Iron Coffin Nail “Bone of Typhon” Pendulum

This is a handmade, consecrated “Bone of Typhon” divining pendulum made from a used 19th century iron coffin nail, suspended on sinew lace (suspension regulator) made from a cloven beast with two skull fob bead keepers. This nail has been exposed to approximately 2,614 lunar cycles in a natural graveyard environment. In Egypt, around 275 BC, iron was referred to as “The Bone of Typhon” as this metal was believed to be consecrated to evil and dark forces. The coffin nail pendulum is used by practitioners of Satanic, Luciferian, Left Hand Path Magic and the Dark Arts for the purpose of divination and ancestral communication. The pendulum has the following correspondences: Iron Coffin Nail: Connection to the spiritual realm, immortality and the dark forces, transcending the carnal; Sinew Lace of Cloven Beast: Physical realm association to the power of the Baphomet, the earth and all creatures that roam the earth; Skull: Mastery over death and the intellectual power of desire. HOW TO USE THE PENDULUM: Find a quiet space and clear your mind. Hold the pendulum between the thumb and index finger of either the right or left hand. Allow approximately 3” to 5” of the cord (suspension regulator) to hang from your fingertips to the top of the pendulum. Do not hold the end of the cord (suspension regulator) too tightly but hold it in a relaxed manner. Any excess length of the cord (suspension regulator should be rested, not wrapped, over the back of the hand. For accuracy, the pendulum must not be used in a drafty area, near a hot or cold air vent or fan, or where there is a great deal of movement. If working on a table, it is recommended for increased accuracy that an insulation board made from glass (not mirror), pine, black cardboard or wax paper measuring between 8” x 10” to 18” x

12” be used. The insulation board will block stray energy emitted by the table and that residual energy absorbed by the table during its lifetime of use. Items to be used as part of the divinatory process are then placed on top of, in the middle of the insulation board material. To ask a question, the question is written out on a clean slip of paper. The paper is placed on a flat surface and the pendulum is held approximately 1” to 3” above the question. The question is asked either out loud or mentally and the pendulum will be observed as moving in one of three possible directions. If the pendulum moves back and forth this indicates, “NO.” If the pendulum moves in a circular motion this indicates, “YES.” If the pendulum moves between back and forth, and a circular motion this indicates “POSSIBLY” or “MAYBE.” If the pendulum does not move at all, this indicates a blockage of energy and that you should try again at a later time. If the blockage continues after three separate attempts at three separate times, it is highly recommended that a cleansing ritual be performed. Alternatively, questions may be asked verbally without writing them down if the pendulum is suspended over the center of an insulation board. To cleanse and recharge the pendulum place it under full moonlight (lunar cycle or lunar day numbers 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17) where it will not be disturbed. When not in use, the pendulum must be protected from undesirable vibratory or stray energy that otherwise may result in reduced sensitivity and a decline in accuracy. The pendulum must be stored in its pouch and should only be handled by its owner. Using Your Pendulum To Develop Psychokinetic Power Psychokinesis is the ability to move or influence a physical object with thought. Hold the pendulum at rest and concentrate on making the pendulum move in a circular motion. Having successfully done this, try concentrating to make the pendulum move in a backward and forward motion. This simple practice should be used as a frequent exercise to develop your psychokinetic power – the ability to influence a physical object with your mind. Do not be discouraged if at first this seems difficult, as with anything, the more you practice with a suitable rest period in between, the more success you will experience. Record your progress and observations in a diary. Copyright © 2011, Dr. Robert Ing,