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GOOD MORNING Welcome everyone, so glad you are here this morning. FALL is coming up this Tuesday already..can you believe it? only 100 days ( ok less than that) until the holiday season..This year has flown by so fast..I guess the older you get the faster it goes!! This has been a quiet week for a change around here...I babysat 2 times so the kids could go to the physical therapist. Even though it was only 2 hours each time I was wore out and had to have a nap..LOL it is worth it though..just wish I was able to do more..


is where my documents live! BE AN ANGEL INVESTOR FOR WOMEN EVERYWHERE!!



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Listen to Power Women Magazine on Blog Talk Radio Wanna Check out the show? You can go to our website www.powerwomenmagazine.com or click on Power Radio Button above, will take you to our show page and you can listen live or shows archived.Call in live at 646-929-0160 Poncho and Joan Show Thank You ladies for such great questions for our very first Doggie show with Joan and Poncho.. If you missed the show you can still listen to the great questions and answers over at our site www.powerowmenmagazine.com and click on radio show tab at top then click on the player and there you go. Next time the dynamic duo will be our guest on September 30 at 1 CST which is 2 EST or 11 am PST... our topic this time will be Enrichment: Providing mental & physical exercise for your dog while helping prevent boredom related to behavior issues. So email us your questions powerwomenmagazine@gmail.com and listen in to hear the live answers. We are also facebooking and tweeting to take your questions so follow us by clicking on links above!! OUR AM SHOWS START AT 11 AM CENTRAL TIME, WHICH IS NOON EASTERN OR 9 AM WEST COAST. OR PM SHOWS START AT 1 PM CENTRAL WHICH IS 2 PM EASTERN OR 11 AM WEST COAST

Power Women Happenings:

It is time to get ready for campus life.Project Safe Girls wants you to be aware and prepared. Awareness is a good first step toward protecting yourself. Being prepared is the best defense. Campus crimes occur much more frequently than any of us realize. Crimes on College Campuses and crimes nearby college campuses frequently go unreported and/or underreported. A recent study by The U.S. Department of Justice on The Sexual Victimization of College Women reveals some disturbing statistics. Among the findings: * Annually 4.9% of college Co-Eds experience a rape. In other words, the victimization rate is 49 rapes per 1000 This and That... female students. WE DO PRODUCT REVIEWS If you would like to * When one considers that the average college career receive ONE FREE month of advertising in our now lasts 5 years, there is a 25% likelihood of a rape magazine, let us do your product review. Email us between Freshman Orientation and Graduation Day. * This data becomes more disturbing when analyzed by for more info powerwomenmagazine@gmail.com

the number of incidents rather than the number of victims. When the analysis is based on incident count the rate increases by nearly 30%. This takes into account women who have been victimized more than once. * Crimes categorized as sexual victimization other than rape touched 3.4%, or 34 per 1000, college Co-Eds annually. * This data also becomes more disturbing when analyzed by the number of incidents rather than the number of victims. Analyzed this way, the rate increases by a whopping 397%. * 9 out of 10 victims know the person who sexually Product Show Free 10 minute spots: We are doing victimizes them. something new and fun. Here is how you can * 71% of sexual victimization of college women occurs participate.. on a date – known more commonly as date rape. We are offering each lady who sends in a Product a * 88%of sexual crimes against women occur between free 10 minute spot on our upcoming product radio the hours of 6 pm and 6 am. show. Our shows are each month and last 2 full * Sexual victimization of college Co-Eds most often hours, each show is broken into 10 minute time occurs in a residence (on or off campus), with nearly spots. Shows start at 1 pm CST which is 2 EST or 11 60% occurring in the victim’s own residence, 30% am PST. Shows are live and have listeners online occurring in other campus living quarters and 10% at a along with syndicated into 2 radio stations. One Fraternity. being in New Brunswick Canada and the other in San Antonio Texas. This means millions of others * Overwhelmingly, data indicates that women who attempt to protect or defend themselves avoid becoming can hear about your product as well. the victim of a completed rape. While protecting or Once we have received your product you will defending oneself is not a 100% guarantee, it is automatically get an email from us with the overwhelmingly the best action to take in order to avoid following information: becoming the victim of a completed rape. Your Show Date * In the instances where women used force or a selfYour Show Time Spot defense product like pepper spray, Mace, a stun gun or a Taser, just under 31% of the attempted rapes resulted in Show phone Number What we need from you: completed rapes. * Shockingly, fewer than 5% of completed or attempted Your product sent to the mailing address below rapes are actually reported to law enforcement officials. Your full name Reasons indicated for not doing so include: Not serious Your phone number from which you will be calling enough to report; not clear a crime was committed; not from for the show wanting family or others to know; lack of proof; fear of Name of your product reprisal by the assailant; fear of hostility by police and Website to where the listening audience can find fear police would not believe the incident occurred or your product was serious enough. * Another frequent and unwanted violation of women on The show will be hosted by Deb Bailey owner of college campuses is stalking. An annual incidence rate Power Women Magazine Radio Show. It will be in 156.5 stalkings per 1000 Co-Eds is reported. Clearly this the format of an interview. Basic questions will be is a bigger problem and requires further attention, study asked along with specific questions based on your product. and consideration. If you are assaulted or in a dating violence relationship What do we do with your product after the show? PLEASE REPORT THE INCIDENT to your campus police Easy your product is collected with all the other department AND PRESS CHARGES! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, products we receive and donated at Christmas for the women and children in our local abuse shelters. ALWAYS PRESS CRIMINAL CHARGES! And, I strongly So it is a win win situation. suggest that you go to the local DV or Rape Crisis EMAIL US FOR YOUR SPOT agency in your college community as well as filing a powerwomenmagazine@gmail.com POLICE REPORT WITH THE TOWN/CITY POLICE DEPARTMENTS! Cover all of your bases. Do not leave any rock unturned. Our shows are now in syndication!! Click on Too many assailants, universities and colleges are banners to go to Radio Stations!! getting away with sweeping college crimes under the carpet. DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOU! Remember, YOU DID NOT DESERVE IT! IT IS NOT YOUR

FAULT! Parents – get involved in your daughter’s safety during college. Contact me as we are gearing up our tour to bring personal safety training (6 hours on a weekend) to campuses everywhere!

Listen in each Thursday at 12 noon CST

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