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Open SoC Platform for WiMAX base stations with integrated zero-cost wireless backhaul

Product Overview
DesignArts DAN2400 SoC architecture integrates a complete WiMAX base station design with high-speed backhaul and cluster capability. The SoC contains all necessary signal, control and network processing systems for an integrated WiMAX BTS design on a single chip. With non-blocking performance, the DAN2400 SoC is the first comprehensive silicon platform, enabling a single R&D design framework for any type of WiMAX base station, relay or backhaul product.

Product Highlights
Powerful SoC for WiMAX Base Stations Macro, micro, pico and femto - compact, yet powerful single-chip designs On-chip PHY, MAC and control plane - single-chip base station IEEE 802.16e wave 2 compliant; support WiMAX Rel. 1.5 requirements Extensive MIMO and BF capabilities - with up to 6 Tx / Rx channels Superior performance (packet proc. > 150,000pps, up to 32,000 CIDs) Integrated high-capacity Backhaul Zero-cost in-band backhaul - integrated cluster and relay solutions Software upgradeable to support future 802.16j MMR Superior spectral efficiency on backhaul links (> 10 bps/Hz) Multiple concurrent backhaul links - cluster and mesh topologies Highly integrated SoC Platform Embedded high-speed network processor Embedded powerful DSP and control CPUs On-chip 6 channel radio interface with integrated analog front-end Most integrated SoC in the market - lowest-cost BTS designs Open SoC platform Multi-core DSP / CPU architecture - SW-centric PHY and MAC Unique SW architecture - flexible support of vendor differentiation Carrier-grade, in-field upgradeable - future proof design

CPU Sub-System
Multiple ARM cores

Network Proc. and MAC

Multiple RISC cores

WiMAX Access

Zero-cost Backhaul

Powerful DSP core


DAN2400 SoC Characteristics

PHY SOFDMA with 512 and 1024 point FFT 3.5MHz, 5MHz, 7MHz, 10MHz Adaptive modulation: QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM (Backhaul DL and UL) PUSC, FUSC, and AMC Multiple zones (incl. MIMO zones) 6-channel MIMO / BF module Support MIMO Matrix A and Matrix B Support 2x2, 2x4, 2x6 MIMO-MMSE UL Collaborative MIMO Backhaul spectral efficiency > 10 bps/Hz Power control: open and closed loop MAC Support IP-CS and ETH-CS Concatenation, fragmentation, packing and re-assembly Packet processing speed 150,000pps Software configurable packet classifier Supports up to 32,000 CIDs Complete security suite: PKMv2, Authentication, Traffic encryption Supports all WiMAX QoS grades Powerful scheduler for combined access and backhaul coordination ARQ and H-ARQ Handover (MS and BS initiated and handover optimization) Sleep and idle modes MBS with multiple base stations Embedded Processors Powerful DSP core 4 x Tensilca Xtensa RISC, 200MHz 3 x ARM926EJ, 200MHz Interfaces Up to 6 RFIC interfaces: IF / I/Q / Digital On-chip 6 x I/Q 12bits 100MSPS ADC On-chip 6 x I/Q 10bits 100MSPS DAC Data Interface: GB Ethernet (GMII) Mng. interface: GB Ethernet (GMII) External CPU interface (via Mng. GMII) Memories: Serial-FLASH, SDRAM GPS interface - 1pps and 10MHz input Physical 35 mm x 35 mm, PBGA 680 Lead-free RoHS compliant Operating conditions -40c to +85c Power consumption < 2W, for 4x4 MIMO

DAN2400 SoC Main Benefits

Single SoC - any infrastructure product The DAN2400 SoC is a single-chip platform supporting the full scope of products required for the WiMAX network infrastructure. Based on a single development platform, equipment vendors are able to design the full portfolio of WiMAX base stations, relays and mesh nodes, ranging from powerful outdoor base stations to low-cost indoor pico and femto cells. Zero-cost backhaul - lowest TCO The DAN2400 SoC offers fully integrated multi-hop backhaul capabilities, based on exceptional spectral efficiency. Zero-cost backhaul options facilitate the rapid deployment of dense underlay networks. In-band backhaul and cluster deployments substantially lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the WiMAX radio network, while providing ubiquitous out- and indoor coverage and increased network capacity. Open SW platform Equipment vendors, as well as operators, need to differentiate themselves in the market place, based on flexible and customizable network offerings. The DAN2400 SoC integrates SW centric implementations of WiMAX PHY, MAC and control plane layers, based on a targeted multicore architecture. Vendors can integrate their own capabilities with DesignArts complete SW solution - on any layer - providing operators with best-of-breed operational capabilities. Carrier-grade infrastructure DesignArts SoC architecture has been purpose-built for the 4G infrastructure in every aspect performance, flexibility, standards compliance, future standards evolution, simplified / automated installation, effective operability, in-field upgradability and service diagnostics, and more as required for carrier-grade mobile network deployments.

DAN2400 SoC Reference Design

The DAN2400-RD is a complete base station reference design based on the DAN2400 SoC. It is equipped with RF boards, memories, Ethernet switch and PHY, and power supply module. The DAN2400-RD is delivered to customers with DesignArts comprehensive SW stack, comprising of complete PHY and MAC modules, running on the embedded DSP and RISC processors, as well as higher-MAC, networking and scheduler functions, which are running on the embedded ARM cores. The package contains a well defined API, and complete documentation set. The DAN2400-RD flexible modular design enable multiple RF boards assembly combinations, ranging from 2 antenna femtocell or picocells, to high-end 6 antenna micro base station or macro sector card, all with in-band wireless backhaul capability. The following figure demonstrates DAN2400-RD assembly in a 4x4 MIMO Pico base station / Relay station configuration.

DAN2400-RD board
DAN2400 SoC

CPU Sub-System
Multiple ARM cores


DSP core

Network Proc.
Multiple RISC cores


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