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Ymd Eras Chapter One: Hishgagrai thaleras Chapter Two: Navdshyv Ymd thaleras Chapter Three: Jattth Yttanfili:

hsitesi Chapter Four: Of The Tribes Of The hsitesi Chapter Five: Of The Ayrtesi & the Blood Oath Of The Iperatesi Chapter Six: Of The Beginning Of The Nimmtithynns Chapter Seven: Of The Exodus Of The Iperatesi Chapter Eight: Of The Coming Of Men Chapter Nine: Of The Corruption Of Zhozurak Chapter Ten: Of The Doom Of Tesiquish Chapter Eleven: Of The Phsh Issaysaras Chapter Twelve: Of The Fyllme Jitthavariniv Chapter Thirteen: Of The Retribution Of Esozami Chapter Fourteen: Of The Ronith Chapter Fifteen: Of The Rhysemen Chapter Sixteen: Of The Tesyraphi Chapter Seventeen: Of The Heln Ofennsfesh Chapter Eighteen: Of rasusth Etilowor & Osylesoara Chapter Nineteen: Of Elufong Foynefaf Chapter Twenty: Of Heln Onish Erietym

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Ymd Eras

The Story Of Creation

Chapter One: Hishgagrai thaleras

From out of non-existence came into being Tohpo - the very thought of existence. By thought alone non-existence became existent. Thru the thought of Tohpo came into being all that is. From thought formed darkness. From out of the darkness came a vibration that radiated outwards moving faster & faster in broad frequencies. And this vibration lead to light which illuminated the four elements: earth, air, water & fire. Surrounding all of this was the force of life itself & the force of death. From out of these elements awoke the Hishgagrai - the Nine Lords Of Being. By the thoughts of the Hishgagrai came into being the Planes of Existence. Ekhri awoke from a dream with the ability to touch all of the elements & to allow movement between them. From out of the force of death - whose mistress is Owehari1 - was beget Ehydsapri, Lady Time. Tyri2 & Nasra3 also awoke. Thus was movement - beyond Thought & Vibration begun. From out of Lyshveris Fires was born Rri who spread her mistress warmth

Goddess Of Prophecy & Death. Demi-Goddess Of Inertia. Demi-God Of Gravity.

throughout existence. Rris counterpart, Sahra was born in the air realm of Hishtid - as was Sahras brother Egepra - the wind. These two mighty heralds of Hishtid brought forth Hishtids will for all to see & feel. Hishtids consort, Tmry, brought forth her own herald: Tmtyra who lights up wherever she goes with brilliant blue electrical fire. While in the depths of the Plane of Earth, Pyra brought forth into being Gyri & her realm - the stablest of all the planes for Gyri brought together all of the elements into equality creating a place for life to commence. Within Vmras Darkness awoke Gaknyra the Lord of Chaos as well as Izomra The Shdaow. The Heralds of Darkness created the counterbalance to existence that was required in order for the progression of things to start. The final two Heralds came into being with specific duties. The first, Asahdri - beloved of zmri - came into being to protect the edges of Creation from fading into the great void of non-existence beyond. The second, Orodsapri - Lady Ice - came into being to balance the power of Lyshveris Fires & Rris heat so that a balance of temperature could exist. So was the actualization of the Hishgagrai & the Tysrai - The Lords & the Heralds of Existence.

Chapter Two: Navdshyv Ymd thaleras

Upon the formation of Gyris realm, the great Herald of Pyra spoke the words of making and concentrated her power in the center of her realm. From out of her words & from out of her thought came into being a great spark which exploded with such force that the entire span of Gyris realm shook with great force. And as the force of this explosion vibrated outward uncountable numbers of particles stretched forth from the central point to the outer reaches of the realm. With another word and another thought, Gyri called upon her brothers & sisters as well as her masters & mistresses to help her in her great task. At the appointed hour, at the

appointed place all of the Hishgagrai & all of the Tysrai convened, joining their thoughts & words putting form to Gyris particles. The particles began to move towards each other no longer simply flying forth to the perimeter of her realm. Some of these particles & larger groupings began to collide at great speed with the help of Nasra & Tyhri. And as they made contact Lyshveri, Rri & Tmry put their forces together igniting them into brilliant stars that began to sparkle thru the cosmos. Nasra added his power to these newly formed stars and soon particles & objects began to spin around each of these stars. Sahra & Lyshveri focused their powers on these particles & objects - mixing their wills & their faculties to create millions of planets, moons & asteroids across the entire span of existence. As the cosmos began, the Hyshgagrai & the Tysrai rested knowing that for that moment their work was done. Some of the planets, moons & asteroids were fated to stay barren rock worlds spinning coldly around their stars. Others were giant balls of gas that one day might rival their parent star. But a select few were fated to progress. To support life. These worlds were blessed by Dethrora & Hishtid. They had full & rich atmospheres & oceans, lakes & rivers. Combine these with the light of their parent stars and soon life itself appeared. At first, life was small but slowly the earth & the seas of these planets, moons & asteroids were filled with life. The lowest forms were so small that most of the time they are never seen while the highest forms are able to move, think, dream & even surpass themselves. On one such world, one that the great ones called Navdshyv, there awoke many kinds of higher species of life. It is their tales that shall be told herein.

Chapter Three: Jattth Yttanfili: hsitesi4

At the appointed time, Tmry sent forth a blinding globe of light into the waters of Eyztesi5. A great explosion rocked the entire planet of Navdshyv & when the tremors subsided, Tesimeth6 & his consort Antesra7 stepped forth from the blue waters of the lake of stars & tasted existence for the first time. It was the dead of night, tho both of Navdshyvs moons were full & reflected the suns light upon the waters of Eyztesi. Tesimeth & Antesra looked about them & saw that the world was beautiful. And within the dark waters of Eyztesi they saw the light of all the stars of the heavens reflected. They were filled with wonder & humility at the raw beauty of the lake. As they gazed upon the beauty of the land, Owehari came to them saying: Know that you are as beautiful as the stars & the forest that surrounds you & that I, as mistress of Death, shall never take you or your people from this world unless you so wish or violence is done against you. Know, also, that I see in your future great things, as well as great suffering. But such is the fate of all who shall live in this world. You, however, will witness it all, for you shall be the guideposts for those who will come after. But now is the time for you to call forth your people. Call them forth from the waters of Ezytesi & let life unfold upon this world as it is meant to be. And so, at the goddess command, Tesimeth & Antesra turned their eyes back to the waters of Ezytesi saying: shyp quolls hsitesi nissl ryr l jattth yraphi l Ezytesi.

F: The First Born: The Children Of The Stars F: Lake Of The Stars F: Star Sea F: Flower Of The Stars

Oshosh qolls iwype ytho phesh!8 And so, out from the waters of the lake of stars, stepped forth the hsitesi, the Children of the Stars. When all were assembled upon the shore of Ezytesi, the goddess Owehari said unto them: This lake & the vale which surrounds it is sacred, for from its waters were you born. Within its very essence you will be able to feel its power. Remember this in times of need for this vale is the cradle of the world. Tesimeth & Antesra lead their people around the vale until they found a suitable place. And there upon the eastern shore of Ezytesi they built a city whose beauty goes beyond the means to describe it. And the hsitesi called their city ratesi - The City of the Stars - the everlasting home of all first born. The hsitesi would live in harmony in the glorious city of ratesi for nineteen score & sixteen years.

Chapter Four: Of The Tribes Of The hsitesi

This is an account of the original division of the hsitesi as they grouped themselves in those peaceful years in the beautiful city of ratesi. The Tesimethi, as they were called - for they held Tesimeth & Anstesra as their Lords, were the fairest of the hsitesi & those most enamoured with the stars above. They lived in tall, graceful white towers that shone with magical light in the daytime & reflected the sparkle of the stars at night. The tops of their towers were open to the skies above where they would sit peacefully and contemplate the thousand points of light above them, opening themselves up to the voice of Tmry who would sometimes sing on the most beautiful of nights. Those hsitesi who found wonder in the Stars of the Earth were known as the

F: Come forth Children Of The Stars from out of the waters of Ezytesi. Step forth into our fate.

Iperatesi. Every manner of jewel & gem held a special place in their hearts - for these beautiful stones reflected & transformed the divine light of the stars. The Iperatesi became the greatest smiths amongst the hsitesi, creating jewelry & other objects of sublime beauty that would only ever be matched by the cunning & patient hands of the Rhysemen which men call dwarves - much later. Aquishwo was their Lord, for he - amongst all the hsitesi - loved most the beauty of jewels as they sparkled. There were certain hsitesi who loved the great lake Ezytesi & rarely, if ever, left its warm & sacred waters. The Tesyraph, as they were named, not only learned to build beautiful ships that would set sail upon the surface of the divine lake, but also learned to swim both above & below the water. For them, the lake from which all hsitesi originated captivated their minds & hearts & held them spellbound. The beautiful Imethpezthra was their Lord as she was the most skilled at sail-craft & the most at home in & on the waters of Ezytesi. The Ronith9 loved to learn from the Pophith10 as well as from the Errshi11. They favoured grey clothing that the Errshi seemed to love. Amongst the Ronith were the greatest conjurors & sorcerers who ever walked upon the earth of Navdshyv. Nallmyn Ronish12 was the greatest amongst them & was counted as their Lord. But his tale & the fate he chose will be told anon. For it is a tale of great deeds & of great sorrow that many songs recount. The remaining hsitesi were known as the Sosith13, for they wandered thru the forests & lands beyond ratesi singing songs & recounting stories of their travels. They

Wood Elvan: Grey People F: Fairy People - the Fairy Races F: Angels - the Spirits Wood Elvan: Might In Magic - Grey Cloak F: Wood People





were a joyous & musical people who enjoyed celebrations & gatherings as well as communing with the wilderness they called home. They called no one Lord for they felt equal kinship amongst themselves & amongst all hsitesi. But the greatest amongst them, the one who found it easiest to commune with the wilderness, was named Solas14 great friend of animals & of trees. For from the trees he learned much lore & magic - some of the greatest secrets any being who was born on Navdshyv would ever discover. These were the original divisions of the hsitesi, divisions that would become larger as the years pressed onward.

Chapter Five: Of The Ayrtesi & the Blood Oath Of The Iperatesi

The god Vmra called upon his herald, Izomra, saying: Go amongst the hsitesi & cast yourself upon the hearts of one third of their number. For, as my sister Owehari has foretold, there must be suffering upon the world & thru this division shall we bring about the suffering that is necessary for all to progress. The hsitesi know Light for the touch of my sister Tmry within their souls. Let them now know of the Shadows & of the Darkness. And so it came to pass that Izomra went amongst the hsitesi and cast himself upon the hearts of a third of their number. One such hsitesi whose heart was touched by the Shadow of Izomra was named wone15 - a beautiful hsitesi who immediately felt the power of the possibilities opened up to her by the Shadow that now caressed her heart. wone became very proud & gathered to her disciples & followers - those who also had been touched by Izomras Shadow. For too long we hsitesi have cast our gaze upon the light of the stars. wone


F: Wood Master F: Lights Chant


told her followers. And what has it gained us? Nothing! We are without death. Are we to spend all our time upon this world gazing at the lights in the sky? Is there not more to this life then the motion of the stars above? Was there not a greater purpose for which we were called forth from the waters of Ezytesi? Comrades, let me tell you that there is more to this life, there is a greater purpose for us! Cast your gaze not at the lights above but at the darkness below. Within the darkness there lies a greater power - greater then anything we hsitesi have ever felt. This power - this Shadow that fills us all - will lead us to our destiny! For it has been foretold by the goddess of death that we are the guideposts of everything that will come after. How are we to guide if we can not see beyond the lights above that bedazzle us? The stars of darkness shall be our guides. Let us forsake the stars of light above. Forever after we shall be the Ayrtesi16. We must cure this star-lust within our people. We must make them see how they have erred - make them see what we see. Yes, Comrades - and if they refuse to see what we see then they shall enter the halls of the goddess of death on the tips of our swords! And the Ayrtesi cheered their leader. No longer did they call her wone, but instead, they called her Ayrone17. And so it came to pass that the Ayrtesi took up arms against those hsitesi who refused to see the Shadows of the world. Suffering & death were felt for the first time in the glorious city of retesi. Upon the seventh day of summer, Tesimeth & Antesra called together the Omshwo18 to find a solution to the Ayrtesi rebellion. Much debate was held amongst the leaders of the Igpli19 who could not come to a consensus. Three solutions were


F: The Dark Stars F: Darkness Chant F: Court Of Light - The High Council of the Elves. F: Great Houses




proposed. Tesimeth & Antesra wished to banish the Ayrtesi. Aquishwo20 of the Igpl Iperatesi21 lead the faction who wished to fight back against the Ayrtesi whilst Imethpezthra22 of the Igpl Tesyraph23 wished to leave the suffering & strife of the great city of retesi. Upon the fourteenth day of summer, Tesimeth called together all of the hsitesi saying: Children of the Stars. A Shadow has descended upon our glorious city. The powers of Izomra have crossed some of our hearts & we are no longer a united people. This is indeed a sad day. The Omshwo have come to the decision that the Ayrtesi are to be banished for all time from the city of retesi. They are free to leave our homeland & shall not be accosted by any hsitesi who chooses to remain here. Antesra & myself wish them our good will & hope that one day they may again find the light. Thus began the sundering of the kindred as well as the Nimmtithynns24 of the Ayrtesi. Ayrone lead her people out of the vale of the lake of stars to the mountains to the north east. But the Ayrtesi did not leave the city of stars peacefully. Upon learning that Aquishwo wished to fight back against the Ayrtesi, Ayrone called for her most trusted lieutenant - Aphitowor25 - and instructed him thusly: A message must be sent to stifle the pride of Aquishwo. Under the cover of darkness, go to his dwelling & slay his first born. Leave behind our symbol so that the arrogant father understands what we think of his `solution.


F: Sword Of Light F: Second Stars F: Sea Maiden F: Stars Of The Water F: Walk Of Many Years F: Night Lord






And so, upon the eve in which the Ayrtesi departed retesi forever, Aphitowor used his magic & his skill to go into the dwelling of Aquishwo. Quietly & masked by the Shadow Magic that he was master of, the Ayrtesi assassin crept into the sleeping chamber of Tesopi26 & slew the htesi prince whilst he slept. Aphitowor left a single black opal on the bedside of the slain Tesopi so that the proud father of the Igpl Iperatesi would know who had slain his first born. As the sun rose over the horizon, the slain body of Tesopi was discovered & the news of his murder was swift to spread throughout the city. The rage of Aquishwo knew no bounds. Romra, Tesopis mother, was stricken with an unbearable sadness & lost the will to live. Aquishwo, along with his other children, watched helplessly as Romras tears slowly changed to a sort of dark fire which gathered in a pool at her feet. As the pool of darkness grew with each falling tear, Romra sank down into the pool until she was no more & all that was left was the dark pool of fiery tears that mingled with the tears of her family who had watched her demise in horror. Father, Tesm, now the eldest of the family, vowed, know that I shall not rest until the murder of my brother & the death of my mother are avenged. Looking deep into his sons eyes, Aquishwo uttered the Blood Oath of the Iperatesi: Should any of our people come upon the Ayrtesi, I command them to mercilessly slay the godless animals as retribution for the crimes committed against us this day. And let every single one of our people swear this before me & place one drop of their blood upon my sword. And so it came to pass that every single member of the Iperatesi came before Aquishwo & swore the dread oath & gave of their blood to the sword of their prince. With each passing oath, the gleaming silver sword of Aquishwo became redder & redder until finally it shined with its own macabre hue. Great incantations were laid upon its


F: Star Of Freedom

blade in the hopes that it would aid its wielder in slaying the accursed Ayrtesi. And the Iperatesi called Aquishwos sword Qynnitto27, whose fate would be irrevocably locked to the fate of the Iperatesi & all the suffering they would endure.

Chapter Six: Of The Beginning Of The Nimmtithynns

Ayrone lead her people from out of retesi onto the plains of night. For fourteen months they traveled north west to the flowing headwaters of the Neposyl28. Along the way they encountered the beasts of the land - many of which had been the prey of the hsitesi hunters since their awakening from the waters of Ezytesi. But the beasts of the land attacked them not for the beasts could sense the shadows that had been cast over the hearts of the Ayrtesi. At the headwaters of the Neposyl, Izomra came to the Ayrtesi were they had made camp. Calling them forth from their tents, Izomra presented the Ayrtesi with gifts for their courage to tread down the Shadow Path. To Ayrone, Izomra bequeathed a staff of black ore. To Aphitowor he gave a long sword forged from the same dark metal. And to all of Ayrtesi he presented three tablets carved from Obsidian which had golden symbols etched into their faces. Followers of the Shadows, he called them to him, I have come amongst you to teach you of your fate. The Shadows upon your hearts have been placed there for a reason. Strife and Suffering are to be yours to create & control. I task you with the duty of bringing Strife and Suffering where ever you go and in everything you do. The Darkness is to be your guide as the Light is to be the guide of the kin you left behind in the City of Stars. I give unto you these gifts - my Tablets of Obsidian; the Staff of Dark Stars; and the beautiful


Fae: Blood Fang F: Brass River


blade Shadowgrip - to help you complete your task. But before you discover the place that shall be your dwelling for the rest of Time, you must first undergo a quest for me. In the lands to the west across the great ocean, a new race of beings has awoken. This race has not been created from the power of the Stars as you have been, but has been the culmination of the three great forces that reside within all things. And most different of all, they will feel the cold touch of Owehari. They will know Death and bask in its necessity. For they will be a race who will begin as the beasts who already walk the land. Thru the gift of Death & the Suffering you will bring unto the world, they will have the opportunity to learn & progress - to overcome their own frailties & weaknesses. To become as Great as they are intended to be. And for helping them achieve this, you shall be rewarded beyond your wildest imaginations or dreams! Go forth then & seek them out. Drive Strife and Suffering into their hearts & lives. Steal away their innocence and navit by teaching them the hard lessons they must learn. After one third of their number have suffered by your designs, I will come back amongst you to guide you to your home. Know that if you follow the Shadows, you will never err in your task! And so it came to pass that the Ayrtesi left the headwaters of the Neposyl. They followed a game trail that lead north west - moving ever further from lands that were known to the hsitesi. From the mountains that harboured the headwaters of the Neposyl they descended into rolling foothills that were rife with many forms of life. Tall trees shaded their path from the heat of the sun above whilst the plentitude of deer and other game animals allowed them to eat night after night. From out of the foothills, the Ayrtesi descended, entering into a vast shrubland that stretched out to the mountains to the west. The Ayrtesi came to call this vast plain Issugiz29 for they could find very little water to sustain themselves. Ayrone sent scouts in all


Dark Elvan: Dry Grass

directions seeking water for her people began to grumble and complain. What fools we are to have left the beautiful shores of Ezytesi. they bemoaned amongst themselves far from the earshot of Ayrone or Aphitowor. Now we are here in these dry plains with no water to drink and very little to eat. Where is the God of Shadows now when we need water? Perhaps we should raise our voices in prayer to Eraphri30 so that perhaps he will make it rain upon our sorry & thirsty souls! Itthat31, the shrewd, heard what his fellow Ayrtesi were saying & brought word of their dissent to Ayrone. Lady of the Shadows, Itthat counseled, our people plot against thee. They bemoan the lack of water to satiate their thirst. Some wish they had never left the waters of Ezytesi behind to follow this mad quest across the world. Bring the leaders of the dissenters before me, Itthat. Ayrone commanded, I will show them what happens to those who question the authority of the servant of Ephashra

! And so it came to pass that the three leaders of the dissenting Ayrtesi were brought

before Ayrone. Their names were as follows: Iqirattt33, Thuqivis34 & Unitas35. When questioned, they freely admitted their dissent & their desire to return to Ezytesi. There was much grumbling amongst the gathered Ayrtesi as the dissenters shared their opinions. Ayrone, along with Aphitowor & Itthat stood before them letting the air fill with the discontent of the Ayrtesi. But suddenly, the Lady of Shadows raised the Staff of Dark Stars


Elvan name for Dethrora - God of Water & the Sea. Dark Elvan: Long Ear Elvan name for Izomra. Dark Elvan: Silver Sentry Dark Elvan: Sly Mind Dark Elvan: Minor Denial






and spoke but one word: Nuntipt36. Shooting forth from the tip of the Staff of Dark Stars was a cone of grey elemental energy. The cone grew larger & larger until it enveloped Iqiratt, Thuqivis & Unitas entirely. The entire assembly of Ayrtesi held their breath & collectively moved away from the blast. When the energy subsided, Iqiratt, Thuqivis & Unitas were seen writhing in pain on the ground, their flesh scourged by the magical energy that had devastated their bodies. Their screams of pain & torture filled the plains of Issugiz for leagues in all directions. Let this be a warning to those who dare question my authority. Ayrone threatened. The reward for those who are disloyal to me is a slow & painful death. Again, the cone of grey elemental energy shot forth from the Staff of Dark Stars enveloping the prone dissenters. Their pain filled screams echoed across the plains. Ayrone repeated the terrible punishment three times more, savouring in the pain she was administrating to the dissenters. After the fifth blast, with the three Ayrtesi beyond even the ability to beg for their deaths, Ayrone raised her right hand and pointed her palm in the direction of the shriveled bodies before her. Nun! she bellowed releasing a ball of magical fire which quickly engulfed the three dissenters, burning their pitiful bodies into smoking piles of ash. Without further words, the Lady of Shadows turned & left her people to absorb the devastation she had created. With the rise of the sun on the following day, Ayrone sent scouts in all directions to seek a source of fresh water. In the mean time, the Ayrtesi - now subdued by the torturous retribution of their Queen - continued onward to the north west. On the afternoon of the third day after the executions of Iqiratt, Thuqivis & Unitas, a pair of scouts returned from the north reporting that they had discovered a vast lake which would supply them with all the water they would need. Ayrone announced to her followers that they would now be heading north to this newly discovered lake.


Dark Elvan: Dread Death

It took the host of the Ayrtesi five more days to reach the shores of the lake. Once there, they made camp & satiated their thirst. They rested by the shores of the lake for two days and then followed its shore westward. After a few days, the shore began to turn towards the north & the Ayrtesi continued to follow its rocky shoreline - avoiding the dry shrubland to the south and to the west. Beyond the shrubland to the west, they could see tall mountain peaks raising up into the clouds above. The weather was beginning to become colder & Ayrone knew that they would need to cross the mountains before the snow set in. And so, again, she sent forth her scouts - this time tasked with finding a pass thru the mountains. After many weeks of searching, the leader of the Ayrtesi scouts, Afethip37, returned to the host to announce that a pass thru the mountains had indeed been found. However snow had already fallen in the highlands & the way was no longer passable. And so it came to pass that the Ayrtesi built a small town on the shores of the lake. Ugarit38 they called this town for it lay upon the shore of the great lake Ansthuiz39. The Ayrtesi wintered in Ugarit until the spring when the pass they named Iqirattt40, for a great waterfall tumbled down over a precipice therein, had lost enough snow so that they could find themselves on the other side of the western mountains which they called Iripar Upav41 - for they never lost their white caps even in the dense heat of summer.

Chapter Seven: Of The Exodus Of The Iperatesi


F: The Great Scout Dark Elvan: Coast Town Dark Elvan: Blue Lake Dark Elvan: Silver Gorge Dark Elvan: White Mountains





Now as it has been told, all of the hsitesi who were loyal to Aquishwo swore the terrible Blood Oath of the Iperatesi & that this terrible curse would be the source of all the suffering their noble house would endure until the end of days. It has also been told how Aphitowor, the assassin of the Ayrtesi, crept into the home of Aquishwo & murdered his first born son, Tesopi. However, Aquishwo had many sons, all of which were great and terrible Princes amongst the Iperatesi. Their deeds, some terrible & some far more noble then any other deed that has ever been performed upon the world of Navdshyv, would become legendary beyond measure. For even in this day, songs are sung that recount the heroic exploits of the Iperatesi & their mighty Lords. Now the surviving sons of Aquishwo & Romra were as follows: Tesm, who as it has been told - was the first to swear the dread Blood Oath of the Iperatesi. Tesiquish, the third son, was a great warrior most renown for slaying Enerileth42, the father of the Dragonkin. wotesi, the fourth son of the King of the Iperatesi, was a terrible Prince who lead his people to great shame on the plains of Phypha Ifypha43 & was later killed by the Dmon Lord Ggthz44. The fifth & last son of Aquishwo & Romra was named Eazwo who was the greatest of the hsitesi in the creation of beautiful & powerful objects, including the implements of war that his fathers people used to enact their vengeance upon the Ayrtesi. When twelve score days had passed since the exile of the Ayrtesi & the murder of Tesopi, Aquishwo went before the Omshwo to declare his intentions. The great debate still unfolded regarding the actions of the Ayrtesi & their exile. The children of the stars still could not come to a consensus regarding the vile actions of the Ayrtesi as well as the pain & suffering they had caused in the great city of retesi.


High Elvan: Cursed Worm High Elvan: The Plains Of Tears Black Speech: Bane Of Existance



Brothers & Sisters of the Stars, Aquishwo pronounced, The vile crimes of the Ayrtesi have shattered the peace of our people. They have destroyed our innocence. They have slain our brothers, our sisters, our sons & daughters. By foul means they have corrupted our existence & now have been banished for all time from our birthplace. But, I say unto all you who have gathered here, is such punishment enough for the vile crimes they have committed? Is it enough to send them forth into the world beyond with no further consequence to the pain they have caused us? Ayrone, the accursed took from me my eldest son and my wife. She has taken the lives of many of my people. We refuse to stand by and allow these criminals to have freedom in the wilds beyond the shores of the sacred lake. My people have sworn an oath to me & we now intend to leave retesi and seek justice from those foul criminals who you so lightly scorned. Drawing forth his mighty sword, Qynnitto, Aquishwo declared: I vow, before the gathering of the Omshwo, that my people shall not return to this glorious city until we have found justice for the crimes committed against our house! And so it came to pass, like their dark kin who had been exiled before them, the Iperatesi left the shores of the sacred lake & the beauty of Ezytesi behind in order to find their destiny in the world beyond. From the south shores of Ezytesi, they traveled south west into Tashites45. From out of Tashites, they found the pass of Osylrt46, for the two branches of the river Etosyl47 flowed from the Iripar Upav, the White Mountains, to the north & from the Iripar Ilona48 to the south joining together in the pools of Etos in the center of the beautiful vale. A great


High Elvan: Field Of Stars High Elvan: River Vale High Elvan: The Vein River High Elvan: The Cloudy Mountains




many beasts made the Vale of Etos home & the Iperatesi felt at peace amongst these creatures & the beauty of the land. For a time, they were able to forget their sorrows & the suffering they had endured at the hands of the Ayrtesi & they were able to remember the happier times in retesi before Izomras shadow had crossed the hearts of the Ayrtesi. It was whilst traveling thru this beautiful vale that Sylarr49, the greatest of the Iperatesi bards, composed the famous hsitesi song, Amosyl Etos50:

ra eryth the srrshas onsh eraph holn phylne qolls nissl iripti enor iwy ra larshahesst eshsh sasois ra holshsipt allem qietor mewniqish leme elt erre ra torshoweti opine eshyn etar ttoshti shor othesh pyshshon fysh ra etosti larshahesst nissl ra ephashiqish phat ra wo hesss etymes ilal assre apho nitph nysho ra apo l ra op ali leme ra holshsipt physhsh pypm ammt isho iwy ra larshahesst ra ryrrm ryrrnshas pe etyme etymawasashl asiqish thamnssnen ali shapoir elor s ammy oqare thiqst ofosa hess s a etor ishn efip eraphoir etyme lemen ammyan shir eith hysho remm l remsti larsh eshyn ra oti


High Elvan: Ruby Song High Elvan: The Siren Of The Vein River


shillph qiphe ysa onnn etymsin51

From out of the Vale of Etos, the Iperatesi traveled west thru the Eshryhyp52 pass & out into the western coast where the great sea - Ipmeth53 - was first sighted by any of the hsitesi. Down thru the foothills of the Iripar Ilona they came, finding at last the headwaters of the Ilonasyl54, which they followed until they reached the sea. And where the cloudy river met the great sea, the Iperatesi built beautiful sailing ships, for they wished to sail northward & find the haven of the Ayrtesi who they hoped would soon pay for the evil crimes they had committed in the beautiful city of retesi. So it came to pass that the Iperatesi completed their work & sailed northward along the coast, searching for the haven of the Ayrtesi. After many trials and a treacherous storm, they came at last to a cove where their hated enemies were constructing their own fleet of ships in order that they might sail to the west. By the light of the two full moons, the Iperatesi attacked the Ayrtesi in their ship yards taking their dark cousins by surprise. The battle lasted well into the night, culminating with Aquishwo calling upon Ayrone to be held accountable for the murder of his son. But it would not be the queen of the Ayrtesi who would face the king of the Iperatesi. The Lord of the Night, Aphitowor, stepped forth

The wind dances upon blue water/That rushes forth from mountains high/In the distance peace surrounds the watcher/As timeless beauty fills his eye/The ripples course down ancient paths/Their power seeped thru the veins/Far away from the shadows wrath/The light here shall never wane/Her song touches the heart of the free/And fills the watcher with much hope/But in the distance the world continues to be/Beware its ensnaring & boundless rope/For one may only tarry here for a time/Whilst your thirst be quenched once more/We dream yet of places far down the line/Which none have seen before


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wielding Shadowgrip & took up the challenge for his mistress taking great delight in the melee with his most hated adversary. The combat was fierce & passionate & both warriors held their ground. But the tide of the melee as well as the battle itself turned when Ayrone stepped forth from the tower she had raised at the center of the Ayrtesi ship yards & cast a great storm of shadows upon the Iperatesi using the Staff of Dark Stars. The brave warriors of the Iperatesi were forced to retreat, Aquishwo lead them, and they sailed off to the west, intending to discover the lands of the mortals before their hated enemies.

Chapter Eight: Of The Coming Of Men

The memory of Man is very poor as compared to the hsitesi, for the Children of the Stars are immortal & are able to remember thousands of years of experiences - yet Man is mortal & his memory can easily become confused or put aside for more pressing present concerns. It is for this reason that when the first hsitesi encountered Men the later could not tell the former where they first awoke. For seven generations of men had passed since their awakening & their first encounter with the Children of the Stars. Fanciful tales are told of Mans humble beginnings but no hsitesi has ever been able to learn the truth of the origin of Man. One tale speaks of a beautiful & wild forest, where the first Men walked amongst the trees & the beasts of the wilds - in a very similar fashion as to the animals. But then a beautiful & powerful woman appeared amongst them & taught them speech & how to make shelters & tools. But the memory of her presence is vague amongst Men, for soon they began to confuse their own speech and fashion different tools. And then there was strife among Man for some followed certain leaders over others and each of these leaders took followers, bidding them to speak but one tongue - one different from the other groups of men & the other leaders. Each of these leaders of Men chose a territory for themselves and jealously guarded it against the other leaders. Soon the followers of the leaders of Men

came to give them great tittles such as King or Emperor or even Overlord and the unity & innate freedom of Mankind was forever fractured. Another tale speaks of a cavern deep in the depths of the earth where slowly, over a long & dangerous journey, Man climbed up to the surface & saw the glorious light of the Sun for the first time. At first Man was blinded & the light of the sun hurt the eyes - for Man had existed only in the darkness of his Cave. But slowly, over time, Man adapted to the sunlight & learned to enjoy its warmth & see the beauty in all the things that surrounded him. But in learning of Beauty, Man also learned fear - for at night, when the Sun disappeared from the sky, great & terrifying beasts roamed the world. Beasts that would harm & kill many Men. And so Man created Fire - as a distant memory of the Sun while it slept in the night. And with Fire, Man learned to build tools & protect himself from the beasts & from other Men who were just as jealous as he was jealous. For Man is a jealous beast & covets all the things that he does not control. And so groups of Men would gather & plan ways to control other Men & the things those other Men controlled. And each of these groups had their own speech so as to hide their plans from the ears of the other groups. And so it came to pass that the ships of the Iperatesi, that had traveled far across the sea, came at last to the shores of the great western continent. In the primal forests they discovered Man, a primitive beast clinging to life like the animals he hunted for sustenance. Man lived in primitive huts and used primitive tools of stone or of bronze. He spoke a language that sounded harsh to the musical ears of the Iperatesi, one which was hard for them to understand. And so it came to pass that the Iperatesi taught these simple men their language as well as some of their great skill at crafting. Time passed in an instant for the immortal Iperatesi and they watched Man live and die in fleeting moments which to their elder eyes seemed like short moments. But as time marched forward, so too did Mans understanding of those things the Iperatesi taught. Soon (in the timeless eyes of the Iperatesi), Man was forging steel from iron and was building great castles to shelter

themselves from the elements and the beasts who preyed upon them. The greatest friend of the Iperatesi amongst Men called himself Erupua and he was a great lover of the knowledge the immortals had taught his people. He was wise in the ways of Man as well as wise in those things he had been able to learn from the Iperatesi. His people - whom the Iperatesi called the Erupuan - loved him and loved the Iperatesi. The Erupuan were great crafters and builders and they were also great hunters and warriors who loved the beauty of the natural world that surrounded them. They sang great songs and danced merrily around great fires singing praise to the gods & to their Iperatesi friends. And the Iperatesi often joined the Erupuan in their celebrations, enjoying the comradery and music as all hsitesi do. But as has been told, Man is a jealous and envious beast who covets that which he does not have but sees in others. And so it came to pass that other tribes of men saw the knowledge and skill of the Erupuan as well as their sacred friendship with the immortal Iperatesi and became jealous and envious. The leaders of these other tribes began to plot and scheme, desiring the knowledge and skill of the Erupuan for their own. War and strife came amongst the nations of Man as tribe fought tribe in the hopes of controlling the best knowledge and skill. Many lives were lost in these petty Wars of Steel and the Iperatesi wept for they understood that it was their friendship with the Erupuan that had caused this strife amongst Mankind. And so it came to pass that Aquishwo sent each of his sons amongst the tribes of Man to teach them the same skills and lore they had taught the Erupuan. And so a relative peace was to be found amongst Mankind for a time.

Chapter Nine: Of The Corruption Of Zhozurak

Still, the tribal leaders of Man were jealous of the friendship between the Erupuan and the Iperatesi for they say this special alliance was closer then the relationship they themselves shared with the immortals. Although all men now shared the Iperatesi

knowledge and skill, many desired more. The most envious and jealous of Men was named Zhozurak55, a cruel and greedy man who wanted to dominate all Men and the Iperatesi as well. Zhozurak saw the power the Erupuan had and rightly understood that his people would never match the expertise and skill of the Erupuan unless they discovered their own means to learn knowledge and skill. And so Zhozurak ordered that a great underground complex be built where his people would seek new knowledge and skill out from the eyes of the other tribes of Men. And so it came to pass that a dark stranger came amongst the people of Zhozurak and taught them dark magics and new skills which had never been taught to Man by the Iperatesi. The people of Zhozurak called this dark stranger Ejocatu56 and he became the most trusted advisor to Zhozurak, teaching the Dark Lord of the Caverns the greatest black magics Man has ever understood. But the greatest evil that Ejocatu gave unto Zhozurak was the knowledge of how to brew the Elixir of Oweharis Distress - giving the evil lord the gift of an unending life span. But Ejocatu the cruel cursed the Elixir for with each passing year that Zhozurak lived, so did he and his people become hideous in their appearance. Their once great stature diminished and their skin became grey or green. Their hair grew coarse and covered their bodies like the hides of some beasts. Certain individuals amongst them grew tusks and all throughout their tribe did cruelty and the spirit of violence take over their hearts. From out of their great Cavern, the people of Zhozurak made war upon the Erupuan and the Iperatesi. The Erupuan stood aghast at the terrifying corruption of the people of Zhozurak whilst the Iperatesi began to call them goblins, for their vile appearances and cruel ways disgusted the first born beyond measure. And so the first Goblin Wars ravaged the lands of the Erupuan and the Iperatesi, for the goblins were a race who could procreate


Ancient Goblin: Evil Man Ancient Goblin: The Craft Master


in great numbers. For six score years did the goblin hoards make war upon the Iperatesi and the Erupuan and many battles were fought with great loses on both sides. Whilst calmly scheming up upon the summit of the Goblin Mountain (as the Erupuan came to call the home of the peoples of Zhuzurak), Ejocatu the Cruel smiled. Pleased was he with the work of creating suffering and strife amongst the Humans and with his ancient foe the Iperatesi. The Ayrtesi Lord began to formulate his next campaign of terror and suffering, for war amongst Mankind was a simple thing indeed and the creation of the goblin race was but an experiment for the vile Ejocatu. He desired greater suffering and the creation of a race of beings far greater in power to command. And so it came to pass that Ejocatu locked himself away within the confines of his rooms within Zhuzuraks cavernous domain. For years the warlock worked, experimenting with all manner of beasts. From out of these dark researches came a number of vile creatures that Men and Elves both call monsters. Yet Ejocatu laboured on, seeking to create the most fearsome and powerful race of creatures to be seen in the world. Now it came to pass that Ejocatu succeeded in his design, creating the great and powerful dragon named Enerileth. And Ejocatu was pleased with his creatures, but most pleased was he with the Dragonkin and their father Enerileth. For through their intelligence and magical power, the Dragons of Ejocatu wrought much suffering and destruction in the world. Now it came to pass that the first Goblin Wars continued to rage whilst Ejocatu laboured in his vile laboratory and breeding pits. When one of his monstrous creations was complete he would then let them loose upon the world. The Goblin King, Zhozurak, used these monsters in his assaults upon the Erupuan and Iperatesi and relished in the blood and death they created. For with each new creature Ejocatu gave to Zhozurak, the Goblin Armies became stronger and the Goblin King began to number the days in which his detested foes would walk upon the earth. Now it came to pass that the brave Erupuan and their Iperatesi allies did make one

last defense against the Goblin Hoards in the high places of Eblanoich57 where the Iperatesi had built a great fortress-city called lanesel Tr58. For the fortress of elms was a magical wonder which the Iperatesi had caused to be raised forth from the very roots of the mountains. The walls of the citadel stretched higher into the sky then any other building known upon the face of the world and these great walls were made from the very stone of the mountain itself but having the magical substance the Iperatesi call Wittin59 covering their entirety. Seven wondrous towers spiraled around the core of the main structure, each surmounted at its pinnacle with a massive jewel in the form of a majestic elm tree. These glorious jeweled trees reflected the sunlight in all directions creating magical luminous auras that stunned all who beheld them with their beauty. In the topmost tower, Aquishwo sat in his throne room and from its ornate hall did he issue forth battle plans for the defense of the Iperatesis greatest architectural creation and the final stand of Men and Elves against the Goblin Hoards. While at his side stood Erupua, the first elf friend, old in age as mortals reckon, yet still as strong and as wise as the Lord of the Erupua had been when the Iperatesi first came amongst Men. Looking down from the circular windows of Aquishwos throne room to the gathering hoards of Goblins and fell creatures bellow, the wise old Erupua knew that this would be his last battle against the Goblinkin. For if the violence of battle did not bring Mankinds bane to ferment within his body, the dire situation his people and the Iperatesi found themselves in would surely force him to end his life honourably. The time has come, dear Aquishwo. Erupua spake, For now the hoards of Zhozurak do marshal outside the gates of your city. My destiny awaits, as does the destiny of my people - and I fear, this shall be but one more tragic moment of suffering for you and


Erupuan: Star Mounds Iperatesi: Elm-Fortress City Iperatesi: Cold Glass - i.e. Eog



your people. Your friendship and guidance I will always cherish, and so it is with heavy heart yet firm resolve that I leave you now to lead my people forth from out of your gates to do battle with Zhozurak and his fiends. Let your bards remember this day and the deeds of Erupua and his people! And Aquishwo was saddened by the speech of his friend, for he knew that Erupua spoke the truth. Yet the King of the Iperatesi did not let the King of the Erupuan leave without a token of their friendship. For into the hands of Erupua did Aquishwo place the great blade tonen60 harkening Erupua to use it to rid the world of Zhozuraks evil. With heavy heart did the friends part and the immortal king of the Iperatesi watched as the mortal king of the Erupuan lead the charge of his people from out of the gates of lanesel Tr. Now it came to pass that the great charge of the Erupuan at the Battle of lanesel Tr was to be the final achievement of Erupua, the Elf-Friend, for as the King of the Erupuan came upon the first ranks of the Goblin Hoards, the vile fiends parted allowing the Erupuan to pass unharmed. And came they upon the elite troll warriors of Zhozurak who did engage the charging Erupuan in battle. And it is told by all who witnessed this great melee that the Erupuan cut down the troll guard of Zhozurak as if they were but vegetation. When the last troll guard fell, Erupua issued forth a challenge unto Zhozurak himself and so did the Lord of the Goblins take up Erupuas challenge for his pride was great and the hatred of Erupua burned through the Goblin Kings entire being. Zhozurak drew forth the evil scimitar Ackgzc61 which sang as he swung its shining silver blade at Erupua. The latter tried to block the blow with his shield but was taken aback by the force of Zhozuraks strike, standing stunned as the Goblin Lord readied a second attack. This second swing grazed the edge of Erupuas armour bringing his


Iperatesi: Beast-Slayer Black Speech: Skillful-Slayer


senses back into focus upon the vile face of Zhozurak. The King of the Erupuan swung his flaming sword, tonen, which shattered Zhozuraks left hip knocking the Goblin Lord to the ground and searing the flesh of his leg with tonens magical fire. Screaming in pain and stunned by the power of Erupuas attack, Zhozurak lifted his great scimitar to protect himself as Erupuas next attack came crashing down upon him. It was all that the vile Lord of the people of Zhozurak could do as Erupuas assaults continued uncontested. Again Erupua swung his flaming blade tonen and yet again sparks flew as Zhozurak desperately parried the attack with his great scimitar Ackgzc. Yield Zhozurak! commanded Erupua as both paused to catch their breaths. Take your hoards from out of this place and never return, or my people will hunt you down and finish what I have done to you this day! You are a fool, Erupua! the fallen Goblin King spat, For this is the end of your race. I shall be ruler of Men and you will lie in the dust at my feet! Defiantly, Zhozurak swung his scimitar Ackgzc, but Erupua deftly parried the blow with his flaming sword tonen. Turning his fiery blade, Erupua reversed the motion of his parry and struck Zhozuraks weapon arm. The evil scimitar Ackgzc dropped from the Goblins grip as the magical flames of tonen burned fiercely, searing the flesh of Zhozuraks arm and immolating the fabric of his black robes. Screaming a deathly wail, Zhozurak cursed Erupua and his people as the flaming power of the latters sword ended the vile Goblin Lords life. A great cheer arose from the gathered Erupuan Warriors and their Iperatesi allies who had come out of the gates of lanesel Tr to engage their enemy. The gathered goblin hoards immediately understood the implications of the demise of Zhozurak and began to flee. Seeing the retreat of their enemy, the Erupuan and the Iperatesi gave chase attacking goblin and troll units all the way back to the vile caverns of Ktztipzum62 where Zhozurak


Black Speech: The Hidden Mists

and Ejocatu had first stirred their jealous and cruel hearts to make war upon the Erupuan. Now it came to pass that none of the Goblin-Kin came forth from the caverns of Ktztipzum for ten score years after their defeat before the gates of lanesel Tr, as the loss of their leader created a void within their corrupt society. The Goblin Nation was never to be unified again after the Battle of lanesel Tr as new Goblin Chiefs took command of smaller groups of the once unnumbered hoard of Zhozurak. Many of these Goblin Tribes left Ktztipzum in search of their own lairs and kingdoms where they could wreak havoc upon Men and Elves from other fronts. But the threat to lanesel Tr and the Erupuan was dispatched, though the corruption of the people of Zhozurak was far from ended. And it is said in some tales of the Iperatesi that the vile Ayrtesi Lord, whom the Goblins called Ejocatu, fled Ktztipzum with his creatures and minions when he heard of the death of Zhozurak. It has been told by some that Ejocatu returned to his people and to his mistress Ayrone, heralded as a hero of the Ayrtesi for the suffering he single handedly caused amongst Man. And to this very day, the Iperatesi curse his elvan name: Itthat - Lord Of The Thirteen Fires, at each instance that one of his vile creations strikes fear and suffering in the hearts of Elves and Men.

Chapter Ten: Of The Doom Of Tesiquish

Now as has been told, Aquishwo sent his sons amongst the tribes of Man to teach all Mankind the skills and knowledge of the Iperatesi so as to stem the bitter fighting between Men. The Iperatesi Kings third son, the great and proud Prince Tesaquish went amongst the proud and boisterous tribe of Men who called themselves the Hanoteac63 for they favoured axes as tools and weapons. The great Iperatesi Prince Tesaquish became the


Ancient Human: Ax-Tribe

close advisor to the Hanoteac chieftain Alluoplef TuiJethe64 and counseled the great leader in all the affairs of his people. For in those days the Hanoteac were united under the leadership of the TuiJethe Clan and Tesaquish helped to guide them to greatness. But the Hanoteac were fond of their drink and of boisterous song which often lead their warriors to demonstrations of their skills. Upon every twenty first day Alluoplef held a tournament of warriors for he wished to know who amongst his people were the greatest at their craft. Great contests were staged and all the men of the clans would gather to demonstrate their abilities with the axe, with the bow and in the hunt. For the greatest contest of Alluoplefs tourney was the Grand Hunt where the champion to be named was to be the warrior who could slay a cave bear by utilizing only his ax. To be named Alluoplefs Ojierallas65 was the greatest honour amongst his people. Now it is well understood that Tesaquish and his Iperatesi warriors enjoyed the celebration of Alluoplefs tournament as much as the Hanoteac. Therefor, they would participate in the Grand Tournament, pitting their prowess against that of the greatest Hanoteac warriors. Now it would come to pass that this idle fascination of Tesaquish with the warrior culture of the Hanoteac would usher forth his doom. For it is told by the sages of the Iperatesi and the wise men of the Hanoteac that during one Great Hunt, Tesaquish and his Iperatesi warriors came upon the Ayrtesi Arisayra66, the very daughter of the vile Ayrtesi Matron, Ayrone. Arisayra had traveled forth from the lands where the Ayrtesi now resided in search of the Tribes of Man. The charge the dark daughter of Ayrone had undertaken was to further divide Man and bring suffering and jealousy amongst them. For it was her greatest desire to see the Tribes of Man turn upon their Iperatesi allies and sow


Ancient Northern: Thunder-Mind Son-Of-The-Chief Ancient Northern: Bear-Killer Ayrtesi: Dark Frenzy



the seeds of dissent and suspicion. Within a dark vale high in the mountains above the lands of the Hanoteac did Tesiquish and his warriors come upon Arisayra. Upon first perceiving the Ayrtesi virago, the Princes rage which is the doom of the Blood Oath of the Iperatesi filled Tesiquishs heart and the hearts of his warriors. Six were they in number and their Prince was the seventh. For they circled Arisayra, their long swords gleaming in the rays of the sun floating through the ceiling of oaken leaves which basked the entire vale in eerie luminescence. But the heart of the Iperatesi Prince was filled with a vile darkness which mirrored the very soul of his victim. For in that instant within that dark vale, Tesiquish dishonoured the memory of his murdered brother and brought about a doom more poisonous to his soul then the Blood Oath he had sworn upon his fathers blade. Now it came to pass that Tesiquish defiled the femininity of Arisayra amongst the ancient oaks of that dark vale. For his warriors held the Ayrtesi on the ground and urged their lord on with his vile deed. In the spirit of vengeance did the Iperatesi Prince maculate the honour of the Iperatesi and of his house. For the doom of the Blood Oath is as corrupting to the Iperatesi as the darkness which sits upon the hearts of the Ayrtesi. Truly, the depravity of Tesiquishs act was to be the darkest hour of the Iperatesi. Arisayra rejoiced in the vileness of the violation for she immediately understood that there were no real differences between the Ayrtesi and the Iperatesi. For the only difference that existed were the choices each made in regards to their thoughts and actions. But most mirthful of all for Arisayra was the fact that the engine of Tesiquishs doom was slowly being formed within the warmth of her womb. For Arisayra knew that the child she would bear as the consequence of Tesiquishs rape would one day slay her detested father and bring more suffering to the House of Aquishwo. Now it came to pass that Arisayra returned to her mother, rejoicing in the aftermath of the events in the Dark Vale of Hanoteac for she could feel within her womb the small little seed that would one day spell the death of another Prince of the House of

Aquishwo. For when Arisayras daughter was born she named her Esozani67 for the child would one day bring suffering to the souls of so many Iperatesi. And Ayrone gave her grand-daughter the dark blessing, foretelling the day when the rape-child of Tesiquish would bring doom upon his House. And thus, a number of years passed in the lands of the Hanoteac while Tesiquish and his warriors lived amongst the boisterous men of the north, teaching them and sharing in their virtues. And it came to pass that a number of goblins who had fled the disorder of Ktztipzum after the fall of Zhozurak settled in some of the caverns in the mountains above the lands of the Hanoteac. For shortly after their migration, this new goblin tribe, who called themselves the Kzyzg-yzg68 for they made their lair in the caverns within the fiery mountain the Hanoteac called Feykiof69, began to raid Hanoteac villages and towns causing fear & death amongst the clans. And so it came to pass that the clans of the Hanoteac made war upon the Kzyzg-yzg, battling them in small clashes in the mountains and vales. It was to be a long and never ending fight which took the lives of many of the Hanoteac as well as a number of Tesiquishs warriors. Yet from the secret lair of the Ayrtesi, the vile creator of monsters, Itthat heard of the war between the goblins and the Hanoteac. Sensing an opportunity to spread more death amongst Mankind and the Iperatesi, Itthat gathered to him his Dragons and traveled to the lair of the Kzyzg-yzg. The Goblin King of the Kzyzg-yzg, a vile creature named Apygk70, was immediately receptive to Itthats offer of aid. For the Ayrtesi Warlock was remembered well in the goblin kings memory as the advisor to Zhozurak. And when Apygk first saw Enerileth, the father of Dragonkind, the grey skinned Orc


Ayrtesi: Souls Ache Black Speech: Soldiers Of Black Ash Ancient Northern: Fire-Fist Black Speech: Cruel-Blade




began to foam at his fangs as he envisioned the destruction the great drake would create. Know that the Clans of the Hanoteac shall tremble in fear at the sight of Enerileth. Ejocatu the cruel (for Itthat again used the name the people of Zhozurak had given him amongst the goblins) beguiled. Your dominance of these lands is assured. I will let Enerileth loose from out of your lair while your army waits for the dragon to destroy your foes. When all is burning, then your warriors may swoop in and take the land from the Hanoteac. And so it came to pass that Man and Elf first suffered from Dragonkind, for Enerileth flew forth from the gates of Gyzjyzguk71, the lair of the Kzyzg-yzg, and wreaked death and conflagration amongst the Hanoteac. So great was the power of the fiery breath of Enerileth that whole towns were destroyed in moments, their inhabitants mostly reduced to ashes or charred remains. The valiant Hanoteac warriors tried to defend their kin, but their arrows would not penetrate the scaly skin of the Father of Dragons as he flew above them. Desperately, Tesiquish sent word to his father in lanesel Tr for Iperatesi Warriors to come to the aid of the embattled Hanoteac. And so it came to pass that a legion of one thousand Iperatesi warriors marched forth from the gates of lanesel Tr north to the lands of the Hanoteac. Leading the Iperatesi army was Eazwo, the greatest smith of the Iperatesi and brother to Tesiquish, who brought with him new weapons forged in order to combat the goblin-kin and the threat of Enerileth. And so it came to pass that Eazwo gave unto his brother the great spear Etilq72. The shaft was forged of the magical substance Wittin and the spear point was carved from a single shard of sapphire which glowed blue in the presence of any goblins or dragons. And so it came to pass that the warriors of the Clans of Hanoteac and the army of


Black Speech: Fire-Caves Iperatesi: Dragon Bane


the Iperatesi gathered at the Hanoteac citadel called Jetheoplin73 as a final stand against Enerileth and the Kzyzg-yzg goblin army. At dusk a great and monstrous form was seen on the horizon, its large wings gently propelling it forward in a macabre dance that bequeathed only fear and apprehension. Below, from out of the shadows of the forest of Jetheoplin could be seen the shadowy forms of the goblins as they advanced towards the citadel. Drumbeats could be heard across the distance and the great roar that was the battle cry of thousands of goblins befell the ears of the defenders. From atop the tallest turret of the citadels ramparts came a long blast of a trumpet in response and as its intonation subsided the voices of the Hanoteac cried in fury and the Iperatesi began to sing the now famous Asseryt Jetheoplin74:

ripsrr ra aqish! ripsrr ra fat! eothoenen etho isher s ra awasar l etho oheti ripsrr ra aqish! ripsr ra fat! eselat ql iq s elloph nesss lannr eselat ripsrr ra aqish! ripsr ra fat! toton etho anash ytho s ra otheshoy l etho oqyat ripsrr ra aqish!


Ancient Northern: Chiefs-Home Iperatesi: Battle Hymn Of Jetheoplin


ripsr ra fat! lofpa nissl shas asseiqes s ra ryshot l etho mpp ripsrr ra aqish! ripsr ra fat! itapa ql ethoti peripa s ra ryshot l etho mpp ripsrr ra aqish! ripsrr ra fat! eothoenen etho isher s ra awasar l etho oheti ripsrr ra aqish! ripsrr ra fat! eothoenen etho isher s ra awasar l etho oheti75

As the first moon was beginning to rise hails of arrows began to shower down upon the north west tower of Jetheoplin where Clan TuiOnohatotin Archers were stationed. The brave Clan TuiOnohatotin sustained only minor casualties before returning fire and slightly thinning the ranks of the goblin archers. Suddenly there came a horn blast that

Iperatesi: take up the sword!/take up the spear!/avenge our fallen/for the memory of our fathers/take up the sword!/take up the spear!/strength is supreme/for those who wield it/take up the sword!/take up the spear!/let our enemy fear/for the power of our arms/take up the sword!/take up the spear!/march forth on battle ground/for the glory of our nation/take up the sword!/take up the spear!/victory is ours to take/for the glory of our nation/take up the sword!/take up the spear!/avenge our fallen/for the memory of our fathers/take up the sword!/take up the spear!/avenge our fallen/for the memory of our fathers

pulsed forth from out of the rear of the goblin hoard and the multitude of catapults the Kzyzg-yzg had wheeled up before the walls of Jetheoplin began to lob their stones. Small cracks began to form in the north wall yet the defenders feared not. For through the din of battle came the shrill sound of the trumpet atop the battlements of the citadel. A great sound was heard at the gates as the massive steel doors swung open allowing the long lines of Iperatesi warriors to issue forth, lead by their Lord - Eazwo. And at the vanguard of their march came forth the warriors of Alluoplef TuiJethes own Clan shouting their battle cry as they rushed forth to engage the goblin hoards. For at their head was Alluoplef TuiJethe himself, wielding his great ax Ohinjethe76, furiously screaming his Clans battle cry: Keinj Jebler!77 As the TuiJethe Clansmen engaged the ranks of Kzyzg-yzg archers, the slain bodies of goblins began to pile up for the goblins were no match for the experienced human warriors. The long ranks of Iperatesi warriors continued the march past their TuiJethe allies engaging the goblin infantry who formed up ranks behind the archers. The melee that ensued was bloody, taking the lives of nearly half the goblin infantry and slaying one eighth of the Iperatesi warriors. Suddenly the skies above the battle field and the citadel of Jetheoplin grew darker as the black form of Enerileth flew above the battling hosts. And with his evil presence came the dreaded Dragon Fear which swept through the ranks of the Hanoteac and Iperatesi Warriors causing many to route or simply stand frozen in the midst of the melee, unable to defend themselves from goblin scimitars. And it came to pass that Tesiquish, who stood tall upon the battlements of the north east tower of Jetheoplin, raised his great spear Etilq which filled the entire vale with the blue light emanating from its sapphire point. For as the father of dragons prepared to blast the citadel with his fiery breath, the


Ancient Northern: Ax Of The Chief Ancient Northern: Hold Fast!


brave Iperatesi Prince impelled Etilq forward, aiming for the breast of Enerileth. Now it is recounted by the Iperatesi Bards that the hand of Ephiowor78 aided Tesiquishs throw, however the warriors who were present on that famous day know otherwise. For it is True that the glowing sapphire point of Etilq did indeed pierce the heart of Enerileth and that the great drake died immediately upon receiving the strike. And the great black scaled body of the dragon fell from the sky upon the very spot where the brave Iperatesi warriors were battling the Kzyzg-yzg infantry and many elves and goblins lost their lives, crushed were they under the great bulk of the dragon. And even in death, a dragons body is dangerous, for the blood of the drake runs rich with the elemental magic that gives the vile beast its power. For all those who were sprayed with the fiery blood of Enerileth as the great father of dragons fell to the ground, died in agony and their tormented cries still fill the dreams of men and elves with visions of horror. And so it came to pass that the Battle of Jetheoplin was won but at great cost to the gathered Clans of Hanoteac and to the Iperatesi. But from the death and suffering the battle caused came the hope that the power of dragonkind could be defeated. And it is with heavy heart that men and elves remember their first victory against the great winged serpents who have wrought so much suffering and destruction in the world. For although the tide of war against the Kzyzg-yzg turned that wretched day, the cost was so great as to be lamented for millennia to come. And so it came to pass that Tesiquish and Eazwo departed from the company of Alluoplef TuiJethe and the Hanoteac, for they and the surviving warriors of the Iperatesi returned to their fathers magnificent citadel lanesel Tr to mourn the loss of their comrades and to devise a plan to bring peace back to the tribes of Men. For the Iperatesi tired of war and the constant battling against the goblin-kin and the monsters of Itthat were beginning to take their toll upon the hearts of the noble Iperatesi. For Tesiquish


Iperatesi: Air Lord - the Elvan name for Hishtid, god of Air & the Sky

understood that peace would not be had until the vile schemes of the Ayrtesi were foiled and the fulfillment of the Blood Oath was at hand. It was in Aquishwos secret chambers that the princes of the Iperatesi gathered to devise some means to thwart the plots of their ancient foes, the Ayrtesi. For this gathering was called the Council Of The Iperatesi and it did make plans for the protection of the Iperatesi and for the Tribes of Man. And much debate was to unfold amongst the Princes as to the best course to follow in their war against their enemy. Yet Aquishwo himself did not offer his counsel, for the king of the Iperatesi was of heavy heart. The suffering of his people and of the Tribes of Man was great due to the Blood Oath and the wise king knew not how to resolve the difficulty. For deep in his heart, Aquishwo knew that the Blood Oath was a terrible curse upon his people. And yet the Iperatesi were all bound by the Oath, until their doom came to be. It is the way of the elves that no decision is made in haste, for the immortals consider that time is not truly an issue to be taken into consideration when deliberating great concerns. And so the Council Of The Iperatesi lasted for a score of years as the great Princes debated what should be done. But finally it was Tesiquish himself who stood before his father and his brothers and stated that he would take an army into the mountains east of the lands of the Hanoteac and find the secret lair of the Ayrtesi. For, as the great Prince reasoned, it was impossible to fight an enemy if one did not know their location. And so it came to pass that Tesiquish set forth from the gates of lanesel Tr backed by an army of one thousand warriors. The March Of Tesiquish, as it came to be called by the bards, was hard and filled with danger. For once the Iperatesi departed the lands of the Hanoteac they were set upon by goblins and other vile creations of Itthat. For the Lord of the Thirteen Fires knew of the March from his spies and so placed obstacles in Tesiquishs way. But the brave Prince fought onward until at last he reached the gates of Itthats lair.

And what befell the Iperatesi before the gates of Jitthavariniv79 is not often spoken of amongst the elves, for their sorrows are great. Even the Bards sing no songs, for the pain is far too great. For it came to pass that the doom for which Tesiquish created with the rape of Arisayra would finally be fulfilled. For out from the black gates of Jitthavariniv strode forth Esozami all alone and her appearance beguiled the sense of her father. For upon seeing her for the first time, Tesiquish recognized her and immediately understood that his doom was upon him. Father! cried she in her deep voice, Send your army home and they will be spared, for my quarrel is solely with you. For within the Dark Vale of in the lands of the Hanoteac you defiled my mother and for this vile act I have come to repay you in kind. And it came to pass that Esozami raised up her arms and spake one word in the language of the arcane magics. Yet there was no recourse for Tesiquish for the Doom was at hand and his rape-childs magic was greater then his own will. For it came to pass that he was immediately transported through the ether along with Esozami into the pits of Jitthavariniv where she spent the next one hundred years torturing her father until his body was so broken and scarred that the brave Iperatesi Prince lost his will to live. In his final living act, Tesiquish cursed his daughter for all time and then passed beyond the veil of the material plane to finally find peace and rest. And so it came to pass that the great Prince Tesiquish of the Iperatesi passed from this world into another. And it is told that his army was indeed allowed to return to lanesel Tr unharmed by their Ayrtesi foes or the vile creatures they commanded. And the sorrow of the Iperatesi as to the Doom of Tesiquish continues onward to this very day, for it is with heavy heart that the followers of Aquishwo do remember the great and terrible deeds of Tesiquish Dragonslayer.

Ayrtesi: The Fire Lords Lair - Itthats underground citadel in the Great Eastern Mountains.


Chapter Eleven: Of The Phsh Issaysaras

When Aquishwo heard of his sons capture by the Ayrtesi, his melancholy turned to a fire of rage as he relived the murder of his first son in his mind and now envisioned the tortures Tesiquish would suffer. At once he convened the Council Of The Iperatesi within his secret chambers and set about the plan for the vengeance of his house upon the Ayrtesi. Each of the Iperatesi Princes, who were his sons, he ordered to return to the Human Tribe that they had mentored and to build a great citadel on the outskirts of that tribes land. And he commanded his youngest son, Eazwo to create some means by which these citadels as well as the citadel of lanesel Tr could communicate amongst themselves. To each citadel Aquishwo would send one thousand Iperatesi warriors and they were to train the humans for the final conflict with the Ayrtesi. And Aquishwo, the High King of the Iperatesi, called this plan the Phsh Issaysaras80. And so it came to pass that each of Aquishwos sons went back amongst the Tribes of Man whom they had been mentors for and built great citadels near the Tribal lands. And Eazwo devised the Qathotryhsti81 and gave one to each his brothers and one to his father. But the talented alchemist of the Iperatesi also created the Torshryhsti82 and gave one to each of the leaders of Men so that they could communicate with the citadels of the Iperatesi. For through the stones could all men and elves communicate and keep watch for the schemes of the Ayrtesi or the armies of goblins who would herald the work of the dark foes. And many generations of Men passed as the Citadels of the Iperatesi were raised,


Iperatesi: Group Of Strength In The Distant Past & The Future - The League Of Iperatesi: Speaking Stones Iperatesi: Small Stones



yet ever watchful were the elven lords for signs of Ayrtesi plots or goblin armies. From time to time goblin tribes would assault the lands of Men and the Iperatesi who helped guard those realms and each time the allied forces repelled the attacks. And sometimes dragons would terrorize the lands, but the strength of the Phsh Issaysaras held fast. And as the Iperatesi citadels rose ever higher, the warriors of Men trained side by side with the Iperatesi preparing for the battle that would surely come. Now these are the Citadels which belonged to the Phsh Issaysaras. In the north amongst the Clans of the Hanoteac did Eazwo erect Etillannr Tr83 in memory of Tesiquish and the great deeds he had done amongst those proud Men. And the great Iperatesi Warrior Rymmipa84, who had been Tesiquishs lieutenant in Hanoteac, was named its Lord. Etilannr Tr was a beautiful spire carved into the single peak of the mountain the Hanoteac called Ofhinjhien85. It rose one league up into the air above a small plateau which overlooked a beautiful vale three hundred feet below. And upon the eastern edge of the plateau coursed a sparkling river which rushed over the edge of the cliffs to fall powerfully into the vale. The sound of the waterfall was sacred to both the Iperatesi and to the Hanoteac and they called the great cataract Eraphrinitpho86 for they felt the spirit of the god of the waters and the sea could be felt within its rushing flow. And at the heart of the citadel itself was the trophy that Tesiquish had carried back from the Battle Of Jetheoplin, the heart of the great dragon Enerileth which the great Prince had carved out of the dragons corpse. Eazwo had cast powerful enchantments upon it, causing the monstrous organ to continue to beat and encassing it in a massive magical ruby so as to be


Iperatesi: Dragon-Hold Tower Iperatesi: Loyal Oak Ancient Northern: Heavens Spike Iperatesi: Eraphris Song Eraphri is the Iperatesi name for Dethrora, god of Water.




immune to physical attacks. And this great artefact which the Iperatesi called Etilapo87 was placed in the topmost tower of Etilannr Tr and it protected the great citadel from dragon attacks. Tesm returned amongst the Pliac who held lands south of the original realm of Zhozurak. And Tesm did build a citadel upon an island in the great sea Ipmeth not far from the city called Ghynoch88 where King Synefon89 held his court. And the Iperatesi called their island citadel Methryhs Tr90 for it watched the Ipmeth for the approach of Ayrtesi warships who were want to raid the coasts of the Pliac lands. Now it is said that Synefon and Tesm both loved the sea and they built a great fleet of ships to help protect the lands of the Pliac from Ayrtesi raids. wotesi traveled north from his fathers citadel to the lands of the Gioteac where he found disunity amongst the Clans of the Bear for the Clan Chiefs each held sway over their own people and territory. And it came to pass that wotesi built a friendship with the Gioteac chieftain Ojrof Aluciocartyr91 who was chief amongst the Aluciocartyr. Ojrof gave lands to wotesi deep in the forests of Gioteac where the Iperatesi built the marvelous underground citadel Eashirry Tr92 which descended deep into the bowels of the earth, out of the ken of Ayrtesi spies. For it is said that even Ayrone herself desired to discover the fabled magical entrance to Eashirry Tr in order to destroy the great citadel. But her never-ending search would be in vain for so cunningly did the Iperatesi hide the gates of their citadel that it has never been discovered by those whom the Iperatesi wish

Iperatesi: Dragon Heart West Common: Kings Fortress West Common: We Are Strong In War - Lit. War-We Are Strong Iperatesi: Sea-Stone Tower Ancient Northern: Bear-Lord - Dark-Strangers-Son Iperatesi: Cavernous Tower






to hide from. Eazwo returned, after many long years, to the people who called themselves the Pyabliat. The Pybliat occupied the great valley kingdom to the west of the lands of the Pliac and worshiped strange gods whom the Iperatesi had no knowledge of. For indeed, the Pyabliat had discovered a means to communicate with demons who existed beyond the bounds of the material plane and the tribesmen worshiped the power of the greatest lords of these vile creatures. And Eazwo was wroth to go amongst the demon worshipers for he sensed the evil that exuded from their devotions. But alas, as he had been tasked by his father, he at last formed a friendship with one tribal chieftains known as Ir-kri93. Now Irkri was a great manipulator of natural forces and aided Eazwo to create the most enchanted Iperatesi Citadel that has ever stood. Located in the mountains above the valley that Ir-kris people called home, the towering spire that was called Rhysrammt Tr94. And the two great alchemists built a great forge in the heart of Rhysrammt Tr which rivaled Eazwos forge at lanesel Tr and would be the place where many legendary items of power would be forged. And Pezethoyslra, Aquishwos daughter by his second wife Ettanwora, went amongst the mystical people who called themselves the Weyshploan whose lands were west of the Pyabliat. And up upon the summit of the great mountain Aniaphoshin95 she built the citadel Oshlannr Tr96, for it was raised with walls of magical steel that the Iperatesi called teswosh97. But the tale of Pezethoyslra and the Weyshploan will be recounted anon.


Eastern Common: Demon-Spear

Iperatesi: Rhysras Hope Tower - Rhysra is the Iperatesi name for Pyra, god of the Earth & Mountains.


Eastron: Black Mountain Iperatesi: Steel-Hold Tower Iperatesi: Star-Iron This is the same substance as Tolkiens Mithril



The final citadel which was the northern most beacon of the Phsh Issaysaras was called Paotes Tr98 and was built by Aquishwos youngest son by Ettanwora: Apoysli. This great citadel was located in the nomadic lands of the Keytuiat who took little concern with the struggles of elves and men, simply wishing to live off the land in peace. And Apoysli kept a watchful vigil upon the cold lands in the north from the tallest tower of Paotes Tr, for often cruel Ice Dragons would lead armies of Snow Trolls and other vile monsters down out of the tundra and into the plains and forests that the Keytuiat called home. For these are the Iperatesi Citadels which belonged to the Phsh Issaysaras and some of these great fortresses still stand and hold their vigil against the schemes and plots of their Ayrtesi foes even to this day. And when all the towers were complete and their Qathotryhsti in place, then Aquishwo began to plot the rescue of Tesiquish from the pits of Jitthavariniv where the great elvan High Kings granddaughter kept her father in a state of continual suffering.

Chapter Twelve: Of The Fyllme Jitthavariniv99

Now it came to pass that Aquishwo called upon the great Iperatesi warrior Tesiphesh100. And he spake unto the warrior of the plan he had devised to rescue Tesiquish from the pits of Jittavariniv. And indeed, if the great Iperatesi Prince had passed from this world, then Tesiphesh was to bring back some token of his death. And the High King of the Iperatesi gave unto this great hero all manner of items to aid him in his quest, for Aquishwo could not bear to lose the life of another of his sons to the actions of the


Iperatesi: North-Star Tower Iperatesi: The Raid Of Jitthavariniv Iperatesi: Star Of Fate



accursed Ayrtesi. And so it came to pass that Tesiphesh departed from the gates of lanesel Tr, accompanied only by his faithful friend Rym101. Together the two elves journeyed to the evil vale where Tesiquish had met his doom. For they journeyed high up into the mountains and through deep valleys, battling beasts and Itthats foul creations and minions. For seven days they traveled thus, never completely resting for fear of attack. But the valiant and brave warriors arrived at last at the vale of Jitthavariniv and looked down upon its enclosure to survey the land and plan their approach. What tales those survivors of Tesiquishs doomed assault upon the Ayrtesi citadel had not prepared Tesiphesh for the security the Warlocks domain enjoyed. For the valley floor was devoid of trees or shrubs and the guards upon the towers that flanked the mighty gates could perceive all movement within the vale. The sole feature within the canyon other then the grasses that rustled gently in the chill wind was a cold mountain river which rushed past the gates of the dread lair only two score feet from the watchtowers. And Tesiphesh understood the geography of this land well, knowing that those swift waters that protected the very approach to the citadel would kill with their chill any individual foolish enough to attempt to swim in its waters. However, to the south east of the watchtowers on the gate side of the cold rushing river there stood the charred ruins of a Hanoteac outpost. For in the days before the coming of the Ayrtesi to this valley, the brave warriors of Clan TuiOfhuofian102 once kept watch on the mountains while their farmers grew simple foodstuffs amongst the grasses along the shores of the river. But now only burnt stones remained of the Clans once proud hall. However, these very same ruins were to provide Tesiphesh and Rym with the approach to the evil citadel they required.


Iperatesi: Loyal Ancient Northern: Son Of The Stone Men


And so it came to pass that night fell upon the Vale of Jitthavariniv and the brave heroes commenced their plan. Along the ridges of the mountains they traveled, upon goat tracks never before tread by elvan or human feet, to the west of the citadel watchtowers where the cold rushing river exited the vale. For at this location, the perceptive eyes of the Ayrtesi watch could not cast their vigilant searches and the hero and his loyal friend could cross the cold waters undeterred. Now the crossing of the frigid estuary was a difficult task in itself. As has been previously related, the temperature of the rushing water was such as to cause death in those creatures who required warmth to live. And the speed at which the current tore past the rivers shores would sweep to its mouth far away at the edges of the sea all those who dared challenge the tide of this primal mountain stream. Fear not, Tesiphesh. sly Rym reassured his friend, For this small obstruction is no bound by which we will be held from the attainment of our quest. And from out of one of his pouches, the crafty elf drew forth a scroll emblazoned with a magical rune. Into the hands of Tesiphesh did he place this scroll, instructing the warrior in the proper sorcerous phrase to bring forth its magic. And in keeping with his friends methodical instructions, the brave hero intoned the magical syllables and then suddenly found himself upon the far shore of the mountain torrent. Laughing quietly, Rym repeated a similar incantation (for the gifted elf knew the ways of magic better then his friend and had no need of esoteric scrolls for such a simple endeavour) and then appeared next to the hero of lanesel Tr on the far side of the river. And so again, Tesiphesh & Rym ascended into the mountainous terrain, pursuing narrow animal tracks along the cliffs above the river below. The way was perilous and after a short while, the two brave elves encountered a mountain goat upon a narrow stretch of the path. The mountain goat, incensed at the invasion of its road, charged at the surprised heroes, its solid horns driving right at Tesipheshs hastily swung shield. The poor bovid simply bounced off of the heros great shield, its powerful horns not even

making a scratch upon the face of the elfs golden shield. Sensing its disadvantage, the mountain goat wisely turned round and sought after other pathways to its destination, allowing the two adventuring elves to continue on their way unmolested. And at last the hero and his brave companion came upon a small cliff that overlooked the ruins of the Hanoteac watch tower which stood about one hundred and fifty meters below. Again, Rym turned to his friend with a solution to this challenge. Stay still, Tesiphesh, and allow me to enchant you. the black haired elf instructed his friend. And then the nimble Rym began to make designs in the air before him, whilst intoning the following word three times: Alaapad!103 And it came to pass that upon the final utterance of that magical word, Tesiphesh did indeed rise up into the air. As the valiant elvan warrior hovered in the air near his friend, Rym chanted another magical word: Potit!104 three times in succession as well - for the magic needed to enchant ones self is different from that which is needed to enchant others. And upon completion of the incantation, the loyal friend of Tesiphesh also lifted up into the air above where he had been standing. Now, will yourself to fly in whichever direction you so choose. the rogue continued his instruction. Pick a point somewhere below, within the shadows of the ruined walls of the fallen tower of Hanoteac and will yourself to fly unto this chosen point. And so, as he had been instructed by his friend, Tesiphesh spied an open morsel of ground hidden from the sight of any surveying eye and directed his will to this spot. And as Rym had explained, the brave warrior indeed did fly down to this spot and landed, his armoured boots touching softly upon the short stubble of grass that grew within the shadows of the ruins. Momentarily, the flying elvan sneak gracefully touched down upon


The Magical Language Of Essence: Fly! The Magical Language Of Mentalism: Fly!


the solid earth next to his noble comrade. In the darkness of the shadows of the alcove in which the two elves hid, they waited, watching & listening for signs that their magical descent to the ruins of the Hanoteac tower had been detected by the Ayrtesi guards who stood in watchful anticipation only sixty meters to the north west. But no hue or cry came forth from the dark towers at the gates of Jitthavariniv and so the two Iperatesi began to explore the ruins, searching for some sign or device that might aid them to infiltrate the dark citadel of their enemies. And indeed, great fortitude did grace the companions, for a secret vault hidden in the hillside at the back of the ruins did reveal a passageway that ventured forth into the cavernous realm of Itthat, the Warlock. And this concealed causeway did open up into the magically chiseled vault that was the storehouse of the treasures Esozami had captured from the victims of her torutres. And here, amongst the mailed coats and swords of fallen and nameless warriors long since departed to more peaceful realms, Tesiphesh did spy Etilq, the famed spear of Tesiquish Dragonslayer. Stay your hand, loyal Rym. Tesiquish cautioned, To disturb these artefacts will announce our presence to Esozami and Itthat and mortally endanger the completion of our quest. We are now aware of Etilqes resting place, and indeed if our main purpose here in these evil caverns is thwarted, then we may retrieve the bane of Enerileth when we depart. What you say is True, I fear. the loyal friend replied. But do you not believe that some item resting in this morbid vault may aid us as we venture deeper into the lair of the Warlock? Aye, perhaps. the Champion of lanesel Tr mused, Let us seek some device that may indeed assist us in our quest. And so it came to pass that Iperatesi eyes first beheld the powerful simplicity of the

magical stone Itthat called the Tusirithai105. Indeed, the Tusirithai was an artefact of amazing power housed in a simple stone about the size of a ripe melon. For this unassuming stone, which had broken from some volcanic rock in the far distant past and had been smoothed to perfection in some dark underground river no ray of the sun had ever touched, had been used by the Warlock to carve out the very halls of Jitthavariniv. Upon first observing this simple stone, Tesiphesh marveled for he immediately sensed its power. The noble Iperatesi Warrior understood immediately that this was the very item they had been seeking in the Gallery of Esozami to aid them in their quest. Upon a black glass pedestal it sat, and Tesiphesh knew that to even touch the stone would alert to the Warlock and to Esozami herself of their presence. And, as Rym was wont to conjecture, there were probably to be found any number of possible cruel traps and enchantments protecting the stone. For the perceptive elf had spied a rune etched into the dark glass of the pedestal that bristled with magical power waiting to be released. But the brave Iperatesi Champion smiled fondly at his sly companion. For it had come to the heros mind, a plan to which they would possess the Tusirithai and keep their presence secret from the ever-watchful eyes of the Warlock. Rym, my industrious comrade. the hero almost laughed, Up until now it has been your magical skill that has succeeded in helping us reach our goal. But, now my own minute skill at the sorcerous arts may indeed achieve our need. For when I was young, in the days before our people left the fair city of ratesi upon the starlit shores of Ezytesi, a great mage of our people taught me some enchantments that he believed would serve all warriors in their lives. For my master had known, even then, that not only skill at arms was required to keep the Iperatesi safe from the poisonous plots of the vile Ayrtesi. And so, while the sun overhead traveled ever onward on its immortal voyage, I studied these simple spells in the hopes that one day they would give unto me the advantage I would


Ayrtesi: Star Stone

require to complete my duties to our people and to the vow we have all sworn upon Aquishwos blood-red sword. For the day has now arrived where the tutelage of my master has come to fruition and those incantations I so diligently gained knowledge of will indeed give unto me the advantage I seek. Kneeling slightly, so as to descend down to the level of the magical ward upon the pedestal of black glass before him, Tesiphesh placed his right hand upon the faint texture of the rune. Softly, but with authority earned from centuries of self-exploration and the many battles the great hero had fought and won, the Champion of lanesel Tr commanded the spell into being with the magical word: Etynymr106 And as Tesiphesh removed his massive palm from the face of the black glass, Rym could no longer see or detect the presence of the rune which had so diligently guarded the great stone. For the companion of the Warrior was amazed at the power of the enchantment with which Tesiphesh dispelled the ward. His respect for his brother at arms was expanded tenfold and the sly elf now understood his friends ever-present smiles whenever the rogue resorted to magic to solve quandaries. It was at that moment that the noble Iperatesi Warrior placed his hand upon the smooth volcanic orb that was the Tusirithai. But what the valiant champion had not perceived was that the stone was possessed of an intelligence all its own. And now that Tesiphesh held aloft the Orb of Jitthavariniv, the will of the stone came bearing down upon the warriors mind. However, Tesiphesh detected no malice or evil within the mind of the stone, just simple curiosity and a desire to protect this cavernous realm of which it was the creator. And it came to pass in those moments which Teshiphesh held the stone, that the mind of the Orb came to know the mind of the Warrior and that the stone understood the cause of the Iperatesi quest into its realm underneath the mountain. And the Orb was saddened by the fate of Tesiquish and the vile torture he had endured here in the caverns


The Magical Language Of Essence: Unbind

of the Ayrtesi. And so it came to pass that the Orb made a pact with Tesiphesh in which it would aid the hero in his quest to locate the lost Iperatesi Prince as long as the Champion of lanesel Tr did not turn the power of the Tusirithai against the caverns it had created. And it came to pass that Tesiphesh related to Rym the bond which he now shared with the Orb of Jitthavariniv. And the loyal friend rejoiced in their fortune, but warned that any Arytesi who came down into Esozamis Gallery would immediately discover the absence of the stone. But the crafty elf had an answer to this challenge and proceeded to craft enchantments about the pedestal of black glass. For when his magical toil was complete, there sat again upon the black glass stand, the Tusirithai - tho the Champion of lanesel Tr still held the orb in his large palm. Behold, Tesiphesh. Rym enthused, I have created the illusion that the orb continues to sit undisturbed upon the pedestal. I have even recreated an illusionary rune which guards the stones resting place. Now those Ayrtesi who are skilled in the ways of magic will be able to detect the truth, but for any person simply looking with their eyes upon this place, the Orb they will see. A cunning trick. the Warrior congratulated. Now let us find the object of our quest and begone from these caverns before your incantation fails us. And so, with the Orb in hand, Tesiphesh & Rym departed the Gallery of Esozami, ascending a flight of curving stairs which ended at a large closed steel door, behind which the heroes could hear the sound of Ayrtesi Warriors mustering. And from the mind of the Orb, Tesiphesh understood that behind the doors was to be found the main gathering hall of the Ayrtesi warriors. For it was in this large circular chamber that the dark cousins of the Iperatesi prepared to go forth on raids and other missions of despicable intent. For the mustering hall of the Ayrtesi was unpassable if the brave Iperatesi companions wished to continue to elude detection. However, wise Tesiphesh opened his mind up to the Tusirithai and came to see in his minds eye the chambers that the Orb had carved deep in the mountain. And he discovered the torture chambers of Esozami, and the

dark alcove where her father was kept from the light of the stars. And tho, the vision of the halls of the Ayrtesi and the sounds of their soldiers beyond the steel door filled the Noble Warrior with rage, he kept his goal firm in his mind and resisted the doom of the Blood Oath. Loyal Rym, he inquired of his friend, I perceive in my mind the vaults of Jitthavariniv thanks to the mind of the Orb. I have discovered the place where the Prince lay in torment. But the guards beyond these doors present a formidable barrier to our continued stealth. Describe to me the room in which Lord Tesiquish lay. Rym offered, For by our combined magic may we enter into that area unseen by those who muster beyond this steel portal. And so it came to pass that Tesiphesh described unto Rym the place where the lost Lord of the Iperatesi lay. And great magic did the rogue call forth, grasping the hand of his friend so as to share the power of the enchantment. And as Rym the stealthy chanted the words of power, the two Iperatesi faded from sight in the stairwell of the Gallery of Esozami. Moments later they appeared next to the body of the Dragonslayer. For, as has been told, the proud Princes soul had long departed from this world and all that remained was the material shell Tesiquishs soul had inhabited whilst wandering this plane of existence. The sad sight of the final disposition of the slayer of Enerileth, Father of Dragons filled the great and noble Warrior with a sadness unparalleled within the ken of elves and men. For the Champion remembered those peaceful times in ratesi when he and the proud Prince of the Iperatesi and shared a friendship built upon honour and respect. They had shared great dreams when the world was still young and the shadows had yet to pass before the hearts of those elves who would become the Ayrtesi. I will carry forth this poor corpse that once was our Lord. the Noble Warrior proclaimed. For the suffering it has endured grants it a more appropriate resting place then these vile caverns where it was forever severed from the warmth of its ethereal

master. Come, Rym, let us return to the Gallery and retrieve our Lords lance so that we may quit this vile realm ere I succumb to the doom of the Blood Oath. And so, the two companions returned via their magical means to the vault of treasures which Tesiquishs rape-daughter kept as trophies of her cruel vocation. And as they had first seen it, they found Etilqe awaiting their rescue, undisturbed. Taking the glorious weapon in his free hand, Tesiphesh lead Rym back into the secret tunnel that connected Jitthavariniv to the unnamed crypt hidden behind the fallen tower of the Hanoteac. And as they exited the cavern, they beheld that the distant sun was just beginning to rise above the mountain tops in the east. Daylight had come to the vale of Jutthavariniv and with it, the escape of the Iperatesi comrades was halted. And so it came to pass that the two friends spent the day hiding within the crypt of the forgotten Hanoteac chieftain waiting for the cover of night to return to make good their esacape. And so the brave heroes rested within that ancient and forgotten chamber beneath the ruins of a tower that no man sings of. Yet all through that day, Arytesi scouts searched the Vale of Jitthavariniv for the thieves who stole not only the most powerful relic within the great underground citadel, but the body of the Iperatesi Prince & his famous spear. For Esozami had entered her unholy gallery to find it breached & raided. Her two most prized possessions taken by Iperatesi thieves in the night. And when the guards reported that her fathers body was also missing, insult was added to the injury and her rage knew no bounds. Quickly she dispatched her scouts, both Ayrtesi & monsterous, for she let loose upon the wilds of the Hanoteac mountains Trolls and Ogres hoping that these brutal giants would destroy the hated thieves who breached her sanctuary. And yet, the brave heroes knew of the hunt, for they heard the ruins being searched by desperate Ayrtesi soldiers. For those soldiers knew that if they returned to Jitthavariniv with the news that the thieves had escaped back to the lands of their people, then it would be the soldiers themselves who would be Esozamis newest playthings in her pits of

torment. And the two friends took counsel as to how they would indeed escape, for they were trapped within the small hidden crypt so very close to the very gates of the Ayrtesi Citadel. For it was only a matter of time and fortitude for the Ayrtesi that they would discover the secret burial chamber that hid away the very object of their frantic hunt. And so it came to pass that a wondrous idea was formed within the mind of Tesiphesh, for in his hand he still held the Tusirithai. For the stone had the power to delve into the mountains and carve out passages into the depths of the very earth. And this very virtue of the Orb would be the salvation the two elvan heroes needed. And so it came to pass that Tesiphesh held aloft the Tusirithai and requested that it would delve for them a safe passage back to the lands of the Hanoteac. And as the Orb of Jitthavariniv had made its pact with the Noble Warrior, so it obliged and hollowed out an underground passageway from that ancient Hanoteac crypt all the way to a cavern that opened up not far from the gates of Jetheoplin. And tho, the trek was long, dark and arduous - Tesiphesh and Rym returned to the Hanoteac and to the Iperatesi as Heroes far greater then they had been when they had first departed on their perilous quest. And the bards of the Iperatesi and of the Hanoteac sang songs of their deeds and the long dark journey under the earth to safety. And a great feast was held at lanesel Tr to celebrate the return of the heroes and to celebrate the life of Tesiquish, whose body now lay in apposite rest in an ornate crypt deep in the catacombs below his fathers great citadel. And the allies of the Iperatesi, both Erupuan and Hanoteac sent emissaries to the feast to celebrate the great victory over the hated Ayrtesi.

Chapter Thirteen: Of The Retribution Of Esozami

The celebration that resulted from the Fyllme Jitthavariniv did not last long, however. For the rage of Esozami directed the resources of Jitthavariniv and its monsters at the total destruction of the Hanoteac and of the Phsh Issaysaras. And so it came to

pass that roving bands of Trolls and Ogres appeared in the mountains of Hanoteac and the goblin-kin seemed to swarm out from their underground lairs. Again the momentary peace that both man and elf had enjoyed was shattered by the tides of war and petty skirmishes deep in the mountainous country. And so it came to pass that the Clans of the Hanoteac began to organize Troll hunting parties, while the valiant Erupuan amassed armies and marched high into the hills and deep into the valleys slaying all and any vile creature of Itthat they encountered. The Iperatesi sent forth great hunters and guides with all of these militias and so was founded the Iperatesi Order of the Iripphe107 who still aid human warriors in defending their lands against goblin and troll attacks. And deep in the caverns of Jitthavariniv, Esozami began to plot a scheme that she hoped would finally destroy the power of the Iperatesi amongst the Tribes of Man. For on the darkest night of the year, when both moons do not raise in the sky above and the power of shadows rule the land, Esozami lay down in the bed of Itthat and conceived of a child she believed would bring the ultimate ruin to her hated fathers people. And a male child was born of this wicked copulation and Esozami called him rasusth108 for she foresaw that he would one day make his name in the world one that no living being would ever forget. But it came to pass that a great army of goblins, trolls, ogres, dragons and Ayrtesi warriors marched down into the plains where the Weyshploan had found peace and prosperity. And the Weyshploan had lived out their mystical lives in search of truth and spiritual awareness under the guidance of the powerful Iperatesi princess Pezethoyslra, whom the Weyshploan named the Ashishin Apiv109, for they loved her beyond measure. But now the tides of war descend upon their beautiful vale and their beloved matriarch


Iperatesi: Mountain Elves Ayrtesi: Dark Hero Ancient Eastern: The Fairy Queen



gathered together a great host of Weyshploan and Iperatesi warriors. But the mystical Weyshploan were overwhelmed by the ferocity of the Ayrtesi army. For the Sack Of Oshlannar Tr is a sad song sung humbly by the bards of the Iperatesi who remember the lives of all who were lost on that terrible day. Only a small portion of the Weyshploan survived the siege, whilst Pezethoyslra and her most loyal warriors were able to flee with the Qathotryhsti of Oshlannar Tr high up into the mountains. As they watched scores of dragons and unnumbered trolls and ogres demolish their once beautiful citadel, the refugees mourned the loss of their once beautiful land and turned their path towards friendlier realms where allies would harbour them. And it is from that time onward that the Tribes of Man became weary of their Iperatesi friends. For they saw the destruction that was wrought upon the Weyshploan and rightly feared similar reprisals in their lands. And so it came to pass that many tribes turned their backs upon the Iperatesi and began a great migration eastward, hoping to find new and far away lands from the war and carnage of the western shores of the great sea Ipmeth. But there were some men who stayed loyal to the friendships they had forged with the elves. But the battle was hard fought, for Esozami and Itthat saw their advantage as the Tribes of Man had begun to splinter. And so, the devious Lord & Lady of Jitthavariniv pushed onward with their offensive, crushing human Kingdom after human Kingdom until all the land was war torn and dangerous. In those dark years there were but a few rays of hope for those who fought so valiantly against the Ayrtesi. Of the great citadels of the Iperatesi, most of them still stood their guard. Their Qathotryhsti keeping the league of citadels secure. And the Erupuan and Hanoteac continued to battle beside their Iperatesi allies as they had always done, as did certain Princes of the Pliac who still held their loyalty to Tesam in high esteem. Yet the heart of Man is jealous, as has been recounted, and this jealousy is often spurned onward by the fires of greed. And so it came to pass that some of those Men who

had turned their backs on the Iperatesi became agents of dissent for the Ayrtesi. Now it must be said in their defense, that often their employ was gained through threat and torture, but no matter the cause, these dark men soon became the cause of much strife and chaos amongst the already fractured alliance of men and elves. And so it came to pass that an evil and greedy man named Pyavasas110 - who was the fifth son of the Pliac King, Utheas111 - came under the sway of Esozami. For the vile Ayrtesi harlot seduced the young Prince and used his lust to enslave him to her will. For each time he went to her bed, he became more of a slave to the schemes she was weaving and by the time he entered into his fathers court as a Baron of the Realm, his loyalty was completely in the hands of Esozami. And Pyavasas began to spread rumour and intrigue within the Pliac court, often naming the Iperatesi as plotters who wished to usurp the sovereignty of the crown. But the bonds of friendship between the Sea Kings of the Pliac and Tesam in his gleaming citadel of Methryhs Tr were sown in days deemed ancient by Man and held fast against Pyavasas plots. But the lustful prince did indeed succeed in some small measure, for in his fathers thirty third year of rule, a junta of nobles loyal to Pyavasas attempted a palace coup. The fighting in the streets of Ghynoch and in the Palace of Synefon was some of the most brutal to be had amongst Men since the petty Wars of Steel. In the end, the forces loyal to the King were victorious, but at great cost. For in the final battle, Pyavasas himself stole the Torshrhysti of the Pliac and fled Ghynoch with a flotilla of loyal nobles and warriors. The Pirates of Pyavasas, as they came to be known, found safe harbours to call their own and began to raid Pliac coastal villages. For in one of those hidden havens, the rebel Pyavasas built the citadel Ynceseghen112 and made himself king of


Ancient Human: Snakely Virtues Ancient Human: Man Of The Seas Pliac: Hidden-Cove



his people who would come to be called the Ethesoffan113. And the great gem that was the Torshrhysti of the Pliac, Pyavasas gave unto his evil mistress, Esozami for which she paid the depraved prince with a reward that would satisfy his unquenchable lust for a short time. And so it was, these dark times of the Iperatesi when their brave fight against their ancient foe seemed hardest and their once unquestioned friendship with the Tribes of Man was forever shattered and destroyed. And in the hands of the Ayrtesi was one of the Torshryhsti, a dangerous situation that would lead to more suffering and sorrow.

Chapter Fourteen: Of The Ronith

Now it has been told that the Ronith were those who most loved to learn from the spirits and the frie peoples. And they became great sorcerers and wizards, the greatest amongst them was Nallmyr Ronish. And in the chaotic years after the exile of the Ayrtesi and the exodus of the Iperatesi, Nallmyr Ronish lead his people out of the ancient city of ratesi into the wilds of the world beyond. But unlike his dark kin and his kin who were enamoured with jewels, the Silver Sorcerer lead his people to the west of the original elvan homelands. Their voyage was long, but at last they settled in the glorious halls of Mewnazthet114 which they created with their magic. For the halls of Mewnazthet are glorious indeed, delved deep into a hill, for intricate shafts have been cut into the earth that allow starlight to filter down into the halls of the grey elves and this light sparkles and dazzles all that it touches. And the Kings Court is the most marvelous of all for when one stands within its circumference, there appears to be no ceiling at all and the glories of the skies above can be seen for all to behold. But in


Pliac: Sea-Lords Ancient F: Beautiful Mound


reality a fine dome of clear wontin115 covers the court which protects it from the elements and intruders. For on the top of this hall, looking down upon this great dome, one does not detect anything out of the ordinary, for what appears to be yet another hill top in this rolling land of hills presents itself to be beheld by any who pass by. And so the Ronith lived in peace in their realm, enjoying the solitude it afforded them and the numerous spiritual visitors who called the Hills of the Ronith home. For the presence of the grey elves was unknown to both the Ayrtesi and the Iperatesi. And the wars that were being waged between these two ancient foes were unknown to the Ronith in their hills. And the Ronith learned much lore in the ways of magic and spirits during those long peaceful years of solitude in the hills. And it came to pass that the greatest library of magical lore was developed and housed within the bounds of Mewnazthet and much lore that is unknown to the rest of the world is recorded in the leaves there. But it came to pass that Etori116 brought her power to bear even upon the magical realm of Nallmyr Ronish and soon his kingdom was awash with the migrating Tribes of Man, those men who had gone east because of the constant wars between the Ayrtesi and Iperatesi. And so, the people of Nallmyr Ronish learned of the deeds of their long departed kin and grew fearful of the influence they might wish to exercise amongst the Ronith. And lo, was Nallmyr Ronish ever watchful for signs of his kin coming to ask for his aid in their wars, for in his heart he knew that such a path would lead to the ruin of Mewnazthet, as it had been the ruin of many kingdoms of the Tribes of Man. And so Nallmyr Ronish sealed up the entrances to Mewnazthet and allowed no visitor to enter, save those who were spirits or of the frie folk. And the displaced Tribes of Man became angry at the barring of Mewnazthet, for they perceived that the people of Nallmyr Ronish were disinterested in their plight. And so the hearts of those men turned


Iperatesi: Iron-Glass - e.g. Ln Iperatesi: Time - the Elvan name for Ehydsapri, goddess of Time.


even more sour with their sentiments of elves. And it came to pass that they demanded tribute from Nallmyr Ronish, claiming the land of the Hills of the Ronith as their own. And Nallmyr Ronish came out from his hidden halls and gave unto those truant mortals great gifts of treasure and of magical items. And the proud king of the Ronith spake unto them saying that these things were not payment of tribute to petty mortal kings, but as gifts from the Ronith to the Tribes of Man to aid them in their continued voyage. Anger and outrage filled the hearts of Man and they destroyed those artefacts that the king of the grey elves had bequeathed unto them. And these disenchanted Men made war upon the Ronith and many sorrows were known on both sides of that rueful conflict. And woe was the heart of Nallmyr Ronish for he foresaw the terrible consequences of the war on both his people and on the Migrating Tribes of Man. For it came to pass that the proud King of the Ronith dispatched messengers to the Citadels of the Phsh Issaysaras knowing that the Iperatesi understood far better the hearts and minds of Men then did his people. And it came to pass that the messengers of the Ronith returned from the fantastic court of lanesel Tr with greetings from Aquishwo and his beautiful wife Ettanwora. For the King of the Iperatesi had no knowledge of his kinsman ere the Iperatesi departed on their Exodus from ancient ratesi and was happy to have had messengers from the Ronith. However, the Iperatesi had no resources to help their grey kin for the bejeweled elves in their magical citadels were under a siege of Ayrtesi, Goblins and vile Monsters. The only aid, the noble Aquishwo could send for the embattled Nallmyr Ronish was a simple oaken staff which the messengers reported had magical properties that would enable the King of the Grey Elves to reason with his foes. And proud Nallmyr Ronishs heart was angered by this communication from his kinsman and the lofty Lord of Mewnazthet felt bitterness creep into his soul. For Nallmyr Ronish was reminded by Aquishwos words of all the suffering the elves had endured since the shadowing of the hearts of the Ayrtesi. And the proud King understood that the

Iperatesi were partly to blame for the social agony the Elves had endured, for this misery had been caused by the Iperatesi succumbing to the vice of vengeance that infected their hearts. And so it came to pass that Nallmyr Ronish decreed unto his people that no Iperatesi was to be welcomed within the halls of Mewnazthet, for in the eyes of the King of the Ronith, the Iperatesi were just as heinous as the cruel Ayrtesi. Now it is told that the Ronith fought bravely against the Migrating Tribes of Man, for the later were fierce in their hatred of Elves yet disorganized in their assembly. For the Ronith presented a single foe who simply defended their territory whilst the Migrating Tribes of Man were a collection of bands of disunified peoples who simply attacked the Elvan citadel without much thought or strategy. And so, the War of Elves And Men - as this bitter conflict came to be known - was short, for many of the migrating groups continued their voyage. Many of them traveled northward into the shore-lands on the western fringe of the great western mountain chain that the Iperatesi called the Ofsheiripti117 for very few Elves in those days had ever seen their terminus. And still more of these wandering tribes traveled across the Ronith strait into the deep southern continent and into the wild lands that had only been seen by the Elves of Mewnazthet on their great migration eastward. And so it came to pass that peace again returned to the realm of Nallmyr Ronish and the Ronith were left alone to commune with the spirits and the f folk. But the Grey Elvan Kings influence in the history of the Elves was not at an end.

Chapter Fifteen: Of The Rhysemen

There is no tale told amongst the Elves of how or where the race the Iperatesi called


Iperatesi: The Mountains Without End

the Rhysemen118 and that Men call Dwarves came to be. For it is well known that the members of this proud race of squat, bearded warriors and smiths are very private in their reckoning of lore - especially that lore which is considered sacred amongst their race. For the Dwarves are a reserved people who are jealous of that which they know and understand and jealous of the marvelous secrets they harbour, especially within the realm of smithcraft. For there is no race upon the face of the world who possesses more mastery of smithcraft then the stout Rhysemen. For the items their strong hands meld within the fires of their forges are not only strong and worthy of the purpose of their creation, they are also items of unparalleled beauty which reflects the intimate understanding the bearded-ones share with the very earth. For all things which the earth is formed from - be they stone, jewel or sand - the Rhysemen have a deep affinity for and immediately can picture in their minds eye a work of art derived from these elements that exhibits the very perfection that these raw materials are perhaps existentially destined to attain. As for the first encounter between Elf and Dwarf, the bards tell of misunderstandings and weariness. For a patrol of Iripphe high in the mountains of the Hanoteac first came upon a group of Dwarven explorers and believed them to be some new beast of Itthat. Dwarven indignation coupled with their innate mistrust of others soon doomed the encounter to conflict. However, perhaps Pheshirshra119, in her divine wisdom, intervened in order to save relations between the two race, for a large goblin raiding party stumbled into the vale in the middle of the melee. Now a fact that is well known by all races is that the hatred between Dwarf and Goblin is deeper then any other enmity other races share with the corrupted peoples of Zhozurak. The ancient origin of this mutual detestation is known only to the Dwarves and


Iperates: Stone-Folk Iperatesi: Lady Fate - the Elvan name for Owehari, goddess of Fate, Prophecy &



to the Goblin-kin, for neither are wont to divulge this knowledge to others. Some Iperatesi sages have speculated that perhaps in those years after the fall of Zhozurak when the Goblin tribes first splintered, that the corrupted race first encountered the Dwarves deep in the depths of the underground world that both races inhabit and that some great battle was fought which sealed the fate of both races in each others regard. Whatever the actual reason, this hatred the Dwarves felt towards the Goblins made allies between the Rhysemen and Iperatesi in that vale. And so it came to pass that Dwarf and Elf fought side by side against Goblin. And axes swung and arrows were cast. And the combined might of the allied parties left no Goblin living to report back to their masters. And as the Goblin leader fell to the ground decapitated by an ax, his body riddled with arrows - Deckane Stoazmutz120, the leader of the Dwarves, stood before Hoteth Iqqish121, the leader of the Elves and presented him with the Dwarfs hand ax, a beautiful weapon which glowed with glory in the sunlight. And Hoteth presented Deckane with his shield so that the Dwarf would always be protected from his enemies. And in the exchange of these tools of war, a friendship was established between the two warriors which brought the two races together in those dark years after the sacking of Oshlannar Tr and Esozamis retribution. And it came to pass that Nebar Frufanek122, the first High King Under The Mountain, came to the court of Aquishwo at lanesel Tr along with his proudest warriors and closest advisors. This state visit was celebrated by the Iperatesi with a great feast and much song and dance - for the Elves were pleased to have a new ally in their war against the Goblins and the Ayrtesi. For in the discussions between the two High Kings, Aquishwo learned that Ayrone had discovered an ancient underground cavern which she now used


Dwarven: Noble And Bright - Stone-Beard Iperatesi: Noble-Sun Great-Sword Dwarven: Great-Father Mountain-Heart



as a haven for her accursed people. And the stout yet robust King told the Elf that the Ayrtesi had encountered Nebars people and battles had been fought over territory and resources in the dark underground world that the Dwarves called the Onagwonn123. And so it came to pass that Nebar, the Great and Aquishwo, the Noble made a pact to fight against the vile races whose sole purpose was to spread suffering and death amongst the other peoples. And this friendship opened up trade between these two great and proud peoples. For soon Dwarven merchants were bringing the beautiful crafts of their people to lanesel Tr and the Iperatesi Jewelsmiths exchanged their finest creations with the Dwarves, as did the alchemists who offered the Rhysemen magical weapons and devices, for the stout folk make little use of incantations for they often mistrust what they cannot touch or see. And much benefit was there for both races in these transactions and the friendship between Nebars people and the people of Aquishwo became deep. And so it came to pass that the Ayrtesi were made aware of this alliance between Dwarf and Elf and they saw opportunity to cause strife. And so, Ayrone - from the depths of her underground realm - sent forth spies and agents amongst the Iperatesi to disrupt the friendship of the Rysemen with her hated foes. And the Ayrtesi sent forth armies of Goblins against the allies, but their pact of friendship did not waver. For once befriended, a Dwarf is loyal to a fault and only the gravest of injury would shatter this bond.

Chapter Sixteen: Of The Tesyraphi (To be written soon)

Chapter Seventeen: Of The Heln Ofennsfesh

Now it came to pass that the dark years after the Sack of Oshlannar Tr became


Dwarven: Under-Deep

darker still. For all manner of monster seemed to multiply and harry the security of the Iperatesi and their dwindling allies amongst the Tribes Of Man. The Rhysemen aided in this plight, but it seemed that the power of the Ayrtesi and their minions grew with each defeat the Iperatesi and their coalition of the noble suffered. For with each passing year, the power of the Ayrtesi increased as did the lands which fell under their sway. Two years after the pact between the Rhysemen and the Iperatesi was made, the northern Citadel of Paotes Tr fell to the Ayrtesi. And unlike Oshlannar Tr, which is no more, the Ayrtesi took control of the great tower and it is said that a number of great and powerful Ice Dragons now call the deep roots of its spire home. For Vinirr124 the Ice Queen of the Ayrtesi rules that cold land from the battlements of Paotes Tr. And in her possession is the powerful Qathotryhsti of that Citadel, for when Apoysli escaped from the tower with the aid of the great eagle Eryphowor125, he was unable to prevent the great jewel from falling into the hands of his enemies. And so the security of the Phsh Issaysaras was in peril, for now the Ayrtesi controlled two of the magical stones and had destroyed one Citadel whilst occupying a second. Pushing onward from these victories, the armies of the Ayrtesi began to overrun much of the north and many parts of the mountains of Hanoteac. The situation became dire for the small confederacy which remained under the watchful eyes of Aquishwo and the wise King of the Iperatesi knew that he required more aid. And so it came to pass that Aquishwo sent messengers unto his kinsman Nallmyr Ronish, for the latter had once requested the aid of the Iperatesi. But Aquishwos messengers came back without having been able to deliver their communications, for the Grey Elves of Mewnazthet had refused them entrance. And so the beleaguered couriers returned to lanesel Tr with no news of the King of the Ronith.


Ayrtesi: Scorn Of Ice Iperatesi: Wind Lord


Now Ayrone saw the advantage she had in her war against her Iperatesi foes and she devised a cruel plot to bring about more destruction to her hated kin. And so, at midnight on a night in which Thypryrrm126, the red moon, was new and Eqyrsph127, the silver moon, was waning, a great host of goblins, trolls and other vile creatures came up out of the caverns of the Mountains of the Pyabliat and began marching through the great valley, destroying everything in their wake. Word of this invading force came to Eazwo from his scouts who patrolled the valley with the aid of Ir-kris people, the Krigasin128 - who now held his descendant, Ir-ablasin129 as their chieftain. And so, Eazwo placed his hands upon the Qathotryhsti of Rhysrammat Tr and called to his father. But Vinirr in the tall tower of Paotes Tr had been waiting for one of the stones to be used and immediately set messengers to Ayrone to convey the plans of the Iperatesi for the defense of the Iperatesi Citadel of the Pyabliat. And so it came to pass that Aquishwo sent forth legions of Iperatesi by ship to the aid of Eazwo. And these great legions of elvan warriors were lead by Tesiphesh, the hero of the Fyllme Jitthavariniv, his fourth son wotesi and even Aquishwo himself. But sly Ayrone knew of Aquishwos design and smiled her dark smile as she mustered a secret force of monsters and Ayrtesi beyond the ken of the Iperatesi and their allies. And her agents went amongst the embattled tribes of the Pyabliat and promised safety and rich rewards to those chieftains who would join the Ayrtesi cause. For many of the Pyabliat chieftains were ensnared by their love of gold and of jewels and immediately pledged their forces to the Ayrtesi host. And the conjurors of those dark tribes began to call forth armies of demons to bolster the power and ferocity of their new masters host.


Iperatesi: Red Moon Iperatesi: Silver Moon Eastern Common: Spear-Tribe Eastern Common: Demon Hand




And so it came to pass that the two armies met upon the plains before the gates of Rhysrammat Tr. And the people of Ir-ablasin were the sole tribe of Pyabliat who stayed loyal to the Iperatesi. And joining them was a legion of Dwarven warriors and beserkers who had traveled far from their underground mansions to aid their Iperatesi allies. And amongst the allies also did march legions of Erupuan and Hanoteac Clan Warriors, for these two nations understood well that if the Phsh Issaysars were to fall, then all those who held the noble cause as theirs would perish. And the legions lead by Aquishwo, wotesi and Tesiphesh joined their comrades from Rhysrammat Tr and took their place amongst the defenders before the gates of that marvelous magical Citadel. When night fell upon the shadowy plains of the people of Ir-kri, hoards of goblins and trolls began to engage the forces of the confederacy of the noble. And so the most woeful battle in the lore of the Iperatesi was begun, for as the bards recount - many of the great Lords of the Iperatesi lost their lives on those sad plains and the toll which the allies suffered was great. And some elves and men still say that the plains before Rhyrammat Tr still are drowned in blood and that no grass or animal walks them. For the number of warriors who lost their lives that day has never been counted for the number and the sadness of the memory is too great. The first to fall was wotesi, whose warriors had been cut off from the main host of elves by a wedge of trolls. And the terrible prince of the Iperatesi, who had made many of the clans of the Gioteac suffer after the fall of Paotes Tr, brought great shame upon his house, for being cut off from all aid, he and his warriors fled into the mountains away from the battle. But the Demon Lord Ggthz spied the flight of the Prince and his warriors and gave chase, for the foul dominator of the pale foresaw victory for his host of demons if he slew the cowardly elvan Lord. And it was not long before the vile demon hunted down the Prince, trapping him on a cliff overlooking a deep chasm. wotesis guards attempted in vain to defend their Lord, but foul Ggthz slew them all with a mighty swing of his massive ax. Those who did not end their lives on the edge of the demons

weapon found their immortal end at the bottom of the chasm. And then the Lord of the Pale stretched forth his free hand and clutched the tyrant of the Gioteac within his claws, salivating nauseous liquids from his fang filled teeth. And wotesis defensive strikes were in vain, for his sword could not penetrate the thick hide of the otherworldly beast. And it is recounted sadly by the great bards of the Iperatesi that the terrible Prince of Eashirry Tr met his end in a gastronomical rendering there, high up in the Mountains of the Pyabliat and that his poor torn corpse was never found to be given its proper peace. And when Tesiphesh, the Champion of the Iperatesi, heard of the fall of wotesi, some say that his reason departed him. For the noble hero of the Fyllme Jitthavariniv did call upon Ggthz to do personal battle. And although the great hero was of unmatched fighting skill amongst Elves, Men, Dwarves, Goblins and Trolls, his strength at arms was no match for a Demon. For the combat between the two foes was earth shattering and the brave Iperatesi warrior stood firm and defended himself nobly. However, the shear power of the Demon Lord was too much and Tesiphesh, Champion of the Iperatesi and Hero of the Fyllme Jitthavariniv fell headless upon the bloodied soil of the plain which the Iperatesi came to call Phypha Ifypha, for tears are shed at the very thought of that great battle which the elves call the Heln Ofennafesh130. But the might of the Demon Lord Ggthz would not prevail, for upon seeing his great friend fall lifeless under the might of the Demons blade, the loyal Rym came up behind the vile master of the pale with his great sword Ometlim131, which Eazwo had crafted in his forge within Rhysrammat Tr, and struck its great silver blade through the heart of the evil beast. Surprised at the fatal piercing, the Demon Lord turned to see his vanquisher and then collapsed lifeless upon the defiled earth next to his recently fallen victim. And the entire plain of Phypha Ifypha shook with the fall of the otherworldly beast


Iperatesi: The Battle Of Unknown Pain Iperatesi: Bright Claw


and for a moment there was a pause in the raving battle as warriors on both sides of the melee tried to grasp the enormity of the event which had just transpired. And many watched as Rym picked up the remains of his beloved friend and carried them, unchallenged, into the gates of Rhysrammat Tr, for all beings upon that field of battle could see the love lost that the great rogue now felt at the departure of his great friends soul. And suddenly there came a great blast of a horn and the brave mounted warriors of the Erupuan seized upon the moment, charging headlong into the gathered ranks of goblins, dispatching many a foul minion of Itthat to the halls of Pheshirshra. And this legendary charge was followed by the howling voices of the Hanoteac warriors who engaged a group of Trolls intent on assaulting the right flank of the Erupuan. Hails of arrows fell like rain upon the melee that ensued, for the archers of the Ayrtesi began to rain terror for the first time upon that woeful field. And many lost their lives, Erupuan, Hanoteac, Goblin and Troll alike - for the Ayrtesi did not concern themselves overly with the lives of their minions. And in answer to this feathered assault, the legion of Iperatesi under the command of their High King opened fire upon the gathered archers of the Arytesi with showers of arrows just as deadly as those of their dark kin. And Ir-kris people rushed forward into the melee with their long pikes, dispatching many foes who had invaded their ancestral lands. But it would be the Dwarven beserkers who would truly change the tide of the battle, for these unarmoured and bearded warriors charged into the fray in an open hoard, headless of injury to their bare and hairy chests and screaming great battle cries in their mysterious tongue. Their beautifully ornate axes exercised the fact that though each one was an individual work of art, they were also deadly tools of war which gloried in the fulfillment of their existential purpose. For the field was littered with Goblin and Troll corpses and even a number of Ayrtesi who had fallen by the sharp edges of those glorious axes.

Yet this momentum shift was but a momentary development in the conflict, for Issvitu132, the commander of the hoards of Ayrtesi, Goblins and Trolls, summoned his Pyabliat chieftains and ordered them to summon forth the demon legions. And so it came to pass that the conjurors of those Pyabliat tribes who had sold their souls to Ayrone summoned a great host of demonic creatures from the pale and these fearsome monsters of unspeakable evil brought death and destruction to all who fought upon the plain of Phypha Ifypha. The carnage that followed was far too gruesome to describe, for no Elvan bard has ever sung any song regarding this woeful moment except to say that all hope seemed to fade from the hearts of those who fought for the noble cause. And it came to pass that the great High King of the Iperatesi, Aquishwo, fell upon the field of battle that day, succumbing to wounds inflicted upon his person by the foul blades of demons and Trolls. And the brave warriors of the confederacy of the noble began to retreat back to the gates of Rhysrammat Tr in an effort to make a valiant last stand for their lives and for the hope of the world. And it was at this point that Eazwo and the descendant of Ir-kri, Ir-ablasin called forth the powerful magic of the earth which resided within the great tower of the Iperatesi Citadel and sent its sorcerous might out into the battlefield to the mortal detriment of their foes. For when Eazwo and Ir-kri had first raised the Iperatesi Citadel of the Pyabliat they harnessed the very essence of the earth and compressed it into a font of elemental energy that after two centuries found a release. And the demons called forth by the treacherous Pyabliat and the hoards of Goblins and Trolls were decimated by the blast of elemental power which shot forth from the battlements of Rhysrammat Tr. And after this initial blast subsided, a great storm of elemental energy formed in the heavens above, showering the remaining forces of vile creatures with its magical power. And it came to pass that Issvitu realized the peril his army was experiencing and


Ayrtesi: War Leader

having no power to counter this barrage of elemental force, wisely decided to depart the field of battle with what remained of his Ayrtesi warriors. And it is said that upon his return to the secret lair of Ayrone, he was heralded a hero amongst the Ayrtesi, for his leadership in the Heln Ofennafesh caused the greatest suffering amongst the foes of the Ayrtesi. For in one single conflict, his army was able to slay no less then three great Iperatesi Lords, including Aquishwo himself. For the loss of their great king brought upon the Iperatesi a boundless sorrow, and with heavy heart, Eazwo, eldest surviving son of Aquishwo took up the leadership of his people. And with a great many tears in his eyes, the great Iperatesi Smith took up his place in his fathers throne room at lanesel Tr and personally presided over the last rites of those great heroes who had given their lives in the horrible Heln Ofennafesh. And under his new leadership, the Iperatesi wished to find hope again after all the death and suffering they and their friends amongst the Tribes of Men and the Rhysemen had endured.

Chapter Eighteen: Of rasusth Etilowor & Osylesoara

As it has been recounted, Esozami - the rape-child of the great Iperatesi Hero Tesiquish, son of Aquishwo; and Arisayra, daughter of Ayrone, Matron Queen of the Ayrtesi - had laid down in the bed of Itthat, Lord Of The Thirteen Fires and produced a son she named rasusth. And the young Elvan Lord was nurtured and trained in the deep chambers of Jitthavariniv by both of his parents and the greatest of the Ayrtesi sorcerers. And it came to pass that rasusth became a great manipulator of the elements and a great leader of Ayrtesi raiding parties. But the dark heros greatest talent lay in his empathy with dragons. For he was the child of Itthat, the creator of many monsters - but the elvan prince possessed some of his Iperatesi grand-fathers ability to understand and empathize with others. And so it came to pass that rasusth became the first dragon-rider, for he had

formed a special bond with a number of the children of Enerileth. And so on many dark and lonely nights, he would take to the skies upon the back of one of his dragons, surveying the world and watching for foes of his people. For at that time, rasusth had only understood the world from the perspective of the Ayrtesi, but his sojourns in the skies above the mountains of Hanoteac and many other lands would soon open his eyes up to the reality of his dark lineage. For it would come to pass that on one night, similar in every respect to many other evenings in which the Dragon Lord flew forth from the citadel of Jitthavariniv, he spied a party of Hanoteac warriors of the clan TuiFonofian who were being attacked by a small band of Trolls. The TuiFonofian warriors fought valiantly, but rasusth perceived that they would succumb to the four Trolls who simply outmatched them in strength and endurance. And a great sadness filled the dark heros heart for he could sense the beastly brutality of the Trolls and the nobility of the Hanoteac warriors. And so it came to pass that rasusth went to the aid of those TuiFonofian warriors who valiantly stood their ground. Using his mastery of the elements, rasusth called forth an elemental creature composed of nether, for he knew that dragon fear would usher forth the mortal end of the Hanoteac below. And this nether elemental was in the shape of a great eagle and flew alongside Fichthmmidh133, rasusths most loyal dragon; and the lord of dragons leapt from the shoulders of his loyal mount onto the back of this magical beast and flew hastily to the melee below. At the very moment he perceived the first Trolls eyes, rasusth pointed the palm of his right hand at the large monster and cried: Vanadnr!134 With a great blast, a bolt of pure elemental nether shot forth from the dark heros palm and blasted the unsuspecting brute square in its massive chest, destroying the monsters lungs and imploding its darkly beating heart. With a hair raising scream of intense agony the Troll


Dragon Tongue: Black Power The Language Of The Elements: Prime Element Bolt


dropped to the ground to writhe in torment until at last the extensiveness of his injury forced its evil soul to depart from the world. Swooping back up into the air, the nethermage prepared another spell as he watched the remaining Trolls stare up into the sky in dumbfounded fear. The surprise slaying of one of the Trolls and the shock which that event caused amongst its fellows gave the brave TuiFonolian clansmen an opening and they were able to dispatch one more of the brutes before the remaining monsters even realized that the men were still a threat. But when the surviving beasts raised their massive stone clubs in retaliation, one was again struck by an elemental blast from the skies and like its companion previously, fell to the ground with an agonized scream. Now it must be said that the remaining Troll must have had some semblance of intelligence in its oversized cranium, or perhaps its instinct to survive took command of its senses, for it soon quit the field of battle, returning with great haste to whatever dark subterranean lair it called home. But the surviving warriors of the TuiFonofian were weary of their saviour, for they immediately recognized him as an Ayrtesi warrior. And they knew from his display of elemental magic during the fight against the Trolls that he was a powerful sorcerer who could easily dispatch their souls. And so it came to pass that when rasusth set foot within the vale where the battle had taken place we was met with axes ready to strike. And without saying a word, the dark hero laid his long two handed sword upon the ground before him in a gesture of peace, for he understood the mistrust of the Hanoteac. Fear not, friends. he reassured them in a calm voice, using the tongue of the Iperatesi, I will do you no harm. After all, if I wished your deaths I could have simply let the Trolls finish what they had begun. And the leader of the TuiFonofian took a step forward, his axe still at the ready. How now, this dark stranger in our mountains? he demanded, For before me I see an Ayrtesi warrior, but one who speaks in the tongue of Teshiquish whom we loved greatly. And a sadness overcame rasusth upon hearing the name of his grandfather, for the

young elf knew the history of his family and understood the doom his grandfather had suffered because of the terrible Blood Oath. And a woeful shadow crossed the face of the Lord of Dragons and his heart filled with nobility and a sudden understanding of his destiny. For in that moment, he knew that he could never return to Jitthavariniv as a servant of his evil parents. He instinctively understood that the next time he would set foot within the dark caverns of that infamous Ayrtesi Citadel, it would be to destroy it forever. Son of Fonofian, the dark hero spake, I am rasusth, son of Esozami, daughter of Tesiquish Dragonslayer. And here before you in this vale, beneath the silver light of Eqyrsph and the crimson light of Thypryrrm, I renounce my Ayrtesi blood. Take me to Etillannr Tr, for my grandfathers Lieutenant will know me. And so it came to pass that the TuiFonofian clansmen did as rasusth requested and escorted him to the gates of that great Citadel. And before the noble warrior Rymmipa did they bring him. And indeed, as the Lord of Dragons had foretold, the master of the Dragon-Hold Tower recognized the grandson of his lost friend and liege. And the ancient elvan warrior wept at the sight of rasusth and marveled at the young nether-mages history. But Rymensho135, Captain of the Guard of Etillannr Tr was suspicious of the young elfs motives and voiced his concerns to Rymmipa. For the Captain of the Dragon-Hold was fearful of Ayrtesi plots and imagined this lost kin of the great Tesiquish was simply a spy for Esozami, an executor of another scheme to bring suffering to her fathers people. But Tesiquishs Lieutenant dismissed his Captains worries, for the wise Lord saw the sincerity in rasusths words and deeds. And so it came to pass that rasusth taught the Iperatesi his talent for communing with the Dragons. And soon the greatest warriors amongst the house of Aquishwo were adept at combat from the backs of Dragons. All save Rymensho, who still doubted the young heros motives. And a great squadron of dragon riders were garrisoned at Etillannr


Iperatesi: Loyal Doubter

Tr, for the dragons loved living near the heart of their ultimate progenitor and the elves understood the strategic value of that great Citadel in the face of the forces issuing forth from Jitthavariniv and that the legion of Dragon riders would only bolster its strength. And this great legion of Dragon riders came to be called the Etiltietor136 and their commander was rasusth, whom the Iperatesi called Etilowor137. And so began the great friendship between the Iperatesi and Dragons which would change the fortunes of their struggle with the Ayrtesi. Now it is known amongst the Iperatesi that the daughter of Apoysli had taken up residence within the Dragon-Hold, for she loved the vale of Etilannr Tr and the power of the Eraphrinitpho, for Osylesoara138 - as she was called by her kin - felt a special kinship with Eraphri and the powers of moving water. And as many an immortal elf or mortal man may attest, Osylesoara was one of the fairest maidens to ever walk the land and when the Dragon Lord first laid his sapphire eyes upon her, the spell of Iymrish, goddess of love, permeated his entire being and his thoughts turned only to her dazzling green eyes and her long dark hair. But the hand of Iymrish stirred the elf maidens heart as well, for she often felt a deep heat within her being whenever the silver haired elf lord was present. And so it came to pass that upon the eve of the great festival of Ishtes139, when all of the elvan kindred celebrate their stepping forth from the sacred waters of Eyztesi, rasusth Etilowor took flight into the midnight skies above Etilannr Tr aback the mighty shoulders of Fichthmmidh with the radiant Osylesoara at his side. The crimson orb that was Thysohoth painted the Mountains of Hanoteac in deep passionate hues and guided the softly undulating wings of Fichthmmidh through the twilit firmament above the


Iperatesi: Dragon Wing Iperatesi: Dragon Lord Iperatesi: Maiden Of The Rivers Soul - Lit. River-Soul-Female Iperatesi: Fallen Star




shadowy landscape below. The air was cool, high up in the stratosphere, but the warmth shared by the confidants was enough to keep the nights chill at bay. And as the powerful wings of the dark heros loyal dragon brought the elvan lovers out over the coastal plains that some of the clans of the Hanoteac called home, rasusths stunning baritone echoed through the midnight air:

Asar rath testi ese pe seshot phith esosh enl remm oqylas pe oqap Ali ap rath thysph qishir limm Etho iym oqylas opy rath phomti

Emotat terrp phith apo wish syr Emotat terrp eith enlat wrmes Etho wrme physhsh sm ali eriat Isho eith enlat itapat masas rath phewrato

Ali remm etho ryrrm qla ephashon ayr Ali ell festi eith elym asset eos Esher wo remm emota sth ph ali wissth Sth fysh etho iym eith qlan ofan op

Eith popsh qolls fysh qish aphit Mannshon ollyl iyl oqylas wo Etho ommiat rath iqet assetphelannr oshash

Pe etho anashti eith etymesp ilal rrr

Ali shifl shysh aphit etymt eith eshesho Efip essa iwy iposh eith nysh rath phom Air rath ean etymes limm etymenor Rath ennom l etho elliaysho iym

Asar rath testi ese pe seshot phith esosh enl remm oqylas pe oqap Ali ap rath thysph qishir limm Etho iym oqylas opy rath phomti140

And out over the deep waters of Ipmeth they flew as rasusths melody reverberated through the seemingly boundless reaches of the stratosphere. And far below their draconian passage they saw a pod of silver backed dolphins following their course. And the sight of the delphinid filled Osylesoara with wonder and awe, for she sensed the presence of Eraphri watching over their midnight journey out over the upper most dome of his domain. For as all hsitesi know well in their hearts, the beautiful marine


When the stars cease to burn//My soul will yet persist to yearn//And if the moons no longer rise//Our love endures beyond the skies/-/Radiant maiden my heart I give//Radiant maiden we shall live//A life filled with pain & sorrow//But we will triumph upon the morrow/-/And though our world is shadowed dark//And foul creatures we must battle stark//A light yet shines for you and me//For through our love we are still free/-/We ride forth through endless night//Guided by loves prevailing light//Our embrace the greatest warriors shield//To our enemies we can never yield/-/And so this night alone we fly//Your hand in mine we touch the sky//Soon the dawn will rise above//The symbol of our undying love/-/When the stars cease to burn//My soul will yet persist to yearn//And if the moons no longer rise//Our love endures beyond the skies

creatures that men call dolphins are closest to Eraphris heart. At long last, Fichthmmidhs large claws scraped the untouched sand of a small island out off of the coast of the lands of the Hanoteac and the two elves stepped down upon the virgin beach as the silver crescent of Eqyrsph began to appear on the horizon. And the great nether drake curled up tight out of the reach of the coastal surge, his black scales reflecting the moons light. Peacefully he closed his eyes, knowing that his master would be safe on this unknown island and that he could have a short rest, short in the reckoning of dragons, before they would all return home. All the while, rasusth Etilowor and Osylesoara explored the isle, hand in hand, under the silvery-red light of the moons which hovered overhead, almost as if held in their courses by divine hands. And not far from the beach of virgin white sand, through an ancient grove of great willows, the two children of the stars found a pristine pool that was fed by a cool stream. For this magical pond called forth to the souls of the lovers, especially to the heart of Osylesoara for as it has been related she felt a natural draw to the element of Eraphri and all its manifestations. Now it came to pass that rasusth Etilowor and Osylesoara disrobed and entered the sparkling waters of this simple pool amongst the ancient willows on that unknown island not far from the shores of the lands of the clans of the Hanoteac. And the bards of the Iperatesi say that the light of Teswo herself illuminated that mystical basin that night when rasusth Etilowor swam in the arms of Osylesoara and blessed their union as she had blessed their race when they stepped forth from the waters of Eyztesi over seven hundred and seventy five years before. And following in those sacred footsteps, the two lovers stepped forth from that mystical pond and sat upon a large stone which stood guard at the mouth of the stream, basking in the magical light of the moons which traveled tirelessly on their immortal voyages far above. And it came to pass that Owehari, whom the elves call Pheshirshra, stepped forth from the shadow of a willow tree and spoke to the two lovers.

Know ye, that upon this night will the strife between the people of the Dark Stars and the people who call themselves the Second Stars has begun to heal. the goddess prophesied, For here in this magical pond has the house of Ayrone and the House of Aquishwo been joined for the first time by love and not by the jealous hate and vengeance which has formed past unions. And I say unto thee that a sort of peace will be found between these two ancient houses once the fruit of thy union is joined with one who is of the Tribes of Man. Go forth back unto the citadel of dragons and follow thy hearts, knowing that the heart is thy truest guide. And so it came to pass that rasusth Etilowor and Osylesoara departed from the island which they had called Wthssyresm141, returning once again to the familiar surroundings of Etilannr Tr. And in their hearts they came to know their destinies, for as the great goddess of prophecy had foretold, their hearts would lead them to Truth. And the Truth for which they lived was to bring about a peace between the peoples of their parents. But for there to be peace, rasusth Etilowor needed to return to the citadel of his parents, but not as a son who had lost his way - but as a vanquisher of the evil that vile underground fortress had spawned. And so rasusth Etilowor traveled to lanesel Tr to the court of his great uncle Eazwo, the High King of the Iperatesi. And at his side was Osylesoara, for she would not allow him to seek his Doom alone. And before his exalted kin did he request possession of the Tusirithai - for the great stone had passed to Eazwo upon the death of Tesiphesh. And seeing into the heart of the Dragon Lord, the High King of the fortress of elms did understand the intent of the young elfs design and so bequeathed unto him the magical stone saying: Take this talisman and ride forth upon the wings of your loyal steed to the depths of the citadel of your parents. For with its magic will you finally end the terror that issues forth from the Citadel of the Lord of the Thirteen Fires. I see in you, grandson of my


Iperatesi: Willow Island - Lit. Wise-Tree-Isle

dearly lost brother, the fire and strength of our house which manifested itself peerlessly within the soul of Tesiquish Dragonslayer and now guides your thoughts and deeds as it did my brother. But I caution you, Lord of Dragons, beware the curse of the Blood Oath, for though you did not place your hand upon my fathers sword which I now wield as a reminder to our people of our Doom, the blood within you is yet a slave to this very same curse. The Blood Oath has brought unaccountable suffering to our house, for of the sons of my mother, I am all that remains. I fear the fulfillment of our bitter Oath has not yet come to pass. Be wary of any dark thoughts or feelings that may arise within your soul, for this is the path of darkness which cast our kin, your fathers people, into the shadows where they now dwell. And the High King of the Iperatesi drew forth a magnificent blade and placed it in the young Dragon Lords hands saying: But pray, take with you a token of the hope of your Grandfathers People. For this great blade is the summit of my own skill and help to keep you from the Path of Shadows should you listen to its counsel. For its mind is as sharp as its blade and it emphasizes with its wielder. It understands our desires and feelings sometimes far better then we understand them. Let its light be your guide in your darkest hour. And for the beautiful Osylesoara, I give a blade I first forged within my great forges at Rhysrammt Tr when first my great Citadel was complete and which has been waiting for the right hand to take up its weight. And now I perceive that indeed the daughter of my only surviving brother is fit to bear this great sword which the bards have named Ephashesat142. Take then its golden hilts, dear niece - for its sharp edge will keep the minions of the shadows from harming you. And replied rasusth Etilowor, Dragon Lord of the Iperatesi, Grandson of Tesiquish Dragonslayer: Lord of the Elms143, your gifts this day shall guide me far better then you

Iperatesi: Shadow-Cleaver - Lit. Shade-Cutter Common mode of address for the High King in lanesel Tr - the Fortress of Elms.


could perhaps ever know.

For Pheshirshra did come to me and my beloved and

prophesied our fates. And through our hearts we have come to understand the Doom the gods have placed upon us. These marvelous gifts, that be peerless amongst our people and the Tribes of Man, will only aid us in fulfilling Pheshirshras design. Know too that I depart your awe-inspiring Citadel this very night with only Osylesoara and Fichthmmidh as companions and that we intend to end the terror my parents have brought to our People and those Tribes of Man who still call us friends. And it is for this reason that I name this glorious sword you have gifted me shimythos144! Know that it shall protect me as Ephashesat will protect my beloved Osylesoara and that the vileness which emanates forth from the pits of the kingdom of my father shall be stemmed by the deeds we shall enact in the memory of my grandfather, your brother. For mark my words, oh Great King of the Iperatesi who is my liege lord, the deeds of rasusth Etilowor, Grandson of Tesiquish Dragonslayer and Osylesoara, daughter of Apoysli shall glorify our race and be remembered by all the children of the gods until the end of time! And with these words, the valiant Dark Hero and the beautiful Siren of the Dragon Hold departed from the Fortress of Elms astride the mighty shoulders of the great nether drake Fichthmmidh, flying forth into the winds of destiny and glorious immortal song. For indeed, those words which the Lord of Dragons spake unto the High King of the Iperatesi would indeed come to pass and the great bards of the people of Aquishwo as well as many other peoples would sing of their heroic deeds forevermore. And so it came to pass that the Fichthmmidh transported his noble passengers to the lonely monastery high up in the mountains above the plains where the Erupuan had settled. And the Iperatesi called this simple cloister taphohr145 for it was home to those elves and men who wished to be alone and who tried to forget the suffering in the world.

Iperatesi: Doom Bringer Iperatesi: Lonely Haven


And an order of clerics who held Teswo146 sacred tried to help their suffering guests find some solace. For amongst those who sought peace within the walls of taphohr was Rym the loyal friend of the great elvan hero, Tesiphesh, who had been slain in the Heln Ofennsfesh. For rasusth was familiar with the passages of Jitthavariniv having been raised within its dark chambers from infancy. But he had no knowledge of the secret ways which the legendary Tesiphesh and Rym had infiltrated the shadowy realm of the Lord of the Thirteen Fires. And in that lonely haven high up in the mountains, Rym spoke with rasusth and Osylesoara, telling them of the Fyllme Jitthavariniv and the escape the brave heroes had made through the depths of the earth to the safety of the lands of the Hanoteac. And the brave elf described to them the secret place where that long and dark tunnel opened up to the world above. But ere the lovers departed the solace and peace of the monastery of the clerics of Teswo, Rym delivered unto them a warning. You are the son of your parents. the intrepid friend of Tesiphesh began. And perhaps you know them better then most. But know this, for it is the true character of your dark lineage, there is no loyalty amongst the Ayrtesi, for they continually plot and scheme against one another hoping to increase their own power and influence. Do not be beguiled by any words your mother or your father may speak, for they will perceive the danger you pose to them and attempt everything in their power to thwart your designs. Though your grandfather may have had his faults, he was a noble prince of our people and I believe that in the final reckoning of the history of our people his greater deeds will shine brighter then those faults. We are all not without our faults, but if we are aware of our passions and our true goals, we will always choose what is ultimately the best. Remember these words, young Etilowor. For, I sense that a time will soon come when the shadow of your fathers people may rise up within your soul and you will have to conquer its power or fail in your quest. But you have a strong ally in this, remember the love of Osylesoara, for while she


Iperatesi: Lady Light - the Elvan name for Tmry, goddess of Light.

is at your side and your love endures, no power on this world or on any other may overcome you. And so with thankful hearts, the lovers departed from the peace and tranquility of taphohr to return once again to the chaos of the world without. And again the mighty wings of Fichthmmidh carried them forth into the skies far above the mountains and valleys and then out over the rolling plains of the Erupuan. By mid-day, the great Nether Dragon had turned northwards and began to fly into the mists that shrouded the mountains of the Hanoteac, searching for the vale that Rym had described. And as the first shadows of dusk began to fall, the keen eyes of Osylesoara spied the outstretched limbs of the massive holly tree which stood next to a boulder whose top seemed to have been cracked open by the blade of a god. And it was this landmark which the brave Rym had described to the lovers. For only a few meters behind the split stone, along the face of an outcropping of rock, hidden under some bramble and in the shadow of some thick shrubs, the tunnel to Jitthavariniv lay. It is told by the bards of the Iperatesi that the light of Thypryrrm, the crimson moon, was what aided Osylesoara to at last view the vale Rym had described - for that radiant lunar disc had begun to ascend into the sky as the shadows of dusk began to filter through the mountains below. And in the crimson light, once Fichthmmidhs claws again touched the earth, it was Osylesoara who discovered the tunnel opening hidden behind the shrubs in the Vale of the Split Stone. And when the two brave lovers entered that dark passageway which lead into the depths of the citadel of rasusths parents, the Tusirithai began to hum in recognition, for this tunnel was the product of its power. Yet the intelligence which resided in the stone sensed the design of its wielder as well as rasusths blood-tie to its ultimate master: Itthat, the Lord of the Thirteen Fires. And though the purpose of the stone was to protect the domain of rasusths father, it had sensed the suffering those caverns harboured and the evil its master had caused within the world.

And so it came to pass that the Tusirithai spake unto rasusth, its words echoing within the mind of the dark hero. An agreement was forged between elf and stone, details of which will be shared ere the tale of rasusth and Osylesoara is complete. And so, like Tesiphesh and Rym before them, the lovers traveled through the darkness of this hidden underground passage, encased in the absolute blackness of the cavern and in the silence of its warm air. For the two elves spoke not to each other, simply following the tunnel as it delved deeper into the earth. And though the darkness was complete, their eyes still could detect the walls of the cavern. For it is well known that the keen eyesight of the hsitesi is able to see even in the most absolute of darkness. And it is for this reason that the children of the stars never feared the absence of light as do mortal men who only feel more blind as the darkness increases. And it was in this darkness, the everlasting darkness of the underdeep, that rasusth began to suffer the doom pronounced unto him by Rym in the peaceful monastery of taphohr. For, once he had again returned to the darkness of the underworld where his mothers people ruled unquestionably, the shadow upon his heart - that which doomed the Ayrtesi to their fate as harbingers of suffering in the world - began to fester and grow, and the mind of the young dragon lord began to do battle with itself. And fear crept into his soul, true terror which overcame his senses for the first time in his life. For in his minds eye, through the shadowy lenses of his own darkness, he could envision the evil he was capable of creating. And this fear silenced his voice more then the hovering darkness of the tunnel, for he did not want to terrorize Osylesoara or cast doubts into her radiant soul. Yet, love is a force more powerful then any other known to all the creatures within creation and the silent battle of her beloved did not go unnoticed by the maiden of the rivers soul. But she knew that he would have to battle his own darkness on his own until the time was right - when rasusths darkest hour was upon him. Only then could she use her love to encase him in the light. And so the journey through Tesipheshs tunnel was a long, lonely

and dark for the lovers. For with each step they took, they came closer to the heart of darkness which threatened the very soul of rasusth. And the gulf of darkness that separated them seemed to grow wider. And this silence between them was deafening. How long they traveled through that lonely darkness none can say, for within the total eclipse of light which swallowed Tesipheshs Escape there was no sense of time. To the lovers it felt like ages passed them by and yet they still did not come to the far exit of the passageway. But ere Osylesoara began to lose heart in the perilous quest, did they enter into the hidden crypt of the ancient unnamed Hanoteac Chieftan. And as Rym and the noble Tesiphesh before them had done, they discovered the secret entrance into the fabulous gallery of Esozumi. And so it came to pass that the dark hero, rasusth Etilowor entered into the citadel which had been his home for the final time. Yet amongst the gathered treasures of his mothers poor victims did rasusth discover the object which would allow them safe passage through Jitthavariniv. Laying, as if it was almost forgotten, at the bottom of a steel chest which contained numerous daggers, knives and other small blades was a simple brown leather mask. For the lord of dragons recognized the leather face immediately, remembering his mothers awe at its simple power. It was not an item of immense magical scope, for its ability was a simple illusion. When placed upon an individuals face, the wearer of the mask simply had to name another individual he or she was familiar with - someone whos face they could picture in their minds eye - and the mask would then transform the wearers face into the visage of the person so named. But the illusion was so cunning that its presence as an illusion was almost undetectable, save by the greatest of magical detection spells. And so it came to pass that rasusth donned the mask of many faces and spoke the name of one of the lesser known Ayrtesi guards who had once served him during the midnight raids the Dragon Lord once lead in those times before he had left his mothers people. And indeed, the dark heros face changed to that of the dark elvan guard. And

amongst the treasures of Esozumis Gallery did he also find a pair of steel shackles which he placed upon the supple wrists of Osylesoara. However, the dark hero did not lock the shackles, simply closing them so they appeared to be locked to those who might only glance at them. And like a soldier and his prisoner, rasusth and Osylesoara quitted the Gallery Of Esozumi to return to the secret crypt of the Hanoteac Chieftain. At the secret door to the tomb, rasusth peered out into the ruins beyond. It was daybreak and the glory of the sun had just begun to shine above the mountains in the vale of Jitthavariniv. But the lord of dragons did not perceive any patrols, and so set out from the sanctuary of the forgotten Chieftains final resting place into the uncertainty of the ruins. And from those ruins, the soldier and his prisoner marched northward to the gates of the dark citadel itself. And as they came upon the massive black doors of the realm of the Lord of the Thirteen Fires, they were stopped by the herald of the gates, who demanded to know who they were and what business they had. Stand aside, rogue. the soldier spat. The herald was taken aback by the venom in the voice of this newcomer. Do your eyes fail you, wretched flea? Look into the face of this voluptuous maiden and recognize her noble lineage. For this is the Maiden of the Rivers Soul, one who songs speak of unparalleled beauty. What a prize I bring forth to the Lord of the Thirteen Fires! Aye, tis indeed the wench-daughter of Apoysli. the Herald Of The Gates agreed. An evil smile crossed his dark lips. Take her to my office and I shall take comfort in her virtues. For I have much authority within this citadel and none shall pass through its gates save by my command. And such is the price I demand for the passage of this voluptuous wench and her captor! rasusths right hand whipped across the face of the suddenly surprised gate-herald of Jitthavariniv. The force of the blow sent the Ayrtesi guard-sergeant reeling backwards

two paces. For one vested with such authority, it surprises me that you have no reason beyond your loins. This Iperatesi swine will be the personal prisoner of our Lord of the Thirteen Fires and it will be he who decides who shall have the privilege to lay in her lap. However, one would imagine that no such reward would fall to any of us save for his Lordship himself, for such a prize she be. Now stand aside, knave, ere word of your disloyal advances reach the ears of our Lord. Humbled, humiliated and realizing the truth of rasusths words, the Herald Of The Gates Of Jitthavariniv stood aside and allowed the soldier and his prisoner to pass. And so with no further questions, the Dragon Lord lead Osylesoara into the grand entranceway of the citadel. And this chamber located directly behind the gates was empty save for the three statues carved out of black stone who guard the hall. The north statue was of an Ayrtesi Warrior armed with a lance mounted upon a Black Steardan. The south statue was a robed Ayrtesi female mounted upon a Sphinx. The final statue - at the western terminus of the chamber - was of Itthat, the Lord of the Jitthavriniv himself, mounted upon a dragon. And as the giant black gates of the citadel closed behind them, rasusth watched the eyes of the Ayrtesi Warrior, peering at them as if to see if the stone sentry would come to life. But the Black Steardan and its lance armed rider simply continued to stare motionless into the chamber before them. Without any word, rasusth continued to lead his love deeper into the depths of the dark realm of his father. But Osylesoara had spied the look the dark hero had given the statue and wondered at what foul magic it might suffer if any intruders were to enter into the citadel. Beyond the statue of the Lord of the Thirteen Fires was another large gateway which stood open and the Iperatesi princess could hear much ado beyond its portal. For indeed, the chamber which they presently entered was the circular hall of mustering which had long ago waylaid the brave heroes Tesiphesh and Rym on their perilous quest into the heart of darkness. For indeed, a large number of Ayrtesi warriors were present, gathering

together weapons and supplies in preparation for their endless raids upon Hanoteac settlements to the east. But the Dragon Lord silently thanked the gods for his luck, for often a dragon or other foul monster was present in this massive chamber. For had a dragon been present, it would have been nothing for the magically inclined monster to see through rasusths simple disguise and alert the entire citadel of his ill-fated return. But the only one to question them was the Master of the Hall, whos duty was to organize the supplies needed by the raiding parties and to question those warriors who returned. And so it came to pass that the Master of the Hall interrogated the soldier, all the while eying the voluptuous Iperatesi prisoner with lust filled eyes. State your name, warrior. the Hall Master demanded. I am Thipglo rtus147, son of Irsthzar148, warrior of Jitthavariniv, servant of Itthat, Lord Of The Thirteen Fires. the dark hero replied. Yes, you are known to me, rtus. the Hall Master replied in a low tone. And what raid do you return from? The midnight raid, Hall Master. And where is the rest of your troop? the Ayrtesi quizzed suspiciously. We were separated deep in a valley beyond the eastern watch. I am certain my comrades have returned without me. Indeed they have. the Master agreed. Yet they spoke not of losing a member of their unit. If the truth be told, Hall Master, rasusth put in. the commander of my unit never


Ayrtesi: Seventh-Arrow Dark-Star Ayrtesi: Maiden Who Slays With Kisses - Lit. Kiss-Kill-Female


trusted me.

It would seem that the wisdom of Ajuavar149 placed me within my

commanders unit knowing full well the enmity that exists between our houses. The vile fiend must have thought me dead - or at least hoped such was the case - and left me to fend for myself. But it is no matter, for as you see before you, Hall Master, I have returned with a prize far greater then my foul commander could have ever hoped to have captured! For this voluptuous Iperatesi is none other then Osylesoara, daughter of Apoysli. The Lord of the Thirteen Fires will be victorious in her defeat upon this eve. The shrewd Ayrtesi eyed the soldier and his prisoner for a few moments, contemplating the report he had received. The commander of the midnight raid is indeed a vile elf, rtus. I also have quarrels with him and his house. And indeed, my eyes deceive me not for this Iperatesi wench is in fact the daughter of Apoysli. You are correct, our Lord will indeed enjoy her company this night. I find no fault in your report, soldier. But I tell you this, you must quickly take your prisoner to tthotpnes, the Captain of the guard. I will send one of my own guards to accompany you as testament to your report. Tell the Captain what you have told me and you shall be rewarded handsomely. And so the Master of the Hall of Mustering called forth one of his own guards to take them before tthotpnes, Captain of the Guard. The guard lead them out from the Hall of Mustering and through Jitthavarinivs final gate and into the labyrinthine passageways beyond. To the Office of the Captain they were taken and presented before tthotpnes where once again rasusth retold his tale. The sapphire eyes of the Captain of the Guard of Jitthavariniv peered intently at the soldier before him and the beautiful prisoner who stood quietly in shackles at the soldiers side. But the sly guard Captain could detect no fault in the soldiers report and began to issue orders to his own guard who stood at his side.


The God of Chaos. The Ayrtesi name for Gaknyra.

And so it came to pass that rasusth Etilowor and Osylesoara were taken to the Sapphire Hall which was the throne room of the dragon lords evil father. Now it must be told that the dark hero had been within that marvelous gleaming hall in the depths of Jitthavriniv a number of times while he resided within the Ayrtesi Citadel, but Osylesoara was discovering it for the first time and she was astounded by the unfathomable beauty of the room. At its entrance were a massive set of sapphire doors which protected the hall of the Lord of Jitthavariniv as a final defense against invaders. The walls of the massive hall were encased in sapphire and a large number of constantly glowing magical orbs hung from the ornate ceiling reflecting rays of blue light in all directions. The hall was truly a glorious wonder for all to behold and the maiden of the rivers soul was awed by its amazing beauty. At the north end of the hall stood the Warlocks throne, again formed completely by sapphire, and upon its blue luminescent surface sat Itthat, the Lord of the Thirteen Fires, his green eyes watching the deputation before his throne with keen interest. His black robes fluttered suddenly as he moved his right hand from the armrest of the throne to his pointed chin. An evil smile crossed his lips, which only enhanced his terrifying appearance. tthotpnes, return to your duties. the Warlock spat, I will take care of these. Quietly, the Captain of the Guard and his servant exited the glorious hall and an eerie silence was all that remained. The Lord of the Thirteen Fires said no more, but simply continued to spy the two elves that stood before him. And as each moment passed, the tension in the air mounted, for rasusth began to wonder if his father saw through his thin disguise. Suddenly, Esozumi appeared next to the Warlock, having magically transported herself from her lair deep within the citadel. Her cold green eyes surveyed the prisoner and the soldier who had captured the prize. I lay claim to her first, Warlock. the sorceress purred. She is my cousin and I will have my way with her before you defile her soul.

Are you blind, witch? Itthat retorted in a deadly voice. Do you not see that the lost one has returned home for his just reward? With his disguised discovered, the Lord of the Dragons unmasked his face and dropped the leather mask to the floor at his feet. In a quick motion he pulled off Osylesoaras shackles with his left hand and drew forth shimythos from its sheath with his right hand. The great sword began to glow with a blue fire which seemed to grow stronger in the magical blue light of the Sapphire Hall. For her part, Osylesoara drew forth Ephashesat which began to shine with a radiating red heat. Well then, father, Irasusth purred, are you prepared to face your lost son? Still sitting upon his throne, Itthat cackled menacingly, You think you can destroy me, whelp? I can, with this! the dragon-lord replied, revealing the Tusirithai and commanding it to encase his parents in a pillar of pure sapphire. The gem, sensing the Lord of the Thirteen Fires within its presence, joyously fulfilled Irasusths command by creating a solid column of clear blue sapphire around the Sapphire Throne and the entire dais which stood at the apex of the throne room. It is done, my love. Osylesoara said, putting her hand on Irasusths shoulder. The power your parents held over the Iperatesi has been stopped. We are now more free then we have been since first coming across the sea. Yes. Israsusth agreed. Yet there is one more task for us to complete. We must empty this evil citadel and shut its gates to the world so that none of my Fathers people will ever return to cause havok. At this point, the noble elf held the Tusirithai aloft commanding it to seal the passages to the underdeeps. It followed the command and a great alarm began to sound throughout the citadel. Beyond the great doors of the Sapphire Hall they could hear the voices of the Ayrtesi warriors shouting - reacting to the sudden

closure of the underdeep passages. In his mind, Israsusth called Fichthmmidh and bade the great nether drake to take the citadel by storm. And so it came to pass that the watch guards upon the towers above the gates of Jitthavariniv beheld the sight of the great black-scaled dragon and immediately suffered his dragon fear. Fichthmmidh destroyed the gates with his elemental breath,

disintegrating them into nothingness. He swept through the entry hall and past the towering statues of Itthat and Esozumi and into the Hall of Mustering where he began to annihilate the gathered Ayrtesi warriors. There was one adversary who nearly met the great dragons match in the Hall of Mustering. A fire drake named Areinnuph was the protector of the citadel and she remembered Fichthmmidh from when he had once been part of the citadels garrison. The battle between the two great dragons which ensued was monumental. The entire citadel shook with the fury of their assaults. The Ayrtesi warriors fled in terror hoping to save their lives from the mlstrom which had erupted within the Hall of Mustering. Talons slashed, horns crossed and their elemental breaths sizzled - but at last Areinnuph lay dead, vanquished by the power of Fichthmmidh. In one last assault on the citadel, the great nether drake blew forth his nether breath into the heart of the underground fortress, slaying many Ayrtesi. When the elemental vapours of the dragons breath had subsided, Irasusth and Osylesoara exited the Sapphire Hall and made their way to the Hall of Mustering, battling what Ayrtesi warriors that they met and who had not already fled the compound. Once within the carnage of the Hall of Mustering, the two lovers mounted Fichthmmidh and flew forth from the battered gates of Jitthavariniv. Upon exiting the citadel, the great dragon flew a small circle above its entrance while Irasusth commanded the Tusirithai to seal the gates. One last time did the noble dragon-lord lay his eyes upon the evil citadel of his

parents as the red moon began to rise to its zenith in the sky. Without any word, he pulled upon the reins of Fichthmmidh and turned his back upon the ruins of Jitthavariniv. Their quest was complete and now only the solace of Etilannr Tr could heal the scars of the challenges they had faced. And so it came to pass that the lovers returned to the Iperatesi citadel as triumphant heroes who had finally brought hope out of the darkness of the long war against the Ayrtesi. That following year they would be wed by Eazwo himself and go on to found a line of Iperatesi heroes who still fight for truth and the light to this very day.

Chapter Nineteen: Of Elufong Foynefaf

Now the children of Irasusth Etilowor and Osylesoara, daughter of Apoysli, were as follows: Tesllan Opishlannr1, who was a great champion of the Iperatesi; and Otethwir Osethom2, who was a beautiful elf maiden who would fall in love with an Erupuan chieftain. The name of the Erupuan chief was Efiaheng Sashvaos3 and it is said by both the Iperatesi and the Erupuan that when they met, Erron4 herself blessed their union. And so it came to pass that Otethwir and Efiaheng were wed and soon the elvan maiden was with child. When the boy was born his father named him Elufong Foynefaf and the boy was destined to become a legendary warrior amongst the Erupuan and the Iperatesi. Elufong grew up in his fathers house in the Erupuan city of Erunnoch, nurtured and taught by his mother and her hand-maiden, an Iperatesi named Rinnl5. The boy also

1 2 3 4 5

Iperatesi: Star-Mate Gold-Hold Iperatesi: Sun-Lady Heros-Mother Ancient Erupuan: Noble-&-Wise Elf-Lover The goddess of Fate, Prophecy and Death Iperatesi: Rose

learned the ways of the warrior from his father and the greatest of the Erupuan warriors. He became so skilled in both the arts of war and the arts of the woods that he began to accompany his fathers warriors on their patrols and raids at the young age of thirteen. It was while on patrol with a unit of Erupuan warriors that Elufong - the scout of the group discovered the vale of fate and the Fountain of Ablaforin In the late evening Elufong became separated from the warriors, traveling miles away from his intended route. He became lost in the woods and disorientated, searching for any landmark that seemed even remotely familiar to him. Yet this recognition never came and he continued along a winding game trail deeper into the Mountains of the Hanoteac. After a long while, as night was beginning to fall, he came across a river and a trail that lead upstream. With little else to guide him but his heart, the young Elufong followed the trail to its terminus - a beautiful vale with a fountain set in its middle - the font of the river whose course he had followed. As darkness overtook the land, Elufong lay down next to the stone foundation of the fountain and fell into a deep sleep - weary after his long trek through the mountains. As he lay, asleep in the grass that grew around the base of the fountain he dreamed of a beautiful woman with flowing black curls and golden eyes. She wore a plain white dress and had a radiant golden halo surrounding her entire being. The woman stood upon a field of perfectly pure green grass and the sky was the colour of sapphire shining in the morning sun. There was a gentle breeze that blew which sent ripples through her white dress and her black curls. Elufong, said she, when you wake find refreshment in the fountain. It shall give you strength and a vision of your future. Then, once your thirst is quenched, follow the path near the fountain until you find the house of the master smith. He will tell you what you must do and where you must go. When Elufong awoke the next morning he remembered the goddess words and

drank his fill from the fountain. He felt its cold, pure water course through his body, invigorating his mind, body and soul. He suddenly could sense many things all at once as if he could view the entire span of existence at will. What happened in the past and what may unfold in the future. Elufong could see in his minds eye any place on the surface of Nytheun. It was then that he spied, through the mists above the Mountains of the Hanoteac, a dark cavern whose interior was hidden in shadows. For all his will, Elufongs vision could not pierce the darkness. Suddenly, he saw himself - much older then he was - running from the entrance of the cavern with two other men. On their heels he saw four Ayrtesi warriors chasing them with their black long swords drawn. Then the vision ended and again Elufong found himself standing next to the fountain. The vision had left him a little disorientated and he found he had to sit down next the fountain until the feeling passed. Once he felt himself again, he looked around the vale and found the trail, which the goddess had commanded him to seek. He followed its path coming at last to the small cluster of buildings, which was his destination. The buildings were built upon foundations of stone and all but one had been built of long, thick logs laid one on top of another to form the walls. The roofs of the buildings were of an emerald green metal, which Elufong had never seen before. The one building not built from logs was entirely constructed of stone and only had three walls. It was the second largest of the buildings and the boy immediately recognized it as a forge. Standing on the porch of the largest building - which was the main house - was a tall red haired man. He wore the leather smock of a smith and black leather trousers and boots. He had the strong, powerful build of one who worked with his hands and the weathered look of one who had experienced much in life. Yet his green eyes spoke of an ancient knowledge and had a gleam to them, which made Elufong feel warm and welcome immediately.

Welcome Elufong, son of Efiaheng. the man said in a deep and powerful voice. I am known as Etungyffa and this is my home. Come, let us dine and I will tell you a tale which will be of great import in your life. So Elufong accepted Etungyffas invitation and he followed the red haired smith into a large room of the mans cottage. Within this main room was to be found a large table set with a feast of wild game, fresh vegetables and succulent fruits gathered from the surrounding wilderness. There was also clear golden coloured wine poured into crystal goblets which tasted rich and strong, yet moderately sweet. A white clay vase sat in the center of the table, which was filled with dandelion flowers and daisies, adding to the rustic feel of the feast. After the repast, Etungyffa refilled the boys goblet with the rich tasting wine and began to tell his tale. I have lived in these mountains since the day the first elves awoke in the lake of stars. I often journey through the world, seeking knowledge and adventure and have shared tales and my experiences with many. In fact, it was I who first taught the Iperatesi the art of smith-craft and for that they called me Arrese - the Smith. Yet after every long journey I have undertaken, I always return to my valley, not far from the Fountain of Fate which you are already familiar with. The Hanoteac call it the Fountain of Ablaforin and it is by this name that the fountain is mostly known. Upon the instructions of my mistress you, Elufong, have drank the sacred water of the Fountain and have seen into your future. Yet there is more that I must tell you. The time for the war between the elves is near its end and you shall be one of the harbingers of its cessation. Yet the challenge that lies before you will not be easy and it will test your skill, resolve and determination. Yet, I digress first I must tell you the tale so that you might understand what it is that is required of you. In the days when men and elves were first forming a friendship, the Ayrtesi still wandered the world seeking a home. They had been defeated by the Iperatesi in a great

battle far across the sea, yet they had followed their hated kin here: to the lands of men. It was at this time that your great grandfather, the Ayrtesi warlock Itthat, corrupted the people known as the Zhozuraploan, turning them into the vile goblin-kin. Not long after this did Itthat create the underground citadel of Jitthavariniv which was sealed by your grandparents - the noble Irasusth Etilowor and Osylesoara, daughter of Apoysli. At the same time that Itthat was constructing Jitthavariniv, the matron of the Ayrtesi discovered a vast underground complex she named Vittratthuz and it is in this secret lair that she has continued her fight against the Iperatesi and their mannish allies. In your vision at the Fountain of Ablaforin you witnessed your future self at the gates of Vittratthuz. It is your destiny to discover the location of Ayrones secret lair and to lead the Iperatesi forces there. But alas, the time is not yet set for such events - there are many perils you must overcome first before you will discover Ayrones citadel. It was at this point that Etungyffa stood up from the table and walked over to a large cabinet located on the wall to his left. He opened the cabinet and retrieved a long package wrapped in fine cloth. Gently, he placed it before Elufong. This is my gift to you, Elufong, son of Efiaheng. I have created it within the fires of my own forge, by the strength and skill of my own hands. And when Elufong pulled back the cloth, he was shocked to see a beautiful sword encased in a black leather sheath. The pommel of the sword was set with a radiant sapphire, which seemed to glow with its own inner fire. The grip was tightly wrapped in strands of the same black leather which composed the sheath, while the hilts were forged in a cold black-silver glass-like substance that Etungyffa called Wittin. The sharp double-edged blade of the sword was forged of Wittin as well and Elufong marvelled at the craftsmanship, beauty and balance of the blade. The sword is called Eronisung - the Claw of Fate. the smith told him. It will protect you from some of the harm which might befall you and allow you to vanquish your enemies in order to fulfill your destiny. You may stay with me this night, I have a guest

room for such occasions. In the morning, you will need to depart. In fact, I can even tell you which direction to travel in order to rejoin your troop. Rest in the sanctuary of my home this night and know that the troubles of the world will not touch you here. The sleep that Elufong experienced that night under the green-metal roof of Etungyffa was the best sleep he would ever have in his life. The only dreams that visited him that night were ones of glory and triumph over dark enemies who were too weak to challenge his strength. In all of his dreams that night he wielded the magnificent blade Eronisung which glowed radiant blue and defeated all of the enemies that attempted to stop Elufongs journey. In the morning, Etungyffa gave the young man directions and wished him well. Soon after, Elufong departed the Vale of the Fountain of Ablaforin with Eronisung hanging from his belt, following the path which the smith had pointed out. By the end of that very same day the young man had met up with his fathers warriors and a great celebration was held amongst the men. Soon after the warriors and Elufong returned to his fathers house where he told his strange tale of meeting the smith in the mountains. Three years would pass before Elufongs skills as a warrior would truly be tested. In that time he continued to be a scout for his fathers warriors and often aided them in small skirmishes with goblin raiding parties who come down out of the mountains. Yet one day, rumours of trolls began to be heard amongst the Erupuan warriors. Reports of troll sightings in the foothills of the mountains began to be heard and Efiaheng ordered his warriors to step up their patrols. Yet in the night a band of trolls accompanied by some goblins and orcs attacked an Erupuan village known as Loafothinably1 located near the northern shore of lake Eruzyath2. Efiaheng immediately dispatched his greatest warriors including his son Elufong - to the desperate village. The warriors rode hard from

1 2

Erugioth: Water-Fall-Town Erugioth: Rose-Vale

Efiahengs castle on the western shore of the lake and arrived at the small village two nights later. The only traces of the village to be found were the charred ruins of houses and buildings and the mutilated bodies of the townsfolk. The sight sickened and enraged the warriors - especially Elufong - and they immediately picked up the trail of the troll war-band. Elufong lead the warriors along a track that lead up into the mountains and it was not long before they discovered the whereabouts of the trolls and the goblin-kin. The monsters had set camp not three leagues from the charred ruins of the village in a large ravine. The Erupuan quickly made a plan to assault the camp and avenge the massacre of their people. As the sun began to rise over the tops of the mountains, the brave group of Erupuan warriors charged into the camp and attacked the trolls, goblins and orcs with all their might. Elufong leapt into the ravine, Eronisung glowing blue in the dawn light. Swinging his sword, he quickly dispatched two green-skinned goblins armed with scimitars. He turned to find a third victim, only to come face to face with one of the massive mountain trolls. The troll swung its massive stone club at the young man gingerly jumped out of harms way. Landing on his feet, Elufong lunged forward, swinging Eronisung through the air and striking the troll in the groin, the magical blue-cold aura of the sword adding to the damage the monster suffered. The troll howled in pain and rage and took a step back, not able to believe that such a little creature could inflict such pain. Elufong saw his advantage and swung his sword again, this time striking the brute in its chest, tearing flesh, muscle and bone. The injuries were all but too much for the troll and it collapsed dead on the ground, much to Elufongs relief. Seeing one of its number fall, the two remaining trolls turned their attentions to the half elf that had killed their comrade. The bigger of the two, a grey skinned brute called Kzkpz, pushed the other troll forward, growling bitterly in his guttural tongue. This second troll lurched forward, swinging its club and again Elufong dodged out of the way.

It was at this point that he was aided by the sudden firing of arrows from one of the Erupuan warriors. Three arrows sunk into the advancing monsters hide, which only served to slow it down slightly and enrage it all the more. Elufong swung Eronisung, slicing open the creatures abdomen. Troll guts began to pour out of the wound and the monster howled in pain before collapsing in shock. A great growl shot forth from Kzkpzs maw and the huge troll warlord charged forward, swinging his great black mace. Arrows shot into his hide but he seemed impervious to their sting, the brute simply continued his charge towards Elufong. For his part, the young Erupuan hero swung his magical blade in deadly arcs as he backed away from the oncoming troll warlord. At the last moment, when Kzkpz began to swing his black mace down at Elufong, the young warrior jumped to his left, swinging his blade and slicing the top layer of skin off the warlords arm. Kzkpz swung his mace again at the young Erupuan warrior but Elufong jumped out of its way. The troll found himself with his flank open, his mace against the ground and open to attack. Elufong saw his advantage and quickly swung Eronisung, slicing through the troll warlords midsection. The great magical blade burned with a cold flame, which added to the damage it inflicted on the troll warlord. Kzkpz howled in pain and in rage but he was far too injured to react quickly enough to Elufongs next strike. Stopping the rotation of his arms and turning them back in the opposite direction, Elufong swung Eronisung in one last dangerous arc, severing the monsters grotesque head from its massive shoulders. The troll warlords black eyes rolled up inside his skull as his head rolled off his hulking frame and down towards the ground below. This was followed moments later by the trolls body collapsing onto the ground, crushing an unfortunate goblin that could not escape the foundering monsters bulk. Seeing the last troll fall dead to the ground, the remaining orcs and goblins fled in terror while the Erupuan warriors cheered in victory. Elufong was hoisted up upon the shoulders of his fellows and carried back to his fathers house as the warriors chanted his

name and sang songs of glory. Word quickly spread through the lands of the Erupuan, of the deeds of Elufong. When the troop of warriors arrived back to the city of his father, he was hailed as a hero and a great feast was held in his honour. The Erupuan bard, Fthe Cfnoch1 composed a ballad to record how he had slain the three trolls in defense of Loafothinably. This would be the first of many songs written to commemorate the deeds of Elufong Foynefaf. Throughout the next year Elufong continued to help the warriors of the Erupuan defend their lands against the constant raids of goblins, orcs and trolls. With each battle, Elufongs fame and prowess became greater and soon he was leading his own company of men in battles against the foes of the people of Erupua. It was one year after the slaying of Kzkpz in Loafothinably that Elufongs warriors began to hear rumours of vile monsters in a forest named Susewhuzish 2. This ancient wood, which had in the time after the Battle of Jetheoplin become darkened with deep shadows an evil so dark that even animals feared to tread under the canopy of the trees. It was within this ancient wood that tales of new horrors were told. Horrors that could move at lightning speed and rush through the forest like green specters. No one who had ever ventured into Susewhuzish had returned alive. The local people had heard of the deeds of Elufong and had called upon Efiaheng, asking him to send his son in order to chase out or destroy whatever evil spirit resided within the darkened woods of Susewhuzish. So it came to pass that the chieftain of the Erupuan bade his son: go forth and clear the darkened wood of Susewhuzish. With Elufong went Yunwyth, son of Yunyffa; Nthefon, son of Plenef; Cuplich, son of Ceuthliysh; Duydng, son of Zeochef; Keythef, son of Poshedith; Gaonsha, son of Effanoch; Guendng, son of Guenefo and Eroneffa, son of Eronnoch. On the third day of pniung,

1 2

Er. Smart Grey-Fort Er.: Mid-Night-Wood

Elufong departed Eronnoch accompanied by his warriors. travelling south-west to the town of Toeplyth1 whihc was located near the edge of the forest of Susewhuzish. The headman of the town was a man named Ablyerf Luusheta2 and he welcomed Elufong and his warriors into his community. Upon the eve of their arrival in Toeplyth, the townsfolk held a feast in celebration of the famous warrior visiting their town. At the feast, a young beautiful girl named Imare Wheyech3 sang an ancient song from the days of Erupua named Zith mi Axan4. The ballad celebrated the deeds of the Erupua at the Battle of lanesel Tr. Once the feast and song were complete, Ablyerf began to relate the tale of the forest of Susewhuzish. In the days of Erupua Elvan-Friend, the headman began, The forefathers of our town hunted game and gathered berries and nuts from the forest which is now called Susewhuzish. They also fished upon the waters of lake Eruzyath, harvesting the fruits of that great water source. However, soon after the first sighting of dragons and the great Battle of Jethoplin where the fallen Iperatesi prince, Tesiquish, slew the father of dragonkind, the beasts and the birds fled from the forest. A shadow had fallen amongst the trees and the townspeople began to see fast moving spirits who stalked the woodland trails killing any who might wander through. It was in this dark time that the forest was named Susewhuzish and our people no longer stray there. We now draw sustenance from lake Eruzyath and warn our children not to play under the shade of the trees of the dark forest. For centuries we have endured the curse which has befallen the forest yet we long to return to its wilds. We hope to see the animals and birds return and the spirits cast out. It is for this reason that I sent word to your noble father, asking for your assistance in this sad affair, Elufong.
1 2 3 4

Er.: South-Lake Er.: Town-Leader Oak-Hill Er.: Misty-Maid Brook-Stone Er.: Song Of Heroes

Indeed, Ablyerf. Elufong replied in a sad tone. I have spent most of my years wandering the wild forests of Nytheun and enjoy the sounds of the birds in the trees and the beauty of groves filled with animals. Your tale speaks deeply to me and I am saddened at the story of this poor grove. You were right to alert my father to your situation and I am happy to have come to help bring the light back to Susewhuzish. A great cheer arose from the gathered townsfolk. Goblets were filled and more food was brought as the town celebrated the words of Elufong Foynefaf. That night, Elufong and his warriors were given the best rooms in the towns inn and they slept well. In the morning, the warriors gathered in the central square of the town with the townsfolk and began their trek towards the forest to the cheering voices of the citizens. The forest of Susewhuzish stretched out for six leagues and was located just south of the town of Toeplyth. Behind it rose up the Hof Zhozurak1, whose dark peaks and misty clouds added to the dark reputation of the forest. The woods themselves were made up of dark spruce and pine trees mixed with elms and birch. All the trees seemed twisted in some way, as if the shadowy spirits had corrupted their very substance. Yet most disturbing of all was the silence that emanated from the woods. Not a bird was heard to sing nor could one hear the movement of animals through the dark leaves and needles. Doom and shadows seemed the only companions of the trees and bushes whilst an air of foreboding covered the entire grove. Elufongs warriors approached the forest on an ancient game trail that did not go into the trees. It skirted to the west towards the distant Mountains of the Hanoteac and seemed to avoid even the shadows cast by overhanging boughs. Indeed, there seemed to be no trail entering into the forest itself, as if the grove had locked its gates to the outside world. The warriors were forced to slash their own path with their swords, making that stage of the journey very hard and very slow. They found they had to take frequent breaks

Ancient Hanoteac.: Mountains Of Zhozurak

for the strength of the trees was great and the work of clearing a path was arduous. By late afternoon they had come to a small clearing and decided to stop and rest. Elufong immediately setup a watch, having felt even an enmity from the trees themselves. Even his Iperatesi blood, which was always in tune with the wilds of Nytheun, did not help him feel safe within these woods. It would be one of the watchmen who first discovered the statues standing like silent sentinels just beyond the edge of the clearing. Duydng, son of Zeochef, had been sweeping the perimeter of the warriors encampment when he came across the first of the six statues. It looked like a tall featureless man whose body was covered with a sort of greenish hide, more like a thick skin that resembled tight clothing. This covering extended over the entire body, including the face. Hoy! Elufong! Duydng called out, There is a statue here in the woods! Before the young hero could even raise himself up from the spot where he had been sitting, the clearing was filled with the soul-chilling sound of Duydngs death scream. The warriors immediately drew their swords as Elufong ordered all the men to stay put. Quickly, he organized them into a defensive circle, all the while attempting to see into the bush in order to spot the attacker. Nothing moved and again the eerie silence filled the air. Tension began to mount as the moments passed by and nothing happening. Elufong could hear the deep breathing of his men and wished he could see into the bush at the very least to discover what had happened to Duydng. Suddenly two small bone discs came flying out of the woods from the opposite direction that Duydngs voice had hailed. They moved with such supernatural speed that both Keythef, son of Poshedith and Gaonsha, son of Effanoch lay on the ground dead their heads severed before most of the warriors had even seen the discs. Drop to the ground! Elufong bellowed, falling onto his stomach and rolling a little to his right. He looked around, seeing his warriors fall to the ground as well. Yunwyth,

son of Yunyffa, was beside his lord and crawled closer to converse with him. What manner of creature attacks us? Yunwyth asked. I know not, Yunwyth. Elufong replied. Where you able to spy anything in the trees? No, Elufong. the red haired warrior replied. Elufong looked around, taking stock of the situation. Then he made a decision. He turned his attentions back to Yunwyth. You and the rest of the men stay here. I am going to crawl into the woods to try to see what manner of creature we face. Be very careful, Elufong. Yunwyth warned. Three men are dead without having a chance the defend themselves. If I am lost, take what men remain and flee the woods. I will not leave you, Elufong. Your father will never forgive me. And I will never forgive you if you have the chance to save my men and do not. Elufong retorted. May the gods protect you, Yunwyth. May they protect you as well, Elufong, son of Efiaheng. The red haired warrior intoned in a hopeful voice. Without further words, Elufong began to crawl along the ground on his belly, determined to stay low. When he came to the tree line, he pulled himself into the cover of the bushes and ventured a hesitant look. Seeing nothing and having a tree to cover his back, Elufong hauled himself up to a sitting position. Again he looked around, trying to see or sense anything through the trees. Still seeing nothing but trees, he began to crawl towards the position he thought Duydngs body lay. Elufong did not know for how long he crawled along the ground, but he knew his men were still safe for he had not heard any new screams. He simply continued to crawl

along the ground hoping to figure out what was happening. Suddenly he felt something move blindingly fast past him so fast he could barely make out what it was. In the next instant screams of terror erupted from the clearing where Elufong had left his men. He rose up and dashed towards the clearing only to find his men already dead. They lay in heaps all around the clearing with the small circular bone discs protruding from their bodies. None of the valiant warriors had escaped the carnage. Realizing the danger he was in, Elufong dropped back onto the ground, terror overcoming his senses. His maneuver came just in time because another of the bone discs suddenly flew through the air, sticking into the bark of the birch tree which he had been standing in front of. He could not figure out what had killed his men or what manner of creature could run past him at a blinding speed. Whatever they were, they could obviously see the clearing and were shooting the discs at anyone who stood up. It must have been one of the creatures that had run into the clearing to terrorize the prone warriors forcing them to flee in terror. When the men had stood up, the other creatures still lurking in the woods had killed them. Elufong was desperate; he needed to come up with a plan to survive this ambush. But how could he plan if he didnt know what manner of creature was in the woods? Then he remembered what Duydng had said before he had died: there were statues in the woods. Statues what sorts of statues? Were they really statues or simply some terrific monster hiding in plain sight? Elufong began to creep back into the woods, away from the clearing and the corpses of his men. He had to get as far away from the clearing as he could. That was his first step. He was alone against an unknown creature that he could not see. Yet he felt the blessing of the gods was upon him. It was as if the hands of fate were guiding him, pointing him in the direction he needed to go. He soon found himself in a small gully that had a narrow stream running through the bottom. At the sound of the running water, Elufong suddenly realized how thirsty he

was. He crawled over the to closest bank of the stream, cupping his left hand into the water and deeply drank the cold water. The young warrior kept drinking until his thirst was quenched. Once satiated, he began to look around the gully. It was small, yet lower down then the surrounding forest and he realized that he was perhaps safe for a while. Cautiously, Elufong sat up, continuing to scan the trees for signs of the creatures that had killed all of his men. It was while scanning the trees that he saw one of the fast-moving creatures come to a stop. There was a narrow trail that crossed just to the north of the gully and the creature had been running along this path. It had come to a stop, perhaps one hundred paces from the mouth of the gully and now stood with its back to Elufong. He was able to see the creature for the first time. It looked like a tall featureless man whose body was covered with a sort of greenish hide, more like a thick skin that resembled tight clothing. This covering extended over the entire body, including the face. Yet it stood perfectly still a marked contrast to its unimaginable speed when moving. Elufong could understand why Duydng had believed it to be a statue. It was a mistake that would prove to be fatal. However, now Elufong knew what he was fighting and he quickly devised a plan. Creeping silently up out the gully, Elufong slowly made his way to the trail. His movements were extremely cautious for he did not want to make his presence known to the creature. As silent as possible, he stalked along the path coming closer to the monster with every step. When at last he found himself directly behind the green-skinned creature, he swung Eronisung, decapitating the monsters featureless head. The green-skinned skull rolled to the ground while the body slumped. It was at this point that Elufong noticed that the creature had two blue glowing eyes. When he got closer to the monsters face, he could see a thin film of the green skin covered its face. Peeling it back, he could now see that the creature only had a mouth and the two glowing eyes, which were actually two gray-blue gems about two inches round.

The beauty of the gems that were the monsters means of perception captivated Elufong. Sheathing Eronisung, he drew forth a dagger and cut out the two gems from the decapitated skull of the creature. Once he had pried them loose, he immediately noted that they pulsed with some sort of magical power. Suddenly, from one of the gems a streak of white-blue lightning shot forth, marking a nearby tree with a small scorch mark. Amazed at the power of the gems, he slipped them into a pouch, which hung from his belt, and then sheathed the dagger. He quickly checked the body of the green skinned monster, looking for any weapons or other valuables. Finding none, he quickly drew forth Eronisung again and began to make his way along the path in the direction that the creature had come from. The trail skirted past the gully and continued in an easterly direction for some way. After about five hundred or so yards, it began to turn to the south, back towards the clearing where his men had been slain. Passing ancient birch and ash trees, as well as pine and spruce all growing within a carpet of ferns, blueberry and raspberry bushes, Elufong continued along the path constantly scanning his surroundings for more signs of the creatures. After cresting a small hill, Elufong spied another of the creatures, motionless like a statue in the middle of the trail perhaps thirty feet from his position. Luckily the creature had its back turned to the direction that Elufong was traveling and had not sensed his approach. Looking down at the monster, the warrior suddenly had an idea. He drew forth one of the blue gems from the pouch at his waist and pointed it in the direction of the creature. At his mental command, a bolt of blue-white lightning shot forth from the gem. The electrical energy flew through the air striking the monster in the back. The shock from the blast sent the creature reeling forward and Elufong watched as streaks of electricity enveloped its green-skinned body. It was at this point that Elufong charged forward, swinging Eronisung dangerously through the air. When he reached the prone, electrocuted creature, he swung the glowing blade at its head, decapitating the monster in the same way

he had beheaded the first. The green-skinned skull rolled to the side and Elufong was amazed to see that it did not have the strange blue gemstones for eyes. Thinking no more of the dead creature, Elufong continued along the path, which now had turned back towards the north leading deeper into the deciduous woods. Elufong came across two more of the creatures, dispatching them in the same manner as he had slain the previous two. At last, the trail led into a large clearing with a cave entrance in its middle. The cave mouth was located on the side of a small hill and standing in front of its darkness were two more of the creatures. They stood motionless, facing each other as if they were conversing. Sheathing Eronisung, Elufong drew forth the both magical blue gems from his pouch and pointed them at the statues, sending streaks of lighting at the monstrous humanoids. Great electrical currents wrapped around each creature, the sound and smell of their sizzling flesh filling the clearing. Elufong dropped both gemstones and drew forth Eronisung, charging towards the sizzling monsters. He swung the blade, decapitating one but missing the second. This second creature suddenly moved, pushing past the surprised warrior at its inhuman speed. In the next instant, Elufong saw the creature come to a full stop thirty feet away and then turn and dash off again in a new direction. Elufong tried to see where the creature was going but his eyes could not sense the monster as it moved at such lightning speed. Suddenly, the creature stopped again, this time it stood ten feet to Elufongs left. In one quick motion it swung its arms back along its side, up behind its back, over its shoulders, and then down until they pointed strait forward again. At the same time, the creatures head had been brought down and its upper body leaned forward. At the completion of this movement, two of the sharp two-inch bone discs flung forward along the length of its inner arm right at Elufong. The warriors survival instinct kicked in and he dodged the left hand disc while parrying the right hand one with the shining blade of

Eronisung. Before Elufong could make his next move, the creature dashed off again, whirling past him at such a great speed that it knocked the half-elvan warrior off balance. Rising up from his fallen position, Elufong quickly scanned the clearing, searching for any sign of the creature. A moment later he saw the green-skinned humanoid stop, turn and then dash off again in a new direction. He readied his sword, knowing that it had to stop moving before firing its deadly missiles. Suddenly, the creature stopped again, this time fifteen feet to the left of the position it had occupied when it last attacked. Again, it began to swing its arms, readying its deadly attack, but this time Elufong was ready. He charged towards the stationary creature and swung Eronisung, slicing through the creatures torso, killing it in one final decisive assault. The green-skinned creature fell over onto the ground, no longer a threat. Elufong took a deep breath, hoping he had slain the last of the monsters. Cautiously he made his way towards the cave entrance. Looking inside he saw no signs of life, so he cautiously stepped inside. The floor of the cave had been covered in evergreen boughs and obviously served as the lair of the creatures. The cave was small and there was just enough room inside the cave that only six of them could stand comfortably. In the center was a small pile of items that had obviously been taken from their past victims. He recognized two of the swords of his warriors as well as the ruby amulet that Gaonsha, son of Effanoch had always worn around his neck. Elufong retrieved these items to take back to the warriors families, along with a number of coins and gems which he would give to the people of the town of Toeplyth as small recompense for their suffering over the centuries. So it was that Elufong defeated the creatures of dark forest of Susewhuzish. Yet before he departed the evil wood, he buried the bodies of his men, hoping that their spirits would find peace and perhaps bring back the light to the dark woods. He also burned the bodies of the creatures, making sure that they would never haunt the woods again. Then

he returned to Toeplyth, giving the bounty from the creatures lair to Ablyerf. Elufong turned down the towns requests to stay for a feast to celebrate his deeds, so saddened was he by the events in the forest of Susewhuzish. In stead he departed the town, intending to travel back to his fathers city and return the weapons of his comrades to their families. Some say that fate had not yet finished with Elufong that day, for shortly after leaving Toeplyth he heard a commotion in a small forest that lay to the south east of the town. Going to investigate, he discovered a group of warriors desperately out numbered by a troop of goblins. Sensing the danger of their plight, Elufong charged into the fray, shouting his war cry and swinging Eronisung in deadly arcs. The sudden charge of the half-elf startled the goblins and they soon found themselves at the mercy of his frosty sword. After dispatching three goblins armed with short swords and spears, Elufong turned round to see two goblins bearing down on a prone Erupuan warrior. The half-elf charged at the goblins, severing the sword arm of one and slicing open the seconds abdomen. The prone warrior then thrust his own blade at the first goblin, impaling the brute. Elufong looked around, the remaining Erupuan warriors had dispatched all the other goblins. The half-elf extended his left hand to the prone warrior, helping him up to his feet. Thank you. The man began. You are arrival was fortuitous and you have saved my life. My name is Etonesiac, son of Etonnyoch1 and I am the leader of these men well, those that remain. I am Elufong Foynefaf, son of Efiaheng Sashvaos. The half-elf introduced. Yffa Elufong2. Etonesiac marveled. We have heard of your deeds and your fighting skill. We are humbled by your presence.
1 2

Er.: Tree-Shadows son of Tree-Wall Yffa is a formal mode of address meaning Lord in Erugioth.

I am no different then you and your men, Etonesiac. Elufong replied. I am yet another Erupuan warrior trying to defend our lands against the goblins and other foul creatures. Pray tell, Elufong, from whence have you come and what is your destination? I have just returned from the town of Toeplyth after losing eight fellow warriors in the dread forest of Susewhuzish. Yet, the people of Toeplyth may rest easy, I have removed the menace from the woods and buried the bodies of my comrades so that perhaps their souls might bring peace to the forest. Your renown shall grow once men hear of your deeds! Etonesiac praised. I have heard stories of the dread woods and for one warrior to banish its demons such are the stories of legend. Again, I only protect those who need protection. The half-elf replied humbly. Now it is my turn to learn of you, Etonesiac. From whence do you and your men come and where were you headed ere the goblins attacked? We are a band of warriors that hail from villages built along the foothills of the Hof Zhozurak. We have pledged to hunt down goblins and their kin who harass the villages and farms along the mountains. Our band originally numbered nine warriors, but I fear we have lost three good men this day. There are but six of us left to carry on the duty we have adopted. Then let me join your band, Etonesiac. Elufong offered. I am not equal to three good men, however I would be honoured to fight alongside you and your men to rid our lands of the goblin scourge. We would be honoured to count you amongst our number, Elufong. Etonesiac accepted.

And so it came to pass that Elufong joined Etonesiacs band of warriors and for the next year they battled all manner of evil: from orcs, goblins and trolls to denizens of the unlife and demons from the pale. Their adventures would drive them north into the Hof Hanoteac1 as they chased the movements of various goblin tribes. It was while tracking the movements of a goblin raiding party that they first discovered the valley of Rtiuta2 where Ayrone had built her citadel, Vittrathuz3. This dark citadel had lain hidden from the eyes of man and Iperatesi alike for over four hundred and fifty years. Etonesiac and Elufong knew at once that they had to escape and notify the Iperatesi, however before they had a chance, a hue and cry was heard and a great column of Ayrtesi warriors issued forth from the black gates of Vittrathuz. The brave band of warriors attempted to flee, but they were on foot and no match for the Ayrtesi who rode upon black steeds, which quickly encircled the group. Though they fought valiantly, Issvitu, the Ayrtesi general, struck down Etonesiac and most of the other warriors lay dead at the hands of Ayrtesi warriors. Only Elufong and two other warriors: Cthagonof, son of Cthsiethguen4 and Enewyth, son of Peuthecesh5; were able to escape.

Chapter Twenty: Of Heln Onish Erietym6

Back through the wilds of the Hof Hanoteac were Elufong Foynefaf, Cthagonof, son of Cthsiethguen and Enewyth, son of Peuthecesh pursued. At last they were able to enjoy the safety of their homeland as a large border patrol of fifty armed Erupuan warriors
1 2 3 4 5 6

Er.: Mountains Of The Hanoteac r.: Hidden Valley r.: Hold-Power (Lit.), i.e.: Citadel Of Power Er.: Fears-Master, son of The Fearsome Sword Er.: Black-Brook, son of Pearly-White Qu.: Battle Of Final Sorrow

intercepted the Ayrtesi column and saved the three men from a near-certain doom. In the wake of this battle in the foothills of the Hof Hanoteac, Elufong and his two companions made strait for lanesel Tr and sought an audience with the Iperatesi High King, Eazwo. Now Eazwo listened to the tale told by Elufong and his companions, not asking any questions until the warriors were finished. He then asked questions to clarify some points and to help him pinpoint the exact location of the Ayrtesi citadel. Once he was satisfied, he called upon Hoteth Iqqish, the elf who had first befriended the dwarves and who now served as Captain of the Guard of lanesel Tr. When Iqqish arrived, Eazwo related everything that Elufong had reported and ordered the Iperatesi Captain to begin mustering the Iperatesi Warriors. He also ordered that messengers be sent to the Erupuan, the Hanoteac, the Pliac, the Krigasin and to the Rhysemen. Eazwo, High King of the Iperatesi called for a great army to be formed and to march upon Rtiuta and the citadel of Vittrathuz in order to utterly destroy its depths and all the Ayrtesi who harboured there. And so it came to pass that a great army of elves, men and dwarves marched upon the hidden citadel of the Ayrtesi. Over the mountains did march the main column of Iperatesi warriors while the fearsome Etiltietor flew above on their dragon steeds, lead by rasusth Etilowor. On the left flank of the Iperatesi infantry marched the Hanoteac clan warriors lead by their king, Heyffof TuiJethe1. To their left marched the Krigasin, armed with their traditional spears and halberds. The Krigasin were led by their King, riZsinikiri, a descendant of the great elf-friend Ir-kri. On the right flank of the Iperatesi marched the Erupuan, lead by Elufong Foynefaf. Finally, to the right of the Erupuan marched the Pliac, lead by their King, Keishoffa Hiachefu2. Below the ground the

1 2

Han.: Famous-Warrior, Son Of The Chief We.: High-Lord Wind-Hard

Rhysemen marched in marvellous tunnels delved into the earth, lead by their King, Renstoaz Neerrmutz1. Into the valley of Rtiuta did the army of elves and men come, forming up defensive positions. They began to construct mighty siege engines in the rear-guard of the armys encampment while the forward columns began to attack the defenses of the citadel. A small force of Ayrtesi warriors, aided by the defensive design of Vittrathuzs gate, held the attackers at bay. On the third night of the siege, the defending Ayrtesi warriors withdrew into the gates, sealing them to the outside world. The Ayrtesi general, Issvitu, then sent forth a flight of dragon riders with orders to slay all of the Etiltietor. The battle in the sky between dragons and elves was fierce. Many warriors on the ground were slain either crushed by the falling bodies of dragons or suffering the blasts of the monsters dread breath weapons. The dragon fear also rushed through the ranks of the army and the elves and men were forced to endure great woes. Yet rasusth Etilowor and his valiant dragon riders were able to defeat their enemies and a great cheer was heard when the last of the Ayrtesi dragon rider and his mount fell from the sky. It was after this great rial battle that the lengthy siege of Vittrathuz began. Day and night, the war machines of the elvan and human army rocked the gates of the dark citadel attempting to penetrate past their strength. Eazwo ordered the building of fortresses around the perimeter of the valley of Rtiuta in order to repel any attacks from goblin clans called up by Ayrone. Indeed, many battles raged around the perimeter of the valley of Rtiuta, but the elves and men were able to hold off the goblin hoards. Meanwhile, deep below the earth in the darkness of the labyrinthine tunnels, the dwarf host fought many battles against Ayrtesi, Goblins, Orcs and vile Troglodytes. Songs are still sung about the heroic deeds of dwarven heroes in the Battle of Rock-Face Gorge, where a force of seven thousand dwarf warriors defeated a force of two hundred Ayrtesi

St.: Harsh-Stone Steel-Beard

Earth-Drake riders. The battle was fought over the course of two weeks in a number of tunnels and within the massive underground cavern known as Rock-Face Gorge named on account of the sheer sides of a massive crevice that cut through the middle of the cavern. The valiant dwarves were able to push the Ayrtesi back into the tunnels, which were located within a mile of the underground gateway of Vittrathuz. With the Ayrtesi pushed back into their dark citadel and their minions, the goblin kin and other vile creatures, held at bay beyond the perimeter of the elvan encampment, Ayrones resources and supplies began to dwindle and the Ayrtesi position began to weaken. In the late summer of the eighth year of the siege, Ayrone ordered a charge out the front gates of Vittrathuz in order to break through the besieging army and send her generals out to organize the demoralized and dispersed goblin hoards. This great thrust through the Iperatesi lines was called afterward in song the Aptthusthp1 and it was lead by the Ayrtesi Captain Irrirusuv. Irrirusuvs force was able to break through the

encampment and flee into the wilderness beyond. Once past the outer perimeter of the Iperatesi and human encampment and beyond the sights of the fortresses that Eazwo had erected, the Ayrtesi warriors scattered, their trails quickly being lost by the determined Iperatesi scouts. The effect of the Aptthusthp would be felt two months later when a huge goblin army arrived from the south accompanied by a large group of one hundred trolls, all under the command of Irrirusuv. They easily overwhelmed the Pliac and Iperatesi defenders of Eazwos fortresses and quickly moved toward the main siege encampment. This goblin hoard began to attack the Erupuans, hoping to cause death and destruction and to cut a path towards the gates of Vittrathuz. However, Elufong Foynefaf lead the Erupuan counter-attack and beat back the goblin hoards. The Pliac, lead by their king, Keishoffa Hiachefu, aided him on his left flank and the Iperatesi aided him on his right. The melee

r.: Freedom Charge (Lit. Free-State-Drive)

was fierce and many lost their lives in that great tumult, however Elufong and his allies won the day. What remained of the goblin hoard fled the battlefield after Keishoffa Hiachefu slew Irrirusuz in single combat. Bolstered by their victory, Elufong ordered his men to attack the main gates. Now it is said in songs and in tales told of that day, that fate intervened in the fortunes of the peoples of Nytheun. At the exact moment that Elufongs courageous Erupuan forces broke through the main gate of Vitthrathuz, the great dwarf hero - Grat Unagurol also broke through the gates to the depths of the citadel. The Ayrtesi were ill prepared for the two assaults and soon found they were fighting for their lives. Yet the elves, men and dwarves did not gain easy access to Vitthrathuz. Accompanied by a hoard of chimeras and zephyr hounds cruel wolves distorted by elemental magic - the great Ayrtesi General, Issvitu, came forth to do battle against the Erupuan and Elufong Foynefaf. The Erupuan warriors fought bravely, though many lost their lives in the hellish melee in the entranceway of Vitthrathuz. However, when Elufong Foynefaf slew Issvitu, the monsters at his command fled and what remained of the Erupuan continued to press deeper into the citadel. By this time, Eazawo entered the citadel with a host of five thousand Iperatesi warriors who were singing the Battle Hymn of Jetheoplin. The warriors of the Pliac, the Hanoteac and of the Krigasin followed them, chanting their own war songs and shouting their battle cries. The melee within the corridors of the citadel was fierce and deadly. Many lost their lives as they battled Ayrtesi, goblins, orcs, trolls, troglodytes and all manner of monster. For weeks the battle raged until at last, Eazwo, Elufong and Heyffof TuiJethe of the Hanoteac entered the throne room of Ayrone. Upon seeing her hated foes, she called forth the power of the Staff of Dark Stars and shot forth a bolt of gray elemental energy, which struck Elufong directly. The blast destroyed the half-elfs chest, ripping a hole

through his ribcage and vaporizing his organs. In a fit of rage, Eazwo charged at the Matron of Strife, swinging the blood red sword Qynnitto upon whose blade every Iperatesi had sworn the dread blood oath. Seeing the attack, Ayrone simply parried the blow with her black staff. She then reversed her momentum and swung the butt of the staff at the Iperatesi High King, hitting him in the head and knocking him unconscious. It was at this moment that fifty Iperatesi warriors, lead by rasusth Etilowor charged into the room and surrounded Ayrone upon her dais. Surrounded, yet still powerful, the Matron of Strife eyed her opponents. As she prepared her next spell, a sudden flash of smoke issued forth to her left and the tall form of Aphitowor appeared before her. Our forces are defeated, Matron. The nightblade informed her. I sense a great destruction coming to the citadel. Let us flee whilst yet we are able to take up our cause anon. Ayrone saw the wisdom of her lover and immediately fled with him from the great citadel of Vitthrathuz. And it is said that upon their departure from Ayrones dark palace, the magic that had first delved the corridors of the citadel was unmade. The vast complex began to crumble, attempting to return to its natural state. Many lives were lost and the bodies of thousands of valiant warriors were never recovered. rasusth Etilowor and Heyffof TuiJethe carried the unconscious body of Eazwo to safety. The heroes were able to escape just before the main gate of the citadel collapsed, sealing the vile fortress forever. Though victory was theirs, there was no celebration as the armies of elves, men and dwarves returned to their home. They had broken the power of Ayrone, yet she was able to escape, no doubt to nurse her wounds and bring suffering to Nytheun in another age. Eazwo recovered from his wound and carried on the Kingship of the Iperatesi in the gleaming towers of lanesel Tr. A time of peace and prosperity followed and the Iperatesi and their human and dwarven allies prospered. It is told that Ayrone and Aphitowor fled north to the citadel of Paotes Tr, which

had been seized by Vinirr, the Ice Queen of the Ayrtesi and her Ice Drakes. They mustered what Ayrtesi warriors remained and had escaped from the Siege of Vitthrathuz and fled to the west, deeper into the icy wilderness of the northern reaches of Nytheun. Into the wilds north-east of the mountains that harbored the headwaters of the sacred river Neposyl; where Izomra first spoke to the Ayrtesi. And in these dark lands they built a new kingdom, one from which they could rebuild their power and spread more suffering through the world. When the final stone of Ayrones palace had been laid she declared that the Nimmtithynns to be over and that forever after this new land would be their home. Elufong Foynefafs brother, Eruffa took over the leadership of the Erupuan. He would be a great leader of men and lead the Erupuan into a golden age. Ten years after the destruction of Vitthrathuz a great plague known as Yryas Wind came into the Erupuan homeland, killing thousands. Eruffa, faced with the end of his race, lead the survivors up over the mountains of the Hanoteac into the Valley of Roses where he built the great city of Eruplong. From his newly completed Palace, he issued a decree, founding the Erupuan Empire and naming himself Emperor of the people of Erupua. The golden age of the Erpuan had begun. One last word must be said regarding what remained of the Phsh Issaysaras. Of the seven original citadels built to protect the Iperatesi and their human allies, only two had fallen. Oshlannar Tr had been destroyed while Paotes Tr had been captured, then abandoned by the Ayrtesi. No Iperatesi ever returned to Paotes Tr, for the once great tower was now haunted by ghosts and far more horrific monsters that had found some diabolic way to cheat death. Yet even with the loss of these citadels and the capture of two Qathotryhsti and many of the original Torshryhsti missing, the great Iperatesi network of citadels continued their task of helping to protect the Iperatesi and their human allies to this very day.

So comes to end the tale of elves and men in the dawn of Nytheuns youth. Yet the story does not end, for thousands of years have passed since that ancient time and other heroes and villains have had their deeds sung in song. Time continues to march ever onward and along her path tales of greatness, suffering and triumph will continue to be told.