Adverbs of Frequency [Ch.

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Meaning Some of the more common adverbs of frequency include the following:
y y y y y y

100% of the time = always 85% of the time = almost always, 45% of the time = usually, generally, frequently, often 30% of the time = sometimes, occasionally 10% of the time = seldom, rarely, hardly ever, almost never 0% of the time = never, not ever

EVER: to ask a question about frequency. It means "at any time."

Adverbs of frequency tell HOW OFTEN an action is repeated. They are commonly used with present or past tense. Use "ever" to ask a question.

y y y y

I usually do my homework in the library. I never do my homework in the living room. She seldom went to parties alone. ____________________________________?


Using adverbs of frequency When someone asks you a question such as "Do you EVER forget to do your homework?" you can answer using an adverb of frequency: y y y Yes. Example: How often do you go to the WRC (Wellness & Recreation Center at UNI)? . Wrong: I give almost always the dog a bath on Saturday. I am always tired after classes. I occasionally forget to do my homework" OR Yes. 2|Page .. Ex.not simply an adverb of frequency. BEFORE the main verb unless the verb is BE. Rule: Never put an adverb between the main verb and its object.. I sometimes do. Correct: I almost always give the dog a bath on Saturday. However. OR No. you should include an expression of time in your answer -. Ex. Placement of adverbs of frequency Frequency adverbs are placed .I (usually) go to the WRC once a month. I always study in the library when I have an exam. if someone asks "HOW OFTEN" an action occurs. AFTER the verb "Be". I never do.

he occasionally is. y y y y Do you always sit in the same seat? Do you ever sit in the same seat? Is Jim never going to stop talking? Is Jim ever going to stop talking? Short answers Examples: Rule: In a short answer. Is your father ever sick? Yes. "rarely". put the frequency adverb between the subject and the verb for ALL verbs. I do not ever fail exams in that class. I rarely fail exams in that class. I sometimes do. This means that you do not need the auxiliary "do" when you use them in a negative sentence. I do not fail exams in that class. Negative frequency adverbs Examples: Rule: The frequency adverbs "seldom". put the adverb of frequency after the subject. 3|Page . With "not + ever" use the auxiliary "do" I don't enjoy bus trips. and "never" are negative words.Adverbs of frequency in questions Examples: Rule: In questions. I don't leave my books in class. enjoy bus trips I don't ever leave my books in class. I almost never I don't ever enjoy bus trips I seldom leave my books in class. y y y y Do you ever go hiking? Yes.

Wrong John is late always. 4|Page . John always is late. never. He never does it well.) Their position is unchangeable. rarely. Never he does it well. He does it never well. I seldom work hard. I work hard seldom. I work seldom hard. Correct John is always late. hardly ever. almost never.Placement: The negative frequency adverbs (seldom. and never) as well as "always" are always placed before the main verb unless the verb is BE. (They are placed AFTER the verb "Be".

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