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Knitting for Beginners -The Basic Steps for Beautiful Knitworks knitting for beginners knitting techniques, knitting


Knitting Basic Instructions To Learn About

1. First step involves making a simple knot in the working needles. Its very easy to do this. You have to just bind a regular knot on the needle by making a single loop of yarn over it. This simple knot keeps the knitting secure. This covers the first one of knitting basic instructions. 2. The next step involved is the beginning of knitting. This step is called Cast on. You take one needle in your right hand and other in the left hand. Now make a loose loop, which can slip, in the right hand needle and insert the left hand needle in the loop from right to left .Wrap yarn over it and draw a loop. Now transfer the loop carefully to the left needle. On continuing this process, you will get number of stitches on the left needle and your knit will be ready. Here finishes the second knitting basic instructions. 3. The next one is the knit stitch. To make a knit stitch, just follow these steps. While holding the needle having loop in the left hand, insert the right hand needle through it. Now wrap yarn around it and pull the right handle needle with yarn through the loop of the left hand needle. This will result into a new stitch. Transfer the stitch to the right handle needle. Continue this process until you get all the stitches from the left hand needle to right handle needle. Thats the third knitting basic instructions 4. Here are the steps for purl stitch. While keeping the yarn in front of the needles, insert the right hand needle on the stitch of left hand needle and wind yarn over it to make a loop from the back side. This allows the stitch to slip from the left hand needle to the right hand needle. Now you got the fourth knitting basic instructions. 5. This is the last one of the knitting basic instructions but has a great importance. For anything that begins, there is an ending. Same theory applies to knitting process. The ending process is called binding off or casting off. In this process, you seal the endings of the fabric. To do it, first knit two loose stitches. Then pass one stitch from one needle to other and again make one stitch and repeat the same procedure until you get only one stitch in one of the needle. Now cut the yarn and draw it from the last loop. Here the process finishes.

Basic Knitting Stitches Begin The Process Of Knitting

Every process or method has some base which acts as a platform for further development. Nothing can be imagined without a base. Similarly, knitting compromises of two basic knitting stitches-knit stitch and purl

stitch. All other patterns or types are just a variation of these basic types. Basic knitting stitches are must things to learn for any knitter. Let us know more about them in brief. First one of basic knitting stitches Knit stitch At first, all stitches are cast on one of the two needles. If you dont know how to cast on then refer to section knitting instruction. Now while holding the needle with all the stitches in the left hand, yarn is passed round the little finger of the right hand, under the second and third, and above the point of first. Then, by taking the other needle in the right hand, point is slipped in the first stitch. After then, yarn is put round it and the point of the right hand needle is brought forward to form a loop on it. At last, the end of the left hand needle is slipped out of the stitch which results into a new stitch.
Second one of the basic knitting stitches Purl stitch This is done in the opposite manner than the above mentioned stitch type. At first, the yarn is brought near the right hand needle. Then it is inserted into front of stitch. The yarn is then put round the point of needle by bringing it towards us. Now the needle is bent to form a loop and then the stitch is withdrawn from the point of the left hand needle.