Millionaire Maker Formula How to stop being broke!

You will get a basic formula for making a million dollars by the end of this art icle. You may need to come to a live call and get some pointers on details or fi nd out some terms like "anchoring". It stands that if someone else made millions from being broke, or deep in debt, you can too. It is practically a guarantee you all know what to do to make more money. It is in the discipline of doing what you know to do that separates the broke from the rich. I know that discipline in and of itself is not sexy at all. Flying first class is though. Going anywhere in the world whenever you want to, with whomever you wish is though. That means taking the kids. World travel is an ideal educat ion for kids. A business is a vehicle to get you from point A to point B. If you have no money , you may start out with an affiliate marketing program perhaps. When you have e nough guts, you can always borrow to get into an MLM or a network opportunity. W hatever your choice is, your goals are profits, and as quickly as possible. If y our wallet is not in it, usually your heart is not either. The more it costs you to start a business the better in my experience. I love the line in the new mov ie, Friends with Benefits, "fat people know to eat less, broke people know they need to work their tails off". Let's start with the obvious, you must do something different than you have ever done before. It only makes sense, that if you want something you have not ever had, find someone who does have what you want and do what they did to get what t hey have! All of us know a millionaire or two, or ten. Why don't you ask them ho w they got there? One of the things I learned as a very young entrepreneur, was that my "short ter m goals" would always get in the way of my long term goals. If you long term goa l is to lose weight by dieting, and your short term goal is to eat that ice crea m bar right now, your long term goal will likely lose that battle unless you cha nge some things within yourself. 14 years ago, while my heart wanted me to be a millionaire, my primary goal want ed myself to get to zero. After walking away from my franchises from having back to back girls, to honor the dad in me. That decision left my family and I in de bt over $162,000 that did not include a mortgage. Getting broke even, was a huge first step for me. That happened in my first 7 months. One thing was for sure, we were in a deep hole, and dropping the shovel and stop digging was a must. My first six months produced 6 figures. My seventh month was a six-figure month. I paid all my bills, my rent 2 years in advance, and had $1,200 left over and went back to work. My treat was buying new underwear and socks with no holes them. For me this was not about money, but about my family. Money would restore my fam ily to some wholeness, literally. In my life the clothes I wore, car, house, stu ff, meant nothing to me whatsoever. The clothes, car, house, and lifestyle my th ree girls had meant the world to me. The fuel for the fire was primed and ready, now the plan to execute that drive. There is a well-known motivational speaker who helps people who struggle in home -business named Jeff. Both him and myself had our 7-figure break through about t he same time, and also struggled close to the same time prior as well. He states that we never know when someone's time to "arrive" is. Was the fact that 35 yea rs had passed been my factor? Was it the family we started the impetus for more? There is a clear recollection of a live call that I hosted years back. The goal of the call was to teach the listeners something called "posture". This was NOT , being rude, domineering, over bearing, either. This was knowing in your heart, underneath you arms, was a goose that lays golden eggs, and you were simply sha ring that goose with others and the instructions on how to get their goose to al so lay golden eggs. You would not beg someone to take your goose that lays eggs of gold. This person confronted me abruptly with the insertion that it was "easy for me t o have posture, because I had made so much money". Nothing could have been furth

er from the truth. No one has your eye balls, your unique fingerprints, you are an original period. There never has been another you, nor will ever be another y ou-you are a masterpiece. It was because I HAD POSTURE IN WHO I WAS ALREADY, tha t the money showed up, not the other way around. You become a millionaire inside first, then it shows up on the outside. Financial growth always follows persona l growth. When your time arrives, you will have clues in your life and business. Your team is growing and your paychecks too. The formula is so simple, you may be mad, at yourself that is. Right now if you are a "nothingaire", you will want to become a hundredaire. If you are not able to save that hundred bucks, then you need to make two hundred, or three, or more . When you get rid of your television, you are starting to have what it takes to become a millionaire. Think about how much money you would have if you invested your cable bill each month of your lifetime at 8% growth. All of our lives have either low priority items, or high priority items. Television is about the lowe st settle for priority one can have in terms of living a productive life. Once you are a comfortable hundredaire, you can start to see how simple, even ea sy it is to become a thousandaire. When you have one or two thousand tucked safe ly away into something you cannot access. A fund of some sort, a bond, definitel y not your savings account. You will likely have a well-deserved great sense of accomplishment. Hopefully you will realize you did not have to change much and h ow quickly this turn around can take. You have a foundation that anchored to a l arger goal can propel you to much more. You are now staring at your next step on the ladder you are climbing. Making it to the ten-thousandaire level. Being broke may seem a long ways off now, and the re may be a temptation to splurge or celebrate. Stay focused on the big, and lon g-term goal. If you need to treat yourself along the way to each milestone you a re reaching then by all means, do so. You know yourself best. This is no time to self-sabotage. When you make $100,000 annually, you are in the top 1% income bracket in the Uni ted States. It is just a hair over eight grand a month, two grand a week. Four h undred dollars a day is all. During harvest season I know families who make a gr and a day picking fruit. Going from $10,000 to $100,000 is where most will fail or quit. Temptations of c ars, spending, justifications for hard work, others who ask for help, you may ev en attract events of costliness in your life. When you come to my live calls, yo u will know a huge secret to avoiding all these types of pitfalls and how to sec ure yourself from events. In fact, you will have implemented them prior to allow yourself to reach this point and should be exempt from most self-destructive te ndencies. After you arrive at being a hundred-thousandaire, you will know it is possible t o become a millionaire. You will also see that your money is now making money. F inancial independence is when the money you money makes, pays for your current l evel of lifestyle. Many can become financially independent well before making a million. How to become a millionaire can be as simple as becoming a hundredaire. After th at, you wash, rinse, repeat. I will look forward to teaching you about anchors t o ensure you get at your long term destination. If you are like me, and money is not a high value, or even if like me and it is your lowest value, that is a sim ple item to side step. Think of the friends you can help, the family members, yo ur church, yourself, so much more. One thing for sure, wealthy persons are set up with tax advantages. If you could recoup 10% of all your house payments, property taxes, home insurance payments, gas, restaurant expenses, tires, what would that amount add up to? What would y our home equity be if you put that amount back into paying off your hoome? You m ay be blowing it by not having a home business from a tax advantage standpoint. Please consult a tax attorney or licensed professional to find specifics on this topic. Your friendly neighborhood millionaire is structured in both asset prote ction and maximized tax deductions.

In the late 80's while tending bar and met a very wealthy millionaire who when a sked how he did so well so young. His response was a very rich man taught him th at when you play with dollars, you will only make dollars, when you play with th ousands, you will then make thousands, and when you start to play with millions, you will then make millions. It was a simple, yet brilliant formula for me to f ile away until I could find myself making at least a grand. If you need to start at $50, then you will want to leverage yourself with a network. Public and priv ate consulting available upon request. iLeadSystem â ¢ Online Marketing System iLeadSystem is the best online marketing system for any mlm rep or network marke ter. If you need a system that will give you every tool imaginable to help you g row your business, then look no further. Even get it free!

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