Rajaratnam Insider Trading During Period of Wiretap Interception: March 10 – December 6, 2008

Clearwire Trades
- not intercepting -

Vishay Trades

Marvell Trade

eBay Trade

- not intercepting -

AMD Trades AMD Trades Akamai Trades
- not intercepting -

Goldman Trades - CLWR: Calls with Goel - VSH: Call with Smith (talked to Kamal) - SPSN: Call with Chellam (email trail) - CSCO: Calls with Kumar - AKAM: Call with Chiesi (guide down) - GS: Calls with Gupta, Horowitz, Lau - PSPT: Calls with Goel (made a firm bid) - MRVL: Call with Far

PeopleSupport Trades

- AMD: Calls with Kumar (shake hands) - AMD: Calls with Chiesi (buy and sell) - EBAY: Call with Kumar (layoffs) - SYNA: Call with Liu (internal file)

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