Kia Motors (Korean


, IPA: [ki.a]), headquartered in Seoul, is South Korea's second

largest automobile manufacturer, with sales of over 1.4 million vehicles in 2010.

The company is partly

owned by the Hyundai Motor Group and since August 2009, is led by Hyoung-Keun (Hank) Lee. The word Kia derives from Korean words meaning "to arise to the world from Asia."

According to Kia Motors, the name "Kia" derives from the Sino-Korean words ki ("to come out") and a (which stands for Asia), it is roughly translated as "arise or come up out of Asia" or "rising out of Asia".

More literally, Kia is a Persian name meaning king, protector, and defender, which may also to attribute homage to over 2500 year legacy of Persian monarchy and civilization at the cultural crossroads of the Silk Road that historically connected East and West. These attributes are reinforced by Kia's naming of some models, and its defense division. South Korea's oldest car company, Kia was founded on June 9, 1944 as a manufacturer of steel tubing and bicycle parts by hand ± and has operated as one of the country's Chaebols since. In 1951 Kia began building complete bicycles. In 1952, Kia changed its name from Kyungsung Precision Industry,[7]and later built motorcycles (starting in 1957), trucks (1962) and cars (1974). The company opened its first integrated automotive assembly plant in 1973, theSohari Plant. Starting in 1986, in partnership with Ford, Kia produced several Mazda derived vehicles for both domestic sales in South Korea into other countries. These models include the Pride (based on the Mazda 121) and Avella, which were sold in North America and Australasia as the Ford Festiva andFord Aspire. In 1992, Kia Motors America was incorporated in the United States. The first Kia-branded vehicles in the United States were sold from four dealerships inPortland, Oregon in February 1994.[citation needed] Since then, Kia expanded methodically one region at a time. Dealers in 1994 sold the Sephia, and a few years later the United States line expanded with the addition of the Sportage. During the Asian financial crisis, Kia declared bankruptcy in 1997; in 1998 Hyundai Motor Company acquired 51% of the company outbidding Ford Motor Company which had owned an interest in Kia Motors since 1986.[8] After subsequent divestments,[9] Hyundai Motor Company owns less than 50% of the company. Since 2005, Kia has focused on the European market and has identified design as its "core future growth engine"²leading to the hiring of Peter Schreyer in 2006 as Chief Design Officer[10] and his subsequent creation of a new corporate grille known as the 'Tiger Nose'.[11][12]

     Cadenza/K7 Opirus/Amanti Optima/Magentis Soul K9 (expected November 2011) SUV/vans Kia Borrego. [13] Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia [14] opened in February 2010.S. after Kia recorded its 15th consecutive year of increased U. Georgia. Kia Sportage. representing a $1 billion USD investment for the company.In October 2006. . market share. Passenger cars Kia Cee'd. Kia Motors America broke ground for Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia in West Point.

Broad Product Portfolio Strength .Weaknesses Weakness .Leading Automobile Manufacturer Kia Motors Corporation .Stiff Competition Threat .Collaboration between Hyundai-Kia and Microsoft Opportunity .Strengths Strength .Limited Liquidity Position Weakness .Strong Brand Value Strength .Increasing Demand for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Opportunity .Overview Kia Motors Corporation .Low Return on Equity Kia Motors Corporation .New Products Kia Motors Corporation .Declining Market Share in Sector Weakness .Threats Threat .Opportunities Opportunity .High Raw Material Prices Threat .Expansion of Manufacturing Facilities Opportunity .     Carens/Rondo Carnival/Sedona Mohave/Borrego Sorento Sportage Hybrid electric vehicles Kia unveiled hybrid electric concept cars at the 2008 Paris Motor Show:[22]     Kia Soul Hybrid Kia cee'd Hybrid Kia Ray Plug-in hybrid Kia Spectra                   WOT Analysis .Uncertain Global Economy .

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