RMAN Backup Strategy Purpose We want to backup the Oracle database to be available all time to users and minimize

down time. Objectives - Recovery Manager Overview - Benefits of using RMAN Backups - Pre-installation Tasks - Software Requirements - RMAN Connection to Database - RMAN Configuration - Incremental Backups - Incremental Backup Scripts - Daily Backup Strategy Recovery Manager Overview Recovery Manager is Oracle’s utility to manage the backup, and more importantly the recovery, of the database. It eliminates operational complexity while providing superior performance and availability of the database. Recovery Manager debuted with Oracle8 to provide DBAs an integrated backup and recovery solution. Recovery Manager determines the most efficient method of executing the requested backup, restore, or recovery operation and then executes these operations in concert with the Oracle database server. Recovery Manager and the server automatically identify modifications to the structure of the database and dynamically adjust the required operation to adapt to the changes. Benefits of Using RMAN Backup - RMAN supports incremental backups of database - It is free with your database software - Easy to use - It is fully integrated with database and fully supported by Oracle - It supports auto backup for Controlfile and SPfile - It restores only the corrupted files from backup - Backups the used blocks only - Can be scheduled as an operating system job to backup database daily - Can recover a tablespace to a point in time - Block media recovery Pre-installation Tasks

“level0“. You can connect with the SYSDBA privilege by using a password file or using operating system authentication. The configuration setting is done once.On your backup server. RMAN>CONFIGURE RETENTION POLICY TO RCOVERY WINDOW OF 7 DAYS. There are various parameters that can be used to configure RMAN operations to suit your needs.“control“ to hold daily backups of Archived redo log files.“level2“.Inside “rman_backup“ Folder. 1.If the DBA connects to database remotely: C:\>rman target sys/syspassword@service_name RMAN Configuration You can configure persistent settings in the RMAN environment. create a folder that holds the backup files. . e.If the DBA connects to database from the Server Machine: C:\>rman target / 2. and used by RMAN to perform all subsequent operations.Level0.Level1.“level1“. then the connection fails.. RMAN>CONFIGURE CHANNEL DEVICE TYPE DISK FORMAT \'F:\rman_backup\ora_df%t_s%s_s%p\'. Some of the things that you can configure are: * Required number of backups of each datafile * Number of server processes that will do backup/restore operations in parallel * Directory where on-disk backups will be stored * Controlfile autobackup or not * Backups Retention Policy RMAN>CONFIGURE DEFAULT DEVICE TYPE TO DISK. RMAN>CONFIGURE DEVICE TYPE DISK PARALLELISM 2. create 5 Folders “arch“.Level2 and Controlfile Software version that I used: Operating system: Windows 2000/2003 Server Oracle database version: Oracle 9i Version 2 Database Archivelog Mode: Archivelog Mode RMAN Connection to Database The connection will be to the target database which is the database that you will use RMAN to back up and restore: RMAN connects to the target database as SYSDBA. Display the preconfigured settings by typing the command SHOW ALL. If you do not have this privilege.g create a New Folder called “F:\rman_backup“ to hold the daily database backups .

\" In a cumulative incremental backup. RMAN>CONFIGURE CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP FORMAT FOR DEVICE TYPE DISK TO \'F:\rman_backup\control\ora_cf%F\'. you can create backups at a higher \"level. RMAN only backs up those blocks that are different between the specified level n and the most recent level n-1. } 4. backup incremental level 0 format \'F:\rman_backup\level0\bak_%s_%t_level0. RMAN>CONFIGURE BACKUP OPTIMIZATION ON. } 3.Backup Level 1 run{ allocate channel c1 device type disk.bak\' database include current controlfile. backup incremental level 2 format \'F:\rman_backup\level2\bak_%s_%t_level2.RMAN>CONFIGURE CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP ON.Backup Level 2 run{ allocate channel c1 device type disk. backup incremental level 1 format \'F:\rman_backup\level1\bak_%s_%t_level1. you first create a level 0 backup.bak\' database include current controlfile. Later.Backup Archivelog Files run{ .Backup Level 0 run{ allocate channel c1 device type disk. Incremental Backup Scripts DBA runs the following scripts from RMAN command line prompt after connecting to the target database to backup his database 1. } 2. which is a whole backup of the database.bak\' database include current controlfile. Incremental Backups In an incremental backup strategy.

. . .allocate channel c1 device type disk.bak\' archivelog all delete input. .After DBA backs up the database to disk he will copy these backup files to Tape disks or any other media away of the server to protect them from being lost if server crashes.Level1 backup is made once a week.Level2 backup is made at the rest of days.Level 0 backup is made at the day with less database activity as it is time and hardware resources consuming. } Recommended Daily Backup Strategy Day Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Backup Type Level0 + Archivelog files Level1 + Archivelog files Level2 + Archivelog files Level2 + Archivelog files Level2 + Archivelog files Level2 + Archivelog files Level2 + Archivelog files Notes: . sql \'alter system archive log current\'. backup format \'F:\rman_backup\arch\bak_%s_%t_ARCH.We assume that the day with less database activity is Thursday. .Archivelog files are backed up daily. .

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