Proposed Collective Online Safety and Cyber Wellness Program by Web Safety Philippines

1. Rationale/Problem Justification
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The Philippines has 29.7% internet penetration rate and growing 90% Filipino internet users are into Social Media of which 93.9% are into Facebook 16.1% are into twitter 1.9% are into LinkedIn More or less 60% of Filipino Facebook population are Y Gen, 13% are X Gen and 7% Baby boomers

However, the laws that suppose to safeguard us from cyber abuses, crime, harassment and bullying are not yet in place. Thus, we have incidents like Christopher Lao and the alarming increased of social media related crimes as reported by CIDG.

The CIDG said it received 25 complaints involving the use of Facebook between January 1 and June 14 this year. In comparison, the agency received 26 cases involving Facebook for the entire year of 2010. Of the cases involving Facebook this year, 6 were estafa; 6 were libel; 3 each for harassment and hacking; 5 cases of identity theft and fake accounts; and 2 cases of pornography.

2. Objectives This program is proactive in nature with the following objectives: 1. Educate the public of the online risks and the precautionary measures they can do, and 2. Work with the government and corporate sponsors to simplify reporting process; set up an online portal to help [victims of cyber abuses] 3. Work with LGU to pass an appropriate ordinance that will regulate use of internet cafes by minors 4. Encourage Internet Café-School Partnership
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3. Laundry List of Activities Awareness Campaign
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Conduct of Watcha Webtrap! Roadshow [on going] Hold an Online Safety and Anti Cyber-Bullying Boot Camp [target date is October] Produce 30 seconder audio or video web safety campaign Produce A weekly segment on a radio or tv program to discuss online related issues and the remedies available Publish web safety materials [posters, comics] for the school and students [for free and a fee]

Reporting Process and Online Help
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Work with the appropriate government agency to set up a standardize process for victims to report incidence of abuses. Study and set up the possibility of an online portal where reporting of cyber related offences can be facilitated. Study and set-up online portal where support, help and counseling can be provided for the victims.

Micro- Modeling Partner w/ an LGU, Dept Ed/CHED, a school/university, internet café operators for the following:


Passing of a local ordinance that will require internet cafes  To display the online risks and safety tips in poster size  Serve only age appropriate games  Time restriction for minors Partnership of school and internet cafes  The school will send itʼs students to the certified internet cafes  In return, the internet cafés will log the activities of the minors for reference of the school and the parents  And do the 3 bullets mentioned on the 1st point Schools to share their best practices on anti cyber bullying program


Address: Unit 2G Cluster 2 UN Gardens Condominium, United Nations Avenue, Manila 1007 Telephone: (632) 994-8520 - Email: - Web: ;


Parent-teacher organizations to adopt a cyber wellness program for their school

. 4. Stakeholders The participation of the following groups are deemed important o DOST/ICT o Dep Ed o DSWD [for the counseling needs] o PNP/ NBI Cyber Crime Unit o LGU for the pilot project 5. Time Table
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August- preliminary meetings September – concept presentation October – holding of the online safety bootcamp November - publication of materials; launching of school and internet café partnerships December – launch of online help and reporting process

6. Target Corporate Sponsors o o o o o o Telcos Online Portal Software Companies Tech/Gadgets Broadcast Media Print Media

Conceptualized by:

Sonnie Santos [SGD] WSPH Director

Address: Unit 2G Cluster 2 UN Gardens Condominium, United Nations Avenue, Manila 1007 Telephone: (632) 994-8520 - Email: - Web: ;

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