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For Pearl Garden Hotel

Prepared by: Mr. Michael Roseller G.Villaluz Executive Housekeeper


Welcome! You are now part of the Pearl Garden Hotel Housekeeping Department. All contents of this manual are the product of Years of Experience, Suggestions and corrections. Efforts have been made to make this manual as complete as possible. This manual was made intended for you to serve as guide. Your task is to familiarize with the contents of this manual and strictly apply it on your daily duties at all times. If you have questions regarding this manual, feel free to ask your superior.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality standards of cleanliness, orderliness, safety in all our areas of responsibilities and outstanding services to our guests. Provide a fair return on investment for our owner and recognize that this cannot be done without well-trained, motivated, and enthusiastic employees.

Our vision is to offer immaculate, comfortable and well-maintained accommodation with high quality service to guests and contribute in the profitability of the hotel by generating additional revenue from other Housekeeping Services.


PEARLGARDEN HOUSEKEEPING is the upkeep and maintenance of all

property of the hotel in the highest standard of cleanliness, orderliness and safety ness. It consists of a large number of staff with a legitimate access to every area of the hotel. It also carries a major responsibility of purchasing, inventorying, issuing and taking care of property and supplies invested by the hotel. Thus, resulting to a high degree of quality, commitment to efficiency and cost control. Housekeeping provides information to Front office the assurance of availability of rooms in order to meet the anticipated arrivals of guests for the day. The three sections of housekeeping are Floors 3rd to 9th, Public Area and Linen Mini-bar.


Michael Roseller G. Villaluz

Floor/Public areas Supervisor 2

Floor Section
Room Coordinator 1

Public Section Public Attendant 1

Linen Section Linen Attendant 2 Mini-Bar Attendant 1

Room Attendant 11

NOTE: LARGER ESTABLISHMENT CONSIST OF MORE SECTION Personnels and Areas of Designation Room Coordinator Housekeeping office/Linen & Floor reliever Sr. Linen attendant Linen room/Mini-bar Linen attendant 2nd shift linen room/Mini-bar Mini-bar attendant Mini-bar room/Linen reliever Room attendant 3rd floor 4th floor 5th floor 6th floor 7th floor 8th floor 9th floor Room attendant Floor reliever* Room attendant 2nd shift/P.A./R.A./Bellman Room attendant Graveyard shift/P.A./R.A./Bellman Room attendant General reliever/P.A./R.A./Bellman Public Attendant Public Areas


Parking area Concession/ other lease areas Employees entrance Employees locker

Main Entrance Lobby Business Center Elevators Main Stairways Lounge area 2ND flr. Restrooms All Guestrooms 3rd flr. Hallways 4th flr. Hallways 5th flr. Hallways 6th flr. Hallways 7th flr. Hallways 8th flr. Hallways 9th flr. Hallways 10th flr. Hallways 10th flr. Restrooms

Cafeteria Fire exit Stairways 2nd flr. Office 3rd flr. Condensing area 4th flr. Office 6th flr. Office 7th flr. Office 8th flr. Stock Room Roof Deck Front Office Back Office Caffeina Main stairways

10th flr. Function rooms (Irish, Daffodil, Shamrock & Rose)


Standard 7 Rooms 901 801 701 601 501 estimated size 17 401 301

De luxe King 50 Rooms

estimated size 32

902 903 904 905 906 907 909 910

802 803 804 805 806 807 809 810

702 703 704 705 706 707 709 710

602 604 605 606 607 609 610

502 504 505 506 507 509 510 503 511 512

402 404 405 406 407 409 410

303 307 309 310 311 (Hotel Manager Room)

De luxe Twin 16 Rooms 911 912 811 812 711 712 603 611 612

estimated size 32 403 411 412 305

Suite Rooms Junior Suite 3 Rooms 302 304 306 508 estimated size 40 408 estimated size 40 estimated size 35

Executive Suite 6 Rooms 908 808 708 608

Executive Twin Suite 1 Room 308

Frequency of Change and Replenishment of Supplies:

1/2 2/4/8 2/4/8 2 1/2 2 1 1 Bed sheets Pillow Case Pillow Slip/protector Bath Towel Hand Towel Face Towel Bath mat Bath Robe Daily Daily As needed Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily

1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1 1 1 1 1 1/2 1 1 1 1 12 1 1 3 1 1 1 1

Duvet Cover Duvet filler Bed pad Bed Skirt Slippers Bath Soap Bath Gel Shampoo & conditioner Tissue Rolls Tooth care kit Shower cap Sanitary Bag Cotton Buds Complimentary water Mini bar items Noted Pad Laundry Bag Stationary Envelope Brochure Guest comment Pencil

Upon guest check-out Long staying - As needed As needed As needed As needed As needed As needed As needed As needed As needed As needed Daily Daily Daily Upon Check in only Daily As needed Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Sharpen daily/As needed

Room Attendant Standard cleaning time:

a.) Standard Room Make up 15 to 20 min 25 to 30 min 20 to 30 min 35 to 45 min

b.) c.)
Deluxe/JR Suites/Executive Suites/Executive Twin -

Check out Make up Check out

The Hotel standard for making a Bed alone is 5 minutes per bed. The rest of the minutes are for bathroom / bedroom cleaning. Note: For an experienced Room Attendant, one room is cleaned less minute than specified above. Room attendant are expected to work fast and with technique but quality of work, accuracy and neatness.

Room Linens/Towels Set-up


2 1 1 Bath Towel Hand Towel Bath Mat Face Towel

more than 2 w/ charge more than 1 w/ charge more than 1 w/ charge w/ charge


2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 2


Bath Robe Pillow Pillow slip Pillow case Bed sheet Twin Duvet Cover Queen Duvet Filler Queen Bed Pad Queen Bed Skirt Queen Golden Brown Curtain Bath Towel Hand Towel Bath Mat Face Towel Bath Robe Pillow Pillow slip Pillow case Bed sheet Twin Duvet Cover Twin Duvet Filler Twin Bed Pad Twin Bed Skirt Twin Golden Brown Linen Bath Towel Hand Towel Bath Mat Face Towel Bath Robe Pillow Pillow slip Pillow case Bed sheet King Duvet Cover King Duvet Filler King Bed Pad King Bed Skirt King Golden Brown Curtain

w/ charge more than 2 w/ charge w/ charge w/ charge

more than 2 w/ charge more than 1 w/ charge more than 1 w/ charge w/ charge w/ charge more than 2 w/ charge w/charge w/charge

more than 2 w/ charge more than 1 w/ charge more than 1 w/ charge w/ charge w/ charge more than 2 w/ charge w/ charge w/ charge


2 2 2 2 1 4 4 Bath Towel Hand Towel Face Towel Bath Robe Bath Mat Pillow Pillow slip

more than 2 w/ charge more than 2 w/ charge more than 2 w/ charge more than 2 w/ charge more than 1 w/ charge more than 2 w/ charge


4 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 8 8 8 2 2 2 2 2 4 4

Pillow case Bed sheet King Duvet Cover King Duvet Filler King Bed Pad King Bed Skirt King Golden Brown Curtain Sheer curtain Bath Towel Hand Towel Face Towel Bath Robe Bath Mat Pillow Pillow slip Pillow case Bed sheet King Duvet Cover King Duvet Filler King Bed Pad King Bed Skirt King Golden Brown Curtain Sheer curtain

w/ charge w/ charge

(4 for Exec.Suite) (4 for Exec.Suite) more than 6 w/ charge more than 6 w/ charge more than 6 w/ charge more than 2 w/ charge more than 3 w/ charge more than 4 w/ charge


ITEM Bath Towel Bath Robe Bath Mat Hand Towel PRICE P 30.00 P 100.00 P 30.00 P 20.00

Face Towel Bed Sheet (King or Twin) Pillow Duvet Cover (King or Twin) Extra Bed Adaptor (more than 1) Hair Dryer Ash Tray (more than 1) Bath Soap (more than 1) Bath Gel (more than 1) Shampoo (more than 1) Tooth care kit (more than 2) Hangers (plastic w/ logo) Hangers (wooden) Slippers (more than 1) Extra Bed Notes:

P 10.00 P 50.00 P 25.00 P 150.00 P 600.00 P 10.00 P 50.00 P 10.00 P 10.00 P 10.00 P 10.00 P 15.00 P 5.00 P 5.00 P 20.00 P 600.00

The ff. item for request will be Refer to F&B DEPT. High ball Glass Utensils Drinking water Banquet chairs Table Bottle Opener Steak Knife Ice Bucket


Deliberate loss or damaging company property.* Damaging company property through negligence. **

Wasteful and/ or improper use of supplies, equipments & energy. **** Committing any acts of sabotage.* Any act of Vandalism. *** Unauthorized possession / lost of master keys and similar devices.* Falsification of any record or documents.* Betrayal of company trust. Revealing of any company documents, records & classified information.* Refusal to follow instruction from superiors w/out justified reasons. ** Any acts of dishonesty.* Inflicting bodily harm in any form to fellow employees. ** Provoking or instigating a fight w/in the company premises.* Insulting or discourteous to others. ** Deliberately or attempting to damage property of co-employees w/in company premises. ** Any acts of stealing.* Gambling w/in company premises. *** Participation or playing any games during working hours. **** Indecent or immoral conduct w/in company premises.* Reporting to work under the influence of prohibited drugs or liquor.* Smoking or chewing gum while inside the company premises. **** Not in proper uniform. **** Bringing in of any deadly weapons.* Any acts of disturbing peace and order. ** Abandonment of post. **** Loitering / wasting time. **** Taking / eating of food not intended for employees. *** Sleeping while on duty. **** Using Telephones for personal gain or cell phones while on duty. *** Contributing to poor housekeeping. **** Other acts of gross inefficiency and incompetence. ** Absence w/out leave. ** Tardiness. *****

Punching co-employees time card.* Tampering of timecard.* Unauthorized sidelines during working hours. ***


A. BEDROOM LINENS/SIZES Flat sheets - King 108x108 Queen 86x100 Queen 84x100 Queen 60x80x10 Twin 72x110 Twin 68x100 Twin 68x100 Twin 42x80x10 SUITES 21x35 SUITES 21x36 SUITES 21x35

Duvet Cover - King 98x100 Duvet Filler Bed/Pad Pillows Pillow case Pillow slip - King 98x100 - King 75x80x10 - STN/DLX 20x30 - STN/DLX 20x30 - STN/DLX 20x30

Note: 220 Thread Count for Flat sheets & Pillow case/slip. 250 Thread Count for all Duvets.


TOWELS SIZE/GRAMS - 25x50 / 500 grams - 20x30 / 300 grams - 16x27 / 180 grams - 12x12 / 50 grams - Kimono Style (Velour)

Bath Towel Bath Mat Hand Towel Face Towel Bath Robe

C. CURTAINS/SKIRT Heavy Curtain (Golden Brown)

Black Out Sheer Curtain Bed Skirt


Company Rules and other regulations must be followed and respected. All staff and OJT must observed courtesy, always smile, attentive and give due respect to guest, employees and superiors. Staffs & OJT reports at exactly 15 minutes before scheduled time for daily briefing A.M., P.M., Graveyard shift. All staff & OJT must comply w/ grooming standards before reporting to duty. Avoid unnecessary noise that might disturb or annoy hotel guests such as boisterous laughter, whistling, shouting and running on hotel premises. Observed daily punctual attendance. If unable to report on time for duty, inform the Housekeeping Office 2 hours before duty. Informed superior a day before taking absence! (Need valid reason) Absence should be called in within 24 hours. (Valid reason). If after 24 hours there is no call in! You will have self terminated your own employment.

All Housekeeping Staffs & OJT are not allowed to leave assigned area for break and called time off unless informed to the superior or H.K. coordinator. Break must be observed accordingly to the given schedule. Room Attendants should not open personal belonging of the guests like cologne, perfume, liquors, etc All keys & Radio must be returned to Superior before leaving the Hotel.

Guests or employees are not allowed to bring any hotel property outside the

hotel. No one is not allowed to take out any thrown away items from guests w/out proper written approval or authorization letter from the guests or note from the Executive Housekeeper or Hotel Manager. No smoking while on duty. No Fighting.

Unexplained losses shall be charged to the responsible employee where the losses occurred. Cost will be computed by the Accounting Department. All Staff and OJT leave the hotel as soon as duty is completed. No loitering. All guest requests need O.S. and must be signed by the guest concern and immediately forwarded to Front Office. DO NOT LET A DAY TO PASS.

Bringing in Liquors, Pornographic, dangerous weapons & Prohibited drugs is strictly not allowed. Unauthorized possession of master keys, picklocks & similar devices will be dealt accordingly. Observed sanitary practice. Clean as you go. Staffs & OJT are not allowed to watch T.V. and listen to any radio or similar devices while on duty. Report to Superior any damage or loss of fixtures and amenities in the room such as linen, towels and other Fixtures. Any act of Vandalism is not allowed. Knocking of Check out Rooms start exactly 8:30am / Make-up Rooms 9am to 9pm.


1. Do not eat or drink in a guest room or hallways.

2. Do not stay in the area designated for the guests 3. Do not entertain your friends or relatives in any area of the Hotel w/out permission of your superior. 4. Except emergencies, dont entertain personal calls or use cell phones. 5. Do not use guests facilities like T.V., lights, radio, elevator. (when not needed) 6. Do not address Superior or Guest by their names. Always give them due respect. 7. Do not write down unnecessary things on your R.A.D.R./P.A.D.R. 8. Do not loiter around expected check-outs for tips. 9. Do not knock with your room keys or sharp objects. 10. Do not gamble in the Hotel. 11. Do not trust your memory. Put everything in writing so you will not forget instructions. 12. Dont leave your push carts or any cleaning materials/equipments lying around in the middle of the hallway to avoid inconvenience to passing guests. Always cover your push carts when leaving your area. 13. Do not open a guest room door for anyone unless you know the guest personally. 14. Do not speak in loud voices, joke nor laugh w/ co-employees. Always maintain Peace and quiet in the Hotel premises. 15. Do not use guestroom linen for cleaning purposes. 16. Do not take or use what is not yours.

17. Do not leave any door open. Always make sure it is close before leaving. 18. Do not lose any key. Always empty your pockets before leaving hotel. (Lost key! Lost Job) 19. Do not hold your radio on the antenna. 20. Do not sit or sleep while on duty. 21. Do not use the guest bathroom. *


Do not answer guestroom phones at any time. (Unless you know its for

you.) 23. Do not forget to clean & refill your cleaning materials. 24. Do not throw away unused Amenities/Supplies. 25. Do not report to work under the influence of prohibited drugs or liquors. 26. Do not forget to update your white board. Always endorse on your floor logbook. 27. Be an observant. Know how to analyze or evaluate the movement of guests. 28. Report unbecoming gestures/behavior of guest immediately to the superiors in charge before any undesirable things happen. 29. Write down on incident logbook any unusual incidents w/ the room number, guest name & time. 30. Always knock gently 3 times the door before entering. 31. Always Report to work early on time. 32. Always smile!


Secure and log designated floor key from superior. Secure and log designated radio from coordinator. After the briefing. Staff discreetly proceeds to linen section and secures supplies and amenities needed for the daily tasks. Speak in a low voice at hallways.

Staff prepare Room Boys cart and does side duties before and after executing assigned tasks: a) Check any obstructions or room service trays at hallways. b) Open Main stairs doors and Fire exit doors to ventilate the hallways. c) Sweep landing and hallways area.

d)Dusts & Wipe Walls, Vigan jars, frames, baseboards, all furniture & doors.
e) Clean Main and fire exit stairways. (use neutrex on steps)

f) Wipe and polish ash burns, acrylic, walls and elevator switch.
Fill in Room Attendant Daily Report at the beginning and end of the shift. Always knock 3 times gently before entering a guestroom. Announce your purpose of entering the guestroom.

Always respond & attend to guest requests promptly. Whenever in doubt, ask the Superior for help. DO NOT DISTURB (DND) sign should be observed always. When this Decal sign is hanged on the door knob, one must respect the wishes of the guest. Refrain noise when near the room and never knock this door or call. If the room still DND at 2:00 P.M., inform the supervisor. Leave door wide open and hook MUR sign on the door knob. Report immediately to front office any lost & found items, consumed items by the guest and check Safety Deposit Box. (for Check-Out) Write down to your R.A.D.R. any valuable items like cash, jewelries, wallet left by the guests. (for MUR) Open the curtains, air con (fan only) and window to ventilate the foul odor left by the guest when necessary. Always empty ashtray and wastebasket. Place soiled linens and towels on top of luggage rack, table or bed not on the floor. Carry out and count soiled linens and towels. Dustings are done clockwise or counter clockwise so not to forget or miss anything. Vacuum carpet and sweep floors thoroughly. Replenish supplies and amenities lacking inside the guest room. After Bed making! Dusting and sweeping is done. (Behind and under set up) No Smudges and water marks on glass, tumblers, surfaces and all mirrors. Bathroom should be totally dry. Curtains, towels and linens are placed accordingly. Take a last look to make sure everything is in order. Inspect all amenities, furniture and lighting if at good conditions. Spray air freshener to leave a good smell of the room. Ensure that the door is closed and leave quietly.


Keep Hallways and stairs clean and free from obstructions. Room attendants cart should be parked properly at hallways. Wipe up spills and leaks promptly to prevent slips and falls. Do not mix chemical product. Read label and Use chemicals according to directions. Check all electrical items before use. Check for frayed wires, loose plugs and connections. Do not use If found defective Do not pull electrical cords from a distance, go near the outlet and remove the plug holding it. Do not plug cords or switch light w/ wet hands. Do not lean on glass and windows to avoid breakage that may hurt guests and anybody around.

Do not run hands along surfaces that you have not first checked for razor blades, broken glass etc. Use rugs, broom and dustpan. Report defective items and equipment! Dont try to repair it yourself, ask help from maintenance. Shake out all linen and towels before bringing out from the guestrooms. Never loads the cart so high that you cant see over the load. When moving big furniture, pull them, dont push. Always grasp the handrails securely when going up or down the stairs. Dont indulge in horseplay w/co-employee or anyone. Check cigarette butts left by the guest, and are snuff out before they burn anything. Put a sign up WET FLOOR or SLIPPERY FLOOR after washing floors to prevent people from slipping. When transporting mop from one place to another, hold mop at the side handle paralleled to the persons body. Properly label cleaning solution for right identifications to avoid damage on furniture and other cleaning surfaces. For minor accidents on the part of the employees and guests, FIRST AID BOX is located at the HR Office. Use a steady ladder to clean or fix high fixtures. Be alert to things that may cause accidents. Remove them when possible or report them to the Executive Housekeeper or Resident Manager.


POLICIES AND PROCEDURES 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 All lost and found items must be declared and be recorded. Records logbook must be established containing the name of the guest, room number, date checked out and the item descriptions. All items will be accountable to the housekeeping department. Submission of the file of the lost and found items will be at the end of every month. Whereas Front Office Department will encode on the remarks of the guest profile the items that the guest left in the hotel. informed for them to advice the guest for the items. It should be clarified to the guest the item left and to establish the signature of the person concern for reference of claiming the lost and found items.

1.6 The next time the guest visits the hotel the supervisor of both departments must be

1.8 The Housekeeping Department must submit the record of lost and found items w/
1.9 corresponding information of the guests. Wherein unclaimed lost and found items will be awarded to the finder.

Classifications of Lost & Found items. Valuable Items Things left by guests having substantial monetary value such as travelers check, cash, credit cards, jewelries, equipment, appliances, ball pens, expensive shirts, dress, wardrobes, sunglasses and other things deemed to have high value. This may also include important documents such as passport and airline tickets. These items are immediately turned over to the Housekeeping Department for documentation and proper handling. These are kept for a period of 1 year. If unclaimed, these items maybe released to its finder upon the approval of the Hotel Manager. Non-Valuable Items Things left by the guests not having substantial monetary value such as toothbrush, toothpaste, underwear, pocketbooks and other personal and utility items. These are kept for a period of 3months. If unclaimed, these items are released maybe to its finder. Perishable goods These are kept for a period of 24 hours


Be accurate to the best of your ability.

Follow carefully instructions given by your superior.

If you do not understand, dont hesitate to ask help to your superior. Report accident or unusual movements immediately to your superior. Be ready to adjust quickly to new situations.

Try to get things on time, use a systematic work schedule. Perform all your duties in a spirit of cooperation. Have enthusiasm to your work. Be courteous at all times.

Always follow standard operating procedures.


OOO OOS CL IS NIS VD OCC OD DO NCI CO Out of Order Out of Service Clean /Touch up Inspected Not Inspected Vacant Dirty Occupied Occupied Dirty Due Out Newly Check In Check Out BT BR HT BM FT PC BSK BST DCK DCQ DCT Bath Towel Bath Robe Hand Towel Bath Mat Face Towel Pillow Case Bed Sheet King Bed Sheet Twin Duvet Cover King Duvet Cover Queen Duvet Cover Twin


Early Check Out Sleep Out House Use Do Not Disturb Make Up Room Guest In/Guest Out Mini Bar list Refused Service Double Lock Change Towel Only Change Beddings Only Extra Bed Very Important Person Long Staying Guest Mini-Bar Vacant Public Attendant/area


Front Office Food & beverages Mini-bar Attendant Bed Pad Water kettle No Luggage Heavy Luggage Light Luggage Walk In Free Individual Travelers General Cleaning Foot stool Ash Tray Laundry Bag Vacant clean Housekeeping Room Attendant

Complimentary Skipper Lounge Lobby Guest Room Function Room Stock Room Spot Clean Stripping Buffing Steaming Scrape

-Unregistered person staying at the Hotel after 10:00 PM w/ joiners fee rate of P 600.00. -Free of charge. -One who check out of the room w/out paying or settling his accounts. -Waiting Area. -Reception Area. -Paid room by guest. -Rooms use for venue of various events and affairs. - Storage area for supplies and amenities. -Cleaning only a portion of an area. -Process completely cleans and prepares the floor for new coats of wax/sealer. -Maintaining & restoring the shininess of the newly finished floor. -Maintaining all room linen free of crumples & wrinkles. -To rub over a surface by an abrasive tool.


Basic Function: Directs and controls all rooms keeping and housekeeping activities including room make up, installation of mini bar and other room amenities; maintenance of public areas and ensure conformity to prescribed standard operating procedures and policies. Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Gives briefing to all staffs. Informing on the occupancy, departures, arrivals, stay over
and in-house of the hotel, problems encountered from previous day, Function & projects for today, reminders and concerns. 2. Orients Housekeeping staffs under her supervision on newly-approved policies and procedures, specific instructions from the Executive Housekeeper and from top management. 3. Ensures that staffs understand and perform their duties and functions efficiently to meet standard of quality and services.

4. Sees to it that all Housekeeping staffs under her supervision always in proper uniform,
well-groomed, no foul smell and presentable. 5. Checks room status and prepare daily report form to be distributed to room attendants. (Use OPERA SYSTEM to check)

6. Inspects all guestrooms to ensure conformity to establish standards of cleanliness &

orderliness of standard room set-up. a.) Accomplishes the Supervisors Report room status (e.g. occupied, vacant not ready, out of order, etc.) 7. Supervises over-all cleaning of guest room, hallways, exits, elevators in accordance with the instructions from the Executive Housekeeper.

8. Relays room for repair to Maintenance through the Housekeeping Coordinator.

Responsible for constant follow-up of out-of-order rooms w/ them.

9. Checks blocked/Group arrivals and VIP3 rooms where special attention/ treatment shall
be given. Ensures completeness of room amenities. 10. Acts as custodian of Housekeeping supplies (e.g. linen, tissue paper, soap, etc.) at the linen Section. Sees to it that an adequate supply is maintained for daily use. a.) Conducts regular inventory of housekeeping supplies at Linen Section to determine and report any shortage/losses. Prepares O.S. to document any losses/breakages and charges. 11. Attends to guest special request and /or complaints. Handles complaints out rightly or elevates major problems to superior for immediate attention or action. 12. Trains and directs staff the proper use, storage and maintenance of linen and cleaning equipments as well as housekeeping tools and supplies. 13. Regularly checks the condition and maintenance of housekeeping equipments. Have them cleaned regularly. Initiates service request for defective items. 14. Prepares work schedule for staffs in their respective work area. Rotate work assignments in a scheduled basis. 15. Recommends personnel for promotion, disciplinary action or termination. 16. Turn over all lost and found items to Housekeeping coordinator for proper documentation and safekeeping. 17. Maintains logbook where day-to-day activities and exceptional events shall be recorded (e.g. guest complaints, request, projects, etc.) 18. Responsible for reporting any breakage/losses and charges through the use of O.S.


Checks and monitor projects of staffs within the day. Make sure it is recorded.

20. Sees to it that his superior is informed of all unusual incidents and accidents in his area of responsibility. 21. Performs other duties that may be assigned by superior/s or prescribed in approved S/Ps and guidelines. PUBLIC AREA (P.A.) 1. Inspects all Public Areas such as lobby, hallway, restaurants, stairway, locker rooms, public C.R., function room, roof deck, etc., to ensure cleanliness and orderliness of the surroundings. 2. 3. 4. Supervise overall cleaning at P.A. Relays and do follow-up to maintenance out-of-order for repair. Checks project done by P.A.


Provides knowledge on the proper use and procedure of chemicals and equipment officially use at the Hotel. Spot check and monitor equipment used by staffs.



Basic Function: Acts as communication internal and external of the department and assist proper work for accomplishments from the EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER. monitor staff activities and where about.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:


Receives information from F.O. regarding guests such as expected arrivals, check out, guests requests, group arrivals, room blocking etc. 2. Relays information to HSKG personnel concerned for proper action.

3. Maintain a log book where all guests request or complaints are recorded.
4. Maintains a file of all Maintenance Orders. Floors, P.A. and Supervisor covering requests to maintenance for repair w/ damaged on malfunctioned equipment. 5. Maintains logbook where all work for Floors or P.A. endorsed to maintenance. e.g. a. responsible for follow-up of pending work w/ maintenance b. follow-up requisitions to purchasing department.

6. Types reports, memoranda and other forms w/ correspondence for the department.
Handles routing/ retains file copy w/all outgoing memoranda. 7. Handles requisition of office supplies & printed forms for the purchasing whenever necessary. 8. Sees to it that work area is kept clean & orderly. 9. Prepares Lost & Found Report (LFR) for all Lost & Found items found in guest rooms or Public Area. 10. Performs other duties as may be assigned by supervisors.

Basic function:

Responsible in replenishing and endorsing mini-bar items listed by Room attendant. Check Mini-bar list if properly labeled and listed.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:


Reports 30-45 minutes before assigned schedule. 2. Checks stock for AM/PM daily counting. 3. Replenishes MB items per room charged by GY w/ corresponding MB Voucher. 4. Forward all MB voucher to F.O. ASAP or before 2:00 pm. 5. Maintains par stocking of mini-bar items, make requisition if needed. 6. Checks and collect mini-bar voucher from R/A. 7. Monitors and updates expiration of items, open sealed, bloated. 8. Prepares report for spillage. 9. Controls & issues MB voucher #s to R.A. 10. Prepare daily sales report at the end of the shift and submit it to F.O. 11. Performs other duties as may be assigned by supervisor.

Basic function:

Responsible for controlling movement of linen/towels, guest laundries and includes stocks use in housekeeping operation.

Sorts, counts and inspects soiled linens, towels and Guests laundry before they are sent to laundry. Responsible in storing Guests linens & issuing Linens and towels. Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Sorts and endorse Linens & towels for repair. 2. Counts soiled Linens & towels from guestrooms for turn-over to laundry. a. Maintains records of all linens and towels turned over to laundry. b. Maintains records in/out of H.K. stockroom.
3. 4. 5. 6. 7. c. Ensure records are updated and accurate based on documents covering issuances and receipts (gate pass). Issues Linens, towels, cleaning supplies and stocks to H.K. personnel. Receives all surrendered linens and stocks. Receives and checks accurately laundry items of the guest and delivers when finished. Reminds guests by means of Guest Laundry Slip when laundry items have problems. Repairs guests garments upon requests. Sections for easy retrievals and issuances.

8. Keep linen and towels as well as other stocks in an orderly arrangement at Linen 9. Undertakes monthly and yearly inventory of linens and towels to determine any losses
and damages. 10. Handles issuance of clean linen for functions. Observe one is to one method or Batch System, if possible. 11. Participants and assists internal audit in the inventory count of linens and towels. 12. Reports any unusual observations or problem occurred at Linen section to supervisor.


Performs other duties that may be assigned by supervisor.

To send in the laundry service

1. Upon receipt of items for laundry, the sorter lines up the laundry bags according to the time they are received. 2. Count and check all items in the bag.

Segregate every bag; separate those for dry-cleaning, laundry and pressing. Upon checking, take note of the following: a. Whether the type and count of items tally w/what is indicated in the laundry list. If there are discrepancies, inform the supervisor who will in turn inform the guest. b. Check for damages and stains. Should there be any, inform the supervisor. c. Check for valuables inside the garment and turn them over to the supervisor for him to send it to the guest. d. Check for special instructions indicated in the list Check pockets for valuables left by guest. Check for missing buttons, stains, discoloration, other damages, etc. Write note in the laundry bag if its dry cleaning or washing. Indicate details as to type of processing, time of delivery, other services like mending, etc. Items for dry cleaning go to dry cleaner. Laundry items to washer. Items for pressing to presser. Have endorsed items acknowledged by asking spotter to sign in the endorsement.

For easier identification and to facilitate processing; also to ensure that first in, first out policy is followed. To make sure that count and specifications tally w/the list so that possible misunderstanding and complaints will be prevented. A damage report is immediately given to the guest.

3. Check garments for stains and damages. 4. Write note according to the type of required processing. 5. Inform supervisor for special instructions of the guest. 6. Endorse items for processing to the concerned laundry staff reminding her of special instructions of the guest. 7. Endorse stained items to spotted for spotting.

It easy to identify the required laundry method-whether for washing, dry cleaning etc. To avoid complaints, the laundry staff should strictly abide with instructions of guest regarding his laundry items.

Basic function:

Responsible for keeping the guestrooms and surrounding areas clean, Orderly and well maintained conditioned. Tends to guests requests.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Updates in out using R.A. Report. Vacuum Hallways and landing areas. Dust/clean fixtures & signages. Empty and clean ash urns & vegan jars. Sweep and dust exits. Enters and prepares room for cleaning. Makes the bed of the guest Dust the room and furniture

9. Cleans and scrub bathroom thoroughly. 10. Disinfects bathroom 11. Replenish guestroom amenities & supplies. 12. Checks all equipments & facilities inside guestroom at good condition. 13. Reports to supervisor any particular found inside the room. 14. Reports to supervisor/maintenance any defects or deficiency found inside the room. 15. Vacuum the carpet. 16. Sweep & polish the floor. 17. Checks and secure the room. 18. Counts linens in/out of the guestrooms. 19. Maintain and take care equipment use. 20. Turn-over all lost and found items to supervisor found or left by guest at guestrooms. 21. Perform other duties as maybe assigned by supervisor.


1. Position your cart in front of the door. At the entry door, knock gently and refrain from
creating loud noise which can distract other guestrooms. Knocks w/ your knuckles and announce Housekeeping, Room cleaning. 2. Wait for a response. If you do not hear an answer, repeat it again.

3. On the 3
4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

try no response from inside, open the door slightly and repeat Housekeeping. If the guest is asleep or in the bathroom, leave quietly and close the door. If the guest answers your knock, ask if he wants the room to be cleaned, wait for the guest to open his/her room. Keep door open w/ rubber door stopper. Switch on key light on main switch. Bring in cleaning supply caddy into the bathroom. Place cleaning supplies on bathroom floors. Open the window, drapes/ curtains to ventilate the room.


10. 13. 15.

Remove all Room service trays and collects trash at waste cans clockwise or counter clockwise up to the bathroom. 11. Empty ashtray. 12. Ensure cigarette butts are put-off to prevent fire or accidents. In a MAKE-UP room, the bed shall be made first so the room looks neat and tidy when guest returns before the Room Attendant finishes and then clean the bathroom. 14. In a CHECK-OUT room the bathroom shall be cleaned first to air the bed. Remove soiled towels and place them at luggage rack. a) Strip the beddings. Separate the soiled linens from Duvet cover, Duvet filler, bed sheets and pillows. Fold duvet filler to avoid crumples and for easy inserting. b) DO NOT lay them on the floor. Place them at the foot stool, at one bed or any top surface area. 16. In one motion, remove soiled linens and towels and trash from the guestroom. 17. Return to guestroom with clean linen and additional supplies and amenities. (NOTE: Clean linen and Soiled Linen shall never be in the room at the same time.) 18. Check for the head boards and under the bed. 19. Dust and clean all furniture in the room clockwise or counter clockwise so as not to Forget or overlook anything. Do not over look entry doors, inside drawers, picture Frames, mirrors, back of vanity chairs, foot stool, sofa, lounge chairs, cushions, Telephone, window, lampshades, side tables, light bulbs, closet door, closet shelves, Vents, T.V. stands, mini-bar, refrigerator, jars, standees, compendium, fixtures and Baseboards. 20. Use chemicals appropriate to its use. a) glass cleaner for mirror and frames. b) furniture polish for wooden panels and furniture.

c) metal polish for chrome fixtures and metal. 21. Replace light when necessary except for fluorescent bathroom light. 22. Place supplies and amenities according to the quality standards and procedures of the hotel. 23. Set AC thermostat as instructed and as hotel standard, 19 degrees Fahrenheit. 24. Ensure that drapes/ curtains are hanged and proportioned. 25. Take a last look. To ensure that all amenities and supplies are in, properly placed and complete, checks T.V. are functioning properly. 26. Turn-off light and closed the door. Note: a.) All malfunctioning appliances defective furniture, missing and lacking linen and towels inside the room must be written at R.A. Report for endorsement and accomplishments. b.) Always leave guestroom door widely open during services.


Service Task
A. Check-out Procedure: 1. Bring in cleaning supplies and place at bathroom floors. 2. Remove all soiled towels, linens and used soap, sachets w/ shampoo and conditioner, trolls etc. 3. Flush T-bowl 3x and place Toilet bowl cleaner. (Bleach) 4. Put a little hot water in the bath tub to soften stubborn dirt. 5. Clean wash basin inside and outside w/ all purpose cleaner soap. (APC Clean basin stopper. (If it is occupied, lift toilet articles and clean under them). 6. Clean glasses and cups and saucer, T-spoon first w/ soap and lukewarm water. a.) Spread a cleaning rug at marble top. b.) Turn down amenities and allow water to drip. 7. Follow cleaning other amenities used. a.) teaspoon b.) saucers c.) trays d.) water kettle e.) ice bucket & tong f.) ashtray 8. Clean and polish chrome or stainless fixtures and fittings. 9. Clean Bath tub in and out. Dont forget to clean top edge where dust and dirt collects. a.) clean over bath tub, pop up, fixture and stoppers. 10. Clean shower enclosure. a.) Scrub shower hose and sprinkler, fixtures w/ soap and water using green scouring pad. b.) Scrub walls and floor to remove soap spots. c.) Clean glass panel w/ squeegee using glass cleaner. 11. Clean toilet bowl inside and outside. 12. Clean toilet sit cover from all sides, including hinges. 13. Clean toilet base. 14. Clean and scrub bathroom floor drain and especially floor edges. 15. When finished, towel dry everything. 16. Replace all bathroom supplies and amenities according to the type of room. b.) In MAKE-UP room, make the bed first so the room looks neat in case the guest returns before the Room Attendant finishes and then clean the bathroom. c.) The soiled linen from the bathroom shall be removed with the soiled linen from the bed. REMOVE ALL SOILED LINEN. d.) Use cleaning supplies and chemicals according to use and as instructed.

e.) Do not use harsh abrasives on chrome and porcelain finishes. f.) Use cleaning supplies with correct proportion and for the designated purpose. MAKING A BED Service Task: A. Check-out Procedure: 1. Remove all soiled Linen & bring in clean Linen into the room. 2. Straighten mattress, pull mattress away from the headboard. 3. Place clean bed pad squarely on the bed. 4. Start bed making at the head of the bed. a.) Flip top sheet (Bed sheet) open with a sharp flip. Hem overlapping the head Mattress of the bed. Make certain the sheet is centered. b.) From the Head of the bed Tuck sheet under the bed mattress halfway cross. Clockwise or counter clockwise motion. Hand press Bed mattress free from crumples and lumps on the top of the bed. c.) Miter corners at the head of the bed. (Envelope like) 5. Spread the Duvet cover on top of the bed. Centered. a.) prepare duvet cover by spreading it to the bed and ready the two side corner to be tied w/ the duvet filler. b.) Insert duvet filler and tie it to the duvet cover. (shoe knot) 6.) Moves to the head of the bed. And flip duvet to even filler inside. a.) straighten and tie the bottom of the duvet. Free from lumps on top. b.) Tuck Duvet Under the mattress and Miter the corners. c.) straighten the duvet and pull the duvet at top of the head of the mattress and fold back. ( 6 inches for 2 pillows & 12 inches for 4 pillows) 7.) Hand iron Duvet free from wrinkles and lumps on top. Clockwise or counterclockwise. 8.) Prepare pillow and place at the head of the bed slightly inclined. Single pillow opening facing the window Two pillow opening facing each other (Standard 5 minutes)


Damp Mopping and spray buffing procedure

Low speed polisher

Soft broom (Walis Tambo) Dust pan Red or White Pad Mop Bucket Squeezer Damp Mop / Cleaning cloth Trigger sprayer 1. Put up wet floor signs. 2. Sweep the floor to remove loose dirt and debris.

3. Dilute NEUTREX w/ water at 1:64 dilutions in a bucket squeezer for regular cleaning.
Use stronger dilutions if the surface is heavily soiled (1:4).

4. Use clean Damp mop / cleaning cloth on the floor or use an auto scrubber w/ a white or
red pad.

5. If youre using a mop. Wring the mop regularly in the bucket squeezer. It is the best
soak the mop in solution and wring it every 20 to 30 square meters to remove dirt from mop 6. If the area being cleaned is big, it is recommended that the solution in the bucket be replaced when it turns dirty.

7. There is no more need to rinse the floor after mopping w/the NEUTREX. Let it dry. 8. Fill a trigger spray w/ RESTORE. 9. Using the mist setting of the trigger spray, apply a few squirts of RESTORE spray buff
10. 11. 12. 13. 14. on a 1 to 2 square meter area. Buff immediately w/ a red or white pad until the product dries. Do not apply too much product. Repeat Step #9 on all worn out areas that need maintenance. Flip the pad or replace it w/ a clean one as needed. Sweep the floor w/ a broom to collect dust and pad particles. Do not return unused Neutrex / Restore in the original container to avoid contaminations. Wash the pad and clean all equipment used before storing.

15. Make your dream come true.

Wax Stripping Procedure


2 Damp Mop (Wet & Dry Vacuum optional) Mop bucket Squeezer
Low speed polisher Black pad Deeper / Pale Hand Brush 1. 2. 3. 4.

Place up a wet floor sign. Sweep floor to remove loose dirt and debris. Using a putty scraper, remove gum and other foreign objects that are stuck to the floor. For personal safety, always wear gloves and eye protection during any stripping procedure.

5. Mix SUPER VALUE STRIPPER with Hot water 1:4 dilutions for regular stripping or
top scrubbing and 1.2 for heavy stripping. Always add the stripper to the water and not the other way around for safety considerations. 6. Using a clean mop head spread the stripper solution on a 10 to 20 square meter area so that area is thoroughly wet. It is best to have a crew of at least 2 custodians- one to operate the floor polisher and the other to pick up the used solution.

7. Let the solution stay on the floor for 5 to 8 minutes before agitating with a low speed
floor polisher. While waiting, it is recommended that the edges and the corner be manually scrubbed using a black pad or Hand Brush. Re apply stripper if needed. TACT! T Time (Oras) A Agitation (Pagkuskus) C Concentration (Timpla) T Temperature (Init ng tubig)

8. Using a black stripping pad and a low speed floor polisher, begin stripping the floor by starting at one end of the room. It normally requires 2 to 5 passes of the polisher to completely strip the old wax of the floor. If possible, it is recommended that the floor polisher operator walk in the area that was stripped already because it is less slippery. 9. Immediately after stripping and while the floor is still wet, pick up the used stripper solution using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or mop. 10. It is always recommended to rinse the floor very well with clean water and mop at least twice. Use clean mop and not the stripper mop. Let it dry. 11. Do not return unused SUPERVALUE WAX STRIPPER in the original container to avoid contamination. 12. Rinse the black pad with clean water and clean all equipment used. APPLYING SEALER OR WAX PROCEDURE MATERIALS NEEDED: MAXIMA Wet floor signs Soft broom Dust pan Mop bucket FULL STRIP 1. Put up wet floor signs.

Mop w/ thin cloth as mop head (Flanella)

2. Sweep the floor to remove loose dirt and debris.

3. The floor must be completely dry, clean and free of wax or stripper residue before the new wax is applied.

4. Pour the undiluted MAXIMA wax in a clean bucket squeezer.

5. Use a clean thin cloth mop head or any applicator system. 6. Apply a thin or medium uniform coat of finish on the floor. Apply on the nearest edges and corners first and then in the middle part of your work using a figure 8. Work so that the wax overlaps each other while it is still wet. 7. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly, usually 30 to 40 minutes before applying the next coat. Do not use a fan to force dry it.

8. Three (3) to four (4) coats of maxima are usually recommended. If you will apply more
than 2 coats, apply the 3rd and succeeding coats at least 6 inches from the wall to avoid too much wax build up in the edges. 10. Do not return unused MAXIMA floor finish in the original container to avoid Contaminations. 11. Clean all equipment used before storing.


MATERIALS NEEDED: ALL PURPOSE CLEANER Soft broom Dust Pan Scrubbing pad Small Bucket

Bleach/Mr. muscle Condemned towel

Squeegee Deeper / water hose (Wet & Dry Vacuum & Damp Mop optional) Hand brush or Toothbrush 1. Put up wet floor signs 2. Sweep the floor to remove loose dirt and debris. 3. Using a putty scraper, remove gum or other foreign objects that are stuck to the floor.

4. Dilute All purpose Cleaner at water 1:4 in a bucket for regular wash down procedures.
5. Using a green scouring pad. scrub

Standing lamp 4 inches from corners

Caffeina Standees 2 inches from corners. =HEADBOARD=

Telephone 2 inches from corners

Massage standees 7inches from corners.

T.V. Remote on top of channel guide Channel guide 2F / 4L inches from corners Golden Curtain w/ Black out

FLAT SHEET Duvet Cover

Gooseneck lamp w/ Genie 5w/Warm white Bulb Duvet cover 1 fold 6 inches from Headboard Duvet cover Nite table w/ 4 Telephone directories underneath Pillow w/pillowcase & pillowslip

Goose Neck lamp Nite table w/ drawer King size bed 75X80 Bedskirt

air Ch e ung Lo
ol Sto ot Fo Glass Coffee table
Ashtray Flower Vase Welcome note Air conditioner Vanity chair Vanity Lamp Compendium w/artificial flower Vanity Top glass Trash Can Vanity Table

Note Pad 2F &4R inches from corner


Environment sign 6 inches from edge of bed Mini bar list 2 Drinking Glass w/ Red Bull

Coat/Tie/towel/B athrobe hook

Black Tray Nissin Cup noodles beef T.V. Cabinet w/ SDB Electric Kettle



Complimen -tary Sign Vanity Mirror 2 Complimentary water w/ sign

T.V. swivel Luggage Rack 26 Television Mag

Environmental Sign w/suction Bath towel set as a FAN Bath towel Towel Rack Hand towel Ring Hand Towel

Black tumbler

Bath Gel


Bath soap

Black Plate

Lavatory Mirror Soap dish

Electric outlet

Hair Dryer

Water closet

2 Tooth Care Kit

Trash Bin Lavatory

Bath Mat Bath Tub Pop Up

Bath Tub Tissue roll Bath tub faucet w/ pop up Shower enclosure Telephone

Shower Headw/cord 6 Plastic or wooden Hangers Laundry List Retractable cloth line Shower Head W/ cord

Towel /Robe Hook Cotton Slippers Pin light switch Laundry Bag Dresser Cabinet Shower Faucet w/ pop up Soap tray

C.R. Door