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Costs & Budgets
Here are some random collections of typical costs for a Hampi tour.


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Train No:7429 for Hospet to Hyderabad ) : Second AC (2A) : Rs 871 .1/22/2011 Cost & Budget Send your comments ! Clear * Your name & email ID will not published ! Bangalore > Hospet by Bus Rajahamsa (State operated bus). Train No. 6592 for Bangalore to Hospet) : First AC (1A) : Rs 1286. Sleeper : Rs 232 Transportation (Local) Search Hospet > Hampi Local by Bus : Rs10 Hospet > Hampi by Auto-rickshaw : Rs100 The auto-rickshaws wait patiently in a row just outside the railway station. 583 for Bangalore to Hospet) : Sleeper Class (SL) : Rs 146 Goa > Hospet by Bus : Rs 150 to Rs 700 State operated local bus : Rs 150 Private luxury bus (up to Hampi) Sleeper type : Rs 600 . Seating type : Rs 500. Sleeper Class (SL) : Rs 203 For Bangalore-Hospet Passenger (Train No. Third AC (3A): Rs 540 . Sleeper (SL) : Rs 198 Hyderabad > Hospet Rs 250 to Rs 900 Rayalaseema Express (Train No: 7416 for Hyderabad to Hospet . http://www. Local bus (state operated) Bangalore > Hospet by Train : Rs 150 to Rs 1300 For Hampi Express (Train No. Train No. Third AC (3A) : Rs 501 . And that changes when the train finally arrives. These take you from Hospet (bus/railway station) and drop you in the middle of Hampi.htm 2/6 . Second AC (2A) : Rs 751 .6591 for Hospet to Bangalore. Hospet > Hampi by Auto-rickshaw (shared) : Rs 15 per head. Sleeper type (AC) : Rs 700 .584 for Hospet to Bangalore.hampi. Ask for and settle (negotiate) the price before you start. Catch one from the scramble or any where from the town for that matter.in/cost. Seating type (AC) : Rs 600 Goa > Hospet by Train Rs 200 to Rs 700 Train No.2848 Second AC (2A) : Rs 684 .

just adequate to carry two average sized riders (max. The rental is basically based on the ‘honor system’. speed 35 kilometers/Hr). Not a bad way to hit Hampi with a bang. Higher powered scooters & bikes (100cc) too are available for a higher rental rate (Rs 200 to Rs 300).htm 3/6 . a few kilometers away from Hampi Bazaar. In the Anegondi area (the other side of the river) a mechanic shop near the Gagan Mahal at the village square is of help to organize fuel. Generally people hire car from Hospet and travel onward to the Hampi ruins. The operator charges Rs10 to Rs15 for ferrying you along with your bike. So fill it up adequate and stop worrying (about 3 liters is okay for a days roaming) Many rental shops are located at Hampi Bazaar area.. It takes longer than the regular Autorickhaw ride as the driver stops very now and then to pick and drop passengers. that would be suffice. No fuel stations A typical Bicycle & Moped rental place in Hampi near any of the ruins site away from Kamalapura. that is. request your guesthouse caretaker to get you one with the required fuel filled.in/cost. Hampi> Kamalapura/Royal Centre by Autorickhaw : Rs 25 May be half of it. Remember car cannot take you to all the ruins site in Hampi. Riverside near Kodandarama Temple is a popular place for this. Some are located in Kamalapura. Or pledge an ID card or something like that (as a matter of prudence never leave anything like credit card or passport). For example if you can convince them that you are staying in a specific guesthouses nearby.hampi.and that doesn’t include the insurance cover! This is for a regular ferry across the river (near Virupaksha Temple & off Vittala Temple). The Fuel station in Hampi is located at Kamalapura. sometimes with their livestock too. http://www. Bicycle & Moped rental : Bicycle : Rs 30 per day. But it is comparable with the time the local bus takes and cheaper than the regular Autoricskhaw hire (Rs 100 for Hampi>Hospet). Moped : Rs 150 per day ( petrol Rs 50 per liter) The mopeds are 50cc two-wheelers without shift gears.. You need to give them some assurances to rent you the bike. This route goes though the other popular sites in Hampi. If you are not patient for all these.1/22/2011 Cost & Budget These shared taxies ply between Hampi & Hospet bus station via the Kadirampura village. They get a commission & you pay a slightly worse rate! Car Hire : About Rs 600 to Rs 800 per day (includes driver allowance). Negotiate & finalize things with the driver before you hire. Coracle ferry : Rs 5 . if you are serious about ‘exploring’ Hampi. The rental shop can ‘arrange’ petrol locally at a slightly worst rate. Don’t expect fuel efficiency more than 25 kilometers per liter. Most of your co passengers would be the local villagers. if you are willing to share it with a co passenger to the same destination. Hampi> Vittala Temple by Auto-rickshaw : Rs 25 to Rs 100 Depends if you are going straight to your destination or take any short side trips/ stopovers/want a return trip. Be prepared for some considerable legwork. A specially commissioned coracle ferry for the local sightseeing or fun ride can cost about Rs50 to Rs100 (negotiable) for about 30 minutes. And a few are in Hospet too.

Luxury : Rs 1200 to Rs . Midrange : Rs 300 to Rs 800 . available at Hampi Bazaar area ).1/22/2011 Cost & Budget Tonga (horse carriage) : About Rs 50 to Rs 100 That is for a typical short to medium exclusive trip from one monument to another (say from the Sacred Center to the Royal Centre or to the Vittala Temple). a few at Virupapur Gadde. Tongas are slow but funny and environmentally friendly alternative to explore the ruins site. Bring your own toilet paper -BYOTP! ( Rs .hampi. Many dozens of these ‘guesthouses’ are located near the Hampi Bazaar area and Virupapur Gadde. They are typically a backpacker version of home stay accommodations. It can be anything from a hut to a rooftop to a home with a family living there.htm 4/6 . (Lodging costs faithfully follows the tourist traffic. These are typical no nonsense type accommodations. typically goes up by 25 to 50% during the peak seasons) Food Search South Indian breakfast – Rs15 Breakfast (western type) – Rs60 South Indian meals – Rs25 Dinner with special dishes – Rs100 to Rs 200 Packaged drinking water – Rs15 per liter. Budget (backpacker) type : Rs 50 to Rs 200 .in/cost. across the river. Many at Hospet. A couple of them are near the Virupaksha Temple. Lodging Search A Hampi guesthouse. You practically share the home facilities with the family. http://www. Some are located in Kamalapura also.

The bookstore near Virupaksha stocks a few popular books on Hampi. For a half day tour of multiple monuments – Rs 200 to Rs300 . cost you a rupee! to help you with arranging a guide. Closed on Fridays. The French edition Hampi Vijayanagar : Histoire Et Legendes (ISBN 9782911166174) by Vasundhara Filliozat (Rs 500 ). Reprint of the oldest travel guide (1917 http://www. For Indian citizens . There is one bookstall inside the Virupaksha temple courtyard too. Guide fee : Rs 50 to Rs 600 . For a single major monument – Rs 50 (for about 30-45 minutes tour) For full day a private guide charges about Rs 600 . Camera fee No camera fee is charged for most of the monuments in Hampi.The ticket is valid for a day for the three monuments – Vittala Temple. You can rent an auto-rickshaw for a half-day ride for about Rs 300. the local auto-rickshaw drivers can ‘guide’ you to various sites in Hampi.For all the other sites (more than 50) admission is free! Archeological Museum (entry fee) : Rs 5 Open from 10AM to 5 PM. the temple elephant. Internet: Rs 60 per hour Connections are slow (I mean really slow) & generally the queue is long during the evening hours. if you consider them to be too precious to lose!). Guidebooks Hackers sell tiny guidebooks near Hampi Bazaar area for Rs20 to Rs30. Though not legitimate professional guides. Vittala Temple charges Rs 25 for use of video camera inside the campus. Contact the tourist info center near the Virupaksha Temple on Hampi Bazaar And that smooch by Lakshmi. Virupaksha Temple charges Rs 50 for use of still cameras & Rs 500 for movie camera to use inside the campus. Contact the net café operator to get the photos downloaded from your camera & to get it burned on CD (get 2 CD copies each.1/22/2011 Cost & Budget Ticket cost & fees Search Entry Ticket fee : Rs 10 / USD5 .Rs10 For foreigners USD5 Children under age of 12 are admitted free. So don’t fancy uploading heaps of photos you’ve just taken at Hampi. The rates fall by about 40% during off season (April-September).in/cost. Zenena Enclosure & the Elephant stables.hampi. About Rs 50 per CD. You may download and print a copy of the Hampi map for you here.htm 5/6 .

hampi. Hampi writtern by D.N. © 2008 www. The compact tourist guide promoted by the Department of Tourism Hampi Travel Guide (ISBN 9788187780175).in/cost.Devakunjari is the official publication by the Archeological Survey of India (buy this from the ASI museum store at Kamalapur ) . Monumental Legacy series Hampi (ISBN 9780195660586) by Anila Verghese.hampi.htm 6/6 .in All rights reserved http://www. Settar . Rs 400 . Rs 120 . The detailed and colourful guide HAMPI (ISBN 9788175083363) by John Fritz & George Michell. (Rs 80). Rs 160. A guide on Hampi with some good historic perspective Hampi A Meadieval Metropolis by S. Rs 225 . Rs 45. The large coffee table book published by the state archeology department Hampi: The fabled capital of the Vijayanagara Empire Rs 540 . Longhurst .1/22/2011 Cost & Budget first edition) on Hampi. Hampi Ruins Described and Illustrated ( ISBN 81-206-0159-9 ) A.

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