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Certichron ITA Deploys the First NIST UTC Resource for the NYC Securities Trading Hub

The first of the Certichron ITA's are now operational and supplying US Time to the actual edge of the trading framework. The availability of the US Timebase in proximity hosting operations allows for provable and reliable time-as-evidence distribution models for OATS 7430 compliance. For the first time in global trading history, the real US Time Standard (NIST's) is now a part of US Trading. San Jose, CA, August 09, 2011 --( Certichron Inc, the global leader in legally-provable regulatory time services announced the deployment of its first Independent Timing Authority or ITA in the SAVVIS NJ2 Operations Center. For the first time in US History NIST UTC, the legal time-standard of the US Government is available directly to the Trading Infrastructure as a bolt-on security service. The ITA The Certichron ITA is a revolutionary system that not only delivers NIST UTC directly to the edge of the Transaction Framework but also creates actual court-admissible evidence of its use. The ITA further expands NIST Time Services by adding PTP accessibility, something unavailable anywhere else. The Certichron ITA brings NIST-certified Time Services as a pay-for-play type resource to the absolute edge of the Trading Framework for use in all OATS compliance requirements. Finally, proximity hosting clients have the US Timebase and an evidence model available for their OATS 7430 compliance needs. Certichron's Independent Timing Authority provides FINRA members with the only OATS 7430 solution commercially available. Their CertifiedTime service provides verification, logging and alerts for all OATS 7430 related time settings and compliance requirements and one which fully meets PCAOB AS-15 Evidence Standards, something GPS systems all fail in. Reliance on an ITA allows Securities Professionals to have NIST UTC time as a trust-resource anywhere in their financial workflow. Certichron's system offers No-Latency Interconnects in the data centers it operates from and is available through the entire realm of Low-Latency Network Providers like Spread Networks and Hudson Fiber for example. With the ITA, logging errors over Out-of-Sequence events that would have been fined can be restated and finalized in their reporting such that they continue to meet OATS 7430 requirements for Securities Dispute Resolution activities. About Certichron Certichron operates the only official NIST Time Servers adapted and expanded to deliver court-admissible digital evidence. Headquartered in San Jose, California; Certichron currently manages CertifiedTime NIST UTC Time Service Centers in New York, New Jersey, Hatfield PA, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Jose.

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Certichron's partnership with NIST in deploying the US National Timebase for eTrust access has now opened the door to full OATS 7430 compliance by expanding the NIST time services to a Proximity Hosting solution. ###

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