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STRESS AMONG TEACHERS Questionnaires We are form An-Nur group and would like to conduct a study on stress among

teachers. Based on these questionnaires, we will make an analysis and find out the solution on how to overcome the stress among teachers. Our group also would like to improve the knowledge of the teachers about stress level. The data will be kept confidential and will only be used for the study. Thank you in advanced for your cooperation in completing these questionnaires. SECTION A Respondent background. Instruction: Fill in your particulars. 1. Sex . Male 2. Status. Single ( ) 3. School level. Secondary ( ) 4. Age: . 5. Teaching experiences: Years. 6. Options: . Primary ( ) Married ( ) ( ) Female ( )

7. Subject taught: . . . 8. Household income: Rm 1000 below RM 1000 RM 2000 RM 2000 Rm 3000 RM 3000 above

SECTION B School activities: Please tick () in the provided column. 1. Other duties at school. Uniform groups ( Puteri Islam, Scout, Cadet Police and etc) Panitia subject Media teacher Counselor Discipline teacher SPBT teacher ICT teacher RMT teacher Form or class teacher SECTION C Question 1 - 3 Tick () in your preferred choice.

1. Is there a stress being a teacher? Yes ( ) No ( )

2. Is the tuitions classes a burden for you? Yes ( ) No ( )

3. Is the co-curricular activities will disturb your responsibilities and commitments toward your job? Yes ( ) No ( )

Question 4 6 Tick () the best answers that suit your need based on the following levels. Strongly agree Agree Not Sure Disagree Strongly disagree. 4. Marking workbook is a burden to teacher that can lead to stress. Strongly agree Disagree

Agree Not Sure

Strongly disagree

5. Relieve classes will make you stress? Strongly agree

Agree Not Sure Disagree Strongly disagree 6. An order or instructions from schools administer cause a stress for you. Strongly agree Agree Not sure Disagree Strongly disagree 7. Putting anger can be a source of stress. Strongly agree Disagree

Agree Not Sure SECTION D Fill in the blanks with your own answers.

Strongly disagree

8. In your opinion, what are the causes of stress to teacher?

9. How does the school environment can improve our working effectiveness? ______________________________________________________________________ __

10. How do you cope with your stress? ____________________________________________________________________ ____ _______________________________________________________________________ _

Your cooperation in answering the above questionnaires is highly appreciated.

Executive summary:

The survey is conducted to identify the causes of stress among teachers. The sample of the survey is involved 43 teachers in primary and secondary school in Sabak Bernam area. The data is collected from questionnaires given to the teachers. Our group also collected the data from the other sources such as journals, magazines, newspapers and internet. The data is interpreted by using statistic and chart. The analysis is focused to the number and percentage to determine causes of stress among teachers. The findings had shown that teaching professions having possibilities of getting stress. Stress among teachers caused by overload of jobs burden, students problem and poor working environment. Based on the survey, the respondents also given some suggestions how to overcome stress among teachers. Some of the suggestions given are taking off day, going for holiday, peers advices, and exercise regularly. As a conclusion, the above bar charts can be concluded that, teachers who taught fewer subjects will be assigned to hold more responsibilities in school. Those who had taught more subjects will double their burden of work with more works in school. Therefore, their tendencies of having stress are also double.

Introduction The World Heath Organization has identified Job stress as a worldwide epidemic problem. Stress among teachers is only a symptom not as a disease. Sometimes teachers would not know they had stress. Definition of stress: Stress is a body response to a physical or mental demand or pressure. The physical and mental demands are collect stressors. The examples of physical stressors include hunger, thirst, cold or tiredness. Mental or emotional stressors, on the other hand include worry about work, money and relationship problem. Stress is divided into three stages:

1. The alarm stage. In this stage, the body will immediate respond to stress is called the fight or flight response. 2. Resistance Stage. Stress start when our body fight or flees. At this stage, people overcome their stress by defensive mechanism, which is sometimes, called coping mechanism. 3. Exhaustion Stage. Stress at this stage is unable to fight or treat in any way. During the exhaustion stage, people often become ill. Stress especially mental stress can accumulate. Overwhelming stress can damage a person physically and mentally. The higher a person accumulate stress, the greater risk of depression they will have. Therefore, the survey is conducted to expose the knowledge and to identify causes of stress and how to overcome it. Purpose: This survey is carried out to identify the objectives as follows: 1. Identifying causes of stress. 2. Coping stress. Scope: Forty three respondents from primary and secondary school teachers are selected randomly from Sabak Bernam area to complete this survey. Method of Sources: Questionnaires were distributed to 43 respondents of primary and secondary teachers. The scale used is consisting of five values. There are strongly agreed, agree, not sure, disagree and strongly disagree. Some question also consist of Yes or No choices and some sections need some personal opinions from respondents.

Background of respondent:






Number of respondents

Pie Chart 1

The pie chart, shown that female dominated male in choosing teacher as a career. The percentage shown that 79 % female involved in teaching and only 21% represented by male. There are a few reasons why female dominated male in teaching profession. Female has more interest to be an educator because they have been nurtured since at the early stage to be a teacher compared to male. The scenario happened because female has a tendency of caring and loving to children compared with male.

Is there stress being a teacher?

28 30 25 20

% 15
10 5 0 No. of teacher



The above bar chart shown that 31 teachers represented of 72% stated that teaching profession had made them pressured which lead to stress. Based on the chart analysis, it can be concluded that being a teacher is stress. The respondents had the opinion that stress caused by burden of jobs which have the date due and also contributed by students problem. There are 12 respondents which are 28% of respondents are not agreed that their job as a teacher will make them stress. Their opinion is supported by the fact that they are able to control themselves and well manage their problems.

Causes of stress 35 31 30 25 20 % 15 10 5 0 Tuition Class Co-curriculum activities No 12 13 Yes 30


What are the causes of stress? The causes of stress related with two main factors. There are the job factors and self factors itself.The job factors such as pressure by administrator and poor relationship. Meanwhile, the self factors such as high expectation of job, lack of staff recognition and others lead to stress in working place. The above bar chart shown, those 31 respondents agreed that tuitions class is burdens which lead to stress among them especially during weekend or public holiday. Another 12 respondents stated that tuition class is not a burden for them. The data also shown co-curriculums activities will make them stress. 30 respondents agreed that cocurriculums activities will stressed them. They have the opinions that the activities are carried out, out of schooling time. Another 13 respondents are not agreed that co-curricular activities had disturbed their commitments towards their jobs as teachers. As a conclusion, based on the respond from all respondents, all the activities which are carried out outside of their working hours will lead them to stress.

Subject Taught 20 15 % 10 5 0 One Two 6 4





Number of subject

Teachers' responsibility

14 12 10 % 8 6 4 2 0

12 8







Number of responsibility

The above bar charts are about the number of subject taught and number of teachers responsibility in school. There are differences between subject taught and responsibilities. There are 17 respondents who taught one subject and 12 respondents holding at least one major post in school. It is followed by 15 respondents who taught two subjects and another 14 respondents holding 2 posts in school. Another 6 respondents taught 3 subjects and 8 respondents holding 3 posts. Four respondents taught 4 subjects and only holding 2 posts in school. As a conclusion, the above charts concluded that, teachers who are teach fewer subjects will be assigned more responsibilities. Those who are teach more subjects, will double their burden of work that will lead to stress. Conclusion In conclusion, our overall findings from the conducted survey had shown that teaching profession had contributed to stress. A few summaries can be concluded as follows: 1. Female teachers are more incline to having stress compared to male teachers. 2. Jobs burden is one of the main factors of having stress. 3. The disciplinary problem among students also plays a great role in contributing stress to teachers. 4. Most of teachers are doing schools works outside of their working hours. 5. Self- controlled is one of the ways to cope stress.

Recommendation: The result of the survey had indicated that, being a teacher could be stress. There are many ways to manage stress. Some people are able to perform very well in highly stress environment. While the others prefer to stay safely at home most of the time and enjoy their routine activities. . However, most people becoming the victims of situations. We should have self-controlled and should not force our self to go beyond our capabilities in completing any task or work which is assigned to us. It is wise to have our own time to escape from the burden of daily work by enjoying our own activities such as reading newspapers, listening to music and others. Friends are also important to pull us out from cracking our head looking for solution of the problems. It is important to learn on how sharing happy time is the most valuable property, which cannot be bought by dollars. A strong peers support is one of the best mechanisms that can cope stress. Exercise regularly also will help us to overcome stress. Observing our daily diet by having good eating habit is one of the good measures to have healthy physical, which can be better for us to face any challenging working pressure.

Year 1998 1999 2000 Description:

No. of accidents 21200 23475 22520 Table 1: Number of accidents

No. of death 750 859 900

From the table 1, the numbers of the accident cases in 1998 were 21200 cases with 750 fatalities. However, in 1999, the numbers of accident had increased to 23475 cases with the increasing numbers of the death tolls to 859 people. In the year of 2000, the table shown a slight decrease of the accidents cases to 22,520 and the number of death also increase to 900 fatalities. Conclusion From table 1, it is shown that in 1999, the highest of accident cases had occurred. The total of the death caused by the accident had increase yearly. In 1998, the number of fatalities was 750 cases and increased to 109 cases in the next year with 859 cases. The number of accident cases had decreased to 41 cases in year 2000 with 22520 but with slight increase of the death to 900.

Causes of accident


Others factors


Human factors

Pie Chart 1

Pie chart 1 shows the causes of accident. The biggest factor comes from human factor, which represented 94 % of the causes such as reckless, jump queue, tailing too near and others. The others factors which contributed to increasing number of accidents cases is other factor. The other factors such as poor road condition, bad weather, and mechanical problem also contributed to increase the number of accident cases. Based on the survey done by the Road Safety Counsel, human factor is the main causes of the accident compared to others factor.