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Inheritance is associated with ad-hoc polymorphism.

= False
Get and set methods serve the same function as Properties.
The sequence diagram is the closest to programming.
myCustomer.Name is an example of using a property.
X =5; y =2; Console.WriteLine(x/y); is “2”
C# object communicates with other c# objects through instance methods.
OOP is most closely associated with implementation phase.
Convert string “5” to integer = int myInt = int.Parse(“5”);
Three basic types of relationships between classes: association, composition, inheritance
UML diagram not created during OOD phase: use case diagram
UML is not a development methodology
Rational development is not a development methodology.
A class always inherits the properties of another class, is not true.
C# programs consist of separate interacting modules called objects that encapsulate the program’s various
attributes and actions.
Cardinality is not a type of relationship between objects.
An object is an instance of a class.
All C# applications must have a method names Main().
Byte takes up the least memory.
Public is not an acceptable return type for a method in C#.
Constant is not a property of every variable.
Const tells C# that the value cannot be changed.
= is not a C# arithmetic operator.
A class can contain instance methods, class methods, and constructor methods, here’s how to tell them apart:
Class methods always contain the ‘static’ keyword.
Ancestors, direct base class, siblings and leaf nodes are all part of a class hierarchy.
An asynchronous message is used in the sequence diagram.
The relationship between a car and an engine is composition.
Loop: 15
The statement “using System;” is a way of importing a c# class into your program.
Select is not associated with a ‘switch’ statement in c#
Inheritance is indicated on a class diagram by an empty triangle.
myInventoryItem.getName() would be a method call
how is uml helpful with respect to creating object-oriented software solutions?
Uml is a formally-specified, standardized visual language that allows for the analysis and design of oo systems.
Organizations use uml to visualize, document, and construct software systems, as well as the business processes
in which those software systems are used. Uml artifacts simultaneously serves as software system designs and
software system documentation.
Abstract class:
An abstract class is a generalization of two or more classes into a common base class. A person class is an
abstraction of a student class and a professor class. Uml designates an abstract class in italics.
Explain why inheritance is very much different from the other types of classes.
Inheritance is a relationship that describes a single object. Both composition and association describe
relationships between more than one object.
Use case – users perspective
Class – developers or system perspective
OOD – developers or software perspective
Sequence – software, platform, or coders perspective
Purpose of a class in UML – to provide a template describing the objects in the class(attributes) as well as the
behaviors (methods) of those objects.