Nekhanimal's Awesome Vampire Mod

User Manual v1.84

1. Setup and requirements 2. Introduction 3. Vampires of Cyrodiil 4. Hunger 5. Age 6. Powers 7. FAQ and Troubleshooting 8. Future Plans 9. Spoilers!

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1. Setup and requirements
Installation: To install the mod, copy everything in the archive into your Data folder and load a game or start a new one. Any vampire saves you have should make the transition from vanilla vampire to Nekhanimal's awesome ones, though you might have to feed once in order to get all the new abilities. Make sure you load this mod as late as possible, or you might get some strange dialogue options.

Uninstallation: To uninstall this mod, you need to write set uninstallvampiremod to 1 in console, and do what the messagebox says. If you don't uninstall it correctly before removing the .esp, problems may occur if you then try to reinstall it later on that save.

Requirements: This mod requires OBSE to work (, version 0019 or higher. It also requires the SoundCommands plugin by Scanti and the Silent Voices plugin by Elys, which are included. Make sure you've installed them in the correct folders.

Extras: The NekhanimalLifeDetect.esp is a custom life detect shader that is intended for vampires to use. NOTE: If you use Supreme Magicka and want it to work with my Life Detect, you must set SMDetectLifeOn to 0 in the Supreme Magicka .ini. The Night Eye Replacement v1.1 by Timeslip gives a variety of optional shaders for the Night-Eye effect. As you will be using that one a lot, you

should pick one that looks good. My favorite is the Very Bright one. The Vampire Morphs by Scanti makes vampires show their fangs. Note that this will make their lipsync seem weird. If you experience people saying "GREETING" to you after hypnotizing them, try activating the NAVM GREETING fix.esp and putting it very last in your load order.

Contact: This mod was made by Nekhanimal. You are encouraged to send your thoughts about it to Nekhanimal at, post in the mod's forum thread or PM Nekhanimal in the Bethesda forums. If you're lucky, he might also be on the Nexus forums.

2. Introduction 3

Thank you for downloading this mod, and for deciding to read the manual! You should at least read on to the end of the Powers section, but you probably won't remember it all, so it might be better to just play a little, then consult the manual again when you reach a new age. This mod first saw the light of day in fall 2007. Since then it's seen a lot of additions, tweaking, bugfixing, a 2 years long hiatus and a timely rebirth. When it gets done, it will be the best vampire mod available for Oblivion. There will be quests, interesting characters, even more kickass powers and lots of hidden details to find. There will also be a good dose of humor, because that's what a true RPG is all about – in my humble opinion. But while vampirism is fun, it is not a game in its own. This mod is intended to flesh out and supplement the vanilla Oblivion vampirism – and it does. You will hopefully be gobsmacked at the attention that's been given to details, stability and pure awesomeness. Still, remember to play the game as it was originally intended. If you eat this mod too fast, you may choke on it. Take your time, see the sights, consult this manual if you're unsure how a power or mechanic works. Be sure to read the FAQ if you run into trouble. Most of all, have fun. Good night! -Nekhanimal

3. Vampires of Cyrodiil:
For as long as there have been humans in Cyrodiil, there have been vampires. Supposedly brought into this world by the Daedric Prince Molag Bal, the vampiric

disease has claimed many lives and will continue to do so. But while these lives may be damned, they are not lost. Safe from political turmoil, crop failure, the petty vices of life and the fumbling grasp of death, the vampires of Cyrodiil have built their own society, one that has endured for thousands of years. Whether you will be a part of this society or not is up to you – and the vampires. The curse begins with an innocuous, strangely named disease: Porphyric Hemophilia, or the short version, Porphyria. Within three days of catching this disease, one's thought patterns will have changed dramatically, and one's body will quite literally begin to decompose. This is only a temporary transitional phase, a loss of humanity which leads to death – and subsequent rebirth as a vampire. -Some old guy in a robe

To become a vampire, wait for three days after having contracted Porphyria, and then sleep somewhere. If this somewhere is indoors or outside after dark, you will then awake as a vampire. Loading a vanilla vampire save works fine, but the process will not be complete until you feed on something.

Vampire characteristics: All vampires have a great weakness to fire. All vampires are completely resistant to paralysis, poison and disease. All vampires can breathe underwater. All vampires take damage from the sun, but some less than others. All vampires are initially friendly to each other. All vampires regenerate their attributes during nighttime. All vampires need blood. The oldest vampires can go a couple of days without feeding, the youngest ones need blood several times a day. Vampirism can be cured, as in vanilla Oblivion. Vampirism is obvious, but it can be hidden by a well-prepared vampire.


The Society of the Damned:
Despite what you may think, we carry little regard for the precious trinkets we used to covet during our mortal lives. Gold, silver and fine tapestries mean nought to a vampire when compared to a naked, writhing, sweaty, well-bred adolescent mortal. Secrecy and sustenance are higher on a vampire's agenda than riches and stature, and as such most of us make our homes in lowly caves and ruins. There are of course exceptions to the rule. And we acknowledge our struggle. Even the most lowly fledgling will be given refuge from its persecutors in my clan's lair, though he might not be treated with much respect, as an inexperienced vampire is often a nuisance to the elders. -An interrogated vampire, right before he destroyed his cell door and killed the guards.

Unless you have been permanently cast out from vampire society (which can happen quite easily), vampires will leave you alone if you are one yourself. Note that in order for them to recognise you, you must have your Vampiric Senses active (more about this in 6: Powers) or be hungry. In other words, if your vampiric eyes are showing, then you are okay. If you accidentally walked into a lair of big, bad vampires, show your true face and yield them to stop combat. If you are an Elder, you do not need to worry about this. When you are accepted into vampire society (at Caitiff age), vampires will be more open to dialogue. They can tell you a bit about everything, though they tend to repeat themselves – much like everyone else in this game. Vampires can feed on bottles of Human Blood, though this is not as potent as feeding on live humans. Such bottles can be found in the wild, or they can be bought from other vampires, given that they have any and that they respect you enough. Contrarily, if you have an extra bottle of Human Blood with you, you can sell it to other vampires. Depending on your age and Mercantile skill, you might get better deals on such trades. There are two major crimes in the Society of the Damned: killing a vampire and feeding on a vampire. Normally aged vampires can commit three offenses before being outlawed, while older vampires can stretch the laws of the Damned far longer. Clan warfare is normally not judged by vampires outside the clan. Vampires often feed on mortals travelling outside. Be careful if you have

to travel outside by night, and talk to an Imperial Guard for a rundown of basic prevention against such attacks. Other vampires are obviously not at risk. Though most vampires in the wild are just looking for a quick fix, there are some who might be open to dialogue with mortals, if one has a strong enough personality to withstand their deceptive charms. (Detailed info about specific random feeders can be found in the Spoilers section.) To disable wilderness roamers, type "set vampirerandomfeeders to 0" in console.

Quests: A vampire will often find himself depending on the aid of others. Asking other vampires if they need help might in turn help you. You must usually be an Adult vampire in order to be trusted with important tasks. Once you receive a quest from a vampire, that particular vampire will become your key person for that quest. These quests do not show up in your quest log, but you can ask the key person about them once you've accepted them. (Detailed info about specific quests can be found in the Spoilers section.)

I tell ye, when the Lord Vampire rolls in his sleep, all them other little fangfiends roll with'im. Yay, for while they lack the common sense to form a central democratic government, the beasts have unwavering loyalty for whomever came into unlife a week before them. They gathered themselves in clans, picked a name and kept it that way. And The Vicar saw that it was bad. -Victor "The Vicar" Razafal, Head Hunter in the Vampire Hunters' Guild

There are two open vampire clans in Cyrodiil, the Bloodworkers and the


Kindred. The rest keep their business private. Joining either clan will make the other hostile. Non-clan vampires will not care about which clan you are.

Bloodworkers: The Bloodworkers reside Beneath the Bloodworks in the Imperial Sewers. To join them, you need a key to the Imperial Palace Sewers. This key can be had from one of the Bloodworker clansmen by asking them about their clan, or you can get it from the Thieves Guild. Talk to one of the clan leaders in the Palace Sewers to join. The admission fee is low, and you can join as an Adult vampire.

Kindred: The Kindred reside in the Barren Cave, on the way from Cheydinhal to the Imperial City. You must be Mature in order to join them. To join, talk to one of the vampire Matriarchs/Patriarchs in the cave. The admission fee is rather steep, but you can reduce it by doing quests for Kindred vampires.

4. Hunger:
You won't get any of my blood! Get away from me! - Concerned citizen

There are 4 hunger stages, like in vanilla Oblivion. To keep things fairly balanced, it's not advisable to set TimeScale below 20 in the console (30 is the default). Hunger will drain many of your attributes (and enhance some), make you unattractive to NPCs and really make you fear the sun, but like in vanilla Oblivion, there are some benefits to it as well.

Stage 1: Well Fed The vampire is at its most human stage, looking just like an ordinary mortal and taking minimal damage from the sun. The masquerade is in fact so complete that a Well Fed vampire risks being attacked by its fellow Damned, unless it remembers to show its true face before entering their lair, or has achieved a high age. This appearance of weakness is merely an illusion - a Well Fed vampire is much stronger than a mortal. - Fortify Strength 10 - Fortify Endurance 10 - Fortify Speed 5 - Fortify Willpower 5 - Fortify Agility 5 - Fortify Health 30 - Shield 4

Stage 2: Hungry The vampiric nature becomes obvious, and any mortals that pass by will often notice this and say as much. Talking to one of them while Hungry is not recommended, unless you have the ability to hypnotize them. Light will glare your eye, mortals will appear as tasty pieces of flesh, and the sun will cause almost immediate death. Still, a Hungry vampire is stronger than most regular mortals. - Detect Life 35


- Fortify Strength 5 - Fortify Endurance 5 - Fortify Health 10 - Fortify Speed 10 - Fortify Willpower 5 - Feather 10 - Shield 2 - Sun Damage 5

Stage 3: Famished A Famished vampire is reduced to a gaunt, shady beast, veering on the edge of paranormality as its stolen blood reserves wither away. Mortals will despise and fear such a creature, and most would say that a Famished vampire is an easy match in combat, compared to a well-nourished mortal. Looks can deceive, however - such a vampire is an able spellcaster that can move like the wind and see in the dark, and though it is more susceptible to magic than a well-fed vampire, it takes less damage from ordinary weapons. - Drain Strength 20 - Drain Agility 20 - Drain Fatigue 65 - Drain Health 25 - Detect Life 70 - Fortify Speed 20 - Fortify Acrobatics 30 - Fortify Athletics 20 - Fortify Magicka 30 - Feather 50

- Night-Eye - Resist Normal Weapons 30 - Sun Damage 10 - Weakness to Magic 30

Perk: Any Port In A Storm Willpower requirements to feed on animals and the dead are lowered by 10 when you are Famished.

Stage 4: Ethereal A vampire without blood is nothing. Should it go too long without feeding, a vampire will dissolve into a blur of wisps and shadows. Yet the soul may survive if the body is strong enough. As the vampiric soul is left in peace by the Undead, can hardly be damaged by ordinary weapons or lethal falls and may even walk on water, there have been cases of vampires starving themselves to near death, hoping to become invulnerable. Those few hopeful soon discovered that an Ethereal vampire is easily destroyed by magic, and that using any kind of physical attack is futile in such a state. - No Strength - No Agility - Drain Fatigue 60 - Drain Health 60 - No Blade - No Blunt - No Marksman - No Hand to Hand - No Block - Detect Life 150


- Fortify Speed 30 - Fortify Acrobatics 70 - Fortify Athletics 50 - Fortify Sneak 60 - Fortify Magicka 60 - Maxed Encumbrance - Night-Eye - Resist Normal Weapons 70 - Sun Damage 20 - Water Walking - Weakness to Magic 50 - No Fall Damage - Undead will not attack

Perk: Lurking in the Shadows Crouching while Ethereal makes you completely invisible. You must be undetected for this to happen.

5. Age:
Age has several effects on a vampire. The most readily apparent is that the older a vampire becomes, the easier it is destroyed by sunlight. This means few vampires live long enough to become Ancient, which is fortunate, as a vampire's unholy power only grows with age. The vampires that do transcend their youth usually send lesser vampires to do their biddings, and if they must venture beyond the safety of their lair, they do so under the shade of a self-made thunderstorm. When they do emerge, however, they are truly unstoppable. Older vampires are also less driven by their hunger and can sustain longer periods without nourishment, thus making them the natural leaders of the Damned.

Yargolav Mensik, a scholar of Morrowind

As you feed, you will gain Blood Potency. When your blood is potent enough, you will advance in age. Each age level comes with perks and powers, these are described below. To acquire the highest age levels, you must go through additional ordeals besides getting the required Blood Potency. These tasks will be made clear to you by older vampires. Once you've achieved the required Blood Potency, go talk to a vampire elder to learn how to reach the next age. You may also feed on Elder vampires (once you have the required Blood Potency) in order to reach the Elder and Ancient levels... if you don't mind your reputation taking a drop.

Age 1: Fledgling

Hunger: Fledglings require blood every 8 hours. Stats: 1 Shield 1 Sun Damage Regeneration: 1 point of fatigue at night. Society: Fledgling vampires are not yet accepted into vampire society.

Age 2 (25 blood): Caitiff



Caitiff vampires require blood every 10 hours. Stats: 2 Sun Damage 2 Shield Fortify Endurance 5 Fortify Strength 5 Fortify Speed 5 Fortify Agility 5 Fortify Personality 10 Regeneration: 2 points of fatigue at night. Perk: Deception You can now talk to NPCs that would normally hate you for looking like a vampire or using Vampiric Senses, including quest characters. You cannot do this when you are Famished or Ethereal, and you can still not hypnotize guards without consequences. Your Personality is also increased by 10.

Society: Caitiff vampires have enough respect with other vampires to smalltalk and barter with them.

Age 3 (55 Blood): Adult

Hunger: Adult vampires require blood every 12 hours. Stats:

Shield 3 Sun Damage 3 Fortify Endurance 5 Fortify Strength 5 Fortify Speed 5 Fortify Agility 5 Fortify Personality 10 Resistance To Magic 3 Fortify Magicka 15 Resist Normal Weapons 4 Regeneration: 2 points of fatigue, 1 point of health, at night. Society: Adult vampires have enough respect within the vampire society to accept simple quests and be rewarded for them, and to join certain clans.

Age 4 (90 blood): Mature

Hunger: Mature vampires require blood every 16 hours. They need a Willpower of at least 30 to be able to feed on animals, and one of 40 to feed on the dead. Stats: Shield 4 Sun Damage 4 Fortify Endurance 10


Fortify Strength 10 Fortify Speed 10 Fortify Agility 10 Fortify Personality 10 Fortify Willpower 10 Resist Magic 6 Fortify Magicka 30 Resist Normal Weapons 8 Regeneration: 2 points of fatigue, 1 point of health, 1 point of magicka, at night. Perk: Strong Will You can now hypnotize guards into thinking you are a regular human, and saying Boo! to people will now make them flee in terror. Your Willpower is also increased by 10. Society: Mature vampires can join any clan they wish, as long as it is open to new members.

Age 5 (130 blood): Elder

Hunger: Elder vampires require blood every 24 hours. They need a Willpower of 50 to be able to feed on animals, and one of 60 to feed on the dead. Feeding on bottled blood or dead victims will not age them. Stats: Shield 5 Sun Damage 6 Fortify Endurance 10

Fortify Strength 10 Fortify Speed 10 Fortify Agility 10 Fortify Personality 10 Fortify Willpower 10 Resist Magic 9 Fortify Magicka 45 Resist Normal Weapons 12 Reflect Damage 5 Regeneration: 2 points of fatigue, 1 point of health, 2 points of Magicka, at night. Society: Elder vampires have enough respect within the vampire society to get better deals when buying and selling blood. They can commit more crimes within the vampiric society without becoming outcasts. Elder vampires will always be welcomed by fellow vampires, they do not need to show their true appearance.

Age 6 (175 blood): Ancient

Hunger: Ancient vampires require blood every 32 hours. They need a Willpower of 70 to feed on animals, and will not age from it. They cannot feed on the dead. Stats: Shield 6 Sun Damage 8 Fortify Endurance 15


Fortify Strength 15 Fortify Speed 15 Fortify Agility 15 Fortify Personality 10 Fortify Willpower 10 Resist Magic 12 Fortify Magicka 60 Resist Normal Weapons 16 Reflect Damage 10 Reflect Spell 10 Regeneration: 2 points of health, magicka and fatigue at night.

Age 7 (250 blood): Antediluvian

Hunger: The Antediluvian requires blood every 48 hours. It cannot feed on animals, bottled blood or the dead. Stats: Shield 10 Sun Damage 10 Fortify Endurance 20 Fortify Strength 20 Fortify Speed 20

Fortify Agility 20 Fortify Personality 10 Fortify Willpower 10 Resist Magic 15 Fortify Magicka 75 Resist Normal Weapons 20 Reflect Damage 15 Reflect Spell 20 Spell Absorption 15 Regeneration: 2 points of health, magicka and fatigue at night, 1 point at day. Society: The Antediluvian will never become an outcast, but it can be exiled from clans.

6. Powers
Aside from their paranormal physical prowess and mental fortitude, what really puts the vampires on top of the food chain is the set of powers that they share. Ranging from night vision to extra-dimensional travel capability, vampires exhibit feats that no mortal can ever hope to reproduce. But we are Imperial Guardsmen. We are not to let our guard down at any time. We are to stay vigilant. We are to show those foul-smelling tricksters the business end of our silver blades, and we will do so not because it is easy, but because it is hard. There's strong. And then there's Imperial Legion Soldier Strong! -Bernardus Assidius, Captain of the Imperial Legion, Paranormal Threats Division

The Daedric nature of the vampiric curse manifests itself in a set of terrible powers. These normally require a certain Blood Potency before


they unfold, but there are a few that are available to all vampires. These are as follows:

Vampiric Senses (Fledgling) The sensory organs of a vampire are advanced far beyond those of the foggy-eyed mortals. A vampire relies first and foremost on perception and scent to track down its victims. Vampiric Senses are toggled on and off by pressing the V button. It costs no Magicka and gives 70 Life Detect and Night-Eye, but also adds vampiric eyes and therefore reveals your nature to NPCs, who will in most cases refuse to talk to you. This does not affect your hunger status. You cannot use Vampiric Senses when you are Famished or Ethereal, but there's no need to, either - you will always have it enabled at that point. If you are Well Fed, you must use Vampiric Senses for other vampires to recognize you, unless you have reached a high age.

Slip Through Keyhole (Ethereal) A lesser power that is available when you are Ethereal, and only then. Unlocks and automatically opens any door on touch, but not doors that require keys. Opening owned doors like this does not incur a bounty. You may also open containers if your encumbrance is less than 30, but not ones that require keys. Going through the keyhole of a container requires a Lockpick skill of half that which would normally be required to open it.

The rest of the vampiric arsenal is available when your blood is potent enough. These powers and their appropriate ages are listed below.

Blood Rush (Caitiff) A greater power that gives tremendous boosts to physical attributes, athletics, acrobatics, sneak, hand to hand, health regeneration and shielding. It lasts for 2 minutes, but will start to lose efficiency after 60

seconds. Unfortunately, it also advances your hunger status one level when used. You cannot go into Blood Rush when you are Ethereal or Famished. Like all greater powers, it can only be used once a day. Blood Rush is required to perform Freak Attacks (explained further down). Blood Rush can be used once a day by vampire NPCs.

Violent Feed (Adult) You can feed from all humans and dremora if not in combat, damaging them a little bit and often knocking them out. This will restore your Health and Magicka, but drain your Fatigue. Feeding violently is likely to alert nearby guards, so it's not recommended if you're in town. Feed on sleeping characters to avoid attention. You can also feed in combat, damaging your enemies more, but with less chance of knocking them out. This will also drain your fatigue much more, and restore your health and magicka less. Successfully feeding in combat depends on Luck and physical attributes. In order for you to succeed, you must have a high Hand to Hand skill, and either Strength or Speed. In order for the enemy to defend, they must have a high Block skill and either Endurance or Agility. Mages make good targets for combat feeding, Imperial Guards do not. You can feed on creatures like wild boar and deer, as long as your age isn't too high (See Ages for Willpower requirements). Feeding on creatures restores nothing, but it will keep you nourished and age you up to the Ancient age. You cannot feed on daedra, undead or large creatures like bears, horses or minotaurs. You can suck on rats. They will not make you Well Fed, just reset the hunger timer. You can feed on the dead, as long as your age isn't too high. As with animals, feeding on the dead will not restore your attributes, but it will age you up to the Elder age. You cannot feed on dead animals. (See Ages for Willpower requirements) As with most other vampiric powers, you cannot use Violent Feed in Ethereal mode.


Banish (Mature) A wicked power that becomes available when you are Famished, and goes away when you feed. Cast on any mortal, it will slowly banish them from the physical world. Attacking their manifestation will speed up the process. During this period of limbo they are much weaker than usual, though their magical abilities remain unchanged. You cannot banish more than one target at a time, so choose them wisely. Naturally, you are unable to loot banished targets. Once a victim has been banished, a part of their soul will merge with yours and restore health, fatigue and mana. Banishing three targets counts as feeding. You cannot banish animals, daedra, dremora or the undead, nor other vampires. Unlike most other vampiric abilities, this one remains available when you are Ethereal.

Freak Attack (Mature) While they are not able to manipulate time and space like an Ancient vampire, a Mature vampire can still perform short bursts of agility that make their movement appear instantaneous to the mortal eye. This requires that their bodies be enhanced with blood, and that they have a target on which to focus their skills. To perform a Freak Attack, you must be affected by Blood Rush. With a target in sight, press Backwards while doing a Power Attack. You will instantly appear behind the enemy and hit them in the back. This attack does extra damage and has a chance of knocking your target over. Freak Attack does more damage when you are Famished. The maximum distance for a successful Freak Attack depends on your Speed and Agility. The chance of knocking your target over depends on your Strength. Freak Attack costs 25 Mana. You cannot Freak Attack while Ethereal.

Pest Control (Elder) -

Vampires and rats have a natural kinship, both being the scourge and pestilence of humanity. A vampire echelon may amass and command an army of these creatures, sending them to do mischief and spread disease among the mortals. Target a wild rat with Pest Control to make it follow you around, this will also make it bigger and stronger. The more rats you have, the stronger any new ones you pick up will be. You can have as many rats as you like. Guards will attack your rats, ordinary people will leave them alone. Target someone who's not a rat to make all your rats attack them. Rats will attack other creatures or NPCs, but not vampires or the undead. Each rat that follows you has a small chance of spreading Plague to anyone who's nearby. The more rats you have, the greater the chance of them giving someone Plague. Plague reduces the target's health for roughly two minutes. If a target dies from Plague, their corpse will spread Plague to anyone who goes near it, for 24 hours.

A target can only get Plague once. If they survive it, they will stay immune to it. You cannot feed on plague victims. Undead, vampires and player companions cannot get Plague. If a rat is injured, it will eat any food item it touches and be restored to full health. Rats will not seek out food on their own, but you can give them food by grabbing it and dropping it onto them. If a rat that was following you is killed, you can resurrect it by putting a Nightshade flower on its corpse and casting Pest Control on it. This will increase your Hunger. You can only do this once per rat. If you take the Rat Meat from its corpse, it will obviously no longer be resurrectable. You can use Pest Control at all hunger levels, but you cannot give the command to attack when you are Ethereal (you have no voice).

Forecast (Elder)The greatest of the Elder's powers is perhaps its ability to shield itself from the sun's harmful rays, simply by obscuring them with rain and clouds. Once activated, this power summons a raging thunderstorm that will greatly reduce any sun damage.


You must be outdoors in order to Forecast, and you may only do it in normal weather situations (not Oblivion storms). Once cast, a storm will start brewing, and will be at full force in a few minutes. The storm will remain active until you deactivate it. After deactivating it, you must wait 24 hours to Forecast again. While the storm is active, your Magicka will constantly suffer from the concentration needed to uphold it. The rate at which it is damaged depends on your Alteration, Conjuration and Illusion skills. Your Fatigue will also be damaged slightly.

Sanguine Aviation (Ancient) The sky is no limit for an Ancient vampire. Their perfect control over blood's molecular properties allows them to reshape their body into a winged beast and take to the skies. While its efficiency largely depends on one's physical ableness, flight offers safe and speedy travel at the cost of increased vulnerability to magic, arrows and sunlight. Regular mortals are likely to run away in terror from a flying vampire, but are just as likely to attack you if they witness you landing. Guards on the other hand, will do their job and pursue you as long as you stay in sight. Due to the large amount of blood needed to form the new body, flight is only possible when Well Fed. Your hunger timer is five times the normal rate while flying - if you become Hungry, the flight will end, be it in air or not! If you initiate flight a certain number of times, you will become Hungry the moment you land. Increasing your Alteration skill will allow more flights per feeding. Water dissolves your blood and makes it impossible to control - if you land in water when transformed, you will instantly become Ethereal. You cannot fly indoors, and you cannot cast spells or open the menu while flying. To fly, hold the G key until you start glowing red. This will prime your blood for transformation. Press the G key again if you change your mind. When primed, jump once, and then once again in the air to start flying. Repeatedly tap the Jump key to maintain your speed and height. Hold the Run key to go faster. You will eventually become tired, and start to descend. Flapping your wings too much at this point will cause you to collapse from exhaustion and fall uncontrollably - try to land softly

instead. Increasing your Strength will make each wing flap more powerful, letting you fly higher and further. Increasing your Acrobatics and Agility will make each wing flap propel you horizontally as well as upwards, making you fly faster. Increasing Endurance will reduce the rate at which your strength wanes, letting you fly for a longer time. Using Blood Buff will increase these stats, but you will need to sate your hunger after having used it before you can fly. A vampire in poor physique can use flight as a means to cross gaps and escape pursuers, a vampiric athlete can fly from Cheydinhal to the Imperial City. (Caveat: Obviously the game was not made with this ability in mind. You can easily end up in places where you're not supposed to be, cheat the hell out of the Oblivion realms, break quests, etc. It works spectacularly well with the Open Cities mod, however. I trust you are an intelligent person, so I will leave it at that.)

Chronosphere (Ancient) Chronoshifting, the power to bend time and space, is available to Ancient vampires. By focusing their mind on a particular object (the one in their crosshair), they can instantly transfer themselves to it. Trees, rocks, animals, people and buildings are good targets for Cronoshifting outdoors. Indoors you can Cronoshift to any spot, whether there is an object there or not. Opening a portal through the void always carries the possibility of setting free a part of the void itself - which will discharge energy bolts at anything that comes too close. This possibility is very low when you are Ethereal and higher when you are Well Fed. The distance you can Chronoshift is directly tied to your Mysticism skill and your hunger level. Increasing Mysticism and starving yourself will allow you to Chronoshift more efficiently. Chronoshifting onto people or animals will knock them over. Chronoshift can be used by certain vampire NPCs. (Caveat: See Sanguine Aviation.)


Aerial Horror (Antediluvian) While its body is rebuilt with blood, the Antediluvian may imbue a part of this blood with dark magic and launch it as a projectile towards an enemy. To do this, press the Cast key while using Sanguine Aviation (normally C). Other vampires or player ghouls cannot be targeted by this spell. The projectile will have a variety of effects based on your magic skill levels: Destruction: Increases the damage done. (amount based on skill) Alteration: Knocks the victim away. (amount based on skill) Restoration: Launches a bolt back at the player that restores health and mana if it hits. (chance and amount based on skill) Alchemy: Turns the victim's blood into a powerful poison and drops a bottle of it on the ground. (chance and poison strength based on skill) Mysticism: Reduces the mana cost of the spell. (amount based on skill) Illusion: Makes the victim friendly to the player and ends combat (chance based on skill) Conjuration: Has a small chance of sending the victim to Oblivion and replacing them with a Scamp friendly to the player. (chance based on skill) Willpower & Intelligence: Affect how much each point in the Mysticism skill reduces the mana cost. (amount based on stats) (NOTE: Conjuration and Alchemy do not yet work)

Diluvium (Antediluvian) The Antediluvian has the power to sire humans as ghouls, which is a term for a blood-bound servant. Since they are not vampires, they will not be bothered by the sun. Both the undead and other vampires will recognize ghouls as your property and leave them alone, though they might respond violently if your ghouls attack them. You cannot sire essential characters, and you can only have a maximum of 3 ghouls. To sire a ghoul, approach a sleeping target and give them a sip of your blood by using the Diluvium spell on them. You can only do this once a

day, and if you are detected by anyone while doing this you will receive a bounty increase of 50. After having given the target your blood, simply wake them up and talk to them with your vampiric eyes showing. Given the right command, a ghoul will try to follow you everywhere you go, including fast travel and Chronoshifting. They will aid you in combat, but only against foes they dislike themselves. If a ghoul dies, you can sire another. You can ask a ghoul to stay put. It will then wander around the current location until you tell it to do otherwise. Such a ghoul still counts towards your total ghoul limit of 3. You can command a ghoul to forget everything about you. It will do so, and attempt to resume its mortal life. Doing this will free up space for another ghoul. If you ever want to sire this particular ghoul again, all you have to do is talk to it with your vampiric eyes showing.

If your ghoul is a guard and you have the money, you can ask it to erase your bounty. You can only do this once per ghoul, and you cannot erase bounties larger than 1000. You can ask a ghoul to take a nap, which will make it search for a nearby bed and sleep indefinitely. It will sleep in an unowned bed, but not one owned by the player. You can use this opportunity to feed from it, or you can wake it up and let it keep following you. Like a waiting ghoul, a sleeping ghoul will also count towards your maximum ghoul limit. Attacking your ghoul will not make it hostile, and it will not try to arrest you or increase your bounty. Attacking a ghoul does however count as a crime to other mortals.


7. FAQ and Troubleshooting
I've never encountered that bug myself... -Nekhanimal

First of all - have you installed OBSE, SoundCommands and Silent Voices properly? In addition to the OBSE main files you should have at least these files installed, double check that they're in the right folder:

Oblivion\Data\Obse\Plugins\Elys_USV.dll Oblivion\Data\Obse\Plugins\Elys_USV.mp3 Oblivion\Data\Obse\Plugins\Elys_USV.lip Oblivion\Data\Obse\Plugins\SoundCommands.dll Oblivion\Data\Sound\Voice\Nekhanimal's Awesome Vampire Mod.esp\(this should have folders with racial names, containing some Vampire_Hello files)

Oblivion\Data\Nekhanimal's Awesome Vampire Mod.esp

If you've got them right, read on.

Q: I can't fly / toggle Vampiric Senses / advance hunger level / become a vampire A: This should be fixed as of v1.84. Try typing "set vampire.significantupdate to 1" in console. If that doesn't work, type "startquest vampire" and then the significantupdate command again. If THAT doesn't work, there is either something wrong with your installation or a huge mod conflict. Q: I can't use the Banish ability. A: It's available only when you are Famished or Ethereal.

Q: Vampires hate me even though I'm a vampire myself! A: If you are Well Fed and below Elder age, you need to use your Vampiric Senses in order to fit in with the others. Try activating it and then yielding them in combat. If you've angered off a group of vampires, they will calm down after you feed on a sleeping person, unless you've become an outcast or are a member of the opposing clan.

Q: How do I advance beyond 129/174/249 blood points? A: Read the Spoilers section of the readme, or ask around in vampire society.

Q: If I'm a vampire when I first talk to this quest character, their quest dialogue disappears forever. A: Please notify me of this!


Q: My game crashes when a wilderness vampire attacks me. A: Type "set vampirenoroadfeedergrasp to 1" in console.

Q: A lot of bad stuff happened when I loaded a save while flying! A: Don't load games while flying. Don't save them either.

Q: I Chronoshifted/Freak Attacked myself inside something! A: Type TCL in console or try to shift or fly out again.

Q: My rats won't follow me anymore. A: Use Pest Control on them again, punch them or give them food.

Q: Lovidicus disappeared from his cave! A: He's actually travelling somewhere, he just does it instantly.

Q: My screen flashes black when a wilderness vampire attacks me. A: This happens on my computer, I'm not sure if it's my graphics card or the game itself.

Q: I hate the wilderness vampire encounters. A: Wield a Torch, carry Garlic and Vampire Dust, and don't carry any meat or Human Blood. To disable them completely, type "set vampirerandomfeeders to 0" in console.

Q: People sometimes say "GREETING" to me when I hypnotize them. A: Find the NAVM GREETING fix.esp in the Extras folder. Use it, and make sure it's very last in your load order.

Q: I'm using this other super awesome vampire mod, why don't they work together? A: Because they modify the same stuff differently, and makes all stability go poof. (Mods that only add/change dungeons and vampire NPCs should be fine. This mod alters no existing cells.) See the list of Mods That Don't Work With This One.

Q: People are permanently scared of me/attacking me. A: This shouldn't happen, but is related to Ethereal mode, spooking people in dialogue or flying. Flying is especially prone to make witnesses go berserk. As a fix, target them in console and use "setav aggression 20" and "setav confidence 50" on them.

Q: My bug isn't here, or your suggestion didn't work. A: Tell me about it on the forums or PM me.

Mods That Don't Work With This One: If you must have these, be absolutely sure that NAVM loads AFTER all of them. Even so, stability cannot be guaranteed. Terran Vampires Really Immersive Messages Vim & Vigor Lithian's Nature Of The Beast Unholy Darkness Drokks/Scorn's Vampirism other vampire mods

Mods That Might Clash With This One:


These may conflict, but shouldn't be too much trouble. Again, load NAVM after these. StarX Vanilla Vampires Revised (only edits NPCs, which is OK) Supreme Magicka (only the life detect shader) Weather mods (may conflict with Forecast and sun damage) Aundae Vampires (Don't know much about it).

8. Future Plans
A way to give ghouls combat equipment. A main quest. The ability to hide rats that are following you in your hideout. Recruiting vampires to accompany you as an Elder. A vampire hunters' guild, that will start hunting you if you attract attention. You can join them as a non-vampire. Extorting town leaders by threatening to infect their town with Plague. More chat topics. Finish Aerial Horror. Using certain lesser abilities will exercise your skills. For example, Banish and Chronoshift exercise Mysticism, Magedrainer exercises Illusion, Blood Buff Restoration, etc. You can give items to a ghoul and ask them to run to a specific town and sell them. Their Mercantile skill affects how much money you get. They will wait for you with the money outside the town's gate. Obviously this does not work when you're in a town. New ability(Antediluvian): Obliterate During a thunderstorm, summoned or natural, an Antediluvian vampire

may channel the storm's force into a single target, striking it with a thunderbolt from the sky. This will end the storm.

9. Spoilers!
Spoilers below!



Wilderness Roamers At night and outside of cities, the script checks every 4 real-time minutes or so whether it should spawn a feeder vampire somewhere behind you. This interval can be increased by wielding a Torch and carrying Garlic or Vampire Dust. When the check occurs, there is an X in 100 chance of spawning a feeder vampire, this check is 25 + (10*blood bottles carried) + 2*(total amount of meat carried). Note that Wolf Meat is from OOO and won't count. Staying near an Imperial Guard actually does nothing. Depending on your Luck and her disposition towards you, Anna the Poor will sometimes talk to you instead of feeding on you. With a Personality of 50 you get a few more options, and with a Speechcraft of 50 you can ask her about her vampirism. Insulting her, failing a speech check or pelting her with garlic will lower her disposition, giving her money, a blood bottle or your own blood will increase it. If her disposition is 100, she will stop attacking you and occasionally appear to lend a hand in combat if you are outside at nighttime. Increasing Blood Points in console Write the following lines in console: set vampire.ishungry to 1 set pcvampire to 2 set vampire.canage to 1 set vampire.vampireage to (the blood points you want MINUS one)

Then exit console, wait 5 seconds, reenter and write this: set mjavampirefed to 1.

Quest: Find the Book This quest will be given to you by any vampire spellcaster. You must find a copy of the book called Immortal Blood and return it to the quest-giver. Lord Lovidicus will give you one if you ask him what he's reading, when he is reading something. There is also a copy in the bandits' camp at Vilverin. The reward is a spell called the Magedrainer. Cast on a magic user, it will force them to walk up to you and restore some of your health, while Silencing them for a while. The magic does not work on other vampires or the Undead. Unlike most other vampiric abilities, the Magedrainer cannot be used when you are Silenced yourself. The Magedrainer costs 30 magicka to use.

Quest: Eliminate the witnesses This quest will be given to you by any vampire Barbarian, and requires that you have an Infamy of at least 20. Go to the Abandoned Shack in the IC Waterfront and kill Hillod the Outlaw and Llevathablablabla the Dark Elf. When they are both dead, return to the quest-giver. Each hit with the Voidshard has: A 5% chance of damaging you for 25 points. A 10% chance to make the target faint. A 15% chance of making the target slowly bleed to death. A 20% chance of an extra damaging hit. A 25% chance of disintegrating the target's armor. A 100% chance of taking one point of your health. While you have the Voidshard equipped, you will be Silenced, have a 20% weakness to Magic and you will emanate Light, making you easier to see. Equipping the Voidshard is only possible when your Infamy is higher than your Fame.


The Lord's Release Lord Lovidicus is a vampire who has been trapped in a castle for many years. His son is none other than the Gray Prince of the Imperial Arena, you must talk to him first. If you are carrying a bottle of Human Blood when you first meet Lovidicus, AND you are a vampire, you can give it to him. He will then move into the Warehouse in the Imperial City Market District and begin a new life there. He will give you a copy of Immortal Blood if you ask him what he's reading.

Cure for Vampirism Potion You can sell it to a vampire Patriarch/Matriarch. They will drink it, be cured of vampirism and immediately die, the fools. There will be 5000 gold on their corpse, but obviously you can never cure yourself of vampirism. If you instead give the potion to a regular vampire, you will share it with them and both of you will be cured. You will not receive any reward or see them again (yet), but your fame will increase by 15.

Higher Age Levels Vampires that can increase your age levels are Lord Lovidicus (only to Elder, and only if you haven't joined the Kindred), Kindred Elders (if you are Kindred) or any vampire Patriarch/Matriarch if you are not a Kindred. You need a Blood Point level of 129, 174 or 249 to advance to the next stage. To become Elder, feed on a Dremora in combat. To become Ancient, talk to one of the vampires mentioned above to learn that you need 2 bloodgrass, 1 vampire dust, 1 daedra venin and 3 bottles of human blood. Collect these ingredients plus 3000 gold and return to the vampire that gave you the recipe. OR, raise your Alchemy skill to 100 and brew the potion yourself. If you raise it to 100 by magical means, you will instead get the Potion of Epic Failure, which does nothing. To become Antediluvian, speak to one of the vampires mentioned above to learn of its location. Then go to one of the big, open chambers in the Bloodworkers' headquarters.

You can also advance to Elder and Ancient stages simply by feeding on a vampire Matriarch/Patriarch (as long as you have the required Blood Points), but this will permanently exile you from vampire society.

Vampire Hideout The access to the vampire hideout is in the Antediluvian's inventory.


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