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Rules of the Road Sample Policy
Company Name: Subject: Vehicle “Rules of the Road” Purpose/Rational: Company owned vehicles are used daily in our operations. In order to protect our employees, clients and the general public, established safe operations procedures must be followed by ALL drivers. All employees driving on behalf of the company are required to operate their vehicles safely and legally at all times. The following “Rules of the Road” are effective immediately and are to be adhered to whenever operating a vehicle for business purposes - regardless of vehicle ownership. Location supervisory personnel are to discuss and review these rules with all authorized drivers currently employed. In addition, all newly hired personnel, authorized to drive as part of their duties must acknowledge receipt of this directive prior to operating a vehicle on behalf of _______________and its affiliates. Directive compliance will assist you in operating vehicles safely and legally! All drivers are to receive this directive immediately with signature acknowledgment filed with Corporate Risk Management. Directive: Rules Of The Road General: G-1. Vehicles owned or leased by the company are to be used only for company business. G-2. ONLY company employees who have been preauthorized to operate vehicles for the company are authorized to drive for company purposes (herein referred to as “Drivers”). The ONLY exception to this is when injury and/or death is imminent and the vehicle must be operated by others in an emergency. G-3. Drivers assigned vehicles are responsible for timely and routine maintenance in accordance with the company Vehicle Maintenance Guide. G-4. All drivers are required to abide by all federal, state and local motor vehicle regulations, laws and ordinances. G-5. All fines, defense costs and other legal penalties arising out of ticketed offenses are the responsibility of the driver. Pre-trip: P-1. Prior to starting a vehicle drivers are required to inspect the vehicle exterior and the area around the vehicle checking tires, leaks, body condition and clearances to other vehicles and objects. Any defects or concerns should be reported immediately. P-2. Drivers are responsible to ensure that all required documents are in the vehicle (Registration, Insurance Card and Accident Reporting Form). Date:

vehicle problems or defects must be reported immediately to your Said reporting will include any forms required by your supervisor. Drivers shall not use any radar detector. R-12. visit our Web site at travelers. All accidents.com. Acknowledgment I have received. affected. CPR. R-2. illegal drugs. If a driver is not qualified to provide the above services. Drivers shall not pick-up hitchhikers. Post-trip: PT-1. read and understand these rules. medication. PT-2. Drivers shall not use cell phones while driving. Drivers shall not transport flammable liquids and gases unless a DOT or UL approved container is utilized. etc. Drivers are required to notify their supervisor of any tickets. . I agree to adhere to these rules at all times. Only authorized/approved passengers (i. he/she must restrict his/her assistance to calling the proper authorities. The driver is responsible to ensure all passengers are wearing their safety belts at all times. No driver may have or permit possession of alcohol or illegal drugs in a vehicle being used for business purposes. R-14. R-5. R-7. R-3. illness. contact your Risk Control consultant or email Ask-Risk-Control@travelers. or influenced by alcohol. and only then in limited quantities and only when necessary. Drivers shall not assist disabled motorists or accident victims beyond the level of their medical training: EMT. fatigue or injury.com/riskcontrol. Drivers are responsible for ensuring that all doors are locked while vehicle is in motion. R-9. immediate supervisor. Drivers shall not accept direct payment for carrying passengers or materials except as directed by your superiors. my customers and the general public.Page 2 Risk Control On The Road: R-1. Basic First-Aid. The preferred method is the use of reflective triangles. laser detector or similar devices. I also understand that failure to follow these practices can result in disciplinary measures up to and including dismissal.e. Employee Signature: Date: For more information. R-8. accidents or other violations they have received while driving. For the safety and well being of myself. Notification must be as soon as reasonably possible but in no way. R-11. later than the next scheduled driving duty to be performed. The driver and all occupants are required to wear safety belts when operating or riding in a vehicle. A driver may not operate a vehicle at any time when his/her ability is impaired.: those with a defined business relationship) are permitted in the vehicles during the course of business use. Drivers shall not transport or use ignitable or burning flares. Drivers are required to drive with their headlights on at all times. R-13. R-10. R-4. R-6. Drivers shall not push or pull another vehicle or tow a trailer without authorization.

com . standards or codes may change from time to time and the reader should always refer to the most current requirements. The Travelers Indemnity Company and its property casualty affiliates One Tower Square Hartford. Doc#: 778 travelers....... or otherwise affect. CT 06183 The information provided in this document is intended for use as a guideline and is not intended as.Page 3 Risk Control . All rights reserved. and any applicable law. or compliance with..... state or local laws.... best practices. legal or professional advice. Travelers does not warrant that the information in this document constitutes a complete and finite list of each and every item or procedure related to the topics or issues referenced herein. In no event will Travelers or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates be liable in tort or in contract to anyone who has access to or uses this information.... Coverage depends on the facts and circumstances involved in the claim or loss. Travelers does not warrant that adherence to.............. the provisions or coverages of any insurance policy or bond issued by Travelers..... federal............... any recommendations... © 2008 The Travelers Companies.. checklists. nor does it constitute. all applicable policy or bond provisions.. nor is it a representation that coverage does or does not exist for any particular claim or loss under any such policy or bond. This material does not amend. or guidelines will result in a particular outcome.. Furthermore. Inc. regulations.

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