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The Glory of Africa Part 4

Blood, sweat, and tears consist of the large portions of my black African heritage. I AM AN AFRICAN. Additionally, triumph above obstacles, supreme accomplishments, creativity (as a part of soul), and the firm keen glow of Black Love are keen components included in real Black Afrikan Culture as well. Now, I've written on a wide spectrum of issues that deal with my own people. This work will do it again. This article will exist in a more inspirational or positive framework. Problems will never be omitted here. On other hand, solutions will transpire here within this work though. Hope will be presented here since the clear understanding of hope equates into a chance of folks establishing true justice. When hope is mixed with dedicated, forthright action, then necessary solutions can be an actuality. In our generation, the real, glorious truth about the contributions of Black People is readily known. From ancient Egypt to the modern atmosphere of the 21st century, those of us of Black African descent have instituted a huge difference within world history & human culture.

The people residing in the Motherland of Africa acuminate of diversity, strength, intelligence, and a real, unique essence of humanity. Diverse, interesting, and captivating are accurate words to define the wildlife, flora, and fauna residing in Africa. I still believe in the Most High.

Frankly, we are thinking in more mature terms. Our issues aren't just national; they are internationally. The reason is that there are black people worldwide experiencing similar issues. Our issues are very complex as well. Fighting for our
human rights is sincerely a moral imperative. Our legacy is Africa's legacy since all humankind has had its origin from the Motherland of Africa. In my heart, there is a beat of what's real, transparent, and without equivocation. The social confines of this world should be challenged since the world isn't perfect. Insight, true heart or compassion, empathy, and a dedication for justice are necessary prerequisites for authentic improvement among my own people. We are all mortal, but our mortality isn't an excuse to lack improvement for ourselves. Our mortality is an awe inspiring witness for us to shout out the glory of Africa and to keep transversing forward in a true direction. Also, I believe in intellectual pursuits since we need it in this era of time. A lot of brothers and sisters are moving down South which I've noticed. Even in the place I work in Virginia (where I'm from); I've seen a sister from New Jersey and another sister from New York working in my occupation. So, life and cultural dynamics are changing in the world. As for the black people in the West Coast, we will always have your backs. We realize how the media and other reactionary factions try to slander you brothers and sisters from the West, but we know the truth. The truth is that the vast majority of black people in California and throughout the W est are just like the rest of us black people (in the South, East, Midwest, and worldwide). W e are true, we want to do the right thing, and we legitimately seek real justice for all black people. California is the home of the original Black Panther Party for Self Defense. Enough said. Being black is more than a phenotype, genetics,

family heritage, or skin color. Its about a social consciousness or a cultural aspect of a persons thinking and soul that is pro-African (as the late brother Steve Biko mentioned years ago). Kwame Ture also calls this consciousness, black consciousness that is fine with me too. Its wild since I have an intuitive personality. Sometimes, even I know what people are thinking or feeling without even talking to them all of the time.

Black folks have style, flavor, creativity, we have rhythm, we have great minds, and we definitely have beautiful skin. We have strength, we have love, and we are unique. Im appreciative and happy about that. Nothing changed with me. Im still the same man. In these times, more solutions plus unity are needed (not division). More people are waking up. Even very militant, real black brothers & sisters had to wake up at some point in their lives. Being politically correct never transmits into establishing legitimate reforms in society. It's fine to show respect among all human beings. Yet, it isn't wrong to inspire many people in the black community to take wisdom (like street smarts. Also, learning math, economics & science is great to build more businesses, inventions, and other forms of infrastructure to benefit human beings) to the next level in improving black people. Its certainly time to promote more of African culture as it defines black people. Showing strength, having confidence, incorporating mental liberation, accepting social maturity, and being an inspiration for other human beings are characteristics that personify our people. Since this topic is very popular here, then Im more than willing to

show more information on Africa. You viewers seem to love this stuff. I love to express information about this issue myself since it defines my heritage & my being. 2012 is coming soon. Therefore, its time to show human beings the real
truth. One thing that I love to do is to show people how I feel since I wear my heart or what I think on my sleeve. You have to know what the business is in order to make solutions. Grown folk business is a vital priority for adults to accomplish.

I still remember my legacy and I am not ashamed of what I look like. I am not ashamed of my heritage and I am not ashamed of God. I will keep on living my life with a positive attitude. I will have an even more focused inspiration to promote liberty, truth, and a true legacy for my own people. We survived some of the worst treatment in history to be lawyers, teachers, musicians, authors, manufacturers, business leaders, athletes, scholars, political leaders, theologians, and other great people of history, These people include the names of: Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Charles Drew, Philip Ameagwali, Kwame Ture,

Connie Matthews, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Professor John G. Jackson, Joel A. Rogers, Ida B. Wells, and there are others. I'm very thankful of the great black legacy in history. I like to thank the ancestors for giving me my life. I will always honor my ancestors and all real black people.

The Recap of Ancient, Real African History

Ancient African History is real. There are tons of books that teach on this subject. I think you know instinctively where I'm going with this. There has always been a strong Black African presence all over Africa and beyond across the globe even in the ancient times. There were complex civilizations that black people created during the Neolithic age of human history as well. Now, about 40,000 to 15,000 years ago, the rains slowed down in the Sahara. Sahara began to dry up, because the environment changed. Therefore, the Sahara became a desert. People started to migrate to water centers like the Nile and the Niger rivers. There is a prehistoric cave showing a painting of black people in the Western desert of Egypt. Collective knowledge for fishing, hunting, and other skills developed among thousands of years in Africa. The River Valley civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and China were created because humans wanted urbanization, collective resources to be centralized into an area, and people had a need to protect themselves from the harsh conditions of surrounding areas. The oldest human skeleton found in Egypt is called the Nazlet Khater being dated from about 35,000 and 30,000 years ago. The report regarding the racial affinity of this skeleton concludes: "Strong alveolar prognathism combined with fossa praenasalis in an African
skull is suggestive of Negroid morphology [form & structure]. The radio- humeral index of Nazlet Khater is practically the same as the mean of Taforalt (76.6). According to Ferembach (1965) this value is near to the Negroid average." The burial was of a young man of 17-20 years old, whose skeleton lay in a 160cm- long narrow ditch aligned from east to west. A flint tool was laid carefully on the bottom of the grave. The tool dates the burial a contemporaneous with a nearby flint quarry. There was the Qadan culture in Africa from 13,000 to

9,000 B.C. The Bardari and Amratian culture ruled in Upper Egypt during prehistoric times as well. The Badari was the first civilized Egyptian civilization. It had farming, hunting, and mining. They lived in ca. 4,500 B.C. and some trace the civilization as far back as 5500 B.C. They are known for making fabrics and using pottery. When you look at the totality of the ancient Egyptian civilization, you see mixed or diverse phenotypes & genotypes. Yet, there was still a strong Black African Negroid presence all over the land as well. The Great Sphinx of Gaza is a huge motif of ancient Egyptian culture. W.E.B. DuBois had claimed that the Sphinx is a statue of a black person. One of the earliest known descriptions of a "Negroid" Sphinx is recorded in the travel notes of a French scholar, who visited in Egypt between 1783 and 1785. Constantin-Franois Chassebuf and French novelist Gustave Flaubert. Flaubert traveled to Egypt in 1849 and recorded the following observation: We stop before a Sphinx; it fixes us with a

terrifying stare. Its eyes still seem full of life; the left side is stained white by birddroppings (the tip of the Pyramid of Khephren has the same long white stains); it exactly faces the rising sun, its head is grey, ears very large and protruding like a negro's, its neck is eroded; from the front it is seen in its entirety thanks to great hollow dug in the sand; the fact that the nose is missing increases the flat, Negroid effect. Besides, it was certainly Ethiopian; the lips are thick" (Gustave Flaubert,
Francis Steegmller (1996). Flaubert in Egypt, ISBN 9780140435825)

American geologist Robert M. Schoch has written that the "Sphinx has a distinctive African, Nubian, or Negroid aspect which is lacking in the face of Khafre So, ancient Egypt was very African. Real black history is very ancient. Cheik Anta Diop, J.A. Rogers, Runoko Rashidi, Ivan Van Sertima, and others have written on these topics for a very long time. Ancient Nubia is found in the Nile River in modern day Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan. Lower (in the north), Upper (south of Lower Nubia), and Southern Nubia are the 3 regions of ancient Nubia. Southern Nubia is called Meroe since that is the region where the most advanced and powerful Meroe Kingdom later developed. In Nubia, women were given prominent roles in society and some were famous rulers as well. The Nubians and Egyptians were in competition with each other for power, influence, and prestige. Meroe had palaces, audience chambers, stores, and domestic quarters for the palace staff. They had baths as well. Their industry and agricultural methods were advanced. Nubian ports on the Red Sea traded with Saudi Arabia, India, and even China. Perhaps the foremost expert on

Nubia, Professor William Adams, concurred: "Ptolemaic Egypt and Meroitic Kush were provincial expressions of a world civilization." One of the greatest works of art in the ancient world has been found in Meroe. Meroe is the place where they have created the alphabet system. Even I knew of the Meroitic alphabet system back in the 1990s.

The image in the center shows a process of a Nubian princess that carries rings and bags of gold. They arrive from the Theban tomb of King Huy. The person is the center is the Kushite King Taharqa and the image to the right describes modern day Nubian peoples.

Ancient Nubia is made up of heavily from African peoples like the Noba. Ancient Egyptians called Nubians Ta-Seti. There was the A group culture that existed in fertile farmland just south of the third cataract is known as the Pre-Karma culture. The Pre-Karma culture in Upper Nubia is the ancestors of Kerma. The Nubian civilization grew higher in 5,000 B.C. in Upper Nubia. The Neolithic people of the Nile came from the Sudan. There have been megaliths in Nabta Playa in Nubia that predated Stonehenge by almost 2,000 years. The A Group came about in ca. 3,800 B.C. There were the B and C Group civilizations in Nubia as well. Ancient Nubia and Ancient Egypt traded, intermarried, and even sometimes warred with each other for thousands of years. th The ancient Nubians conquered Egypt under its 25 Dyansty. There has been strong Nubian influence in the XIIth Dynasty of ancient Eygpt as well (in 1991-1786 B.C.). The Kingdom of Kush lasted from 1070 B.C. to 350 A.D. The maximum extent of Kush was in ca. 700 B.C. that spread into modern day Israel. In ca. 727 B.C., the Kushite King Piye came north from Sudan to conquer th Thebes and the rest of the Delta in northern Egypt. The 25 Dynasty reached its peak under the Black Pharaohs Piye and Taharqa. King Taharqa was the son and third successor of King Piye. King Taharqa was one of the famous and greatest of the Nubian Black pharaohs. His empire stretched from modern day Israel/Palestine to the Northern African coast. There was a huge harvest in the year of ca. 684 B.C. He created construction project, built or renewed many temples in Egypt, and his reign was very prosperous. Tarharqa died in 664 B.C. and he was buried in Nuri. His pyramid was over 100 feet high and it was the largest pyramid to have been excavated in Sudan to date. Professor Abdulaziz Lodhi of Uppsala University (in Sweden) and Zachariah Cherian Mampily from have found more information about Indo-Africans of India. These are Indians of African origin. Dr. Richard Pankurst wrote that the Periplus (or the Greco-Egyptian manual that came in the ca. 1 century A.D.) found the the Aksumite port of Adulis on the Red Sea coast of Africa, traded extensively with various parts of Western India, which supplied Ethiopia with both textiles and spices. This trade dealt with Ceylon too. Abyssinians lived in India as well.

Other Africans were from Sudan, Abyssinia, Mozambique, and other places of Africa. They came as musicians, sailors, merchants, midwives, herbalists, etc. In the second decade of the sixteenth century a European traveler named Armando Cortesao noted that: The people who govern the kingdom [Bengal] are Abyssinians [Ethiopians]. These men are looked upon as knights; they are greatly esteemed; they wait on the kings in their apartments Nubia has been called Ethiopia or Aethiopia by the ancient Greeks. When the ancient Romans tried to conquer all parts of Nubia in 23 B.C., the Nubians defeated them on the battle field. The Nubians attacked the Romans with 30,000 soldiers and pushed them back to the southern border of Egypt. From then on, ancient Rome recognized Meroe-Nubia independence.

Here are an Ethiopian Sister and an Ethiopian Brother living now in the Motherland.
The Aksum Civilization is one of the most famous civilizations in ancient Ethiopia. Even before Aksum, there was the Dmt or the Diamont Kingdom in Eritrea and northern Ethiopia that existed during the 700s and 600s B.C. DMT had irrigation schemes, plows, grew millet, and made iron tools, and weapons. Ethiopia now is one of the most well known peoples of Africa. They have Black African people as well. The language of the ancient Kingdom of Aksum was Geez. The Geez language back then even had its own alphabet. It grew from the Iron Age proto-Aksumite period st from ca. 300s A.D. to the 1 century A.D. Aksum or Axum traded with the Roman Empire and Ancient India. Axum minted their currency as well. At one time, Axum established its hegemony over the Kingdom of Kush and entered the politics of nations in the Arabian Peninsula. It even conquered the Himyarite Kingdom (or in S. E. Saudi Arabia). King Ezana of Axum was the first st monarch of Axum to embrace Christianity. According to the 1 century A.D. Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, Axum is an important market place for ivory. In its peak, Axum spread its influence in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Eritrea. The civilization had Habeshas (or Semitic speaking peoples), Cushitic speaking peoples, and Nilo-Saharan speaking peoples called the Kunama and Nara. Obelisks or the famous Stelae, the Geez alphabet, and other cultural aspects of Axum were common in ancient Ethiopia.

The Moors arent monolithic. Some were lighter in phenotype (not all Moors are black Africans) Others dont have a lighter phenotype (or that some Moors were indeed Black Africans). The Moors lived mostly in North Africa (that had black Africans, Phoenicians, Berbers, etc.). They conquered and ruled Spain and parts of Portugal for more than 700 years from 711 A.D. to 1492 A.D. The North Africa/Iberian link existed for thousands of years according to archaeologists as the Ibero- Maurisian culture. The word Moor comes from the Roman word Marues. This is a derivate of the Greek adjective Mauros meaning black or dark. By 46 B.C. saw black Africans in Northwest Africa that they have called Maures. The word Moor was used for black Africans by European Renaissance scholars, writers, and explorers. The Berbers are one group of the Moors. The Berbers today arent Indo-European, but they have a lighter phenotype. The Amazigh is another group. The Berber language is called Tamazight of which there are many dialects including Tarifit or Riffi (northern Morocco), Kabyle (Algeria) and Tashelhiyt (central Morocco), Tamasheq(Niger). Tamazight has been a written language, on and off, for almost 3000 years. It was first written in the Tifinagh alphabet, still used by the Tuaregs of Libya, Niger, Nigeria, Mali and Senegal. The oldest dated inscription is from about 200 BC. During the Middle Ages, paintings of the Moorish noblemen in Europe look definitely black Africans. Ive seen them in the dozens showing black African peoples (from 1283 A.D. onward). Black people have had a strong presence in Europe during that time period as documented in books like Blacks in Antiquity by Frank Snowden, Golden Age of the Moor ed. by Ivan Van Sertima, Black Britannia by Edward Scobie and National Geographic Magazine. Even mainstream historians

say that the Moors are populations of Berber, Black African, and Arab people that conquered the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages.

There is the Moorish group of the Tuareg people of Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Nigeria, and Senegal. According some, the Garamanti Empire was a Black Berber Empire that existed in Southern Libya. There was the Numidia Kingdom in Africa as well. Silius Italicus a Roman writer around the beginning of the Christian era describes the Maures as Nigra a Latin work for dark complexion. Other Roman documents referenced other Berbers groups such as the black Gaetuli and black-skinned Asphodelodes. The Moorish people still have had a strong black African element from men and women. In 1086, Yusuf ben Tachfln, who is described by Moorish historian Ali ibn Abd Allah as dark and wooly-haired, a Nigerian or Senegalese Moorish General, brought in an army composed largely of aboriginal W est Africans. Another famous Moor, Yakub el-Mansur, recorded as the son of a Black woman, invaded Iberia in 1194 and made himself master of almost the whole of it. There are crowned African heads in the Moorish coat of arms. Tons of Tuareg are definitely black African too. Sub-Saharan Africa has a very vital, beautiful, and excellent history as well. This is the most important region of Africa since it covers most of Africa and in my opinion represents the heart and soul of Africa. It has tropical savannas, deserts, rainforests, basins, and other types of geographical climates. The origin of Homo sapiens existed in sub-Saharan Africa at least 100,000-150,000 years ago. In 12,000 B.C, there was a wetter phrase in Africa north of the equator. The domestication of the humpless cattle came in the Saharan region by 6,000 B.C. Also, the seed cropping or harvesting of grains came about. Populations in W est Africa back then

were made up of foragers and hunters. By 10,000 B.C., human beings are found in all corners of the Earth as validated by linguistic, cultural, and genetic evidence. The drying of the Sahara existed rapidly by 3,000 B.C. From 3,000 to 1,000 B.C, the Guinea Neolithic era saw people using millets, rice, sorghum, yams, and palm trees. From 1,200 B.C.-700 B.C, there is the area of Dar Tichitt which is found in Mauritania. This is where there are large unwalled lakeside villages and small walled hilltop villages. These areas were created in response to drier climate and increasing pressure from nomads. From 800-500 B.C, there were large scale settlements in southern Mauritania, the middle Niger River basin, and the Jos plateau region of West Africa. These areas are the probable ancestral homes of the modern Soninke (northern Mande), Songhai, and the Yoruba peoples. For thousands of years, Bantu and Nilitoic peoples lived in the region. The Bantu expansion existed in West Africa from ca. 2500 B.C. and Bantu tribes traveled all over Central and Southern Africa. The Nok culture existed in Nigeria that date to ca. 1,000 B.C. The culture ended in about 500 A.D. A famous Nok sculpture terracotta has been discovered in Nigeria and its prominently shown in the Louvre French museum. The social system of the Nok civilization was advanced. The Nok civilization evolved into the later Yoruba Kingdom of Ife. Nok is of course known for smelting and forging for tools (sculptures of animals and humans existed in the area of ancient Nigeria as well). The Nok area is larger than it was once assumed (being spread into the Middle Niger Valley and the Lower Benue Valley). The Nok civilization was known for its population growth, trade, and urbanization. Nigeria has had civilizations in ca. 9,000 B.C. with people living, working, and having a standard of living. The Efik, Ibibio, and Annang peoples lived in coastal southeastern Nigeria thousands of years before Christ. Everyone knows about the Yoruba people and they are one of the largest ethnic groups in West Africa. In ca. 400 B.C, trade increased between Western Africa and Northern African locations like in Carthage.

The Ghana Empire developed in West Africa as well. Ghana was a very rich and powerful gold kingdom. Ghana was a very advanced civilization in West Africa thousands of years ago. Ibn Hawkel is the 10th century geographer who found information on the Ghanian Kingdom while he was in North Africa. The Spanish Moor Al Barki said that Ghana is a great Empire and its power is formidable. The Kingdom had numerous Kings being stable for numerous centuries. High and low courts settled disputes among clans. The Kingdom produced and traded items like cotton cloth, metal ornaments, and leather goods. The Moroccan leather goods were made in Ghana. Their resources of salt and gold were vast. In 1067 Al Barki (El Berkri) wrote: "The king of Ghana can put 200,000 warriors in the field, more than forty thousand of them being armed with bow and arrow." Ghana had a near monopoly of the gold trade, because of the vastness of gold that the government had to regulate in its output. The Kings compound was vast. It was a place with dome shaped dwelling. One of the Kings mansion according to Al-Barki was 66ft. long, 42 ft. wide with seven rooms, 2 stories, and a staircase. Its walls and chambers were filled with sculptures and a painting that shown a good taste of royal art. There was a bold balcony and he provided food for 10,000 people. Al Barki (El Berki) described Ghana's city of Aoudaghast as: A very large city with several markets, many

date palms and henna trees as big as olives, filled with fine houses and solid buildings." (Davidson, Basil, The Lost Cities of Africa, Boston: Little Brown, 1959, 84).
The Kingdom was conquered by the oppressive Sosso and then in 1238, King Sundiata of Old Mali overthrew the oppressive Sosso. The Mali Kingdom would allow the people to be very prosperous again.

The Mali Empire was founded by Sundiata Keita. He is a hero of the Malinke people of West Africa. The Malinke of the Mandinka people are one of the largest ethnic groups in West Africa today. It has about 11 million human beings (There are 3 other major ethnic groups in the region that are non-related like the Fula, Hausa, and the Songhai). Many of the Mandinka people speak Mande are a part of the larger Mande peoples. The Mande people are in as high as 27 million people in West Africa. Groups among the Mande are the Soninke, Bambara, Dyla, Ligbi, Cai, and Bissa. The Mande people are diverse in that they are Muslims, Christians, and some embrace traditional African regions today. They live in the coastal rainforest, the sparse Sahel, and the Sahara. The Mande are known to make elaborate fabrics and necklaces. Mande griots are known to keep the oral traditions among West African peoples. Sundiata Keita formed his capital at his home village of Niani, Mali (or modern day Malian border with Guinea). The famous ruler Mansa Musa of West Africa was Sundiata Keitas grandnephew. Malis famous leader was Mansa Musa. He made a hajj to Mecca and he brings back scholars and the Muslim architect al-Shaili (who built the great mosques of Gao and Timbuktu). Mansa Musa promoted education, trade, and commerce in Mali. Timbuktu was a great educational system in Mali. The areas of Walata, Jenne, and Timbuktu became the cultural and commercial centers of Western Africa. Mansa Musa ruled Mali for 25 years. Prosperity and stability came to Mali along with expanding the Empire that he inherited. Mansa Musa reached the peak or apex of Malis territorial expansion. The Mali Empire in his time spread from the Atlantic coast in the West to Songhai far down the Niger bend to the east, and it spread from the salt mines of Taghaza in the north to the legendary gold mines of Wangara in the south. He died in 1337. One source of Mali reads the following:

"Mali (was) the largest producer of precious metals in the ancient world." ~D.T. Niane, The famous Senegal historian of the Mandingo culture

Songhai is one of the most famous black African Empires in history. Leo Africanus of Spain visited Songhai back in the 1500s. He wrote that the people of Songhai have a lot of wit, civility, and industry. Songhai developed into a powerful Kingdom by the 11th century. The King in the Empire is called Askia. Many in this Empire converted to the religion of Islam. Mansa Musa of Mali temporarily conquered the Songhai kingdom in 1325, but they 1375, Songhai established its own fundamental issues. Askia Sonni Ali reigned from 1464 to 1494. He conquered the great Mali cities of Jenne and Timbuktu. This caused the Tuareg to move north of Mali. Askia Muhammad reigned from 1493 to 1528 increased the governments central authority and expanded the kingdom westward to the Atlantic, eastward into central Sudan and northwest into the Saharan Desert. The Songhai Empire had a royal court created by Sonni Ali. Askia Muhammad developed governors, mayors, etc. over districts on the Niger Valley. Local rulers remained in power on the Niger Rivers tributaries. The Askia or Kings in Songhai dealt with commander of the nations navy or hi koi, a minister of agriculture, a commissioner of waters plus lakes, a finance ministers, and other ministers. The central government once ruled over a small number of provinces. Sonni Ali was gifted to be an able ruler with a talent for organization and government. Greater centralization occurred under the devout Muslim Askia Muhammad (1493-1528). By 1591 the army totaled 40,000 (30,000 infantry, 10,000 cavalry). Songhay warriors wore iron breastplates beneath their battle tunics, had lances, sabers and arrows with poisoned tips, and the infantry used leather and copper shields. Songhai was a home of great educational systems as well. Timbuktu had 180 schools alone. The universities in Songhai taught theology, traditions, grammar, rhetoric, logic, astrology, astronomy, history, geography, medicine, science, and math. Askia Mohammed also created elementary schools for learning how to read and recite the Koran. S.M Cissoko wrote: "The Songahy state encouraged the flowering of a brilliant intellectual civilization and considerable economic and social development." (28 Chu, Daniel and Skinner, Elliot. A Glorious Age in Africa, 1st ed. Garden City, New York: Doubleday, 1965, 91). The Songhai Empire was a crowning achievement of black intellectual achievement, black governmental power, and great black culture in general.

A true legacy would be about education, invention, science, technology, engineering, wisdom, history, and other real building of a society (without obsessing with being the best singers and dancers. Yet, real singer and real dancing is fine). You cant tap dance your way into freedom. You fight your way to freedom by nonviolence and even self defense against oppression. There is one person named Dr. Albert Lockhart of Jamaica. Dr. Lockhart used an eye drop to treat glaucoma. It has given sight to millions of people worldwide from ganja extracts. A Jamaican engineer Joel Sadler has created a new style of prosthetic limb that has been voted one of the top 50 inventions in helping many amputees walk again. Dr Conrad Douglas (engineer) creates the worlds first multi-variant continuous pilot plant which is used to process bauxite and helps with the extraction of Aluminum from the rocks which will benefit millions in the trade of mining for metals. So, we should promote more accomplishments worldwide. We should disagree and oppose the police state that has been going on for centuries. Also, its important to give back to our community. It doesnt matter if youre doctor, an artist, or a regular people working a 9 to 5. We should help our own people in the poorer communities of America and where we were born at. A wise person (who is a black person) would build a power base in America and expand it to the Caribbean, South America, Africa, and the world to form business interests with blacks globally.

The Ethnic Diversity of Africa

You really can't get a fuller picture of Africa without learning about the tribes and ethnic diversity of Africa. Learning the ethnicities of Africa is one quick way to further comprehend the dynamic history of the Africa. People can't really know about Africa in general without learning about its diverse ethnic groups. They are spread across from Egypt to the tip of Southern Africa. Many researchers divide the ethnic groups of Africa into Central Africa, East Africa, the Horn of Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa, and West Africa. The ethnic groups of Africa exist in the hundreds. They each have their own language and dialect of a language plus a culture. There is the Hausa ethnic group that is about 30 million people. They exist in W estern Africa (like Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire), Chad, and Sudan. There are Arabic people in Africa number is about 100 million people and the Berbers are in about 65 million human beings as well. Let it be known though that Black Africans existed in Africa long before any other people step foot in Africa. People can take that statement how they want to since it's the truth. The truth is real. Scholars know about the Oromo in Ethiopia and Kenya that number about 30 million people. The Horn of Africa has tons of tribes and ethnicities. They are of course the Amhara, the Somali, the Afari, and other grups of people. They speak with the languages of Amharic, Oromo, and other languages. I have seen black people from the Horn of Africa in America in the Universities, restaurants, and working jobs here in Hampton Roads, Virginia. A lot of people neglect the ethnic diversity of Southern Africa as well. There are about 10.6 million Zulus and Shona. The Zulu live mostly in South Africa and the Shona live in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The Zulu fought to equal rights for a long time in the Southern part of Africa. Many Southern

African peoples existed from the Bantu migrations that came from Western Africa thousands of years before the birth of Christ. The Bantu's core language is called the Niger-Congo language family (which is situation in modern day Cameroon and Eastern Nigeria). The Bantu peoples make up about 1/3 of all Africa's over 1 billion total population. African literature is very strong in the past and the present. In 1979, Mazisi Kunene published Emperor Shaka the Great: A Zulu Epic. The story described the oral tradition of the great Zulu praise singers of the Zulu king. It reflected on the post independence period of African nationalism, a Pan Africanist vision of union and the showing of the past. Buchi Emecheta is from Nigeria. She wrote The Joys of Motherhood. Its title deals with marriage and family in the village and colonial city from a womans perspective. I want to mention this as well. It doesnt matter where we (as black people live), we still have an African identity. W e are African whether we live in Africa, whether we are in the Diaspora, etc. Also, being African isnt monolithic as supremacists maintain. In Africa from the past and the present, we find people will all textures of hair, colors of skin, and types of eyes plus noses. So, the diversity of phenotypes is very African. Although, being black is a blessing and I love black people. I love my people. In Africa, there is the San of Southern Africa, there are the Tutsis, the Hutus, the Amhara, the Fulani, the Somali, the Bantu tribes, and other human beings. African peoples have great genetic diversity (since all of modern human beings originated from Africa. Our African ancestors are the fathers and mothers of the rest of the human race). African culture involve learning about African languages, having an African thinking or worldview, respecting true African history, using African fashion or dress, and having a love for other compositions of African lifestyles as well. Also, its important to mention that African culture isnt limited to the continent of Africa. African culture has been practiced and embraced worldwide in the Americas (that is why you see jazz, the blues , soca, and even in some elements of other foods, dance, fashion, languages, and music having core African traditions in them), Asia, yes even in Europe, etc. Increasingly, more Africans in America are changing their dress, celebrating God as continental Africans did, and promoting celebrations reflecting of the original African people. I dont need to embrace Eurocentric concepts to benefit my soul. My soul needs to learn about my real homeland, which is Africa. So, all of who are of African descent have the right to have self preservation, self determination, refuting wicked stereotypes, confronting injustice, overcoming obstacles, having hope, and being real.

But if you are going to wear blinders then you do not know the world." -Miriam Makeba "...all men of goodwill, organize, organize, organize. We prefer self-government in danger, to servitude in tranquility. Forward ever, backward never. -Kwame Nkrumah

African Legends & Heroes

One of the greatest legends of the Motherland of Africa was Miriam Makeba. She lived from March 4, 1932 to November 10, 2008. She had a fruitful life and her legacy is respected by a whole bunch of people worldwide. She's admired by me and other all across the world of every background. She is famous of using music to not only document the struggles of her people, but to enlighten all peoples that it is legitimate to actively fight against injustice using the arts, music, and any other adequate efforts. She was born in Prospect Township, which is found in Johannesburg, South Africa. In the 1960's, she was the first person to popularize African music in the U.S. and around the world. She is known for many songs like of course Pata Pata (that was first recorded in 1957, yet it was released in America in 1967). She was friends with many people like the artists Harry Belafonte, Paul Simon, and her former husband Hugh Masekela. These people are known in my parent's generation since they are Baby Boomers. Miriam Makeba constantly fought against the evil system of apartheid in South Africa. That is why the South African government in that time revoked her citizenship and right of return. She passed away in the realm of always fighting for justice. Before she died, she supported the author Roberto Saviano (he was anti-Camorra. The Camorra is a mafia like group local to the region of Campania). Miriam sang with the Manhattan Brothers and the all women group called the Skylarks. She was in the Come Back, Africa, which was an anti-apartheid documentary. It was produced and directed by Lionel Rogosin (or the American independent filmmaker). Makeba was th mentioned in the documentary and she attended the premiere of the film in the 24 edition of the Venice Film Festival in Italy where the documentary won the prestigious Critics Award. Harry

Belafonte and other helped her to gain entry into America. Her mother passed away in 1960. The world helped her out when South African revoked her citizenship. In 1962, she met President nd John F. Kennedy. Her 1963 album The World of Miriam was released in 1963, which was her 2 studio album for RCA. She won the Grammy Award for Best Folk Recording in 1966. She made tons of well known music like Malika. She once married the Trinidadian civil rights activist, Black Panther, and once SNCC leader Kwame Ture in 1968. The couple moved to Guinea and lived there for the next 15 years. She was separated from Kwame Ture in 1973. She returned home to South Africa in June 10, 1990 on her French passport. This was after Nelson Mandela was released from Victor Verster Prison in Paarl in February 11, 1990. She worked in shows and movies. She also promoted help for those suffering from HIV/AIDS, child soldiers, and the physically handicapped. Certainly, you can't mention anything about South African culture and South African history without mentioning the truth about the sister Miriam Makeba. The sister said one true statement out of many like: Girls are the future mothers of our society,

and it is important that we focus on their well-being

You really cant talk about modern African history in general without mentioning Kwame Nkrumah. He wasnt just a hero and an icon, but he inspired black people worldwide to witness the glorious truth that reform is better than oppression. Kwame Nkrumah also taught all of us that colonialism is a virulent evil that ought to be abolished completely from the face of the Earth. He lived from September 21, 1909 to April 1972. British imperialists owned the Gold Coast. When people used demonstrations and civil disobedience to oppose this injustice, violent, brutal British repression came about against innocent people. Kwame Nkrumah was the leader of the movement to end British oppression in Ghana. He left his African homeland to go into an American college in 1935. He received degrees at Lincoln University and Pennsylvania University. His teaching career was his other occupation. The Lincoln University newspaper even voted him Most Outstanding Professor of the Year. Even back then, he was one of the strongest voices for a free Africa. He moved to London in 1945 in order to be more effective in the independence movement of Ghana. He organized the Pan African Congress in Manchester. He returned to the Gold Coast in December of 1947. Large crowds came to see him communicate his words of justice, freedom, and equality toward human beings. General Secretary of the United Gold Coast Convention (or the UGCC) was his title by January of 1948. He was a revolutionary like the brother Marcus Garvey. Black people protested against imperialism in the Gold Coast and the British authorities used harsh methods in trying to suppress dissent. Yet, the truth can never be suppressed. On March 12, Governor Creasy issued the Removal Orders and police were dispatched to pick up and arrest the entire UGCC Central Executive. Kwame Nkrumah, Dr. Danquah, E. Akufo Addo, William Ofori Atta, E. Obelsebi Lamptey and E. Ako Adjei were arrested, detained and exiled to the Northern Territories. On 14 March, 1948, Cape Coast students demonstrated, demanding the release of the Party leadership. Once again, the government responded with great force, leaving the dead and dying in its wake. People died for the just cause of black liberation. Nkrumah formed his own party called the Convention Peoples Party or the CPP in 1949. Nkrumah wanted independence for the Gold Coast not just token recommendations from the Coussey Report. So, Nkrumah was in prison, but his CPP party won the election by a landslide. Nkrumah was released from prison and wanted nothing less but full independence for all of Ghana. His agenda was pan-Africanism, modernization, and industrialization for his country (which ironically are some of the many solutions for black people now globally need). There is nothing new under the sun indeed. Nkrumah and his allies fought for freedom and in March 6, 1957, Ghana was granted

political independence from Great Britain. Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah was the new leader of Ghana. As Prime Minister, he made great accomplishment like building factories, industries in Ghana, the Tema City Harbor, new roads, and he expanded the Civil Service. He constructed the Akosombo Dam to provide electricity both for Ghana and the neighborhood states. Kwame Nkrumah wasnt perfect. Ghanas economy was depended largely in the main cash crop of cocoa. The crop was brought mostly by Western chocolate makers at an increasing rate. The cocoa prices plummeted and government reserves decreased. Food prices radically increased in 1965. Some of his later policies were increasingly authoritarian and this caused tensions in Ghana. Nkrumah and other authors (like William Blum in his Killing Hope book) accused the CIA of being involved in unrest in Ghana and other nations in order to strife real nationalism in the world (Hence, the IMF and the West had more direct control over the affairs of those nations later on). By 1978, CIA agent John Strockwell admitted that the CIA station in Accra (which received a huge budget) gave contact to the plotters of the coup against Nkrumah in Ghana. He promoted African unity until the day of his death. He worked with Ahmed Skou Tour to advance more African unity politics. As people realized, Ahmed Skou Tour befriended Malcolm X and Kwame Ture (both men were from the African Diaspora. So, real black people across the globe then and now fought for black liberation). Kwame Nkrumahs legacy is still strong even now. He was voted Africas man of the millennium by listeners of the BBC World Service. Kwame Nkrumahs legacy is that self determination and resistances against political injustices are great ways to develop the consciousness plus the political spirit of a people.
One of the greatest heroes of black history is a great Sister named Henrietta Vinton Davis. He lived a long life from 1860 to 1941. She was born in Baltimore. She became an actress and an elocutionist. She traveled all over America and the Caribbean to perform plays, Shakespeare, and other performances. She performed the poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar. When Henrietta was young, her step father named George A. Hackett (a great black leader in Baltimore) would have his home be a meeting place for prominent leaders of civil rights. These people include Frederick Douglass, Henry H. Garnet, Peter H. Clark, and the noted philanthropist, Stephen Smith. Douglass often conversed with Davis and undoubtedly shared with her many of his views on race questions. Black and white audiences respected her work. Henrietta was a lifelong friend of Frederick Douglass. Booker T. Washington, I F. Aldridge, and Bishop Henry M. Turner spoke highly of Henrietta Vinton Davis. From 60 years old to the day her passing away, she promoted activism. She worked with Marcus Garvey and his UNIA organization. The UNIA stood for the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Marcus Garvey of course promoted Black Nationalism and pan-African liberation. She met Garvey during the th early 20 century and Henrietta Vinton Davis was one of the 13 original members of the UNIA. Marcus Garvey and Henrietta Vinton Davis readily taught black people in New York and across the nation about love for their people and love for the Motherland of Africa. Davis was very popular in many locations from Kansas City, Baltimore, Cuba, Newark, etc. She was one of the signers of the Declaration of Rights for Negroes on August 13, 1920. During the next twelve years, Davis served as international organizer, first and fourth assistant president-general, delegate to Liberia, and secretary-general. She used her great oratorical skills to reach people. People were attracted to her message being that she was a famous actress during that era. She promoted Black Nationalist causes until she died in 1941 (although she had a falling out with Garvey). Even in the late 1800s and the early 1900s, she wrote letters in support of the interests of black people. In the 1930s, she worked to give black Americans jobs and the promotion of civil

rights. Henrietta Vinton Davis loved her people and was the cultural, intellectual, and spiritual link between the era of Frederick Douglas and the era of Marcus Garvey. Without the sister Henrietta, Garveys reach would have been limited in what can be achieved.

*Without this man (the Honorable Marcus Garvey) a lot of black Africans in the 4 corners of the world wouldn't of waken up to put it lightly. He is one of the greatest black leaders in human history. Before Dr. King, Before Malcolm X, before Kwame Ture, and before Angela Davis, there was Marcus Garvey. Many black leaders spoke similar words like Garvey long before Marcus Garvey was born. Yet, Marcus Garvey was the first African to speak of black liberation that reached millions of black folks worldwide (in a higher level). Some individuals don't even know how he talked and here is his voice. He's an inspiration not only for black people, but for any group of people desiring cultural, mental, and spiritual liberation from oppression. The enemy of us as human beings is oppression & supremacists. Not to mention that I will like to mention that without black women, Marcus Garvey wouldnt be the man that he became. Thats true. As a black man, I wouldnt become the man I am without black women literally (since all of us were born by women). United, we can win this struggle for liberation. Also, black unity is always better than the status quo. So, it is great for a black male or a black female to know their great, enriching heritage, to love black people, and to fight for righteousness throughout the globe.

Another great leader was Henri Christophe of Haiti. He was the King of the first Black Republic in the West being Haiti. He lived from October 8, 1767 to October 8, 1920. He was most probably born in Grenada. He is the son of Christophe, who was a freeman. He was brought into Saint Domingue as a slave in the northern region. Ironically, he served with the French Forces as a drummer boy in the American Revolution (in the Chasseurs-Volontaires de Saint-Dominigue. This

regiment was made up of people of color or gen de couleur). They fought in the Siege of Savannah. Christophe as a grown man worked as a man, sailor, billard makers, and other jobs. He even worked and managed a hotel restaurant in Cap Francais, which is the capital of the French colony of Saint-Domingue. This is where he became skilled. He had great political skills and he served as an officer in the military leader the country. He was said to have gotten his freedom as a young man before the Slave Uprising of 1791. He worked with of course Toussaint Louverture in the Haitian Revolution in order to liberate Haiti from French imperialists. He worked with other brothers & sisters to defeat the French, the Spanish, the British, and finally the French national troops. In 1802, Henri Christophe was a general under Toussaint Louverture. In 1807 Christophe declared himself prsident et gnralissime des forces de terre et de mer de l'tat d'Hati (This is French for The President and Generalissimo of the armies of land and sea of the State of Haiti). Graa Machel is a famous Mozambican politician and humanitarian. She is known as the wife of the former South African President Nelson Mandela (and the widow of the late Mozambican President Samora Machel). Yet, she is so much more than that. She is a leading international advocate for womens and children rights. She is known as the only woman in the world to have been the first lady of 2 different countries. She was born in the rural Incadine, Gaza Province, Mozambique. She was involved in independence issues. Even when she was a schoolteacher, she joined the Mozambican Liberation Front (or FRELIMO) when she returned to Mozambique in 1973. Mozambique became independence in 1975. Machel was appointed as Minister for Education and Culture. Samora Machel or her first husband died in a plane crash over South Africa in 1986. She produced an U.N. report on the impact of armed conflict on children. Graa Machel continued to support the rights of refugee children. Back 1998,

she was one of the 2 winners of the North-South Prize. Time calls her a "sturdy shoulder that the South African leans on" for her campaigns against paediatric AIDS and the abuse of children and refugees. She was re-elected as chancellor of the University of Cape Town this week, and has won many humanitarian awards. They include the 1995 Nansen Medal from the United Nations in recognition of her longstanding humanitarian work for refugees and children, and the 2009 World's Children's Prize for the Rights of the Child from the Swedish Children's World Association. There are tons of female leaders in Africa like Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Alice Nzomukunda, Maria do Carmo Silveira, Alcinda Abreu, and other sisters.

Black People in the Diaspora and Beyond

There are millions of Black Men and especially Black Women living all across Latin America, Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, Cuba, the Dominican Republican, Brazil, Suriname, all over the Caribbean, Guyana, Colombia, Venezuela, of course in the rest of North America, and other locations. WE ARE ABOUT OVER 1 BILLION STRONG WORLDWIDE AND WE ARE ALL ONE. The Diaspora is huge so these people are our brothers and sisters in those respective countries. The Diaspora was caused when evil people stole black human beings from Africa to be transported into North America, Europe, Brazil including the rest of South America, the Caribbean, etc. over ca. 400 years. Regardless of where we live, we are still Africans. We are of black African descent. That experience was the most wicked form of slavery in human history because human beings were sexually and mentally abused in unparalleled level. Also, we who are black people were stripped psychologically & culturally of our true identity, language, names, native foods, religion, and culture via unjustified means. Thats all the more reason today in the 21st century for us black people worldwide to have even greater solidarity with each other. So, if youre a brother or a sister from the States and you want to go out with (or marry) a black person from a foreign country, thats cool. AGAIN, WE ARE ALL ONE. Yet, you have to do it for the right reasons without hate, stereotypes, revenge, or vengeance that some people do. You also should learn and respect black peoples culture from a foreign country also. If we want love and romance

from black people (whether they live in the States or not), it has to be sincere and altruistic without evil intent period. I will like to mention that real, strong sisters live in United States of America too. Ill let that be known forever. The respectable black women are in America include people like: Angie Stone, Donna Richardson, Raven Symone, Lt. JG La'Shanda Holmes', Terri Sewell, Monica Haslip, people I know all of the time, my relatives, your relatives (if youre a black person), and others. The Black Diaspora is one of the most vital portions of the black cultural experience. Brothers and sisters worldwide regardless of where we live are one period. The Black African Diaspora didn't just end in the Western Hemisphere. The Diaspora has existed from migration of black people throughout the world not just via slavery. There are almost 200 million people of Black African descent in the Western Hemisphere alone. There are more black people in Brazil than in America frankly. There are almost 86 million black people in Brazil and about 40 million black people in the United States of America. The United States of America has the second highest number of the black Diaspora in the world. Then (in order of the highest to lowest number of people of black African descent), it's Colombia (with 9.4 million black people), Haiti (with 8.7 million black people), the Dominican Republic, France, Jamaica, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, Cuba, over 1 million black people in Italy, Peru, Canada (in about 783,795 people for you Afro-Canadians that want to see the population numbers), Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago, and other nations. Showing historical facts about the evils of white supremacy and wanting justice progressively shown in the world are real actions that dont deal with immoral begging. It deals with human common sense and real human responses against injustice. Calling for legitimate grievances is a part of the freedom of speech as well.
There are a lot of advice and literature on black cultural issues. There is a PBS documentary called "Slavery another Name." This documentary proves that an unique form of slavery still transpired after 1865. Douglas A. Blackmon wrote a book on this issue under the same title as the PBS documentary. This form of Jim Crow was called the peonage system. This system allowed white supremacists to kidnap innocent black Americans. They or the innocent black people were forced to experience trials under trumped up charges. When they were found guilty (when they were innocent actually), they were forced to work as sharecroppers in farms all over America (especially in the southern portion of America). Some were also forced to do other labor in coal mines, lumber camps, brickyards, railroads, quarries. These atrocities are examples of involuntary servitude or slavery. This historical reality refutes the notion that slavery ended by 1865. This was sanctioned by the U.S. government since the U.S. government legalized Jim Crow policies for decades in America. This system is so evil that notes from mothers describe their children being oppressed back then. This policy or the New Jim Crow is occurring now (via the mass incarceration of minorities, the restriction of human rights among people who already paid their debt to society and institutional racism still occurring in the world). The new Jim Crow is much more sophisticated than in years past. This period of peonage lasted in the late 1800's to the early 1900s. The descendants of the criminals who falsely convicted black Americans admitted to their ancestors' crimes. The documentary was narrated by Lawrence Fishburne. It was a great thing that leaders like Frederick Douglass, Ida B. Wells, and Marcus M. Garvey, Angela Davis, Malcolm X, Dr. King, and others (including unsung heroes in our own communities) fought for social & economic liberation of Afrikan peoples in the world. All human beings originated from Africa, so African love is very important for us to embrace. So, it's our job to expose injustice and evil in society. Evil reactionaries call anyone who voices the truth about the evil supremacist system as whining. Yet, opposing a biased system in a strong way is just common sense. So, we have every right to stand up for the truth. Pan-Africanism is a goal spreading across the world as well. Pan-Africanism means that the political aspirations, the social agendas, and their economic growth of black people in the world is very paramount. Pan-Africanism is accepted in Zimbabwe, Lamema, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Sudan, Brazil, etc. (with activism, protests, business organization, marching, etc.). In my mind, in my soul, and in my spirit, it is right plus just to promote Pan-Africanism. I will not let my ancestors down. We all have to be better human beings. So, regardless of your dream (whether you want to be a scholar, engineer, doctor, athlete, teacher, lawyer, theologian, politician, researcher, activist, etc.), you have the right plus justification to follow

that dream without hesitation. We are descendants of warriors, so we can do it brothers and sisters. You have to work for it though. Without work, there are no rewards.

*We can't forget about Gullah. If you want to learn about black folks' history in the W. Hemisphere completely, you have to learn about the Gullah period. Speaking of the Gullah, heres information on the Gullah. Joseph A. Opalas The Gullah: Rice Slavery Leonne-American Connection explains a lot about the Gullah people. The Gullah are Black American peoples that lived in South Carolina, Georgia, and throughout the southeastern part of America. They have developed their farming and fishing communities along the Atlantic coastal plain and on the chain of Sea Islands which runs parallel to the coast. The Gullah peoples are descendants of the slaves who worked in the rice plantations in South Carolina and Georgia. Some still live today in the rural communities in the coastal places and in the Sea Islands. The Gullah managed to keep their special identity and their African cultural heritage more than any other group of black Americans. The Gullah was used to the coastal South Carolina and Georgia climate and there was a black majority of South Carolina in 1708. Today, a large number of black Americans live in South Carolina indeed. The Gullah had little contact with white people. After World War 2 and today, the Gullah still respected & preserved their unique heritage. The Gullahs' ancestors were, after all, coming from many different tribes, or ethnic groups, in Africa. Those from the Rice Coast, the largest group, included the

Wolof, Mandinka, Fula, Baga, Susu, Limba, Temne, Mende, Vai, Kissi, Kpelle, etc. - but there were also slaves brought from the Gold Coast, Calabar, Congo, and Angola. The Gullah slaves adopted beliefs and practices that were familiar to Africans from these widely separated regions. The Gullah used dances to have celebrations. Rice and greens plus rice and okra are famous Gullah dishes. These cuisines are similar to the Sierra Leones plasas and rice and okra soup. The Gullah and other South Carolinians made red rice. This is used when served with a gumbo containing okra, tomatoes, and hot peppers, which greatly resembles the West African jollof rice. Dr. Lorenozo Turner found in 1949 that the unique Gullah language has a minority of vocabulary words that are borrowed from African substrate languages. He identified Mende and Vai phrases embedded in Gullah songs; Mende passages in Gullah stories; and an entire Mende song, apparently a funeral dirge. Dr. Turner also found some Gullah people who could count from one to nineteen in the Gullah/Sierra Leone dialect of Fula. So, Gullah men and women living in isolated locations from the 1940s could recall simple texts in various African languages. P.E.H. Hair (or a British historian and Ph.D) believes that the Gullah language has been influenced from the languages spoken in Sierra Leone. Some Gullahs called the Black Seminoles escaped the plantations in South Carolina and Georgia in order to fight for their freedom. They fought for their freedom in their own settlements on the Florida frontier. One famous Black Seminole was named sub chief Gopher John. Some Black Seminoles worked with the Native Americans living in Florida as well. Some of them traveled as far as the West Indies, Mexico, Oklahoma, and other locations. The Gullah still exist today in the 21st century with jobs and working in various legitimate occupations.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today -Malcolm X

There is the Black Book written by Middleton A. Harris and other people. There is the 35 anniversary of the book that shows articles, poetry, and tons of other information about the history of Africa and the Black Diaspora. It's a hardback book. The book is mostly in black and white (with some color images). The book shows quilts made by our ancestors who enslaved in our nation. The "Face of Our Past" book shows the history of black females in America from the colonial period to the present. The book presents tons of images, pictures, and other forms of literature. It describes stories of black women in America. It shows great black women. This history is pretty much our own history since they reflect the dignity, strength, and equality of our own strong black heritage. The sister with the YouTube title of EbonyNewsChannel mentioned these 2 books on You tube. These books remind me of the need to promote more black unity among black men and black women. EbonyLoveAndMarriage is another Youtube channel that promotes black marriage in an authentic fashion. I do believe in treating all human beings the same without malice or unjust hatred. On the other hand, I don't need something new. I don't need something


else when the original Black female Queen is the true beauty that fulfills my heart as a black man completely. I have a real Love Jones for chocolate forever. I'm sticking by my people. So, now, it's certainly time to educate, to edify, to be strong, and to carry forward in
life with a dedication of self preservation and spiritual growth.

Some black people have traveled into Europe, Asia, and throughout the world. This unique information ought to be known purely. There are Afro-Turks or people of black African descent in Turkey. This is some new information that I haven't realized before until recently in 2011. Some of the Africans were sent to Turkey via the Ottoman slave trade. Yes, the Ottoman Empire had a slave trade historically. They came from Zanzibar, Niger, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Kenya, and Sudan. Some black soldiers were in the Ottoman army as early as the AustroTurkish war of 1716-1718 (that used 24,000 men from Africa). Today, Afro-Turks existed heavily in the Aegean Region like Izmir, Aydin, and Mugla. There were Afro-Turks from the districts of Ortaca, Dalaman, and Koycegiz gathering in Ortaca to celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Oama. There are people with black African ancestry living in some villages and municipalities of Antalya and Adana provinces. Some live in larger cities. Famous black Turks are Defne Joy Foster, Esmeray, Tugce Guder, Ahmet Kostarika, Sibel Surel, and other people.

Here is the great inspirational Sister named Benedita da Silva. She is a real role model for everyone and is a person who rose up from poverty to becoming one of the most powerful leaders in Brazil. She is an Afro-Brazilian leader that continues to support the full citizenship of minorities across the world, labor rights, affirmative action, womens rights, the need to ban discrimination, fair wages, and prison rights. Benedita da Silva legitimately promotes egalitarianism in society to this very day.

Thais Santos Fernandes, Valquria Ribeiro, and Margaret Menezes (who are Afro-Brazilian Sisters) are shown in the images above from left to right.

The Black Diaspora is one of the most vital portions of the black cultural experience. The person above is the Black Brazilian woman named Thais Dos Santos Fernandes. One famous AfroBrazilian was Zumbi who fought for liberty of black people in Brazil against W estern imperialists in the 1600s. He was a great fighter for freedom and hes a hero. TV de Gente is a TV channel that th promotes the interests of black people in Brazil or Afro-Brazilians. It premiered in November 20 ,

2010. It was the brainchild of Jose De Paula Neto. He is an Afro-Brazilian singer. He was a vocalist in Negritude Junior, which is one of Brazils most popular samba/pagoda groups. Neto was born in a poor suburb in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He had to sold candy on buses to supplement the family income when he was only 7 years old. Brothers and sisters now in Brazil are constantly fighting against discrimination and racism in Brazil. In 1995, Zeze Motta, the lead actress in the original 1976

Xica da Silva, Antonio Pitanga, Camila Pitanga and Norton Nascimento made history in the popular TV series A Proxima Vitima (The Next Victim) - the first actors to portray a middleclass Afro-Brazilian family on national TV. In 2002, A Turma do Gueto (The Ghetto Gang), a TV series with a predominantly black cast that revolves around the lives of black slum dwellers in Sao Paulo produced by Jose de Paula Neto, garnered one the highest viewer ratings of any Brazilian TV series. In 2004 Tais Araujo, perhaps Brasil's most recognized and best paid black actress became the first black woman to have a lead role on a Rede Globo TV series. The show, Da Cor do Pecado (The Color of Sin), has enjoyed phenomenal success as it pulled in staggering ratings of 68% of all Brazilian viewers in its first year. According to Neto; "The goal of TV da Gente is to show the ethnic diversity within Brazil and to valorize its social integration. It will promote ethnic pride as it is more than just a personal dream; it is a realization of a people who are finally able to see themselves on TV." Back in 1944, Abdias do Nascimento started a theatre group called Teatro Experimental do Negro (TEN), or The Black Experimental Theatre. TEN is an example of one of the ways Brazilians of African descent displayed pride in their African origins and used art to fight for the civil and human rights of Afro-Brazilians. TEN produced its first play called The Emperor Jones in 1945. It was an American play produced by Eugene ONeill. Other plays that were produced by TEN dealt with issues about Africa, African culture, and history. It created a creative arts contest in 1954. By 1968, it opened the Black Arts Museum. TEN promoted the rights of people put in prison unjustly. They organized the first meeting of the National Convention of Black Women. In this convention, the participants wrote a bill for a constitutional amendment that defined racial discrimination as a crime against humanity. The Brothers and sisters worldwide regardless of
where we live are one period. The Afro-Mexicans havent been discussed much in the world. Now, more people are taking about these black people living in Mexico then and now. Afro-Mexicans are having their Third Root Movement in order to promote civil, social, and economic improvement in their people. Back during the colonial period in Mexico (from 1521 to 1810), black people in Mexico were domestic servants, day laborers, cattle ranchers, artisans, and miners in haciendas (or large plantation estates). 200,000 Africans were brought to Mexico during the early years of the slave trade. Some historians believe that about 500,000 black Africans lived in Mexico by 1810. Some Mexican commentators refuse to expose the black presence in Mexico either out of prejudice or ignorance. Afro-Mexican

population centers in the Costa Chica area (in Guerrero and Oaxaca), Veracruz and Coahuila maintain very strong cultural examples of racial heritage through song, dance and other art forms. These people often endure in isolated, but unmistakably African communities. In the state of Veracruz, for example, you can find towns named Mandinga, Matamba and Mozambique, which clearly denote the historical African presence in Mexico. Mexican scholars such as Sagrario Cruz-Carretaro, at the University of Veracruz, bring attention to Afro-Mexicans and have made studies of Yanga and the black towns near border crossings between Texas and Mexicos Coahuila state. She is the co-curator of a significant museum exhibition in Chicago, Illinois, that boldly spells out the Afro-Mexican contribution to modern history. Its the most important thing weve ever done, said Mexican Fine Arts Museum in Chicago president Carlos Tortolero. The African Presence in Mexico tells a virtually unknown and still-unfolding story. There are intellectuals like Cruz- Carretaro and Rebollar that demand a strong public acknowledgement of the role of Afro- Mexicans in shaping Mexicos national character.

Many African Americans then and now have either been inventors or made alterations on existing inventions. Their names are Dr. Charles Drew, George Crumb, Phillip Dowing, Garrett Morgan, Elijah McCoy, Frederick M. Jones, Granville T. Woods, Henry T. Sampson, J. Standard, Alexander Miles, Lewis Latimore, John A. Burr, James West, Madame CJ Walker, and others. Diane Abbott is the first black woman elected member of the UK Parliament. The black woman Zahra Abdulla is a member of Helsinki City Council. Beatrice Achaleke is a famous Black woman promoting diversity and other power for women in Europe. Benedicta Attoh is the founder of Dreamworld Leadership Insitative for Gils in Ireland. Bonnie Greer is a sister from the UK that is a playwright, author, and critic. Sirelda Jackson is a sister from the Netherlands. She is co-owner of Marshe Breda that unites communities via food.

Here's a few African American CEO's of fortune 500 companies: Kenneth Chennault- CEO American Express Richard Dean Parsons- CEO Citi group John W. Thompson-CEO- Symantec Richard Parsons- CEO Time Warner (He left recently) Clifton Warton- CEO TiAA cref Clearance Otis - CEO Darden Restaurants Alwyn Lewis- President Sears holding group corp Franklin D Raines- CEO Fannie Mae W. H. Bill Easter- CEO- Duke energy field services Erroll Davis- Ceo- Ailiant Energy Reginald Davis-CEO Atlantic region Wachovia Stanley ONeal- CEO Merril Lynch Pamela Thompson Graham- CEO & President CNBC Ursala M. Burns- CEO Xerox Corp Paget L. Alves- president sprint Corp James A. Bell- CFO Boeing Rodney ONeal- CEO Delphi Corporation Ronald A. Williams- CEO Aetena Inc.

Chancellor Williams is one person a part of a great list of African Americans authors and historians like John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Claud Anderson, etc. Business leaders and real estate investors who are black include Dr. Randall Pinkett and Kwame Jackson. Although, we shouldnt use business power as an excuse in order to support the interests of Wall Street. A lot of folks legitimately oppose tax breaks for the rich, a huge war budget, corporate welfare, and radically cutting basic service to regular people (including the poor, the middle class, the elderly, and children). Its like the corrupt aspects of the Western system promotes near socialism for the rich and unregulated capitalism for the poor. On a positive note, black people are strong and I forever love my people, especially sisters.

African Americans, constitute the most heterogeneous group in the United States biologically, but perhaps one of the most homogeneous socially -Molefi Asante

One of the strongest and greatest heroes for black liberation has been those from low income neighborhoods. I was raised poor too, so I know what its like to be from the ghetto and going through economic struggles. Fannie Lou Hamer was poor including Chaney (or the brother who was murdered in Mississippi. He was killed along with his allies Goodman and Schwerner). Even Dr. Martin Luther King noted that the poorer community supported his policies in Montgomery. That it is important to continue to think about how my own people have a better ability to feed, house, clothe, and employ ourselves. Other ethnicities like the Indians, Koreans, Chinese, Arabic peoples, Italians, the Irish, etc. have been doing it (or promoting businesses and infrastructure to benefit their own people). Black people have the right to take these policies of growth among our own people to the next level as well. In the course of black peoples lives progress was made. 50 years ago in America alone, black people had no real rights whatsoever. Black people were living in segregated locations, were abused and brutalized by crooked police officers; we were being lynched, and had difficulty owning major lands in America. Long throughout the ages, black people have been Presidents, Professors, scientists, doctors, inventors, folks dealing with technology, food manufactures, surgeons, musicians, billionaires, millionaires, military leaders, and in a wide spectrum of fields of labor. Dr. Mark Dean is a person partly responsible for the invention of the PC and hes a black scientist. We should be thankful and happy with our accomplishments in just 50 years, but we have a long way to go in order to achieve that dream or prize that we all seek. So, the solution is for us as black people to keep striving ahead to make more positive accomplishments in this world excluding the negative, lying stereotypes that are so common in society. Michelle Alexanders The New Jim Crow book exposes other forms of oppression against our people even now in 2011. The truth is that black men and black women (who are very beautiful indeed. The sisters are number ONE in beauty, no question about it in my mind. The sisters are always the best since they are the original & they are truly special) made great achievements and this will continue forth. We cant be satisfied with the status quo either. We have the right to promote our issues from African issues, poverty,

education, issues about crime, health, civil rights, civil liberties, opposition to privatization, gender issues, family issues, sexuality issues, economics (as the top 2% of the wealthiest people on Earth control about half of the worlds wealth. This isnt progressive or a part of authentic economic justice), the war on terror, STDs, and other important matters interrelated within our community. In laymens terms, we have to learn about history, learn about culture, learn about whats going on in the world now, and go out to assist our own communities. We should love our beautiful black selves in the mirror for real. Strong black men, strong black women, and strong black children should unite to build upon more black unity. Indeed as the book from Umoja reads, Black Love is a Revolutionary Act. We have to take care of our own culture, heritage, and lineage. Other books that real black people recommend in order to understand how the world really is include: Africa and Unity by Vincent Thompson, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney, Kwame Nkrumahs Ghana: The Autobiography of Kwame Nkrumah, Kwame Tures Ready for Revolution, and other works of literature. Its not a secret that many in the ruling class dont want the rest of the people to be well educated in creating their own system of economic growth. A lack of education can allow more brainwashed people to exist in society. This is why the corporate media constantly whitewash and sanitize Dr. Martin Luther King in order to portray him in the context of just the words that he spoke in the 1963 March on Washington, D.C. The reality is that Dr. King became more radical. By 1968, he critiqued capitalism, imperialism, and he believed in the interrelatedness of racism and economic exploitation. On many times, legitimate black power or Black Nationalist movements have been destroyed by white racists or by the FBI via COINTELPRO. The August 1967 FBI COINTELPRO documents proved that FBI saw real black unity as a threat. So, according to the COINTELPRO documents, the FBI wanted to preserve their sick version of law and order and they didnt wish for what they call a Black Messiah to galvanize the black community into radical reforms. Also, the FBI used tactics to pit my people against each other (as a means to stop community solidarity, self determination, and other acts running in contrast to the agenda of the ruling class). That is why Black Unity is one great antidote to the white supremacist system. Its foolish to want to be in a system where you are viewed as inferior or a 2nd class citizen socially. Its better to fight for something thats real than live in a nefarious way of life. Still, black people have made great accomplishments in the world despite struggle. Dr. Kings Poor Peoples Campaign represented his political incorrect, revolutionary, and populist views. He even wanted the government to give black people their due check since people were given government funded resources via the Homestead Act in the 19th century. Malcolm X also opposed the Vietnam War as evil and was in solidarity with other liberation struggles worldwide. He was able to get the leaders of African nations to criticize American racism and Jim Crow for the first time in history. Malcolm X said that: From all standpoints it has been an unqualified success, and one which should change the whole direction of our struggle in America for human dignity as well as human rights The late soldier Kwame Ture extended Black Power views and wanted black people to unite with the struggles of the Third World in order to oppose imperialist aggression worldwide. Some people dont want black people in the Western Hemisphere to have reparations since today they mention that we arent directly affected by the transatlantic slave trade. Thats a lie for numerous reasons. One is that many black people are still affected with the slave mentality (or Post-Traumatic Slavery Syndrome as mentioned by Crammasters) from yesteryear. Not to mention that even the descendants of other people (who suffered injustice) have received reparations for years. Many descendants of victims of tragedies received reparations for thousands of years (like the Alaska Natives land settlement in 1971 and the 1985 Seminoles reparations). Also, crimes against blacks didnt

end with slavery. There were evil events like the Tulsa riots, the East St. Louis Massacre, and Rosewood where innocent black people were murdered by you know who. If Jewish people and their descendants received reparations for the Holocaust and Japanese victims including their descendants received reparations for their unjust treatment during World War II, then descendants of the ca. 400 year Maafa are definitely deserving of real reparations. The Maafa was a very graphic Holocaust. That is why even Roots had to tone down some of what really occurring since the Maafa in real life is that graphic, sinister, and that evil. Even I cant describe all of the evils of it in this limited space. Fredrick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, W.E.B Du Boise, Walter White, A. Phillip Randolph, Ida B. Wells-Barnett and others fought lynching as well. It was only in getting Congress and the U.S. Senate to finally apologize (with the efforts of the brother Dr. James Cameron in America) for the over 4,734 recorded and countless non recorded lynching's in America, on June 13th 2005 after 211 previous anti-lynching bills were filibustered. Dr. Cameron survived a lynching back in the 1930s. In 1988, Cameron founded America's Black Holocaust Museum to document racial injustices suffered by people of African heritage. Cameron most cherishes a single letter received on February 3, 1993 --- 62 years after his conviction. The letter grants a pardon and public apology from the State of Indiana. Thank you Dr. James Cameron. I dont know if reparations will ever occur for my people, but reparations are in order. Many people dont realize how revolutionary and radical Dr. King was. He believed in nonviolence, social change, and brotherhood like a lot of people realize. Yet, before he died, he opposed the Vietnam War in a strong fashion and desired a radical change in American society. Some folks are captivated by the Dr. Kings I Have a Dream speech from the year of 1963 in the Washington mall. Dr. King desired an end to racism, poverty, militarism, and materialism. All of these things still exist in 2011. Dr. Kings controversial stances before he died caused him to be slandered as unpatriotic, and Communist. Yet, King was right to expose the Vietnam War as an exploitative tool to kill human beings, while cutting need funding to help U.S. domestic services. He wanted a radical redistribution of economic and political power. He advocated the interests of the poor via The Poor Peoples Campaign. This could change the foundations of American society. Before Dr. King died in Memphis, Tennessee, he wanted striking workers in Memphis to have the right to organize and collectively bargain (including decent wages and benefits). Dr. King and others wanted an Economic Bill of Rights in order to promote economic justice. As Dr. King said: It is not a Constitutional

right that men have jobs, but it is a HUMAN right." (See p.5 of FROM CIVIL
RIGHTS TO HUMAN RIGHTS, by Prof. Thomas Jackson or PAPERS OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR (3)). So, we should continue to fight against illiteracy, joblessness, and promote decent health care for all human beings. That is why here in America for the past 30 years, the nations wealth have been redistributed form the poor to the rich. We should have decent education and decent health care. That is fair as well.

Thats all the more reason why I will always be strongly opposed to the agenda of the neoconservatives (that desire war mongering, the worship of the market, and the contempt for the poor). Now, some people dont know the real Dr. Martin Luther King. He is one of the misrepresented and misunderstood leaders of the twentieth century. He and others lead a fight against oppression. Dr. King developed a vision of what America could become if it abandoned the blatant racism that, he argued, ...the largest portion of white America is still poisoned by. These previous words arent representative of a politically correct King by 1968. King further argued that racism was so endemic in America that it is as native to our soil as pine trees, sagebrush and buffalo grass. So, he wanted a solution. Dr. wanted radical economic and political actions to exist in order for America plus the world to be a just society. Also, he admitted in 1966 that he doesnt have all of the answers, he isnt omniscience, and that nonviolence is an experiment with the truth (and that people have the right to search for the truth). Even on pg. 27 of Where do We Go Here, Dr. Martin Luther King admitted that people have the right to defend themselves if they are attacked (or you have the right to use a gun in your own home if youre attacked). He questioned the need of a person using a gun if a person was participating in an organized demonstration. Dr. King on plenty of time admitted in April of 1967 that he would go to the military to fight against Hitler to sacrifice temporarily his personal pacifism. In his Beyond Vietnam speech from 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King advocated armed liberation struggles in Africa and Asia. He believed that foreign nations should break down structures of governments that oppress human beings and built up a revolutionary changing system to benefit human beings. In the 1960s, Dr. King and other leaders called for the support of armed liberation struggles in Africa through two organizations, the American Negro Leadership Conference on Africa (ANLCA) and the American Committee on Africa. He was a leader in ANLCA. ANLCA was created in 1962. It was created to allow African Americans to support liberation struggles in sub-Saharan Africa. In November of 1962, the group praised nations in Africa that became free like Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria that all received their independence from colonialist France via armed struggle. ANCLA in its resolution support Angola and Mozambique in their struggle for freedom plus independence. Angola fought against Portugal back in February of 1961. ANLCA documents are in the King Center in Atlanta, Georgia. They support unconditional support of liberation movements in Africa at its September 1964 conference. So, its easy to see that Dr. Kings nonviolent views didnt mean that he unconditionally opposed armed struggle against oppression. He wanted liberation in Africa from imperialists as validated by Dr. Kings speeches, statements, writings, and his leading role in likeminded groups like the ANLCA. Malcolm X accurately pointing out what is
occurring even now in the Third World (he was very ahead of his time). The following words relates to Libya, Africa, Asia, and other places in the world today. Malcolm X said that:

I might point out here that colonialism or imperialism, as the slave system of the West is called, is not something that is just confined to England or France or the United States. The interests in this country are in cahoots with the interests in France and the interests in Britain. It's one huge complex or combine, and it creates what's known not as the American power structure or the French power structure, but an international power structure. This international power structure is used to suppress the masses of dark-skinned people all over the world and exploit them of their natural resources."

So, we have the right to call for revolutionary reforms for brothers and sisters in America, Africa, and worldwide via any legitimate means possible. There are other like minded revolutionaries like Harriet Tubman, Kwame Ture, Fred Hampton, Robert F. Williams, Vusumzi L. Make, Marcus Garvey, and other brothers and sisters. I will never forget Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo, Louima, Emmitt Till, MLK, Jr. There is no way in the world will I forget the Maafa either. The late brother Kwame Ture died in fighting for his people. He sought after global liberation in a pan-African framework. He was controversial as always, but he was a brother that genuinely sought not only equality, but justice. He was a Trinidadian American. His birth was in June 29, 1941. He was born in Trinidad and Tobago. He was a leader in SNCC or the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. When he was young, he was moved into Harlem, NY in 1952 at the age 11 to rejoin his parents. His mother named Mabel R. Carmichael was a stewardess for a steamship line and his father Adolphus was a carpenter who worked as a taxi driver. He moved from Harlem to Morris Park in East Bronx (where in that time mostly had an aging Jewish and Italian neighborhood). In his 1967 LIFE magazine interview, he said that he was the only black member of the Morris Park Dukes (or a youth gang involved in alcohol and petty theft). He went into the Bronx High School of Science. By 1960, Carmichael went to attend Howard University or a famous HBCU in Washington, D.C. He promoted civil rights with a white student named Tom Kahn. The professors that he met in Howard were Sterling Brown, Nathan Hare, and Toni Morrison. In SNCC, he was in non- violent protests for civil rights. He went into jail and used leadership skills and humor to support the Parchman Farm prisoners. He called for Black Power in 1966 as a means to affirm black unity and a sense of community to develop real solutions to problems. He never promoted prejudice, but expose white racists as being an obstacle for black liberation. For a man is a real man is he affirms bond with his family, with his ethnic identity, and with his culture in order to promote black power. Kwame Ture used literature from Frantz Fanon and Malcolm X in order to make clear justifications for his intensions. He once supported the Black Panthers and left them to go into Africa by 1969. 1969 was the year when the Brother Fred Hampton was murdered by the Chicago Police forces. Nixakliel mentions the following truthful information about Fred Hampton:

This article brings up a good point about how the Black Panthers' Social Prog [IE: medical & breakfast for school kids prog] is not as often studied, analyzed, or even noted- as their more so-called 'militant / radical' political positions. The Late Chairman of Chicago's Black Panthers- Fred Hampton, was well known in Chicago, before his notorious assassination on Dec 4 1969 by the hands of the FBI & CPD, for the Chicago Black Panthers' Breakfast program for poor Black school kids. In fact prior to the FBI / CPD hit on Hampton, CPD raids on Chicago Black Panther offices specifically targeted- confiscated &/or destroyed food stocks that Hampton's Chicago Panthers had obtained specifically for their Breakfast for Chicago school kids prog

One of Kwame Tures excellent ideas is that a man is born free. A man isnt born a slave. Supremacists may try to deprive a man of their rights, but a man is still free. He strongly opposed the Vietnam War and he supported revolutionary Third World movements worldwide. He married the sister South African singer Miriam Makeda. He lived in Guinea. Kwame and Miriam were divorced and he had 2 other wives. To the day of his death, he supported the interests of brothers and sisters worldwide. Dr. Martin Luther King before he died woke up a great deal. He wasnt on some P.C. mirage of a compromising ethos in his thinking. He supported equality, but he wanted black businesses to grow in the South. He wanted banks to help black people and he desired to fight against the horrible conditions that are found in the ghettoes of America. In 1968, he gave a speech called A New Sense of Direction" in Frogmore, South Carolina to the SCLC. He said the following words:

The policy-makers of the white society have caused the darkness. It was they who created the frustrating slums. They perpetuate unemployment and poverty and oppression. Perhaps it is incontestable and deplorable that Negroes have committed crimes, but these are essentially derivative crimes. They are born of the greater crimes of the white society. When asking Negroes to abide by the law let us also declare that the white man does not abide by the law. Day in and day out he violates welfare laws to deprive the poor of their meager allotments. He flagrantly violates building codes and housing regulations. His police forces are the ultimate mockery of law. He violates laws on equal employment and education. The slums are the handiwork of a vicious system of the white society. Negroes live in them, but they do not make them any more than a prisoner makes a prison. And so let us say forthrightly that, if the total slum violations of law by the white man over the years are calculated and compared with the lawbreaking of a few days of riots, the hardened criminal would handily be the white man. In using the term white man I am seeking to describe in general terms the Negro's adversary. I seek not to categorize all white people by any use of the term white man. I think it is very important to say this, for there are millions who have risen morally above prevailing prejudices. They are willing to share power and to accept structural alterations of society, even at the cost of traditional privilege. To deny their existence as some ultra-nationalists do is to deny an evident truth. More than that, it tends to drive away allies who can and have strengthened our struggle. Their support serves not only to enhance our power, but their break from the attitudes of the larger society splits and weakens our opposition. To develop a sense of black consciousness and peoplehood does not require that we scorn the white race as a whole. It is not the race per se that we fight but the policies and ideology formulated by leaders of that race to perpetuate oppressionWe must also be the custodians of creative black power. We must find the positives in black power and not be afraid to affirm that we agree absolutely with these positives. I have said it so often, that our problem in the ghetto is that we are powerless and we must transform this powerlessness into creative power. We are in desperate need to find our identity. We need to be proud of our heritage. We need to be proud of being black and not ashamed of it

So, its obviously that black leaders like Kwame Ture, Sojouner Truth, Marcus Garvey, Frederick Douglas, Paul Robeson, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, and millions of other determined black people desired to expose the evil Western supremacist system (and they showed inspirations & plans for authentic black liberation).

Its a historical fact that brothers and sisters fought for liberation against the Maafa long before the 1800s. Aptheker mentioned that an African rebellion occurred in the Western Hemisphere in the Spanish settlement of San Miguel de Gualdape. There was the slave rebellion in Mexico during 1547. This was followed by various runaway enslave African settlements called palengues. In Mexico, Spaniards negotiated the establishment of a free black community with Yagna, a runaway rebel enslave African. Today, that community in Veracruz bears its founder's name. This transpired in 1608. There was the rebellion against oppressors in St. Kitts Nevis by black people in 1639. These rebellions were legitimate self defense against brutes, rapists, and imperialists. Also, tons of black people in the arts, music, literature, etc. made a great contribution in society. So, we should use our discernment. We should promote more unity among men and women in order to prevent genocide and family destruction among the black, community (these genocidal tactics are promoted via population control efforts, trash from the entertainment plus television industry [with the utilization of stereotypes that bash black men and black women], and other things). Procreation of more children is great for the survival of a nation and a people. Also, many positive things are occurring in our community. Kevin Dunn is a Bronx resident. Ironically, he was born in Brooklyn. When he was 52 years old back in 2007, he designed Afrocentric puzzles to allow young African and African Americans youth to understand about black history. Marketed under the "Puzzles For Us ... the puzzles with a purpose" label, Dunn's puzzles have started appearing in New York City public school classrooms - a nice turn of events, since that's where the first one appeared more than 15 years ago. Hes under contract to create puzzles for both the ACLU on racial profiling and the legendary Apollo Theater. "I call these cultural entertainment," Dunn said. "The idea is to whet people's appetites so they want to know more." Though schoolchildren are the target audience, the scholarship behind each puzzle is more college-level. Dunn's puzzle clues are taken from history, culture and popular culture; solutions to one puzzle include a speech by Sioux Chief Sitting Bull, ancient Egyptian ethics and an award-winning recording by local radio personality Gary Byrd. He is a data programming and a former after school counselor (who also ran a computer club for students). The public loves his love in New York City. That is why he spends a lot of time in the New York Public Library and the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

As for black people in the Diaspora, there are places like D.C,, Oakland, New York, Miami, Baltimore, tons of rural areas, Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, and other places were black liberation movements are strong. Atlanta and other cities in the W estern Hemisphere have Pan African workshops, activities, conferences, and strategies to promote global liberation for African peoples. Accra is a strong place of black consciousness as well. There are the W EB Dubois Center and the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum found there (with Nkrumahs remains there). Cultural building among black Africans have existed then and now in the Western and Eastern Hemisphere in Cape Coast, Elmina, etc. Yet, we should be careful to never support the military industrial complex or the anti-Nature, materialistic culture as found in Western society. Also, strategies should be made to deal with cultural development now and in the future. It will take long years to see the real pan- African movement to take massive flight, but we can start the journey now in 2011. People like Dr. Claud Anderson, Dr. Amos Wilson, the late John Henrik Clarke (1915-1998), and others have shown many policies and blueprints in the way in favor of black liberation. So, social skills (or street smarts) & intellectual growth (i.e. libraries, st century especially. True independence is bookstores, books, etc.) are n e c e s s i t i e s in the 21 self sufficiency. That means we s h o u l d have infrastructure, community building, food, owning land, owning power, health care promotion, social development, and we make up our own cultural boundaries without any assistance or interference from outsiders. In 2012, we still have infrastructure, but be ought to help especially the poor. True liberation is true independence. Many of the old soldiers are getting old and passing away. So, its our turn among brothers and sisters (found in the Generations of X, Y, and Z. For the record, I am from Generation Y) to use pass words of wisdom & unique insights in continuing the efforts of growing Black Power. Regardless if we live in the rural or urban areas, we should build, unite, and organize in those regions. There are great benefits in living in rural and urban locations, but we cant be nave. Also, rural areas historically have been one of the greatest origins of black rebellions against oppression. Whether we live in Norfolk, Brazil, NYC, Africa, London, we are still Africans. We should unite irrespective of geography and have a connection globally for our black brothers and our black sisters that live all over the world (in the concept of a community). *When you get older, things become more clearly. As the years and decades go by from the 1960s, the things that Malcolm X said were correct. Kwame Ture and Malcolm X were right that black people should never let non-blacks dictate the composition and power structure of the black community. Even Dr. King was right to expose how the economic inequalities in America are a disgrace. Before he died in 1968, he condemned certain aspects of white society that sounded like a non-violent version of Malcolm X. He said these things in 1967-1968, so this is one of his legacies. Dr. King was waking up just like Malcolm X did. One historical example is that Japanese for centuries restricted or outright banned European influence in Japan for their knowledge of European imperialism (since in that time period of the 1400-early 1900s, Europe tried to conquer Japan. This was during the period of the Shoguns and Emperors). Back then, imperialism was overt and rather brutal. Its still brutal now. Today, imperialism is promoted under the guise of Western promotion of humanitarianism and freedom. Japan grew when they traded with other nations, but maintained their cultural cohesiveness. So, black people should run their own house via unity & cooperation. Scholars have proved that one weakness of the

elites version of integration was that it caused the Black Community to not rise into a higher level of economic independence. Too many blacks are dependent on others. Selfsufficiency is a goal that was ended when the corporate power structure steered integration from ethnic solidarity to corporate integration (and the breakdown of true black power). Many of the people that benefit from this system dont want to deal, talk to, or work with blacks anyway. They love their master too much. These integrated mental slaves (among both genders) love to worship their master and lay up with their master. A real black person doesnt worship whiteness, but have sincere respect for brothers & sisters completely. Some people have benefit from this system massively, but this is the minority not the majority. Economically viability means blacks should own, produce, and control the power in their own community. Im not saying be hateful or
prejudice, but running our own house is just pure common sense. Also, teaching black children about math, science, computers, engineering, and technology (that is the essence of growing

civilizations spanning all of human history. Without these tools, you dont have a civilization. Yes, computing system existed thousands of years ago) can cause people to be tech literate, save money, build a business, and build a better community. Inventing, discovering, and making breakthroughs are legitimate actions as well. Black people working together is a great solution. Using investments like educational institutions, scholarships, business groups, scientific research communities, and other real programs can help people. Intelligence, real power, understanding social skills, and continual improvements are great tools in life for us to achieve in general. Thats universal. We shouldnt allow non-blacks to dictate or control the communities & culture of black people period. Other ethnicities would never allow this and we shouldnt allow this at all. So, the essence of my people sticking together, investing in our communities, and allow future black generations to grow in a higher level can create a true renaissance. Being better morally, socially, and mentally is great.

This Sister here is a Nigerian novelist named Chimamanda Adichie. She wrote numerous success books. Now, she is beginning to to create a non-profit group called Farafina Trust. The purpose of this non-profit organization is to build and refurbish libraries. Also, she wants to organize reading and writing workshops. In that way, numerous people can allow their stories and voices to be heard throughout the world. She definitely wants to present the image of Africa in an accurate fashion. We wish the Sister much success in her plans and in her life.

Not to mention a sister being strong and real is never some hindrance to manhood. It's an added benefit since a sister's strength can motivate real men to be strong too (and not adhere to stereotypical deceptions, but real power). A real man will always respect a strong woman since a woman sure of herself and really apt to oppose injustice is purely fine. Some folks (we know who they are. I dont ally with those folks at all) want a sister to be docile, but I am a black man who wishes that my lover will not be docile. Therefore, sisters, don't be docile for anybody (not for me or anyone else). Sisters and brothers have the right to be real, be strong, to speak out, and to express real soul. As brother Malcolm X said:

: I'm saying this: That it's noticeable that in these type of societies where they put the woman in a closet and discourage her from getting a sufficient education and don't give her the incentive by allowing her maximum participation in whatever area of the society where she's qualified, they kill her incentive. And killing her incentive, she kills the incentive in her children. And the man himself has no competition so he doesn't develop to his fullest potential. So in the African countries where they opt for mass education, whether it be female or male, you find that they have a more valid society, a more progressive society -Malcolm X

We should always remember that Caribbean black people have had a huge influence in the struggle for black liberation in America (There are Jamaicans creating their own cars and a Jamaican billionaire as well). I have Caribbean heritage on my mothers side. The Caribbeans are great people. Tons of musicians even in America have Caribbean blood and the Caribbeans make up a large portion of those fighting in the Civil Rights Movement. A revolutionary spirit and an intellectual mindset incorporate the culture of Caribbeans (beyond just dance and music. There is nothing wrong with real dance and real music since these are great parts of black culture worldwide). So, they are brothers and sisters in the struggle for black liberation. Marcus Garvey promoted Black Nationalism in America, he set up his black shipping company, and he was from the Caribbean from Jamaica. Kwame Ture was Trinidadian. As the Revolutionist mentioned that:

The Civil rights movement which contained groups such as NAACP, SNCC, CORE and SCLC drew influence from a Jamaican (Marcus Garvey) who first promoted Black Nationalism. Out of this era was born the Black power movement, a term which was given to America by a Trinidadian (Kwame Ture) leader of the SNCC this term became the black panthers anthem!... So, Black Unity should be promoted here, now, and forever. Black Unity is
international since historically real black Revolutionaries (like Marcus Garvey, Nanny and Bob Marley, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, etc.) discussed about uniting with Blacks worldwide not just in a national framework. Black brothers and sisters living in North & South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and other places worldwide are our brothers and sisters forever. Also, its important to not act like a reactionary and show vitriol against a human being based on their color or creed. We treat everyone the same with respect, but we should definitely respect of our own people too. When unity is discussed, it not only deals with social tolerance of black people worldwide. You cant solve problems without exposing the oppression of black people in the past and the present. That can be used to motivate black people to take solutions into the next level of business growth, fighting against crime, doing the right thing, and believing in intellectual growth. Education is more than a degree. Education deals with learning to appreciate yourself without assimilating into a white supremacist ethos, its about learning your culture & compositions of real society, and its about gaining true insight to help our black people in general.

True Pan-African Black Unity deals with economic power (which deals with not only building capital, but growing communities, building inventions, to own & create companies, building resources for people, having industry, and promoting a true, intellectual revolution of change), collaborations to improve the conditions of black people globally, political power, and taking solutions into another level. Black unity unifying black men and black women (in respect, love, and tranquility) is a great sight to behold indeed.

Leadership does not mean domination. The world is always well supplied with people who wish to rule and dominate others. The true leader is a different sort; he seeks effective activity which has a truly beneficient purpose. He inspires others to follow in his wake, and holding aloft the torch of wisdom, leads the way for society to realize its genuinely great aspirations

Education develops the intellect; and the intellect distinguishes man from other creatures. It is education that enables man to harness nature and utilize her resources for the well-being and improvement of his life. The key for the betterment and completeness of modern living is education. But, ' Man cannot live by bread alone '. Man, after all, is also composed of intellect and soul. Therefore, education in general, and higher education in particular, must aim to provide, beyond the physical, food for the intellect and soul. That education which ignores man's intrinsic nature, and neglects his intellect and reasoning power can not be considered true education.

Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph -All 3 Quotes are from Haile Selassie

In closing, as the Revolutionist (from the UK) mentioned:

Not long ago, blacks were denied education or even basic human rights in the west, now, we are teaching in Universities, becoming Billionaires, Professors, making MAJOR contributions to Technology and Science and a Black physicist (Ronald Mallet) is possibly about to launch mankind into a whole new frontier of scientific discovery.....

All this in less than 200 years, imagine the next 100 years!!!... The black race is the expert at rising above

The 21st Century World in Africa

The 21 century in Africa is an unique time in world history in general. Africa has 54 sovereign nations. Some of these nations have had their borders drawn up during the era of European colonialism (that overlaps the boundaries of certain tribes or ethnic groups). The world is more complex. There are good and bad news in Africa today. There are issues of corruption, authoritarianism, HIV/AIDS, poverty, wars (even among religious and ethnic groups), violence, neo-imperialism by the West and other nations, and other problems (even the West supported assassinations in Africa against popular black leaders in Africa. The IMF has its history of corruption in Africa too). There are shining examples of environments in Africa also. From 1995 to 2005, Africa's rate of economic growth has increased to average to 5% in 2005. Higher growth rates have accused in Angola, Sudan, and Equatorial Guinea. All 3 have begun to extract their petroleum reserves or expanded their oil extraction capacity. A lot of the African population is made of young people who are younger than 30 years old. Ghana's President John Agyekum Kufuor and Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva have received the World Food Prize for what the prize citation called "visionary leadership" in reducing poverty and malnutrition. Kufuor lead a huge effort in reducing hunger and poverty in Ghana in the past decade. Political leaderships in Africa are doing their part to fight against poverty and malnutrition in the Motherland of Africa. During Mr. Kufuor's eight-year term, Ghana became the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to cut the percentage of hungry people by more than half from 1990 levels. Economic reforms targeting the agricultural sector helped boost the country's economy substantially. And a successful school meal program reaches more than a million primary school children in a country of about nine million kids. There are new renewable technologies that are found in Senegal. There are grassroots women politicians growing in Zambia. Mirriam Kauseni wants to be her town's first ever female Parliamentarian. She is telling people to vote for her in the country's national elections. She is a resident of Mansa in the northern province of Laupula.

Juba is the new capital of Southern Sudan. Juba is a fast growing city. Regardless of what you think about Sudan, we wish any brother and sister well in Africa. Juba transformed from being a small outpost to one of Africas fastest growing towns. People are relaxing, working, and doing other activities in Juba. Until the signing of the north-south peace agreement in 2005, Juba only had a few paved roads and buildings. Its a thriving capital city today. Government official Deng Degan came to Juba in 2006. Government official William Deng first came to Juba in 2006. When we came to Juba, we used to live in the camp here," he said. "There were no buildings. We used to live in the tents along the river in putting up small

tents here and there. In a very short time, now when you look at Juba, if somebody came now and have never seen Juba, they would think that it has always been like this. It has not been like that, it just exploded. Businesses are run by those from Kenya, Ethiopia, and China in the Juba town square. Hellen Wairimu, a Kenyan working for a Sudanese womens group, said she finds Juba a welcoming place. I would really like to thank the Sudanese for accepting us working in their country," said Wairimu. "I just want to wish them a happy independence day. The Konyo Konyo market is where traders sell food, clothing, and other good mainly from Uganda. The Bari ethnic group lives in the outskirts. There is the mausoleum having the body of John Garang de Mabior. He was the former head of the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army. The infrastructure is growing in Juba and people are fighting to improve sanitation in Juba as well. Luka Deng is the supervisor of the capitals Keep Juba Clean and Green program.
Somaliland has improved its literacy and matures politically. It celebrates its 20 years of independence. The Republic of Somaliland has made key improvement in health, education, and infrastructure in the past two decades. The President of the nation is Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo. Efforts in reconciliation, nation-building and drafting a new constitution have helped promote peace in the region, Siilanyo said. "We have put in place a new currency and passport, encouraged democratization and multi-party elections; improved access to healthcare and education, respect for human rights, freedom of expression and facilitated a free market," he said. The Deputy Nimo Hussein Qawdhan is the Deputy Health Minister of Somaliland. He said that the maternal mortality rate was 1,600 deaths per 100,000 women in 1991, compared with 1,044 per 100,000 in2006. The region's child mortality rate was 275 in 1990, falling to 188 in 1999, then to 166 in 2006, "signifying a very significant decrease, when compared to world standards", Qawdhan said. Qawdhan said Somaliland had also made gains in the fight against malaria. The past two years have seen the region become almost malaria-free, Qawdhan said. Mine safety has greatly improved in the world. 506 primary schools are all over the nation. A constitution and peace is in the nation as well. According to the W orld Bank's Global Economic Prospects report for 2011, the African economy is growing in many respects. Its common sense to promote that African countries need more domestic investments and development of domestic infrastructure. You need domestic and foreign investment. There should be conservation of capital first invested into enterprises (and when the business is up and running), then you can buy other peoples stuff. You have to produce first, which is key tactic in economic growth. Real

economic growth is having the power to share wealth with your family, not just grow capital by yourself.
There is the famous African named Wangari Mathai who recently passed away at the age of 71. She was an environmental activist and a human rights promoter. She was the first woman from Africa to win the Nobel Peace Prize. He passed away from cancer. She founded the Green Belt Movement for more than 30 years. This is about a tree planting campaign in order to fight against deforestation and to give locals (especially women and girls) access to resources like firewood for cooking and clean water. They have planted more than 40 million trees. She was a mother, a professor, a relative, a co-worker, a colleague, a role model, and a heroine. She desired peace, determination, and a more peaceful world to live in. She was born in Nyeri, Kenya in April 1,

1940. She was the first woman in East and Central Africa to earn a doctorate degree. She was elected to Kenyas parliament with an overwhelming 98% of the vote. Time Magazine back in 2005 honored her as one of 100 most influential people in the world. Maathai linked human rights, poverty, environmental protection, and security into one theme. She told people to not give up and to persist in continuing life. She leaves behind 3 children and a granddaughter.

Kenya has grown its economy greatly in years as well. It has a market based economy with a few state owned infrastructure enterprises. It has a liberalized external trade system. Its known as the Eastern and central African hub for financial, communication, and transportation services. As at May 2010, economic prospects are positive with 4-5% GDP growth expected, largely because of expansions in tourism, telecommunications, transport, construction and a recovery in agriculture. These improvements are supported by a large pool of English speaking professional workers. There is a high level of computer literacy, especially among the youth. The government, generally perceived as investment friendly, has enacted several regulatory reforms to simplify both foreign and local investment. An increasingly significant portion of Kenya's foreign inflows is from remittances by non- resident Kenyans who work in the US, Middle East, Europe and Asia. Compared to its neighbors, Kenya has a well-developed social and physical infrastructure. It is considered the main alternative location to South Africa, for major corporations seeking entry into the African continent. Kenya promoted rapid economic growth via public investment, the promotion of smallholder agricultural production, and incentives for private (and foreign) industrial investment. GDP or the gross domestic product grew at an annual average of 6.6% from 1963 to 1973. Agricultural production grew by 4.7% annually during the same period, stimulated by redistributing estates, diffusing new crop strains, and opening new areas to cultivation. The countrys real GDP growth picked up to 2.3 percent in early 2004 and to nearly 6 percent in 2005 and 2006, compared with a sluggish 1.4 percent in 2003 and throughout President Daniel arap Mois last term (19972002). Real GDP is expected to continue to improve, largely because of

expansions in tourism, telecommunications, transport, and construction and a recovery in agriculture. In 2010, Kenya has seen the return of higher growth projected at 4.9 percent, and may now be at a tipping point for robust growth. Five factors are creating a positive momentum: the new constitution, EAC integration, ICT innovations, strong macroeconomic management, and recent investments in infrastructure. This is great news for Kenya indeed. Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and mining represent a large portion of Kenyas economy. Kenya is the most industrially developed country in East Africa. Tourism dominates a large portion of Kenyas economy as well. Kenyas economy grew by more than 7 percent in 2007 and its foreign debt was greatly reduced as well. Improvements are needed, but Kenya is on the move. Kenya is making great strides in its economic output indeed.
A RECAP OF A JEWEL: We (or those of us of black African descent like me) have to be careful not to be white-identified (or thinking solely from an Eurocentric, white supremacist mindset), especially if we decide to into an university or an Ivy League environment. You cant promote the Black Nation, the growth of black children, and unifying black men & black women when you lay up with a white supremacist system (literally and figuratively). I prefer women romantically of black African descent. I am of black African descent again. It doesnt matter if we live in North American, Latin America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, etc. we are still an African people. We live all over the world. We cant fail our ancestors. We have to do what is right and to have an undying love for our black people. This has been said by the Brother Kwame Ture from 1968. Also, the more black unity among a black man and a black woman has (and more pro-African cultural identification), the more prosperous we are emotional & culturally. You cant integrate with your enemy and have a victory. You fight oppression by promoting Black Power without regret. BLACK UNITY is more than a slogan, but a means of survival. Unity in a population causing success applies to biological animals in the animal kingdom and it applies to the human race. Thats common sense 101. So, we should build & help in our community in a higher level. Also, we who are black men should publicly and privately praise all Black women (like we do our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, nieces, cousins, etc. in a regular basis). I came from a Black Woman, so Black women deserve total respect including black men. Black Unity is a must in st the 21 century. The major enemy is white supremacy and its corrupt institutions harming our people. Have you also noticed that the self hating blacks suffer high levels of suicide, a slavery mentality, low self confidence, a bowing down to white society, etc. While, the self affirming black people have an extremely high level of confidence, social strength, intellectual maturity, and a great deal of moral conduct. The growth and raising of strong black families is great to behold.

I like the photo of the mother and her daughter signifying the strong essence of black families in the world.
When I think about my own black heritage, it gives me a sense of comfort. The reason is that the more I know about my life and people, the more confident I feel in my own soul. The love found in a black family is an extremely potent force that ought to be defended and promoted. The events in dealing with unarmed, highly intelligent teenager Trayvon Martin make me aware that justice is necessary in the wilderness of North America. It is reasonable for us to continue to promote progressive political and economic values, so our world can reap a better existence. The outcast, the poor, and the disadvantaged ought to experience compassion not ridicule, tolerance not discrimination, and hope with justice. When our civil rights and human rights are being violated, we have the subsequent right to be active with strength to call for righteousness. America still isn't some anti-racist utopia as the deniers of reality believe in. Funding for universal health care education had help societies for a long time. The white European supremacists that stole resources in Africa centuries are the same ones trying to dominate the globe via overt and covert tactics. Therefore, we should handle our own house. We should have more training, community activities, rehabilitation, workshops, business groups, and other infrastructure to help our own black people. Black Unity is one way where real success can blossom into a higher level of existence. Our people are known for greatness in the past and in the present. Kumbi Saleh, the capital of Ancient Ghana, flourished from 300 to 1240 AD. Located in modern day Mauritania, archaeological excavations have revealed houses, almost habitable today, for want of renovation and several stories high. They had underground rooms, staircases and connecting halls. Some had nine rooms. One part of the city alone is estimated to have housed 30,000 people. Ancient Nubians used water wheel frequently as well. So, we (or our black ancestors) ruled in advanced civilizations long before pre-colonial European imperialism came about. We as blacks love our people and don't acknowledge non-blacks as superior. I don't kiss the feet or worship whites or non-blacks. I worship Almighty God alone. Now, what's needed is for us to do more to love our people, help our people, and be an active voice in our own black communities. Now, a man loving the mirror image of the opposite gender (or females) is so much superior to self-hatred (or a black person worshipping whiteness like a mental slave). A real black man or a real black woman will never kiss up to or assimilate with the agenda of white racists. All black people have the right to be unique, express independent thinking, and to have love for their own black people in a firm fashion. Basic democratic principles ought to flourish in the world. In the end, we will receive the prize and experience victory (as the first people on Earth).
WORDS ON OUR ENEMY: Our enemy is white supremacy. Far often, sometimes some folks dont think about imperialism. Yet, we live under an imperialist system. Even when some of our people are in universities and institutions, we have to be careful to not accept the ideologies of the status quo. While some of us are blessed and fortunate enough to have some basic resources, some of our black brothers & sisters globally suffer economic exploitation (hunger and wars daily). It was our ancestors (and people who knew about labor and resistance to imperialism) that made it possible for some of us to have an education or a profession. Therefore, we should serve the people. We

should oppose neocolonialism. One method of doing this is joining groups that are genuinely dedicated to African liberation and the ending of imperialism in Africa period. It has been on the backs of African labor that built up the imperialism of Europe and America. Therefore, Europe was born in large measure at the expense of Africas freedom and happiness. People realize this fact. The white racists havent stopped their goal of the total conquest of Africa (from the first Maafa onward). Therefore, black nationalists & other black individuals are correct to point out that we either seek cultural assimilation & annihilation or growth of independent Black Power. We face a war physically, socially, psychologically, and genetically. The enemy in this war is white supremacy. African labor in the past 500 years has been exploited by the 1 percent to oppress humanity. Our labor has been used to benefit those in power more than for our own black self interests. Today, neo-colonialism deals with the extraction of resources in Africa by the World Bank, European powers, and the IMF. These resources include: gold, oil, cobalt, platinum, uranium, diamond, cocoa, and other resources. Wars have been fought by Europeans in order for them to steal the mineral wealth of African nations. These resources are extracted by imperialist powers and then consumed in North America, China, Europe, Japan, etc. This wealth is not radically used to help the poor or radically develop African infrastructure. As Luwezi Kinshasa has written: We all know by

now that under direct or indirect colonial slavery, African workers and peasants are never paid the real value of our labor and natural resources, which are defined by imperialism, which has its origin in the capture and enslavement of Africa and African people in the 15th century. The same spirit of anti-imperialism that Garvey, Nkrumah,
Lumumba, Malcolm X, Kimathi, etc. had is the spirit that we should have today. We should work with real organizations, we should speak out, and we should in our daily lives promote better relationships with our own people. We cant think internationally when locally our house isnt in order. We get our house in order locally, act locally, and act nationally (plus act internationally). We should thank Fannie Lou Hammer for other sisters for making their contributions for Africans in the world too. We should research information and not accept anything as true. It takes a village (or a community) to raise human beings at times. The African tradition promotes community assistance to black African people (because when that occurs, real protection comes for children and everyone else). So, dont support Africom, dont support the IMF, dont support the evil World Bank, and dont support neo-imperialism. Selfish individualism, materialism, and American exceptionalism (aka imperialism) are therefore antithetical to real black African culture. So, we dont fight a brother or a sister. We fight against white supremacy. We are going to love & respect our black sisters and our black brothers as equal human beings.






Since there has been a lot of praise for both of these books, I bought both of these books (that are entitled, "Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation" and "Black Love is a Revolutionary Act"). A lot of people in this new generation during the 21st century desire to learn the truth. Researchers and activists are coming out (openly more) to promote reality and they are promoting the real truth indeed. I knew I would buy both of these books. So, I've used a gift card to pay for the books online. I received both books during Wednesday of December 21, 2011. These books are important since the authors of both books presented unique insights about Black Power issues. Paul H, crammasters, and other people (both males & females) were involved in writing the literature about these relevant issues. The Sister named Pam was heavily involved in the writing

of the literature too, so she deserves a real mention of her contributions. Also, the Sister Cree7s excellent blog on black people has many of the Sister Pams words in the comments. I like how their literature promotes solutions not
just expose the problems in the world. So, it's a great day to learn about my black people and what we have to do to improve our lives and culture. The book entitled, Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation didn't disappoint me since it offers unique arguments about society in America plus the world. The book presented a lot of questions and answers. These items (or the question and answer sections) are found in the book in order to remind people about the definitions of racism/white supremacy in concrete terms. The book offered historical examples from drownings, trials, and acts of discrimination in order to prove the point that it's keenly necessary to defeat the enemy of white supremacy. The book believes that individual prejudice is different from racism. Racism according to the authors describes a white supremacist power structure using institutions (like the media, entertainment, religion, etc.) in order for that structure to dominate non-white human beings in a brutal fashion. The literature in the book is concrete, forthright, and easy to read. In other words, the words in the literature are easy to understand or comprehend. I don't believe in blaming all people of any ethnic group for all of evils in the world. So, I want to make that perfectly clear. The words have a resonance in my heart since it validates a lot of what I actually believe in. There are plenty of quotes in the book that offer an introduction to subjects relating to race, trials, political issues, tragedies like Hurricane Katrina, history, relationships, melanin, etc. The book is like a

rollercoaster ride of information and the book describes words in an accurate, controversial fashion. The book entitled, Black Love is a Revolutionary Act is better and more controversial than Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation. Black Love is a Revolutionary Act describes the methods of how the white supremacist system promotes oppression against black people (among both genders). The book calls for unity among both genders and it call for both genders to make reforms in their daily lives. The book describes examples, stories, and a list of examples of how white supremacy works. Its a great read. The book proves that the grass isnt greener

on the other side if you dig what Im saying. LOL. Forever, I will respect my black heritage and I will love my black people. Instead of going into someone elses house in attempting to seek acceptance, the deluded souls need to be educated in how to build up their own houses. You dont beg at the descendants of slave traders feet. You treat people the same and stand up for black peoples rights to have their self determination, social & intellectual growth, justice, and 100% freedom. I do strongly recommend both books even if you
disagree with parts of these books. The books describe about how the world really works. Have joy, have happiness, and keep living life brothers and sisters. We have to do the right

thing for our babies, and our babies yet born. Its for our blood. Blood is thicker than water.

It is always fine to promote Black Power. Yes, the beautiful Black Sister to the far left is the famous singer and actress Nona Gaye, who is the daughter of the late Marvin Gaye. Now, the Umoja team is creating new great books. One recent book coming out is called "The Beauty Con Game." The book is excellent and it is about us (or people of Black African descent) fighting against white supremacy (and respecting the beauty of the black image). In other words, black is beautiful. I

am black and I am beautiful with my great dark black skin melanin, with my kinky hair (as tons of the ancient Egyptians had wholly hair), with my great nose, with my great lips, and my excellent intelligence & great soul. I am black and I am comely. True beauty isn't monolithic as white supremacy teaches. In other
words, you dont have to look like a Barbie doll or some GQ model to be beautiful. Just be you. You should never be ashamed of what you are at all. WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL IRRESPECTIVE OUR APPEARANCE. We are battling against the white supremacist degradation of black people. Beauty is diverse in many skin tones, body sizes, personalities, and other parts of the diverse human image. That is why a black sister with her great black skin color, body shape, and hair can never be duplicated by any other female of any other ethnicity. 2012 is a year where we should have more unity among brothers and sisters. Times are changing. This new black unity movement has grown and I do see more unity among black people than 5 years ago. "The Interracial Con Game" is another new book made by the Umoja team as well. This other unique book describes romance, gender roles, and proof that black love is important to promote & preserve. I know that the enemy is

annoyed by this information. The enemy needs to realize that we don't live in a post-racial society. You will notice that the enemy hates to witness any black person to strongly express their cultural identity. They want black people to be docile, malleable, lack intellectual curiosity, and just accept their point of view unequivocally. So, we should be stronger mentally or intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically if we want to, and spiritually. Sorry, we don't have unjust anger. We just have righteous indignation and inspiration to promote justice, truth, and righteousness. Justice means a lot. It means that we fight back against the slander of black people for many racists want to portray black people as the victimizers when blacks were the victims of centuries of oppression never witnessed before in human history. Even recently, a pregnant black woman was kicked in the stomach by a piece of work (I could use other language to describe this person. His name is Jerad Wheeler from Georgia). Black people suffered worse than every ethnic group in human history. We still have a long way to go through. We shouldn't hate any human being period. We

should affirm our worth, our beauty, and our magnificent intelligence as black human beings. We are the original people and that's very special in the eyes of God. That is why God is so merciful with us or the black collective.
So, at all times, we ought to respect all black brothers and all black sisters in private and in public. I will not ignore white racism and I continue will support the interests of my black people wholeheartedly. No one should be mistreated, bullied, or disrespected period. Mistreatment experienced by some people can cause self-hatred. In real life, I know some brothers and sisters that suffered mistreatment unjustly and they have a fear of black people (or self-hatred). To those that suffer taunts: you are not alone. There are plenty of folks that can help you & assist you. You deserve that kindness and respect irrespective of what your tastes are, your appearance, and your social dispositions. What goes around comes around; therefore people who disrespect folks inappropriately will have it coming from the Creator (sooner or later. It's only a matter of time). The black rich folks and the black middle class need to be very careful not to blame the black poor for the evils in society. For some of them will brag about being the first one with a certain white collar job or the first person in a certain neighborhood (Some of them lust after material items and want to keep up with the Joneses). Yet, that doesnt mean a thing if we have huge unemployment and large cultural problems in the black community. The poor dont make the guns, they dont make the drugs, and they didnt create institutional racism. We are all in this together irrespective of our economic class. We have to unite with our people and realize that you can't separate from your black people. We should praise black people doing the right thing and praise black people with their natural features. We should oppose white supremacy. So, it's our responsibility to help out our black people and all mankind. I will uphold the dignity and worth of all black people. True liberation deals with promoting real culture and respecting our black being.


I wanted to write about melanin critically for a long time for obvious reasons. Melanin deals with more than pigmentation, but it's a key part to enhance and develop the vitality of organisms. 2012 is coming soon. The chains of mental and spiritual slavery are coming off among peoples worldwide. The truth is coming out. Melanin comes from the Greek word melanos meaning black. Melanin is even found in plants. Studying the value and the blessing of melanin is one of the real strategies to fight against basically white supremacy. Now, it's time to do so. Back years ago, I knew about it in higher level. Melanin is a strong pigment found in animals. They are derivatives of the amino acid tyrosine. The most famous biological melanin is called eumelanin (or a brown-black polymer of dihydroxyindole carboxylic acids and their reduced forms). The creation of a tan naturally is called melanogenesis. This is accelerated by UVB radiation. In warmer climates, people with larger quantities of euemelanin in their skin protect them from high levels of exposure form the sun. The sun stimulates the skin to produce vitamin D. That is why people in cooler climates recommend folks with darker skin complexions (and even those of southern European descent) to consume between of 1000-2000 IU or international units of vitamin D daily through Autumn to Spring (if you live in cooler environments). Those with low amounts of melanin have to intake dairy products sometimes to gain vitamin D. That is why it's scientifically true that in warmer climate, people with darker skin have more skin protecting eumelanin (which leads into more protection against sunburn and melanoma. Melanoma is a potentially deadly form of skin cancer. John McCain had it before). Melanin in the eyes, in the iris, and chroid helps to protect human being from ultraviolet and high frequency visible light. Serigo Nacht, PhD is the executive

vice President of R&D (and CSO Riley Nacht, LLC) said that melanin functions as a free radical scavenger. This means that melanin affects the lipids that maintain moisture in the outer layer of our skin. Moist skin fares better over time than dry skin. Dermatologist Susan C. Taylor is the author of "Brown Skin." She points out that African-Americans and other people of color generally look younger than their lighter-skinned peers, because of the higher levels of melanin in their skin. The increased melanin protects those who have it from short-term damage from the sun (as well as the long-term signs of aging, such as age spots, deep wrinkles and rough texture, according to Taylor). We should use sunscreen though in the hot sun if we plan on staying in the sun for more than 15 minutes. Skin cancer and sun burn dont discriminate. Health is very vital to promote.

It's common sense that melanin is blessing from the Creator. I appreciate the Lord with giving me an abundance of melanin. This doesn't make me superior to any human being, but this reality makes me equal to any human being period. I have no choice, but to mention 3 words. You know the following 3 words: BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. My ancestors are made up of Kings, Queens, real leaders, mathematicians, builders, architects, fighters for freedom, athletes, scholars, musicians, etc. So, the blood in my veins will have my utmost respect forever. BEING CONFIDENT IN WHAT I AM AND INSPIRING OTHERS TO BE CONFIDENT IN THEIR NATURAL, GOD-GIVEN CHARACTERISTICS IS GREAT PLUS A JOY FOR ME. In our generation, more folks are having great self-awareness in order help our communities and their own people. W e can't really be whole in life if we refuse to go out and make a difference in the world. The people with high amounts of melanin are people of color, especially

those of black African descent. Melanin can help slow down the aging process in the skin and it acts as a natural barrier to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Melanin is very important in the human body. Why do you think scientists are finding ways to develop synthetic melanin? Why do you think certain people get tans all of the time trying to look like my skin color? LOL. Im keeping it all the way real like it supposed to be. It is what it is. As Paul H has written: I personally believe BW

(or black women) are the most beautiful, exciting females on the planet and the proof is all the non-black females that imitate them Melanocysts
are cells that hold the melanin. In those of black African descent, melanocysts are spread out and

are larger in size. Also, melanin can develop even without exposure to the sun. That is why I love the tranquility in my heart to realize the truth spiritually. I love my own black people forever. I do believe in black unity and Black Power indeed. Melanin is found in both the sperm and the egg to supervise the growth of the developing fetus. Melanin is indeed very NATURAL. Also,

no woman or man should tolerate being called out of their name. So, everybody should use our time and effort to have self reflection, uplift black women, uplift black men, and advance the interests of our own people. The image of the woman represents everything about a man, so we who are men have that eternal responsibility to respect women no matter what. Also, we should believe in 2nd chances. Historically, those who made terrible mistakes from the past have grown emotionally and socially to become great leaders. So we should have hope for those suffering a hard time to be better, while not hating on our brothers and sisters doing the right thing in life.

Studies in melanin are complex. Some folks talk about the pineal gland and melanin. The pineal gland controls the flow of melatonin. Melatonin decreases as a person ages. In humans, it causes seratonin to flow better in the waking state. Melatonin keeps a person to control their sleeping state as well. Melatonin is a hormone secretion found in the pineal glands of humanity. Sometimes from the Earth is Natural. It's only natural to exist. Melanin can also prevent free radicals from damaging the retina of the human eye. This isn't me writing these words down. This is found from 2 studies from a partnership in the University of Chicago. The findings have been found in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and the other published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. James Norris Jr., Professor in Chemistry and the College, and retina surgeon Kourous Rezaei, Director of the Vitreoretinal Service in Ophthalmology & Visual Science, combined resources to show that melanin, a pigment found throughout the human body, acts like a neutralizing sponge inside cells in the retina to soak up and destroy reactive oxygen species. Reactive oxygen species, or free radicals, which are energized by light, are thought to play a major role in macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in people over the age of 60. "We now have direct evidence that melanin

plays an important protective role within the eye," said Norris, a senior author of both papers. "Although melanin contains its own intrinsic free radical, we found that it absorbs a far more damaging form of free radical,

converting its destructive energy into harmless heat before it can hurt the retina." Scientists like Rezaei are trying to develop melanin in order to fight against blindness
and other eye conditions. Researchers Adelola Adeloye and Dr. Benjamin Felson (their article is found in the American Journal of Roentgenology) found that incidence of roentgenologically visible pineal gland calcification is approximately twice as common in American whites as in blacks, a difference that is very striking after age 40. Comparison of this finding with reports in the literature shows that the incidence of pineal gland calcification is slightly higher in American blacks than in indigenous Africans, probably due to racial mixture among the American blacks that they have studied. This means that white people typically have more of a calcified pineal gland than black people. Now, many black nationalists are right we who are black have every right to preserve our identity or ethnicity. That isnt racism. Thats common sense, so we should have more black babies in order to increase Black Power. MORE BLACK BABIES BORN +

IMPROVEMENTS IN OUR PEOPLE = A STRONGER BLACK COMMUNITY OVERALL. Thats simple mathematics. Dr. Marc Imhotep Cray, M.D., Dr. Frances Crest
Welsing, Dr. Jewel Pookrum, M.D., and other scholars have shown the true that melanin is a great gift and preserving the essence of black people is fundamentally a part of human survival. Melanin: A Key to Freedom by Richard King, M.D. and The Science of Melanin, Dispelling the Myths by T. Owens Moore, Ph.D. offer more research into the topic of melanin as well. Its a reality that the black African population is growing greatly and thats great news. The bad news is that enemy (We know who the enemy. It isnt rocket science. LOL) is using GM foods, population control tactics, and other methods in trying to stop that population growth. So, we should be

ever vigilant to oppose genetically modified foods at every turn and promote more families among black human beings globally. According to scientific studies, natural human skin color diversity is highest in black or Sub-Saharan African populations. One secret in life is to focus on long term development not some token, short term pleasures. For if you prepare for the future adequately, and then you can experience great benefits in your life. One simple example is to save money and build up wealth in a wide spectrum of assets (not liabilities) in order to achieve a higher economic yield. When you think in this fashion, some avenues in life become easier to understand. Also, all of us need self reflection from time to time to improve ourselves without a premadonna attitude about living in the Earth. Some folks need to escape the bling mentality and promote the mentality of thinking critically, believing strongly in moral absolutes, and harboring true love for human beings. Its intelligent to be relentless in the right way in getting what you want instead of bowing before a system that doesnt care for you anyway. Being truly independent is when you own your own power not just working for some manager. So, its wise for a person to have assets like real estate, land, businesses, commodities, etc. In that way, the community can grow and wealth can be passed down into descendants.

Nobody else can do this for us. No document can do this for us. No Lincolnian Emancipation Proclamation or Johnsonian Civil Rights Bill can totally bring this kind of freedom, King determined. [The Black man] will only be free when he reaches down to the inner depths of his own being and signs with the pen and ink of assertive manhood his own Emancipation Proclamation. And, with a spirit straining toward true self-esteem, [Blacks] must boldly throw off the manacles of self-abnegation, and say to himself and to the world, I am somebody. I am a person. I am a man with dignity and honor. I have a rich and noble history.'" -Dr. Martin Luther King

Simply put, more economic development, social growth, and intellectual development equals to more wealth and a higher standard of living. Also, moral improvement is in order. We should fight against crime, recreational drug use, and any form of evil deeds going on in our communities via community groups, mentorships, neighborhood watch systems, the use of role models, interventions, and other independent programs. In the final analysis, we need more Black Power: Black Power is a call for the pooling of black financial resources to achieve economic securityIf Black Power means the development of this kind of strength within the Negro community, then it is a quest for basic, necessary, legitimate power. Finally, Black Power is a psychological call to manhood. (Where Do We Go, p. 38). Black is beautiful and as beautiful as any other color. When we believe that, this is something very necessary, this is something very constructive and very creative. So, the concept of Black Power is something we are certainly able to understand and accept. So as we talk about power, we must always see power as the right use of strength. ((SCLC Staff retreat, Frogmore, SC, 11/14/66).

-Dr. Martin Luther King

Albinism is a medical condition where there is little to no melanin among a human being. All ethnicities have human beings with albinism including even animals. Certainly, my knowledge about melanin has given me a better spiritual awakening about my own people and my God. I don't believe in having hatred or bigotry against another human if they are of another race or another creed. All human beings fundamentally are created equal and deserve equal treatment, respect, and dignity. In our short lives, we have no choice but to promote the honorable traditions of peace, reconciliation, and truly battling against any form of injustices plaguing society. I do believe in justice and justice should given period. I also respect people of color and I love being black

because black is 100% beautiful.

RELATIONSHIP ADVICE TO BROTHERS STRUGGLING IN LOVE: I love the Black Girls Rock movement since black females should have that sense of power. Young black girls and black women ought to be encouraged to fulfill their true high potential. Today, brothers should receive advice as well and inspiration to move forward. Many brothers need help. One reason why some brothers are struggling is because they are hurting (from past experiences, stereotypes, social difficulties, and other issues. Some men have an identity crisis, because the hypocrisy & confusion found in Western society). The brothers hurting shouldnt receive total dependence or offensive demonization, but total inspiration to move forward. The sisters are right to say that a woman cant teach a man on how to be a man. Only a man can teach a male in how to be a real man period. If

you (as a brother) are frustrated, first is to have self evaluation (or think about your life). Outline your strengths and your weaknesses (in your personality, dating skills, etc.). This is done before going out with a woman. Find ways to lessening your weaknesses (like going into programs, getting a better education, finding a support system, talking to brothers who have careers, etc.) and build up on your strengths. Second, if you want to go out with a sister, hang out with sisters that have similar personalities, similar occupational jobs, or in the similar socioeconomic scale that you are in presently. Yet, there is nothing wrong with a man going out with a poorer sister too if it's for a sincere justification. An average, everyday woman is a blessing indeed. This can increase success in the romantic department. Also, the surrounding areas have plenty of nice

sisters in your area too. You can transmit that energy of frustration into action. Positive energy is always better than permanent frustration. Not to mention that a strong black man can easily attract a real black sister irrespective of physical appearance. A man just has to act like a man. A woman wants a man to act like a man (with especially her words & body language. When you reach your late 20s, you begin to see that greatly). Some men in the younger generation I see refuse to hunt for fear of rejection or humiliation (they want the woman to just come to them, because of status, money, or whatever). On the other hand, we men have to hunt. We are territorial, we can be aggressive at times, and we like to be active. We are men period. Always, we should never be ashamed our natural masculinity. Nothing is given on a silver platter. If we men want to go out with a sister; we have to communicate with the sister like a man. BLACK SISTERS ARE ALWAYS QUEENS WORLDWIDE. We should also respect a sister saying no. No means no. A woman saying no isn't the end of the world. You can just move forward and find companionship with another sister of better compatibility. We brothers are descendants of very strong people. Our ancestors suffered much more than we suffer now. If our ancestors can go out with women and make children (under oppressive circumstances), then we can do the same. If a man in supreme poverty can date and marry a woman in 2012 today, then we brothers can do the same. NEVER GIVE UP. DONT WORRY, BROTHERS, THAT GREAT SISTER WILL COME. JUST USE PATIENCE AND STRENGTH FOR LOVE IS PREDICATED ON A REAL CONNECTION.
A REMINDER: In the 21 century, you have issues. We dont need demagoguery from either political party. Corporate masters should never brainwash us into thinking that the poor or minorities should be to blame for our economic problems. That is why we should heal relationship and promote better health in our community. We should never be put back into our place. We should be strong black men and black women that stand up, speak up, and use our gifts of creativity to advance our own interests. Our big enemy isnt each other, its something else. We know who the enemy is. That enemy is white supremacy and its commonly spread from the mainstream media (using psychological warfare), culture, propaganda, and a spectrum of other outlets as well. White supremacists never eliminated their true hatred of us. For a devil will always be a devil despite an era of time. We cant underestimate our enemy since our enemy is very resourceful. That is why I plan ahead in what I think and what I do in months and years ahead in my life. Thats another secret in life. White supremacy (WITH THEIR AGENTS IN THE FBI, CIA, MI6, MI5, MOSSAD, AND OTHER INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES WORLDWIDE) is a con game and once you show wisdom plus the truth the whole house of cards fall down. Black Love is one strategy out of many to fight back against our oppressors. That is why I as a black man, mention that a black woman is the most beautiful female on Earth. They are related to me and they are the original (with great cultural, intellectual, and political contributions thousands of years ago and now st in the 21 century). A real man wants to put their own women of their people high on a pedestal of respect without token talk. Therefore, sisters and brothers should be respected no matter what. When I get older, my mind is better attuned to the world and its social mores. So, Im going to be smart enough to realize that I will continue to mix intellectual strength with street smarts as well. Thats a big secret that we should all strive to be. We should learn about the world in intellectual capacity & use our creativity to be street smart as well. Thats a great combination. You fight the enemy without submission. We should have justice and not be concerned about what others think of us. We should be concerned about justice, health care, jobs, education, crime, violence, fighting against poverty, and other real issues (not reality shows, decorating trees during the fall & winter, etc.). So, Black Love, hope, righteousness, and going forward in promoting truth among black people are great avenues to go into. Black militancy is another way to get justice done too. If you have your mental health in proper order, then you have the strength and mental power to fight against oppression. We should expose the new world order agenda, but it cant be shown in the mode of fear. We should promote solutions not just the exposure of the new world order.

Since people love the issues about life, I will speak my mind on various issues. I will always support black people forever. I'm for black people worldwide. I love my physical and spiritual being. Fake people and racists may issue surface friendlessness. They love the Amerikkkan, Eurocentric system filled with materialism, silliness, discrimination, hostile social bigotry against those who are different (or hate those that don't fit some stereotypical image) and other evils like true mental slaves. Yet, have these people placed under pressure and catch them in action in certain places, they pull off their masks. We shouldn't go into the lowest common denominator and act like these fake people. W e should rise above inherit temptation and promote respect for humanity and strength. We support sisters and we support brothers with vigor and zeal completely. I dont care what you look like, how you talk like, or your tastes are. You are our brothers and our sisters. You are loved by real black people. This is a part of a wider strategy of all of us to stand up for the truth. There is mutual equal value among us despite our emotional, personality, and physical differences. I don't believe in expressing hatred against a person who is different from me in any shape or form. People are right to promote unity among black men and black women. I'm going to keep on promoting this truth until I pass away. This is important for legacy building. W e should pass on our culture to future generations. Our cultural integrity is important too. That means having food recipes, wedding actions, showing pictures,

developing more cultural traditions, and other family traditions ought to be shown in order for our cultural vitality to remain strong. The ironic thing is that other people would respect you if you possess that love for your own people and among all peoples. We're all human beings and all human beings (regardless of the pain from the world. We should maintain our legitimate moral sensibilities to enact precise, authentic compassion toward those suffering in the world) deserves dignity, respect, true equality, and justice. I will never fall for mind games for I am a strong black man that knows my history and culture unashamedly. Negative images shown about blacks by the mainstream media is evil and wrong. That is why we should promote our own image. We should oppose economic exploitation of Africa in trying to steal their mineral wealth as done by the W orld Bank, IMF, etc. (when these Euro imperialists stole land and raped the continent of Africa).

Everyone knows that a savage, a violent thug, and a sellout are not real threats to the white supremacist system. The white supremacists laugh at them since they make them money from them in numerous cases (or the nihilists) via corporations. The elite giants like Viacom benefit when these puppets promote poison against their own race, which is a disgrace. The establishment hates a BM and a BW doing the right thing and contributing to their community in real ways of social uplift (including real, independent black ownership. If blacks buy from each other blacks, then that is one way out of many to grow real Black Power). I will mention this though: If a man or a woman have been through trials or lived a more negative life, then theyve changed their life around to help their people, then that person should be given all the respect in the world. We should give folks 2nd chances and a time to improve themselves. I tell you a secret. They want you to be integrated into their system that they want you to be eliminated of your cultural identity (to think like them, to act like them, and believe in their sick ideologies). If you want to be free, then you should develop camaraderie and cultural strength with your own black people. We should inspire a brother or sister lacking confidence to develop confidence via constructive avenues. They or our enemy hates a black man and a black woman thats very intelligent (& acts firmly to promote real solutions) point blank period since it ends the lie of white supremacy. Black social mobility is a real goal of mine. Tulsa and Rosewood were shining examples of Black Nationalism until supremacists intentionally and immorally harmed those communities. We cant support any form of degradation and exploitation of our people. We ought to treat any people with respect and dignity though. All peoples ought to be treated the same and treated as equals. That is why we blacks can succeed when we are left to execute independent, radical actions. That is why all us should support the black women doing the right thing and the black men doing the right thing via any legitimate means possible. The legitimate actions of intellectual pursuits, humor, athletics & fitness, engineering,
science, government, history, science, any building or mechanical endeavor, and a wide spectrum of topics ought to be firmly promoted in our communities.

*That is why it's common sense to praise black women as Queens and to respect black

men as Kings. We should fight against the white supremacists' goals of the emasculation of black men and the sexual exploitation plus demonization of black women. One secret in life is to play chess not checkers metaphorically. Anybody can talk a good game, yet long term; you have to use a real effort in order to benefit our people long term. This means for us (as black people), we should be owning our own land (that a lot of blacks in the South have and own now), own our homes, own companies, businesses, own our capital, rule our communities with justice & compassion, do actions to build up the power of young men & young women, and own other forms of infrastructure (like food, water, electricity, jobs, etc.). Being self-sufficient in these times are common sense and just plain real. If you own your own power, you can easy help your own people more efficiently. There is nothing wrong with Power if its used correctly. Power is beyond a paycheck. Anybody can get a paycheck (yet power is the influence of the people who signs the check). Real power is controlling economic, political, educational, and other systems in the world to benefit your own black people. POWER IS ALSO OWNERSHIP. WHEN YOU OWN SOMETHING AND CONTROL IT TOTALLY, YOU HAVE POWER. When you have power, you can fight for freedom, promote positive images, and control your own destiny at the same time. Thats power. We should never ever submit to a wicked white supremacist system (that demonizes any black man or black woman that thinks outside of the box to help their own people beyond stereotypes). We should built our own resources and promote our own interests for our people. There is nothing wrong with resources or wealth as long as you dont love money beyond the love for your people. Swagger or fake bravado dont mean anything if you cant put food on the table, raise kids, etc. A man can have all of the bravado in the world, but if a man doesnt benefit his people or control his own destiny, he is still a mental slave talking illogic. So, we should put food on the table for our people, raise our kids, have integrity, have backbone, have discipline, and have loyalty to our people. There is nothing wrong with creativity & unique style, but long term, we should have technology, business, finance, intellectual growth, engineering (in construction, etc.), political power, teaching, animation, computer skills, legal knowledge,

and other constructive modes of thinking. We should be ourselves without shame. Also, we who are black should create jobs for our people and employ our people (working as a group). Not to mention that intellectual growth is not enough. We need a radical change to fight against poverty for poverty along with socioeconomic factors is one cause of crime, slums, and other debilitating conditions in society. There needs to be a radical redistribution of political and economic power to help the poor and to have true economic justice among all peoples. Organizing, building, learning, earning, and doing the right thing are better than nihilism. Also, we should have radical programs to help brothers and sisters suffering poverty in rural & urban areas. That is why I reject scapegaoting the poor period. The poor are our allies in this struggle for liberation. *So, We have to grow economic power and generational wealth. We need to end income inequality.

I believe in personal responsibility like the next man, but not personal denial of corporate evils in the world that contribute to the evils in Western society. If you want things solved, then you have to be comprehensive in dealing with building up self confidence among outcasts & the poor. We should create radical programs, protest, and we should work toward more dialogue so solutions can be made. Without black men and black women uniting in trying to find solutions, nothing changes. We should end tensions and develop real resolutions (like gang intervention, promotion of health & fitness, programs to fight against violence, creating avenues to develop intellectual pursuits, promote real forms of the arts & music among our own people, develop financial security and assistance toward our own people, create radical acts now to fight back against evils, and have outlets for blacks especially with eclectic tastes to feel at home with tolerance) in our lives for the sake of our ancestors. Career training should be made available

for any brother or sister struggling in the job market. We wish any brother and sister much success in their daily lives. I have compassion for my people. Also, I treat any black person the same with dignity & respect regardless. We will fight against oppression. This doesnt just mean opposing police brutality, other crimes against our community, exposing civil liberty violations, opposing the neo-con foreign policy agenda, etc. Its also that we cant cosign mistreatment of especially females in music, videos, movies, and language. If we want a real Revolution, then it has to be real every single day. This is for our ancestors, who suffered like hell, so we could live our lives today in the 21st century. So, we will be independent, potent, inquisitive, and fearless to oppose

white supremacy. We adhere to real justice without equivocation or compromise. We fought for our rights for years and we have the right to promote our interests.
When I'm getting older, my tolerance level increases and you devise a keen insight of the goings on in the world. W ith that insight does come a responsibility for people in our shoes to educate people, fight injustice, and to value the essence of Black Power. This is why one secret in life is to get a job, but long term, own your own business. In that fashion, you own your own operation, the wealth benefits you and your people, and you can help your own people more efficiently. Now, real world experience is important to gain investments in business, stocks, commodities, and other assets. We should be investors. W hen you own your own (with your own investments helping our people), you become self sufficient. In the information age, we have to use adjustments since in the final analysis; we have to care for our own interests. It is common sense for black Americans especially to build an economic power base to create wealth and use this wealth to help black people (in the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa, and all over the world). That's common sense instead of begging and integrating with a beast system. So, the selfish, individualist and materialistic type of House Negroes (that demonize their own people that are different) have no respect from me. These people can't intimidate me since I'm black, I'm strong, and I'm intelligent to know my own culture plus destiny like a man. I hold my own and look at these haters in their eyes with full eye contact straight up. I have no respect for any evil at all. I have respect for a black man and black women that wants unity, economic empowerment, pan African economic & political power, that isn't prejudice or materialistic, and genuinely desires tons of improvements for black people in general. I do respect a black person uplifting black women and black men as well. We are all in this together. Forget greed and selfishness since it's time for us to give back to our communities like men and like women. Education is fine, but education alone doesnt mean a thing unless we use education to empower our own people. Those with access and education should relate with their own black people, so camaraderie is still strong. Strength deals with ethnic solidarity, strong families, unity among both genders, and strong tools for our survival.

We have every God-given right to stand up for truth, to oppose oppression, to defend ourselves from anyone, and to believe in our hearts the promotion of true justice wholeheartedly.
*I think historically numerous people who were once thugs, criminals, those that struggled, or whatever changed. So, to give up on people struggling in life isn't the way to go. The way to go is to inspire anybody among our people to wake up and change directions. That is why many black

people are going in at risk communities in fighting for reforms. You don't manufacturer real solutions to the problems in our communities by having a hands off approach to our people who are "thugs, criminals, or anyone in a lower socioeconomic background. This doesnt mean we support what criminals, thugs, etc. do. W e shouldnt period. On the other hand, this mentality of just ignoring some of our own people is an elitist, manipulative, and non-efficient thinking. Also, just because a sister is living in a ghetto doesn't mean that she is sexually promiscuous or is a harlot. Malcolm X was once a thug, pimp, and criminal and he became one of the most famous black men in our people's history. To give up on anyone suffering in life (or those on the wrong path) is not living up to our true responsibilities in life. Our responsibility in life is to help our neighbor, support the outcast, help the poor and develop unique way in growing a real world black revolution (with cultural awareness, social maturity, street smarts, and mental growth). LIKEWISE, IF A BROTHER OR A SISTER IS ACTING UPRIGHT, DOING THE RIGHT THING, HELPING THEIR OWN PEOPLE, AND BEING NICE YET STRONG IN THEIR DAILY LIVES, THEY SHOULDNT BE RIDICULED OR MARGANALIZED. THEY SHOULD BE RESPECTED INDEED. WE SHOULD BE LEADERS BEYOND being THE HELP. IN THE END, WE HAVE THE GOAL OF TRUE INDEPENDENCE, THE GROWTH OF BLACK FAMILIES, AND BLACK POWER. Real community building deals with true education (as in learning our culture, history, influence, and true great legacy as well) and skills. Education entails more parents to be active in the lives of children like helping them to finish and understand homework, being at meetings, rejecting materialism, etc. These skills involve technological development, legal power, business power, social power, intellectual development, political power, economic power, and legitimate actions. A strong alliance among black men and black women is one key out of many keys in building up a better community. This is natural. If other peoples call for justice, we have every right to call for justice for our people. We are related to strong people like Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, Nat Turner, and Denmark Vessey. So, I wont bow before any man. Also, sacrifice is an important concept to embrace. Sacrifice means not dealing with selfishness. It means taking time to help children and to help those suffering to get an education or receive a better situation in life out of altruism and legitimate concerns. That means devotion to families and devotion to support the interests of black people. Thinking about the future is very important like never forgetting the past. The future should be striving to allow our descendants to live a better life than we are living now. I am part of

the original people on Earth. I have dark, beautiful skin color. I'm young and I'm strong. I'm highly intelligent. We who are black are all beautiful. It doesnt what size or shape or physical appearance you are, we are still one and you deserve dignity, respect, and love. More and more we as a people should develop our intellect & common sense. This means we should promote more reading of books, magazines, and other forms of literature at an early age onward. We should go out and visited places of higher learning. We should learn about building things, engineering, growing businesses, learning math, science, learning about different cultures worldwide, and us understanding the nature of social interactions among human beings. We should inspire any brother and sister to be a jack of all trades or multifaceted in what they can bring to the table in the journey of life.

*So, its now more than ever to inspire people, to celebrate good black parenting, to focus on righteousness, to celebrate good black marriages plus relationships, to celebrate good black music, to praise legitimate black business, to fight viscerally against poverty, to respect the black youth being bright, and to celebrate black babies being born more. God is pro-Black as black people are the first humans on Earth.
When you see tornadoes killing people and destroying property, now certainly isn't the time to hate your fellow man. You want to use education (in any legitimate way) in order to bring real skills to benefit your family, your community, and your people. W e have to take advantages of the freedoms that are ancestors or forefathers didn't have. So, a man should act like a man and a woman should act like a woman. It's fine to love Black Love without unjust hatred and bigotry. So, we have to use logic. We have to be meek like sheep and strong like a lion. You don't let your enemy see your total weakness, but you use unique tactics in displaying your strength to benefit your own people. Fundamentally, all human beings deserve respect, equality, and justice. One secret in life is to be as strong as a lion and sly too. Being strong protects yourself and being sly means to learn the mistakes of others in order for you to not repeat them (and to be more discerning on your personal conduct). We are a threat to our enemy and we know who is the enemy is. Now, in our days we should built up more confidence in folks, build up intellectual potential, build up our diverse talents (whether in physical fitness, manufacturing, music, fashion, athletics, teaching, legal affairs, literature, art, economics, engineering, science, teaching, administrative actions, business development, public speaking, mathematics, other forms of technological endeavors, etc.) and

UNIFY. Now, thats unity.

I will permanently use the green light to develop action.

By Timothy

Appendix A: More Inspiration and Advice from Brothers and Sisters

Once again, here are more brothers and sisters dropping jewels and gems that we can take to heart. 2012 is here, so thats all the more reason to grow our consciousness and continue to fight for justice. Its always right to adhere to righteousness and ethnic solidarity. Its always correct to love the camaraderie among my black people and to listen to advice & inspiration (from real brothers and real sisters in the world). It is common sense for us to oppose publicly and privately white supremacy, to fight for justice, and to promote the great value of the women in our own race. Some say that we can't win. Once, people said that American slavery would continue forever. These people were wrong. Some people said that Jim Crow segregation would last forever. These people were wrong. Others said that a black man (regardless of what you think of him) can never be President or the First Lady of America could never be a beautiful, strong, and highly intelligent sister. Of course, these folks were wrong. If in a period of less than a century, we can witness the end of Jim Crow and allow a black family to be inside of the White House, then we can certainly make the black community much stronger than ever before. Here are the following words then: When Men and Women of color love each other unconditionally in it's puriest form, that is the most powerful force in the universe and known to mankind. Fam. Love is as strong as death is! Hotep. M1Awakened 19 hours ago

crammasters Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL Posted December 09, 2010 @ tc2ewra who said, "Yes we need strong mothers and fathers but we also need strong communities.and thats difficult when someone who's values are different than our own is setting the standards.WE NEED OUR OWN! Everything else is just patchwork." ----i agree we can't have strong communities without strong black families, and we can't have strong black families without strong black men and women GETTING MARRIED AND RAISING THEIR KIDS TOGETHER UNDER THE SAME ROOF. without strong minded black males and females creating strong black families, we can't build a snowball.

and our communities are the PROOF of that, where folks getting off the boat have more businesses than we do...and a lot of us see nothing wrong with that. i keep saying it and saying until i sound like a broken record: what will black people do if we are unable to rely on those outside our communities? until we get back to basics -- the black family -- nothing we do will work. you're right, we MUST have our own everything, otherwise, we have NOTHING we can count on

I would question the whole corporate logic which governs the university, and which undermines real education. In fact, why should people have to pay to learn--or to go into such a morass of debt that they become prisoners of corporate banking interests for many years of their lives. Real education--which schools need to commit themselves to--are valuable not only in terms of the intellectual and social growth of the individual student, but also for the formation of an highly developed citizenry enabled for lives of freedom and self-determination. This should be the right of every citizen, every human being of whatever race,color, creed or gender -Savant

TDL wrote: I love seeing little black kids who look up to me...for some unknown reason without even knowing me...maybe bc I am taller than them and an adult but anyway...I like being able to tell them how beautiful they are and how they have so much potential. Who knows the last time they were told such things, or if they would ever hear it from anyone? Always makes them smile and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We should always make it a point to encourage our young children, just the other day my friend told this neighborhood kid who had his trumpet case at his side. To play trumpet all through highschool and never give up, don't care about what anyone says about it and you'll be successful. He looked like he listened that's all we can do, hope they listen... -Near Future ___________________ crammasters Jul. 1st, 2010 at 12:07 am

@ Cali yeah, sis, every time I try to get out, they pull me back in! lol Im at the point where seeing an article praising black entertainers makes me itch! the reason the media paints black success as entertainment-related athletes, NBA, NFL, rappers, clowns, buffoons, comedians is they dont want us to develop our BRAINS OR REAL SKILLS. All feet, muscle, and brawn, no BRAINS REAL SKILLS allow you to build, manufacture, cure, create, invent, design, and build a society. As long as young black folk are focused on being entertainers who cant make anything, manufacture anything, cure anybody of anything, or be doctors, lawyers, scientists, farmers, mathematicians, architects, plumbers, electricians, home builders, machine fixers, designers, inventors we will be slaves for the rest of the planet that CAN just imagine a black nation where all the BM can do is throw a basketball, tell jokes, or rapbut cant feed, house, clothe, make electricity, build pipes to bring water, cure a sick kid, etc. We need to think about thatseriously end of sermonlol ___________________ All the tricks are coming to an end sis...don't worry about that at're in that time period now....some of our people can see and understand it, while others cannot, thats why "signs" such as these are put forth to wake brothers and sisters up to know who our REAL enemies are, which is not each other as Black Man and Black Wombman! Together we're a force with nature my sister....;) Peace goddess MA'AT MegaMalik30 5 months ago ___________ the black women is the most attractive of all women ... BLACK POWER IS LOVE pharaohdojah 6 months ago _________________ 5 days ago Joe Smith THANK YOU... All of you for defending our culture. .I appreciate men like you, and I thank you all.. God Bless.. It puts tears to my eyes to see our culture of men and women stand up for our own...

The Black Panthers were against the POWER structure and America's POLICE state not other races. And they carried guns to protect the community who was being violated BY the police. OH And check this: June 7, 1969: Black Panther Party newspaper announces Rainbow Coalition comprised of the Panthers, Chicago Young Lords (Puerto Ricans), Young Patriots (white Americans), and the Brown Berets (Mexican-Americans). Do your research. Knowledge is power. ImFlyyWithoutWingz


17 hours ago

I suggest all Black people watch the PBS documentary Slavery by another name. This will explain how Blacks were treated AFTER Slavery by companies and Whites who are now wealthy above imagination and how those atrocities were sanctioned by the United States Government. We owe it to ourselves to learn our history and folks I'm telling you when you view this excellent documentary you will be appalled. Slavery by Another name on PBS,it's worth watching, Black men watch this with your sons and your bois because you see what's happening now is only slightly different from what's happening now.

4 hours agoin reply to greywolf5 confidence doesn't stem from others' validation; it comes from within. and while i appreciate black men who genuinely admire the beauty of the Black Woman, let's not get those men confused with the men who objectify black women in song and dance...they're not appreciating beauty, they're just thinking about sex. not to mention the black men who only "appreciate" our beauty when we have lighter, whiter features and long, straight hair, but talk down to women with natural hair or dark skin.

we should all be able to discern these types of men so that we can recognize and appreciate the genuine ones.

15 hours ago 1. The BLACK WOMAN is the mother of ALL civilization


2.The BLACK WOMAN is the most beautiful woman on the PLANET I got nothing but love for ALL of my beautiful BLACK SISTERS

That pretty much wraps this one up for me. ________________________ Brother Kwame Ture was full of fire because he exposed the racist Uncle Sam powers that be of their gross acts of murders after murders. If Brother Kwame was hear now, he will always come for us. peasah2005 1 year ago __________________ crammasters Male, Age Private, Chicago, IL Posted March 19, 2010 @ 1-LL I saw it before someplace, too when i got the email from my partner I cracked up, I knew I had to share this I hope all y'all send this to or print it up for the young'uns to put some knowledge on their brains to neutralize all this media crack (lies) they're being fed If black folk only knew WHO we were (and I just don't mean the same old tired factoids during Black History Month -I'm talking about the REAL DOPE, going back thousands of years, and the truth about our history here, and how the wealth of America AND Europe was made on the backs of African slavery... and the kind of MIND CON GAMES that are being played on every conceivable level we could turn ourselves around OVERNIGHT, 1-LL... no joke ____________________ 6 days agoin reply to Paul H. To pretend that race doesn't matter is an absurd proposition for Black people. It shouldn't even be necessary to remind everyone that white people introduced the world to the concept of racial superiority. Race has been the European's primary preoccupation since the 1500's. In America, whites have benefitted economically from the ideology of white supremacy and the practice of racism since 1619. It's absurd to

believe that they will ever abandon white supremacy. It's here to stay. (Note by Me: I do believe white supremacy can be defeated) SoultrySoul said the following:

My Momma use to say, 'Can't nobody steal my GLORY!" It can be worded differently by many...the bottom line of it means the same. Control you - do not allow anyone to take your inner smile away. My Lord woke me, and my imagine in the mirror winked at me - - my inner smile was rooted early this morning and shall remain all day. No on can steal my GLORY!!!

4 days agoin reply to cocoa09 Sista, all the males in my family, my father, grandfather, my homies, my closest partners, are ALL INTO BW, have black wives, girlfriends, and lovers. We do not hang with those who do NOT DIG BLACK
Paul H.

Yeah, y'all get on our nerves sometimes, but hell, we get on your nerves, right? Something else I love: collard greens, fried chicken, and macaroni and cheese, and the way a BW cooks and the round curves of a BW's body (unlike no other), the sexy silky sheen of a darkskinned sista (like my wife), the full lips, the nappy-soft hair that I can sink my fingers into, that feels like the hair on my OWN head, the deep dark, dark-eyed look that only a sister's eyes can have when she's digging

on a black man, the way a BW moves, dances, sings, talks, moves her head that makes the bland non-black female want to imitate her, the intelligence, the strength, the tenacity, and I love her, the BW, for surviving what no other woman could have survived Yes, I love the BLACK WOMAN because I CAME FROM A BW check out this book, 'Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act' by Umoja and this website -- www_trojanhorse1_com _______ Brother Kwame Ture is a hero who uplifted African people in the world. Brother Kwame Ture inspired us and he wasn't scared to die for our struggles in this earth. Brother Kwame Ture was full of heart and he brought a change in our lives and African people, shouldn't forget this great king, leader, solider, father, scholar and hero of our culture, our history and our families. You are my hero and solider in our struggles, Brother Kwame Ture, 1941-98. peasah2005 1 year ago

Peace Brothers and Sisters. Its always RBG 4 Life, so you can best believe in that.

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