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Enderase Amen

Nobel Servant of God

The Book of Enoch chapter 48 vs 1

N' Raiwy

that place I beheld a fountain of righteousness, which never failed, encircled by many springs of wisdom. Of these all the thirsty drank, and were filled with wisdom, having their habitation with the righteous, the elect, and the holy.

There is a age upon us a age of Blood and Steel, cold as iron calculated by the coin and buying souls with material wishes and lacking life and love. It's is the great work and triumph of the masters of the royal house the children of Cronus; lord of the flies, he who eats his children and bathes in the blood of many, O' Dracul the Terrible. I know you and I know your works, so all who read this hear me well; the spirit of the holy child is upon us and it lifts up this generation as it did the last and the last unto that; first in the west it awoke the dead from their sleep now in the east form the house of light it brings rays exposing those that conspire in the dark seducing and corrupting man through the mirror, casting spells and many rituals of disgusting and profane rites. For I am a servant of Amen and a Emissary of Ma'at come to restore the lost and give strength to the weak. Heta A eni Amen (I go with Amen) Did not the spark start when Pharaoh returned, in that Holy Land you plundered , who's secrets and wisdom you mixed with your sorcery's to hide the lie in a truth and a truth in a lie. You of the Temple who corrupt the good to covet the bad. You make mothers to hand over their daughters to the foreign Lady of Galera a idol of lust for a convent of whores. You confound the fathers that they may abandon their sons to Agrios to run wild drunk on the wine of ignorance and fat from the bread of lies. That they may be despoilers of lands and killers and slaughterers of households.

You believe you control the True King but you hold him not, you strive to make dominion but you build upon sand and the tides rush against your domain. Consider, do not the seas rush up against you, and spill out your treasures. Does not the land rebuke you and break your foundations, For our mother is sick with you and she calls her husband to cast a cleansing flare upon you, but blind you see it not. For you are the victims of all that you have set upon Merinu called earth. You believe you control the wind but soon you will feel our mother breath. You seek to move the lands but mark my promise you will know what it is to tremble. You make pacts among the stars and between the spaces. But go and tell your master's this, you are deceived you are a wretch and a fool, they have cast their lot with a ass dressed as a thoroughbred . For you nor they will rest upon the throne you have reached for since you first hoveled from the caves your prison of long ago. For the holy spirit works through this generation and as you succeed you will fail, every step closer will be 10 cubits farther. Observe when the first dragon will betray you and loose the chains of another and consume you with fire. Rising from the embers those seeds left over will take root trample upon your monuments and spit your name as a curse for their woe, that you may never rise again. Behold; even know it takes place. For he who had no eyes, now has eyes and knows he is of the mos high. 40:7 And I heard the fourth voice fending off the Shatans and forbidding them to come before the Lord of Spirits to accuse them who dwell on Merinu called the earth. 40:8.After that I asked the Neter (who is called a angel) of peace who went with me, who showed me everything that is hidden: Who are these four presences which I have seen and whose words I have heard and written down? 40:9 And he said to me: This first is Heru, the merciful and long-suffering: and the second, who is set over all the diseases and all the wounds of the children of men, is Tehuti: and the third, who is set over all the powers, is Ptah: and the fourth, who is set over the repentance unto hope of those who inherit eternal life, is named Atum.
Thanks be to Amen that we should instruct Humanity on the Mat, teaching the ignorant in knowledge, and in the standard of good discourse, beneficial to him who hears, but woe to him who neglects them. Maa Kheru Ha er'n Amen, Ras Nahmir Amun (Head Minister) Of The Orthodox Assembly Enderase Amen