ZANZIBAR Diamond Lifestyle Event


but it seems not always for the better. Mdu & Fikile Mokoena share their dream lifestyle. diabetes and chronic disease. your goals. Simply put. diabetes.. operated from the comfort of your home. we have seen tremendous strides being made in medical treatment. including those who enjoy the benefits of our great products. making it one of the oldest companies in our industry. New Proof Get up to date with the latest omega-3 findings. science. Roget Uys . it is clear that we are a company of today. Global Founder’s & President’s Awards 2010 Hear from our No. Isn’t it strange. Your GNLD Business can be shared with anyone who seeks optimal health and financial wellbeing. Africa World Team Conference 2011 Stunning Cape Town. we find that obesity. Over the past twenty to thirty years. times have changed. 1 Winners. Life is beautiful! South African 5 Diamond Directors. parents would recommend that their children get a good education and a job that offered long-term security and a good pension plan. the development of poor health habits such as smoking. your sharing and caring will reward you.President & CEO GNLD International 1 Lifestyle 02/11 Regional Conventions Feedback Celebrating success in Africa . and as a company the reasons for our being here have compounded over the years. and particularly in technology and communication. and we are excited about the future. allowing you to work when you want and with whom you want. Hawaii Diamond Director Lifestyle Diamond Directors live it up in this world famous destination. Regards. as the more people you help the greater your benefits will be. GNLD’s Vitamin C Get maximum benefit this winter with convenient vitamin C supplements. in those days.í C o n t e n t s 02/11 Our CEO’s Message Inspiring words from President & CEO. It’s an opportunity that can be enjoyed on a part-time basis. Diamond Director Lifestyle Event 2012 Spice up your life on the breathtaking Island of Zanzibar! Tips from the Top Find out how you can make a success of your GNLD Business.and that unemployment is reaching all-time highs around the world? Yes. as we know that GNLD will continue to make a positive difference in the lives of those who join. with products that are accepted as the answer to so many of our modern-day ills. the world was just becoming aware of the environmental damage being done by harsh chemicals and non-degradable products. without any entry barrier. fulfilling today’s needs. that in these modern day times.See the exciting photos and hear the great stories. Finally. Going back to the early days of GNLD. Stepping Up World Team Step-Ups for December 2010. New Research. It puts you in control of your time. the situations that faced so many were the deterioration of the diet. GNLD puts the “Heal” in Healthy! GNLD’s SAB talks about the amazing benefits of GNLD’s Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus. therefore. GNLD’s Garlic Allium Complex One of nature’s greatest gifts. We are excited about who we are. it appears GNLD has been around for more than 50 years. welcomes qualifying Distributors this September. Although GNLD has been around for more than 50 years. Today. Page 5 7 9 11 12 13 15 16 17 21 22 3 Page 7 . and the emergence of obesity. Given these incredible advances. 1 2 3 CEO MESSAGE As we approach the end of 2010. and your dreams. Unemployment was almost unheard of. GNLD offers a business opportunity for anyone who would like to be in business for themselves. with most students and graduates finding jobs and careers that offered that long-term security. Roget Uys. and chronic disease are out of control .. Also. one could be led to believe that the same would be true of our health and wellbeing. January & February 2011. Hot GNLD Products for chilly days Winter well-being made easy with GNLD.

supporting and assisting them to do their jobs perfectly. Why? This crucial water-soluble vitamin is rapidly depleted and it can’t be stored in the body for long. Lifestyle 02/11 2 . but functions as an outstanding catalyst in everyone’s supplementing programme. So. vitamin C works as an antioxidant to assist in supporting the function of the immune system. assist in promoting the function of the immune system Chew on a delicious Chewable All-C (with Neo-Plex for maximum bioavailability). support proper functioning of the immune system. Available in several GNLD Nutritionals.GNLD’S VITAMIN C NUTRITIONALS Your family’s blanket of protection Need to strengthen your family’s immunity? Get the power of vitamin C on your side to ward off common complaints and optimise your family’s wellness this winter. What’s great is that vitamin C doesn’t work in isolation. Vitamin C is an integral part of the body’s defence team and it’s suggested that you supplement with vitamin C daily. This winter. with GNLD’s Vitamin C supplements. GNLD’s Vitamin C works hand-in-hand with minerals and vitamins in the Nutritionals Range.

We’ve been all over Europe. on his yacht. Little did we know the possibilities were endless. knows that this family has made it big. 3 Lifestyle 02/11 . Life is beautiful for Mdu. our goal was to make a little extra money and to be able to spend more time with our family. It is always a great treat! After a couple of years in the Business our goals of financial stability and freedom were realised. Today we have the freedom to do what we want with our time . We’ve regularly been guests of Jerry Brassfield.and the money to pursue our dreams. Thanks to GNLD. their children and grandchildren. almost every corner of beautiful Africa and recently to the breathtaking Pacific paradise of Hawaii. his wife Fikile. the Americas. “When we joined GNLD in 1983. to destinations we never dreamt of visiting. ended up living a life beyond their wildest dreams. their story may be one of GNLD’s greatest success stories . Through the Opportunity we have seen others in our team blossom and grow. and still savour every minute of the deluxe hospitality. situated in the exclusive Durban suburb of Westville. both struggling to make end meets.Life is beautiful! Mdu & Fikile Mokoena 5 Diamond Directors. the Mokoena’s lifestyle has been amazingly transformed. It was then that we discovered that we loved not only the time and great earnings. South Africa Anyone who’s visited the Mokoenas at their luxurious home.how a humble teacher and a hardworking nurse. “the Silverado”. but that we got great pleasure out of developing and mentoring others.” says Mdu with great sincerity. Witnessing our team reach their full potential is a priceless experience. In their garage stands a new Jaguar sports car and a top-of-the-line Mercedes Benz convertible. Their tastefully decorated villa-style home has every modern convenience imaginable. Indeed. The GNLD lifestyle has taken us to places all over the world.

not who you are. I just wanted a bit of financial independence in the beginning. and when I did I was too tired to enjoy them. Before GNLD. “GNLD has empowered our entire family to be achievers. They’ve chosen the path they know will pay the best dividends . The Opportunity does not discriminate. With the GNLD Opportunity the results have gone far beyond what I could imagine!” “Success is simple to achieve with GNLD. be determined and accept leadership.” Fikile adds. old or young.” says Mdu. Today I am a shining example to woman of how much can be achieved. Many people ask Mdu why GNLD is the best opportunity today. In GNLD it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. educated or uneducated. but for yourself and generations to follow. You are not making money for a boss.Fikile believes that GNLD is all about empowerment. Our children have great educations and have had the option to go into professional careers. We know our other son Langa and our daughter Silindile are well on their way up the ladder of success.GNLD! Through experience with GNLD. “GNLD has also empowered me to be the best woman I could be. Most women today do not have that luxury. they know that you can have it all. I have fulfilled my dream of raising my children and enjoyed spending time with them. Your success is dependent on what you do. I hardly saw my family. All our children are making a great success of their GNLD Businesses. “All you need to do is have faith in the Opportunity. The success we have achieved is through focussed effort and by following those who have done it before us”.” he answers. The work you put in equals the rewards you get out. “Simple. “Because it affords everyone a chance to build a better future for themselves and their families. when I was a nurse. financial security.” Lifestyle 02/11 4 . We couldn’t be prouder that Linda and Samukelisiwe are Diamond Directors. time to spend with loved ones and a lifestyle filled with the glamour of exotic travel.

” 5 Lifestyle 02/11 .” For many of our Distributors it was a fitting tribute to an Opportunity that had changed their lives. President & CEO. Justina Mumbi Ngesu. Roget Uys. Marco Taylor. Kenya “Every time I attend a GNLD Convention. The excitement was electrifying. Dr Fred Hooper and Vice President GNLD Africa. as well as Distributors who have been part of the success story from the beginning.Convention 2011 East Africa Celebrating 15 Years of Success in East Africa Distributors were exceptionally impressed by the recent. Convention in East Africa. We are going all out to do the Business with renewed vigour. their families’ lives and many others in their communities for the better. The record breaking number of Distributors who attended confirmed that GNLD can look forward to a future of great success in East Africa. GNLD celebrated over a decade and a half of accomplishment in East Africa. I am so excited about how well GNLD is doing in East Africa and the rest of world. I feel like I’m starting afresh! The motivation and energy I got from the recent Convention will carry me through the year ahead. was there to kick off the festivities and to recognise Distributors who had excelled in the past year. Other international speakers included SAB Member.

It was wonderful to celebrate the success of GNLD in East Africa and to see how the dreams of so many of the Distributors have become reality over the years. GNLD is surely going from strength to strength. It is proof that 15 years down the road the GNLD Opportunity truly empowers and rewards.Joyce Owor.” Lifestyle 02/11 6 . Tanzania “We were totally exhilarated by the Convention.” Dorah & Ayub Juma. These dynamic events are great for every Distributor to keep up their business momentum. It was a real feel-good event filled with tons of fun and excitement. The highlight for me was the recognition. Uganda “The atmosphere in the Convention was really electrifying.

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