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Ashlea Gardens
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As Christ hung on the cross, three hours
of darkness prevailed from noon. Histo-
rians of the time refer to the darkness as
an eclipse of nature.
For three hours Christ remained silent,
hen His voice rang out loudly: My God!
My God! Why have you forsaken me?
Many have written about this state-
ment, a quote from Psalm 22, because it
involves the deep mysteries of atone-
Although Jesus was sinless, all our
iniquity, as well as the sins of those past
and future, were placed on His shoul-
ders. This makes us party to His crucifx-
ion, which is why if we crucify him over
and over again we trample His blood
underfoot until there no longer remains
a sacrifce for sin (Heb 10:26).
God put His hand of justice in
front of His face so that His approv-
ing smile disappeared from the
sight of His Son. It was necessary
for Jesus to feel this loss.
God cannot tolerate sin. When
His Son carried the sins of the
world He became repugnant to
God. This momentary loss of Gods
presence in Jesus life was the ulti-
mate pain for Him.
We will also lose God if we do not
obey His word. He does not accept any
manifestation of sin and does not take
the breaking of His laws lightly.
God also uses his hand of justice to
shield His eye of love from the worlds
Our conversion and commitment to
God begins at Calvary the genesis of
our salvation. Romans 4 states that He
was delivered over to death for our sins
and raised to life for our justifcation.
If we do not become part of Calvary
we remain Gods enemies and cannot be
called His children.
Rom 6:1-11, a passage often associ-
ated with salvation, declares numerous
times that we must die on the cross
with Christ: we died to sin; baptised into
his death; buried through baptism into
death; united in the likeness of his death;
old self was crucifed; with him we were
crucifed; anyone who has died has been
freed from sin; if we died with Christ we
also live with him; count yourselves dead
to sin.
Christianity is not for the cowardly.
We must have the courage to stand up
for whats right in Christ, otherwise we
will not inherit the kingdom of God.
We can measure Gods love for us by
the depth of the pain He sufered prior
to and while on the cross. God is not
mocked, yet He allowed this to happen
to His Son so that we can inherit eternity
one day (1 Pet 2:24, Gal 2:20, Gal 3:20,
Gal 5:24).
The world today is in a mess and has
nothing to ofer. God knows we have
to live in this world, but only for three-
score and ten years. Our true life begins
when we inherit eternity. Our eternal
souls are far more precious to God than
our temporal bodies. Consequently, we
must crucify our worldly life so that our
spiritual life can begin.
7 August 2011
Cal vary the genesi s
of our sal vati on
By Fred Bergh
If we havent visited the cross and imbibed its teachings
we cannot bear the fruit of God in our lives.
Today (7 August)
Opening prayer: Debri van Wyk
Table: Owain Bowes
Servers: Liam de Weerd
Sean Bowes
Hendrik Pieterse
Charl Greef
Reading, prayer: Sean Bowes
Closing prayer: Willem Lombard
Sermon am: Fred Bergh
pm: Addo Bediako
Key, money orderly: Theo de Weerd
Security bs: Don Wilmot
am: Christo Gerber
pm: Mdu Mhlophe
Tea duty: Hannie & Kristel
Table preparation: Audrey & Leanda
Flowers: Vivien
Next Week (14 August)
Opening prayer: Henk Taljaard
Table: James van Reenen
Servers: Athan Page
Deon Taljaard
Willem Lombard
Byron Harding
Reading, prayer: Alan Page
Closing prayer: Christo Gerber
Sermon am: Fred Bergh
pm: Debri van Wyk
Key, money orderly: Don Wilmot
Security bs: Bernie Meyer
am: Deon Connoway
pm: Theo de Weerd
Tea duty: Debbie & Amanda
Table preparation: Nadine & Nicole
Flowers: Yolande

The screen-
ing of Lee
Strobels DVD
The Case For A
Creator takes
place on Sun-
day evening,
21 August. Please invite
your friends and family
to watch this fascinating
investigation, consisting of
interviews with intelligent
design advocates and
Christian apologists who
argue for the existence of
a Creator.
Are you vi si ti ng wi th us today? Pl ease si gn our vi si tors book.
Mens Retreat
When: 19-21 August
Where: Li nga Longa
Cost: R480 (adul ts),
R240 (boys U12)
RSVP: Owai n
Prayers of Supplication
Neels Botes is recovering from an eye
Wisdom for the Government.
Izak Connoway is working in Saudi Ara-
bia. Isaks partner, Henk at the company.
Jabu Manzinis son, Sayo is going
through a dif cult time.
Those being treated for cancer: Esme
Rappard, Freda Jooste, Liz Foot (Alan
Pages aunt) and Christo (Salomes
The chronically ill: Nadine Bowes
(pinched nerve), Don Wilmot (heart func-
tion), Nick Dekker (osteoporosis) and
Isabell Harding (back pain).
Those looking for work: Donovan
Wilmot, Grace Nethamba, Paula Heger,
Deon Connoway and Melissa Conno-
The elderly: Vivien Bloem, Salmon Ger-
ber, Chris and Heillie Gerber, Dorothy
Kruger, Tina Verwey, Danie and Pat
Fourie and Hedda Botes.
In these tough economic times
so many people are urgently
seeking employment.
Please set aside Thursday,
8 August from 06h00 to
18h00 to pray and fast spe-
cifcally for Deon Connoway,
Melissa Connoway, Paula Hefer,
Donovan Wilmot and Grace
Wednesday @ 10h00
Venue to be announced
Youth & Evangelistic
Tuesday @ 19h30
Public holiday
to show thyself
Thursday @ 19h30
Tukkies Village