Trials exist not because God wants to test you. That is a lie. He already knows your capabilities, more than you could imagine, trials exist because you need to learn one thing, and that is FAITH.

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God will prove to you how good and acceptable and perfect His will is, when He’s got His hands on the steering wheel of your life. Everything about the future is uncertain but 1 thing is for sure, God had already arranged all our tomorrows. We just have to trust in him as he leads. Little things we give away surely comes back to us some other day. Coz God never forget to give reward to those who share their unselfish hearts. The best way to walk each day is not by walking with nice shoes, but by walking with God. Walk not only by feet but walk with faith in your heart. God is so big, he can cover the world with love, So small he can stay inside your heart. So wise, he knows all your desires but grants only whats best for you. How generous of GOD for giving us the opportunity to right the wrong, to make things better and to live life with joy in our hearts. How faithful is the LORD? Look at what He said to Jacob in Genesis 28:15-.. "I will not leave you until I have finished giving you everything I promised you." God is the reason why even in pain, we smile. Even in confusion, we understand, Even in betrayal, we trust. And even in fear we continue to fight. No one ever fulfilled a dream w/o failure, no one perfected the law without violation, no one ever loved w/o a broken heart. Above all no one can live alone w/o God. The most humbling statement we can say is.. "I am nothing without God". And the most powerful statement is.. "With God no thing is impossible" May this beautiful evening create within you a quiet place where God speaks His promises of peace & love! May you always stay healthy & happy!

Drop of water in lake has no identity, but it is falls on lotus, it shines like pearl. Choose best place where you can shine. Be a Pearl Struggling people never Plan to rest, they Always plan to struggle More effectively instead of rest Because they know "Time has no holidays.." KEEP 3 WORDS IN UR POCKET: TRY,TRUE,TRUST TRY for better future, TRUE with ur work, TRUST in urself, then sucess is yours......... The best lesson of life-"Don't get frustrated doing continious unresulted efforts, Sometimes the last key of the bunch opens the lock..." Dont b disappointed if world refuse 2 accept u. Remember d words of Einstein"I m thankful 2 all who said no, its bcoz of them i did it myself.

. Success is nothing more than a few simple DISCIPLINES practiced daily.." Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. but it gives us every reason to hope that every problem has a solution Difference b/w ordinary & extraordinary is just little EXTRA... You will have a lovely and bright future. it's amazing what they can accomplish... "All our dreams cannot be translated into reality. Don't be afraid of shadows.. There has never yet been a man in our history who led a life of ease whose name is worth remembering. When someone is telling you that you can't do something. ……. But they can act as a foundation stone for a glorious future.. talent and also effort. "only bus will stop here not your time. and failure is nothing more than a few small errors repeated daily. As U approach them they grow bigger. they just mean there's a light shining somewhere near mathematics may bot teach us how to add love or. When mind is Balanced the situation becomes a Challenge. once U pass them they become smaller! So never be afraid of them.a situation becomes Problem. .. If people believe in themselves. … … … "Face the failures until the failure fails 2 face u". don't quit... how to minus hate.. just smile and say "I'll show you". When mind is strong that situation becomes Opportunity ! A famous sentence written on a japanese bus stop. So utilize ur knowledge.....Success cannot come easily. Challenges are like trees seen through a running train... walk with aims. Run with confidence. Success Is a Vehicle Which Moves On a Wheel Named "Smart Work" But The Journey Is Impossible Without The Fuel Named "Self Confidence!!" When mind is weak.. A beautiful future is waiting for you." All impossible things are not difficult and difficult things are not impossibel keep trying A logical formula 2 b successful: Sleep 8 hours. So keep walking towards your goal. It comes your proper and perfect effort.!! Short but powerful lines: .. Fly with your achievements. so make urself just little extra n win d race... Make sure that they r not the "SAME HOURS" 8 hours..

..only we need to have patience to unlock them... 'Coz OPPORTUNITY Never Knocks Twice... Winning your goal is not toughest victory.! Live it.Love it. Between yesterday's "mistake" and "tomorrow's" hope there is a fantastic opportunity called today. …. OPPORTUNITY. Door Knocks Twice. Everest. After failing in his attempt to conquer Mt.. If Ur hardwork is true. ….. Search your soul to find your heart's direction. not bcoz of its power but becose of its consistency. How? He was deaf. 1 day d Star will fall on Earth 4 U!.Its impossible. The day is yours.. ….. Edmund Hillary said"HEY EVEREST I WILL COME BACK AGAIN! AS A MOUNTAIN U CAN'T GROW. Locks are never manufactured without a key.. …. BUT AS A MAN I CAN" sucess does not depend on making important decisions quickly. a river cuts the rock. but depends on your quick actions on important decisions. . excelling in it and positively impacting the lives of others.. Remember It!! Achieving Ur goal is like trying 2 touch a Star. The Tiger Takes A Step Back Before It Jumps Forward … So Whenever Life Pulls You Back.But one frog reached the top. The Tiger Takes A Step Back Before It Jumps Forward . committing yourself to it . All frogs shouted. Strength does not come from physical capacity. But winning your patience to achive that goal is most toughest one. So Whenever Life Pulls You Back..! Be deaf 4 Negative words. …. If U cannot touch keep trying. so never lose your hope& keep walking towards the target. Similarly GOD never gives problems without solutions... Insider: U R Wrong. It comes from an indomitable will.. trust them both to navigate your dreams.Frog had competion 2 reach top of hill.. Don't Worry Its Going To Lead You To A Great Victory.. Ans: Its Me.. Insider Asks: Who's There? …. Don't Worry Its Going To Lead You To A Great Victory. Components of success consist of understanding your god given talent.

In my experience. .. they use words like ‘’to achieve’ or ‘have to achieve. Great men never use word ‘achieved’.Achievement comes From Ordinary Abilities Applied with Extraordinary Persistence. and that is desire. No reasons or principle contain it or stand against it. there is only one motivation. Achievement Does Not Require Extraordinary Ability.

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