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ha Meme 22/9 eh Permanent Secretary ofthe Pickups from Phantom. Dixtal Woh the to earier supplied making “ited claely te the Permanent Secreury Vehicle wil be detvered bythe contractor, 29614/8.9042/1/30, also proposed the 8 diferent deparments of the Ministy and One(I} vehicle yet to be delivered by the + Wehola Eminaniel ina in anticipation of the remaining one Yet 10 be delivered on 31% December, 2021 wrote a leter Tor fants to be released for the fourteen sehicle to be ‘bat was directed by the Permanent Secretary this dated 21/01/22 to stay setien pending when Honourable ‘Minister Commiesions same; ‘That while ll these wore pending Mey chila Emmanuel Ina retired ‘22 4 Director, General Services on 9M Murch, 2022, while Abubakar Dangaladima riled curler as Director Weights and Measures on the ‘9% of June, 2021 trom Ministry of Industry, Trade and fnvestncat; ‘That Mr. Abubakar Dangaladime and Mr. Ushola Emmanuel Toa Wwhile preceeding on retirement tool away the Prado Jeep with registration number 11A18-7G and Toyota Hike with Registration umber 11A-70-FG respectively belonging to the Ministry based on ‘he claim, that it was auctioned to then: That the auctioneers receipt dated 19% October, 2021 which Mrs Uohols Beimancel Ind claimed was faut io him for the Baar of the vehicle ia irreconeileble with the ‘Treasury teeeipt as the ‘suctioncer recep: shout have preceded the Treasury Reccipt; ‘That upon issuing several Polce invitations co Mr, Abubakar Dangaladima, he returned the Pade Jeep with registration number [ovormmmvrii © Ea es a 1-18-F8 he wae oe pH Me, Uohot Emmanuel Ina en BEER RE Meescaten gunier tin70-70 Miiaty to ie Pole whic hasbeen returned tothe That ME MMBGLY Mtot Wiatantate thir atgstion thot we Vehola BBIRARUEL TRA iock ray new Milano 2NA Rich 4.x 4 Petrol BD WIR the Minny iv having procurement lan with fhe SUPPLE Who has reused co supply the remaining one vehi 50 5.1 7TH a ms procurement misunderstanding between Paton Digital Techiilogy Services Utied and the Ministry over the supply cf the Tefiaining one 1) Nikano ZNA Rieh6 4 X 4 Petrol Pickup ava rest of onsconsideration of che variation brought by the Company. which “involves the payment of addtional sum of N37-800,000.00, due to chenge fa price atthe Market. And inthe course ofthe procurement imbroglio. the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry consebusly direted and rmandaied Mr. Uchola Emmaniel (Director General Services) and D. A. Mahasmad (Director Legal Servis) to cwoute the sald Contract, December, 2021 on ther bebalf, which 1s la (© From the findings, it i Agreement dated 14 contravention af Section 20 (1) of ute Pablic Procurement Act 2007 which mandates the Accounting officer of every procuring entity to have overall responsibility for the planning of, organization of tenders, valuation of tenders and exeeution of all procurements; ion of Me. Abubalear Dangaladima and Me. shots el Tea, 20 takeaway Prado Joop with regiatraion number T1A 16-7G and Toyota Hilux with Reglatration number 11A70-FG respectively, belonging to the Ministry lupen their retirement cannot be | EERO Pach {o ave overall reeponuibiity for the planning of, orgmizaton of ‘ender, evaluation of tenders and execution ofall procurements, ‘That it was agreed by contracting parties thatthe contact term would be 7 days: during which the sald yohictes wil $e supplied to the Minis’ Fon fuliing of the defined conditions required to enable Phantom Digital Teclnolgy Services Limited carryout his obigitions inthe Contact; That there wat a delay occasioned by the Ministry as the procurement Process was net completed unt December 2021 thereby resulting in 4 hile in the market price of te vehicles ofthe specification covered by the Contrac: ‘That on the 221 of December, 2021 efter the agreement wns signed Managing Director Phantom Digtal Technology Services limited delivered Fours) nos of Mikano ZNA Rich 4 X 4 Petro! Plleup ‘hice 241. Engine atthe sate of N22,521,250.00 (New Price) each ‘inst the rate of 819,500,000 (Old Price) to the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tavestment, who took deivery ef seme: ‘That to give effec t0 the new price Managing Director Phantom Digital Technology Services Limited in leer dated 170 February, 2022 t0 The Permanent Secretary, edienl Misty of Industry Trade and Investment, informed the Mintz that the prices ofthe vehicle ‘one from N19,500,000 ts N22,500000 as-& result oftheir delays in Procurement process which lasied fem 5% July to 144 December, 2021; ‘That Managing Direcor Phantom Digital Technology Services Limited informed the Ministry thatthe total amount of the fourteen vohiies a now 0 be 383,097,500 against former price of NS15,297,500.00 approved pros, hence he applied fr additonal payment of N37,800,000.00 us. the adaional sum 10 be pad before he veil ‘supply the ational one) yehile remaining, a vied a8 ANE BRUM net provide evidence of benrang sane to hem (ence the Tyo Hite wilh Kepattion quinber 14-70-20 ws ‘covered and tlénsed to the Meaty, while Prado Jeep wth reptrcon amber TAABIRG yaa nicemed diectly to the Ministry by Me ‘Avuhale Dangatadtona, 59 tnMiew ofthe above, thelnepector General af Plice direct th The Permanent Secretary Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade ‘and tavestment explore the terme of the Contract Agrvement find Civil Procedures (Court) In revolving the contract minunderstanding with Managing Director Phantom Digital ‘Technology Services Limited and take possession of the ‘remaining one (1) Milano ZA Ricks 4 X 4 Petrol Pickup ehiele; > While Mr. Abubakar Danealsdina ané Me, Vchola Emmanuel ‘continue enjoying thele retirement, 54 Above is for your information, aril (¢showld be noted, that the Nigeria Police Porer will rot be held Hable for the ise af thi report for (dnc roses on aor recent wif diy ass aiarapn/ ef Ace Mus, HEAD, IGP MONITORING UNIT, THE NIGERIA FOLICE FORCE, FORCE HEADQUARTERS, ABUJA, Saree” Pages Tome orn, Brett ofsoce, ie Henne muna 3g eam te Honourable Minister, “wryupur TREsUbIG eval Ministry of Trade and tnvestment, |e whi, Abuja ou AckN :E INVESTIGATION RE: RE: CASE OF CRIMIWA) CONVERSION OF PROPERTY, CRIMMIAL MISAPPROPRIATION AND BREACH OF TRUST OMPLAINAWT: 1. FEDERAL MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY TRADE AND INVESTMENT JSPECTS: i, -—-UCHOLA EMMANUEL INA ou i, ABURAKAR DANGALADIMA mt Ui OTUNBADR. ADEJAKE ADEGuENRO 'M* INTRODUCTION: | refer to the above mentioned « tor-General of Police thr sported to the Insp. ftiion dated 9% September, by your Ministry against (ehola Emmanuel Ina and Abubalear Dangalad [pried to this Unit vide Inspector-General of Police lett {B:7000/1GP,SBC/AB./VOL.S9/244 dated 12% September herewith the Police Investigation | Inspector General of Pol [Vol 1/143 dated 29 December, 2 a, which was in letter no ighix and Meastires also went away with One White Prado Jeep with station no HA-18-18-F0 belonging tothe Ministry 2.2 That uphn discovery ofthis evelopment nesegofIettern were writen to che muspects appealing t them to fetuen the veHicles, ut thie did not ‘veld any pote sos Renee the petition reqsentit fr their conduct to be investigated, and the wb etiawed Ud the inteweet of co Pull 26 MMBROATON: Yon eso te a ue op oat RS decor ot uel iain fe a er eee, ping sein cored on he wis ttf unre seeped i ecg Un Sy gr tet coun eee 56 ING 1 he une ot mvt ees inc srs ih enone Ses rt ey uly inconporatec in Nigeria, limited by shaven operating in the ‘automotive industry as merchants dealing in whetesling, retains b. That sometime le 2021, flowing the approval of eke Miniter ‘Tenders Board of the Federal Misitcy of industsy, Trade and Investment for the award ofa coitact in favour of Pantorn Digtal Technologi Serviews Limited, fOr the pracurement and supply of founcca (14) Milano Pideup vans, a formal afer was made to Poaacom Digtal Technologles Serves Limited which wan sceeptcd by the Nanaging Director on bebalf ofthe company and was documented as flows; later ng: Mttt/PRocyaetn /03/1020/2021/24 dated 195 ‘Angunt, 2081 ani alguee by Ita Procurement Department for "88 ocneent of au els fr Moth emis ‘anion Dill Teenie services Lined tor 4, Ml lay Fve Thos nae 0,085,000) ma PATE PRO/aT9/0)/1030/2081/28 de 10% August, 2031 and signed by ita Procurement Department ‘tide contac br the preverement ot Pou) woll Seth Operations Mgnt Todnang seve ned ft Ninety Min Egy Pve Tha 9,040,000) Latter no EERO) MENON) 100/291 30 te Beptcet, 203 sn sige Hu eect Dap varied sont rine prensa Fouts ae Weight and Measures Operations to Phantom Digital Tecolgy Bros ini Misty io, eye 1 ‘Foouan hte eo, 900 0 Hat the Managing Bares Phantom Dl Teehniony Seven Leen it eter PMN PROC THY 03/1020/200% dated 90% ‘naguat, 2021 accepted ofr on bent ‘hat before te award ofthe Contact on the 199 of Ags, 2081 and greement wun signed, Phaniom Digital Tebnology Serves Lied Na dalivered(0(2) noe of Mikana ZNA Rieko 4) X4 Petrol Pela vette 21, fngine at the ate of N20,080,000.00 each 10 the Permanent Secretary Federal Mininiry of tnduntey, ‘Trade onl ‘company: Tnvertment, who took delivery of name ‘Phat the Contract Agreement dated 14 December, 2021 wax syned by Me, Uchola Immanuel [Director General Services) and D. A, Muhammad (Director Legal Services) on behall of Federal Ministry of industry, Trade and Investment for delivery of fourteen (14) now of the Pickup Veniclen; ‘Phat the Contract paper Jor the procurement and mupply of the Pid Lup vehicles was drawn outlining the terms oF the contract whieh fuight to have been executed by the Permanent Secretary for the Federal Minatry of Industry, Trade and Investment, however, the Penmanont Seerstary of the Miniaty foe whatever reanon disneted the bin contravention of 2007 which mandates the Accounting offices of every prot to (apa Service) to exeote the wid Contract an herb tion, 20 (1) of the Ruble Procurement Act ly eof SRM 30 bk

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