honest, I would feel a lot more relaxed if I helped you with this. Just thinking about you, wandering about on this boat gives me the creeps. I looked at him from the corner of my eye. Like he had noticed my gaze, he turned his head around to look at me, and his lips twisted into a smile. What? When you say that it would give you the creeps you re referring to the vampires, aren t you? I asked, and his smile instantly vanished. He stared at me with hard eyes, and with once stiff nod, he answered. Yes. I wasn t exactly surprised that he knew about it, I mean, he was working onboard the ship for god s sake. But it all just felt really odd, like everyone but me knew about the vampires existence before they stepped onboard. Perhaps I just wished I wasn t the only one who was completely clueless But if you don t like vampires I began, and then something came to my mind and I gasped. You re not being forced to work here are you?! I shrieked, and his eyes widened. No. My family is in debt to one of the more powerful vampires onboard, and they sent me here to work off the debt. He said. His face darkened, and I felt a flash of pity run through my body. He s forced to work here in order to repay a debt his family has, and here I was, bathing in luxury and didn t even have to lift a finger to do anything like a spoiled, rich brat. I am so sorry, I had no idea I trailed off, and he looked at me with a small smile.

It s okay, don t worry about it. It s not that bad. He said, his eyes locked with mine. His face became stern again, and his dark eyes blazed with sincerity. I just don t trust those bloodsuckers; you shouldn t either. I frowned at his harsh words. But all vampires aren t bad. Some of them are really nice, if you give them a chance. I said, thinking of the Cullens and Caroline. They all had showed me nothing but warmth and kindliness. But of course, I was no fool. I knew his words held some truth. The beast that had killed both of my parents mercilessly, the man I had met on the dock they were both truly beasts of this world, no doubt about it. He glared down at me, and I could feel the anger growing inside of him. Bella, these creatures can t be trusted. They re ruthless, mean and outright cruel, and it s more often than not that they turn on those humans that trust them the most. You can t trust them Bella, you will get killed before you even know it. But- I began, but he interrupted me.

But nothing. I m telling you this because you seem like a sweet girl , and I know you don t belong here; you re just a mere human. If you knew what was best for you, you would get off this boat the next time it stays in port and get the hell away from this place and never look back. The only thing this place can offer you is death. I stared at him with startled eyes, not understanding what he suddenly decided to tell me, and after a few moments of shock, the rage settled in as I realized what he had said. How dare you judge them like that!?! They re all not that bad and Caroline is the most caring, loving person I ve ever met, human or not!! I screamed, and at this point I didn t care anymore if I got lost or not. I pulled my hand out of his grip with much more force than necessary, and I met his momentarily stunned eyes with my enr aged ones. Mr. Black, I will manage to get back to my room from here. I lied through gritted teeth, and I could feel how tears began to fill my eyes in pure rage. Please don t follow me, and I wish you a pleasant night. I said, but he knew I hoped his night would become nothing but pleasant, and with those words we parted. I walked as quickly as I could manage, my dress flowing with the wind of my pace, and as soon a s I knew he was nowhere near me I slowed down. My heart was racing and my breath was coming fast and I tried to breathe as normally as I could, even though it felt like I had a big lump in my chest that refused to go away. I continued to walk, but now it was slow and aimlessly . My rage faded the further I walked, and instead, an uncontrollable wave of sorrow replaced it. Tears began to flow down my cheeks, but I made no attempts to stop them. Jacob s words ran through my head over and over again, replaying a thousand times over, and instead of feeling enraged, I felt hurt, like a thousand knives were stabbing me. I continued to walk down the corridor I was in, trapped alone with my own confused thoughts, and I was just about to walk around the corner when I heard something behind me. I turned around with a gasp, my heart skipping a beat in surprise, and when I saw who was behind me, I let out the breath I was holding in relief. Edward! You scared me half to death! I said once I was breathing normally, and he watched me with worried and concerned eyes. He was still dressed in the nice suit I had seen him in earlier at the ball, but his hair was arranged messily, and his eyes had dark rings under them, like he hadn t slept properly in months. But then a small voice in the back of my head reminded me grimly that he couldn t sleep, that he would never be able to sleep and that those rings were signs of hunger. Hunger for blood. I shivered at the thought of it, but then chastised myself for fearing his intentions. His eyes still had a hint of yellow in them , and I knew for a fact that Edward wasn t here to eat me. Stupid brain. Edward stepped towards me, closing the small gap that was between us, and then placed his arms around me, enclosing me into a soft, gently hug. I was surprised by his sudden action, not anticipating it at all, and after a few short seconds of pure bliss, he let me go. The shield of his arms had made me feel safe, forgetting all of my worries and fears, and the second he let me go I restrained myself not to throw myself back into his arms.

Bella, are you alright? You are crying. Are you hurt? He asked as he caressed my cheek carefully, like I was a porcelain doll, easily to be broken. I-I m fine. I sobbed, wiping away the rest of the wetness on my face, but I knew it was a lost cause. I m not hurt, don t worry. I m just a little shaken, that s all. I told him, not wanting to tell him about my conversation wi th the strange and quite rude Mr. Black whom I had just met, and I immediately decided not to tell him that I even met him. You are not fine; I can see the sadness in your eyes. He said, his eyes boring into mine with such intensity that I had to look a way. Edward gathered his arms around me once again, letting my head rest against his chest, and this time I couldn t resist it anymore. My tears began to flow freely, and I began to sob silently against his chest, probably ruining his shirt in the progress. But he didn t seem to care, so neither did I. We were all so worried. After our dance, you just disappeared. Edward began to talk softly to me, his silky smooth voice soothing me instantly like a lullaby would for an infant. Caroline became worried, but Carlisle told her not to, that you would return within time. But as time passed, you never did. I slipped away from the party without anyone else noticing, and then I began to look for you. I I ve never felt like this. Not knowing where you were it made me anxious. It wasn t until now that I found you. I m sorry I worried you. I told him in a whisper, my voice thick with tears. I got lost. My explanation was apparently no surprise, because I felt how he chuckled softly, his chest moving as he did. Caroline thought that might ve been the case. Well, she was right. I said grimly, feeling stupid. Why couldn t I just find my way like everyone else? He didn t say anything else after that, and instead we stood together in silence with me resting in his arms. His whole being was soothing; like he was the antidote I needed for my cursed sadness. I stood in his arms for what felt like hours, but finally I couldn t take it anymore, and I released myself from his hold. He instantly let me go, and I wiped m y face once again. I knew I probably looked more similar to a clown than anything else at the moment with all of my makeup smudged around my face, but bless his heart that he wasn t laughing. I took a look where my head had rested and felt a pang of guilt. Sorry for ruining your shirt. I told him gently, feeling mighty embarrassed about it, but he just shook his head. I probably look ridiculous. Don t worry about it. And you will never look ridiculous to me, even if you try. Edward said with a warm smile, and his words made a rush of heat creep over my cheeks. I looked down at my feet silently, not knowing how to respond to his heartwarming words. Edward cleared his throat, and then spoke in a quiet voice. Let s head back, Caroline is worried sick about you. He said, his eyes not meeting mine. I could see he was trying to smooth over the sudden tension in the air, but he wasn t succeeding.I took a deep breath, and then sighed.

Sure, let s go. The walk to our cabin was unvoiced. Edward didn t say much after that, and I didn t really feel that keen to hold up the conversation, so the air stayed silent. I did catch him glancing at me from the corner of my eye from time to time, but as soon as I looked at him, his gaze focused ahead. Soon, we reached the similar corridor where my and Caroline s room was, and when I had 10 meters to the door, I saw vaguely how it opened, and then suddenly, I was entwined in a suffocating hug. I was so worried! Caroline cried tearlessly in my ear, her arms staying tigh t around me, and I gasped in surprise. You just disappeared! I had no idea where you where or who you were with! Don t you understand how dangerous this was?! Can t you grasp the seriousness of this?! You could ve gotten yourself killed, Bella! Killed! Can t. Breathe. I gasped, and with the sudden swoosh of the wind, I was suddenly inside of our cabin, lying down in my own comfortable bed. Caroline was sitting on the side of my bed, and Edward was standing behind her. Are you alright? Honey, you ve been crying! Caroline s face whitened in horror, her eyes wide with shock, and then her expression darkened. Who hurt you? Who was it? I will make them pay for what they did. She swore darkly, her face twisted with murderous rage. Miss Caroline! I exclaimed, horrified by her sudden threat, knowing she had the capacity to do it, and then shivered at just the thought. Jacob may have been rude, but I would not get him killed for my stupid actions and emotions. No one did anything to me! I just got lost when I went out to get some air, and then I became worried and began to panic. If it wasn t for Edward, I would ve wandered around the boat the entire night. I told her, hoping she hadn t detected the lie in my story, but luckily my voice was all saggy from the fatigue I felt so even I believed it when I heard my slow, tired voice speak. This emotional rollercoaster had really made me tired. Caroline watched wordlessly, her worried eyes still not relaxed by my presence, and after a small moment of silence, she spoke. I think you should get yourself some rest now, you look exhausted. We will talk in the morning. She leaned forward and gave me a small kiss on my forehead, and then, she was suddenly in the doorway. Goodnight Bella. She said, and then she gave Edward a hard meaningful look before she exited the room. I turned my gaze to Edward, who had stepped closer to the bed to take Caroline s place, and I was just about to open my mouth to thank him for everything, when he hushed me quiet. Don t worry, we ll speak in the morning. He said reassuringly, smiling slightly. His eyes watched me carefully, both of them filled with concern and fondness, something I hadn t noticed before, and then our eyes met. His eyes locked with mine, making it

impossible for me to look away, and then, slowly, he bent over and kissed me. The kiss was soft and tender, but the explosion of emotion it left behind was anything but mild. Warmth filled my entire body, and before my lips had any chance to respond, he moved away. He was as breathless as I, his face inches from mine, but none of us moved. I could hardly see his eyes in the darkness of the room, but I knew he was staring directly into mine. We stayed like that for a long moment, no one making a sound or moving away fro m each other, just him and I, our faces inches closer than ever. But finally, Edward moved away, standing up straight and looking at me with puzzled eyes, like he couldn t believe what he had just done. That made two of us. Goodnight Bella. He said in a strangled voice, and then, he left me alone in the darkness of my room. I breathed deeply, surprised and quite shocked about what had happened, but I knew deep inside that I was happy. I took off my dress and after I had washed my face in the bathroom (which had looked ridiculous; Edward was a big liar) I slipped into my nightgown and retired to bed. It took me a while to relax (every time I thought of the kiss I went into hyperventilati on), but after a lot of effort, I finally managed to fall asleep. But unfortunately, none of my dreams were as sweet as Edward s kiss. Not by a long shot. Playlist: Happily Ever After He Is We

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