Vol. 1 Issue 2

Parshas Devarim

Revolutionary Krum Program Kickes off with a Bang
“ME!” shouted all the campers enthusiastically in response to director Naftoli Schmukler asking “Who is going to do Torah, Avodah and Gemilus Chasadim?” It was during the grand unveiling of the new Krum program as Naftoli was showcasing the new program and the Nosh that was going to be in the Krum store, that the campers got wildly excited about this revolutionary idea. “We were discussing the MBP program, when I realized that the store idea should not be limited to MBP but should be a 24 hour, 7 day a week program”, says Naftoli Schmukler, directly of Gan Menachem and founder of the Krum program, “and within 48 hours we were stocked with Nosh donated by generous excited parents”. The grand opening of the program happened on Wednesday this week, shortly before Shacharis, the davening that followed proved how effective the program would be. “In all the camps that I’ve been to, both as a camper and as a staff member, I have never experienced a Chayosdike davening such as the Shacharis on Wednesday morning” says Menachem Shanowitz, a learning teacher in Gan Menachem, “the improvement in all the campers, during the entire day has shown this program to be an amazing success”. When the Krum store opened, mobs of campers crowded around the store, waiting to redeem their precious Krum dollars, and expressing delight at their purchases. “The Nosh is very good” said camper Shmuli Friedman who was walking out of the Krum store with pocket-fulls of Nosh. “Krum store is a great place for kids to express themselves” explained Avi Feldman, a learning teacher of Gan Menachem “Children have a special relationship with Nosh. It helps them focus better on their learning.” Rumour even had it that campers were pitching their tent the night before the Krum store opened, in order to be first to cash in their Krum dollars at the Krum store. “Gan Menachem has been originating a number of ideas and programs that I believe will quickly spread to other camps. The amazing success of both the Krum and the MBP program is something that every camp will learn from, says Naftoli Schmukler, expressing his pride in the pioneering spirit of Gan Menachem. “The Krum program is a brainstorm which we were the first camp to come up with”, said Yaakov Dovid Kotlarsky, “this could only have been done by Naftoli Schmukler, our amazing director, whose dedication and his love of each camper ensures that each camper get even more money and even more nosh”

MBP Air Purification Program Finally Comes to a Start
One of the great revolutionary ideas introduced in Gan Menachem this year was the Mishnayos Baal Peh program. This program, which takes MBP to a whole new level, was introduced in honor of this year being the 70th year since the Rebbe arrived in America. An Wednesday, every camper was given a personalized MBP passport which contained the major cities in which the Rebbe travelled on his way to America, in order to progress through the cities, each camper must learn a prescribed amount of Tanya or Mishnayos Baal Peh. “When the first Camp Gan Yisroel was opened, the newspapers reported that a camp that learns Mishnayos by heart has opened”, says Yaakov Dovid Kotlarsky, director of the Gan Menachem MBP program, explaining the inspiration behind his program “As Chassidim, we are always trying to purify the air in which we live in, and the Rebbe tells us that through reviewing Tanya and Mishnayos Baal Peh we purify the air. I believe that the reason Running Springs has such pure mountain air is because of the MBP learned here”. The passport program works as follows, in order to progress to a new city, one must learn a prescribed amount of Mishnayos or Tanya Ball Peh in order to receive a stamp, five stamps will allow the camper to progress to the next city, the camper will then receive an automatic prize in addition to being in a grand

P AGE 2 raffle with all members of his division who had completed the city. The design and development of the passport took a tremendous amount of time and effort. a spokesman of the design team, LD Designs, elaborates, “this is one of the most intense productions that we had ever done, every detail on every page received special attention. We held many meetings with our Rabbinical team headed by Rabbi Israel Shmotkin in Milwaukee and our historical research team headed by Rabbis Michoel Seligson and Dovber Levin, in Brooklyn, to insure that each and every detail was accurate.” A insider source, who spoke on condition on anonymity, told the Krum that there was at first much conflict between the two teams, until it was resolved by Rabbi Alperovitch, a Chaver of Aguch, who had flown in to Milwaukee to resolve the dispute. Aside from the design of the passport, it took Yaakov Dovid and his team several months to find the right and exact printer for the job. “Rabbi Chaim Nochum Cunin tried to help

I SS UE 2 “We thank Staples very much for their prompt correction and addressing of the matters”, says Kotlarsky, “as the whole camp was waiting with bated breath, Staples acted appropriately and in a timely manner”. In order to stamp the passports, a custom-made stamp had to be made, this too, was a hassle on its own. “We were not able to find stamp maker willing to take upon itself this arduos task. Only after much time and research did we discover the only ones capable of making our stamp, the very first stamp makers, ‘Rubber Stamp Champ Inc.’”

However, convincing Rubber Stamp Champ Inc. to make the passport stamps was an entirely new hassle “We petitioned them for weeks with no response” Kotlarsky complains, “finally, after offering them a very enticing offer they Yaakov Dovid Kotlarsky, expresses shock on the phone with Staples, agreed to see our stamp template”. as he discovers the faulty passports us, as well as Rabbi Naftoli Schmukler, but we discovered Staples in San Bernardino, whom we presumed to be the best printer for the job,” says Kotlarsky, “however, as perfect as they seemed, something went terribly wrong”. When campers received their passports during Cocoa Club on Tuesday morning, they discovered that half of the pages were missing. Staples was immediately notified and promptly spent the entire next day preparing and printing the revised and proper edition. At this point, matters changed very favorably “After seeing it, their attitude completely changed, I don’t know exactly why, but they gave us an unimaginable good price for the entire job, we were shocked, and we quickly ordered the stamps.” After all the intense and hard work that went into the project, Kotlarsky makes a prayer, “I am hoping that everyone will finish their entire booklet and make it to New York, and hopefully all the MBP will tip the scale for the good and bring about the coming of Moshiach.”

The spokesman cited one example of the intense research of the passport. “In the page of the city of Vichy, there are photographs of some of the manuscripts that the Rebbe travele with, we managed to obtain it after our research team contacted Rabbi Wilhelm who allowed them to photograph it. In fact, in the course of our research, we uncovered a tremendous amount of information that was previously unknown”

MBP Fun Facts

67 phone calls and 203 emails were exchanged with Staples in the production of the passport Staff do not get prizes for learning MBP Staples closed down their store for two days, and had all their staff spend over 20 hours working on our passports Nosh bought from MBP”

• •

An entire forest in Africa was cut down for our passports, as well as 42 loads of • color toner” “67,473 calories gained from all the

“MBP consumes 19% to 25% percent of the camps budget “over 17,000 lines of Tanya were learned Baal Peh”

Sefer Hamitzvos Statistics
• •
612 Sefer hamitzvos learned this week Bunk hey leads the camp with the entire bunk having done it 3 days this • week, with the most correct answers on test Mazal Tov to Levi Polichenko who made A hachlata on his Birthday to do Sefer hamitzvos every day

Complaints? See Writer/Publisher Menachem Shanowitz, a learning teacher in Gan Menachem

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