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THE TAIT ELECTRONICS LTD RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS The funds for these fellowships are provided by the income

from donations made by Tait Electronics Limited for the purpose of encouraging research in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Canterbury. 1. A fellowship or fellowships shall be available annually to promote postgraduate research in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The funds may be used to support, in any one year, one or more fellows. The fellowships shall be tenable for one year, in the case of a fellow studying for a Masters degree, and for three years in the case of a fellow studying for a PhD. Note: A fellowship at PhD level shall normally be awarded every third year. The fellowships shall be open to graduates in engineering who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents and are intending to undertake thesis research in electrical and electronic engineering that is of relevance to the current interests of Tait Electronics Ltd. Preference will be given to applicants undertaking relevant research in conjunction with the Wireless Research Centre. The fellowships shall be awarded by the University Council on the recommendation of a selection committee comprising a) the Vice-Chancellor or nominee; and b) the Head of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; and c) a representative of Tait Electronics Ltd. The fellowships may not be held with any other bursary, scholarship, or fellowship. The emoluments of the fellowships shall be paid in monthly instalments, by direct credit to the fellows bank account. If in any year the total sum awarded is less than the total amount available for disbursement, the balance may either be added to the capital of the fund, or held in reserve to provide an additional fellowship in a subsequent year, as the Council may determine. Provided that a suitable position is available, Tait Electronics Ltd will provide the fellow with summer and/or other final year vacation work. Fellows may also have the opportunity of future employment with Tait Electronics Ltd depending on normal Tait Electronics Ltd employment criteria being met and at the discretion of Tait Electronics Ltd. A fellowship may be terminated by the Council at any time on receipt of a report from the Academic Board that the conduct or progress of the scholar has been unsatisfactory. Conditions of the award of the fellowships may be varied from time to time by the University Council on the recommendation of the Academic Board. Applications for a fellowship are to be made on the appropriate form obtainable from and forwarded to the Scholarships Office, University of Canterbury, not later than 1 November in the year prior to the award. NOTE: The current values of the fellowships are: $15,000 per annum for Masters $30,000 per annum for PhD Ref: 5075/3/25 September 2010
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