TABLE OF CONTENTS COMPANY'S INTRODUCTION .......................................................4 CURRENT OVERVIEW..................................................................6 COMPANY'S MISSION.................................................................8 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OBJECTIVES........................................8 QUALITY POLICY........................................................................8 KEY STRENGTHS OF SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LTD...............9 MY INTRODUCTION...................................................................12 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT...............................................................14 OBJECTIVE...............................................................................15 FEELINGS BEFORE STARTING THE PROJECT................................16 KEY BENEFITS AT STUDENT’S, ORGANIZATION’S AND UNIVERSITY’S END:..................................................................16 AT STUDENT'S END.........................................................................16 AT ORGANIZATION’S END...................................................................17 AT UNIVERSITY’S END......................................................................18 SYSTEM APPROACH: FOR PROJECT – SCHEDULING THE PROJECT..19 THE REASON FOR CHOOSING PARTICULAR WORK AREA..............20 ORGANIZATIONAL CHART OF IT DEPARTMENT............................22 ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF IT DEPARTMENT.......................................................23 DEVELOPS AND MAINTAINS SYSTEM SECURITY PLANS AND CONTINGENCY PLANS FOR ALL IT SYSTEMS AND MAJOR APPLICATIONS FOR WHICH HE OR SHE IS RESPONSIBLE;............................................. 23 PARTICIPATES IN RISK ASSESSMENTS TO PERIODICALLY REEVALUATE SENSITIVITY OF THE SYSTEM, RISKS, AND MITIGATION STRATEGIES;................................................................................. 23 INSTALLS ONLY HARDWARE AND/OR SOFTWARE APPROVED BY THE IT PROFESSIONALS...................23


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IT DEPARTMENT INCLUDING NETWORKING AND ISSUE EMAIL ADDRESSES AND LOOK NEEDS......................................................................................... 23



ACCORDING TO NEED OF THEIR COMPANY.................................................................... 23 THE ERRORS IN HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE................................................... 23

STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE USING IT.............................................23 MAIN BUSINESS FUNCTIONS OF .............................................................................24 “IT DEPARTMENT”............................................................................................24 HIERARCHY OF THE IT DEPARTMENT.........................................25 DEPARTMENTS COVERED DURING INTERNSHIP IN I.T. DEPARTMENT...........................................................................26 NETWORKING DEPARTMENT.....................................................26 SSGC’S NETWORK....................................................................27 NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE OF SSGC.......................................28 TYPE OF COMPLAINS................................................................34 HARDWARE MANAGEMENT.......................................................36 GIS (GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM).............................36 CIS (CUSTOMER INFORMATION SYSTEM)...................................41 OBSERVATIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS.....................................42




University's Introduction
Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology has been sponsored by Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys' Association of Pakistan, Karachi. It was set up through Sindh Government Ordinance No. XII of 1993 dated 6th October, 1993 and the Charter granted by Governor of Sindh on 8th October, 1993. The Act was passed by the provincial Assembly of Sindh on 17th September, 1995 and assented by Governor of Sindh on 16th October 1995, and published in the Gazette as "Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Act 1995 - Sindh Act No. X of 1995." The Association decided to establish a high class University of Engineering and Technology as a Centre of Excellence offering instructions of International Standard with integrated programs dealing with the fast growing technologies of the world with courses designed to produce qualified personnel of high caliber specializing in new technologies needed in developing countries. This objective is in line with the Government policy of inducting the private sector for promoting Education in Engineering and Technical subjects at graduate and post-graduate levels. In its first phase, the University was established on a plot of 8 acres in Block-5 of Gulshan-e-Iqbal on Main University Road. For future expansion, a plot measuring 200 acres has been acquired on link road. There were only two Engineering Colleges in the country at the time of Independence in 1947. Due to concerted and determined efforts of the Government, a reasonable improvement was made over the years but it still lacked a break-through in quality education. It is difficult for the technical education centers to produce the necessary



skilled and trained man-power and expertise needed to cope with rapidly emerging technologies. The 6th and 7th Five-year Plans threw sufficient light on the importance and need of the development of facilities for producing technical/vocational Engineers and Research Workers. By the grace of God, nine convocations of the university have been held since 1998, and admissions are to be announced for 2008 batch which happens to be 15th batch since the establishment of the university. During this period, concerted efforts have been made by the sponsor and the management of the university to bring it up to the international level. The university is equipped with most modern laboratory facilities which have been adjudged as one of the best by several forums including PEC, university grant commission and various international organizations. The university is also embarking on a well thought out plan for career planning to ensure absorption of degree holders of university in the government and private sector both at international and national levels.

Company's Introduction
Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) is Pakistan's leading integrated gas Company. The company is engaged in the business of transmission and distribution of natural gas besides construction of high pressure transmission and low pressure distribution systems.


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The Company is managed by an autonomous Board of Directors for policy guidelines and overall control.000 meters. The Company has an authorized capital of Rs. An average of about 358. The company also owns and operates the only gas meter manufacturing plant in the country. having an annual production capacity of over 510.540 Km. 10 billion of which Rs 6.959 million cubic feet (MMCFD) gas was sold in 2005-2006 to over 1. The Government owns the majority of the shares which is presently over 70%.7 billion is issued and fully paid up. The Managing Director/Chief Executive is nominee of GOP and has been delegated with such powers by the Board of Directors as are necessary to effective conduct the business of company.8 million industrial. SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . The distribution activities covering over 1200 towns in the Sindh and Balochistan are organized through its regional offices. Presently. commercial and domestic consumers in these regions through a distribution network of over 27.000 KM of high pressure pipeline ranging from 12 .24" in diameter.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR SSGCL transmission system extends from Sui in Balochistan to Karachi in Sindh comprising over 3. SSGC's Board comprises of 14 members.

high calorific value gas (HCV) deliveries will be achieved later in 2008 Zamzama North well will be tied in to increase and maintain production plateau Qadirpur • Negotiations in progress to commercialise additional reserves SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR Current Overview • • • • • Capitalise on a leading position in this rapidly growing gas market Expand production from existing fields Acquisition growth opportunities beyond this base Significant gas reserves Four gas fields on production Bhit/Badhra • • • • Supplying annual contracted gas of up to 270 mmscfd GSA signed to commercialise additional reserves First gas achieved January 2008 Further well which will access deeper targets has been spudded Zamzama • • • Supplying annual contracted gas of up to 320 mmscfd Zamzama Phase 2 development project completed and came on-stream in 2007.

A GSA for the sale of 22 mmscfd gas from the field was signed by the gas buyer Sui Southern Gas Company Limited and joint venture partners and is pending with the government for final approval First gas is expected mid-2009 Company's Vision To be a model utility providing quality service by maintaining high level of and professional standards through optimum use of resources.75% fully carried through development. The field development plan has been approved by the government and a D&P lease was issued in January 2004. ethical SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . Specialist equipment was ordered and testing is expected to resume in April 2008 Kadanwari • Development drilling proceeding – one well will be drilled in 2008 Zarghun South • • Interest of 3.681 metres in 2007 before being suspended when higher than anticipated temperatures and pressures were encountered.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED • • LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR Further plant expansion proceeding – first gas planned for later in 2008 Qadirpur Deep-1 was drilled to 4.

and sustainable supply of natural gas. Strategic Management Objectives  To make SSGC the best public sector corporation and equal or exceed the performance of equivalent MNC’s. community and nation. creativity and pursuit of SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . while conducting company business professionally.  Focus on customer satisfaction through employee satisfaction at all levels.  Ensure safety and health of employees. Quality Policy SSGC will continuously endeavor to improve its services to better satisfy the requirements of customers and will promote innovations. environment-friendly. efficiently. services and opportunities for growth.  To create value for share holders. commercial and domestic customers through reliable. customers and citizens in all areas of operations. ethically and with responsibility to all their stakeholders.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR Company's Mission To meet the energy requirements of industrial.  Foster continuous quality improvement and pursuit of excellence by all employees. through strong operating performance and increase in the assets base and share value.  Explore and develop technology applications for higher value added products.  Empower employees for enhancement of productivity and promote innovations and creativity.

Seen and known to be honest. Best Practices SSGC believe in a process-driven setup with comprehensive business processes covering all their activities. Display openness and consistency in applying policies SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . Transparency Promote open environment. Promote ethical business environment.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR excellence by employees for achieving better quality products and services in all areas of company operations. Acts in ethical manner. Take effective actions if observes unethical behavior or situation. All business processes are ETOM compliant as per accredited international standards. Intellectual honest. Excellence Makes positive contribution towards achievement of SSGC’s vision. Respond effectively to customer needs. Key Strengths Of Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd. Takes timely and quality decisions. Strives for continuous improvement. Integrity Keep company's interest above self. Lives within means.

before. SSGC distinguish them as their biggest assets and they strive for excellence by listening to their needs. Arrives at constructive solutions while maintaining positive working relationships. Demonstrates sensitivity. Contributes to team effectiveness using people's different skills and styles.5G EDGE compliant network. they have deployed a state-of-the-art 2. Respects dissent and resolves conflicts fairly. during and after the deployment of our leading solutions. To accommodate their customer's demands. Solicits and share ideas/best practice with others. their goals and their objectives to ensure that they receive the best possible service and the right solutions to meet their needs. Innovation SSGC is committed to providing superior level of professional services to all its customers . Works well with all type of peoples and corporate with others. TEAMWORK Builds strong relationships within across functions. Service Beyond Comparison Customers are the most important element in any organization.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR and procedures. There are also SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . SSGC work with their customers to gain an understanding of their business. Supports the achievements of Company/team goals.

SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . Siemens. CONCLUSION With fastest expanding coverage. and consistent focus on customers. unmatched product leadership. Cisco and 3Com. SSGC has pioneered in key technologies which include: • Custom-made network for Pakistan's environment • Congestion-free connectivity in all coverage areas • Fully redundant network • State of the art IP based connections provided to their employees. The Network They are partners with some of the leading vendors in the networking industry who help in providing the best and the latest network solutions for their businesses.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR innovative services of various standards that cater to a wide spectrum of users. SSGC has emerged to be the most prominent player in the market in the short span of its operations. These vendors include giants Dell.

Karachi. After completion of my BS Insha’Allah I will do my masters in networking or telecommunication. My Objective Seeking exposure to the environment of a dynamic and progressive organization for study of skills and their application in today’s modern business culture. Education 2005-TO DATE SIR SYED UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY Karachi.9/ 73 % Marks SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . because in my point of view networking is a very vast field and there is good scope of networking in the world as well as in Pakistan.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR My Introduction Ozair Qazi I am student of computer engineering in Sir Syed University of engineering and technology. Pakistan • Bachelor of Science In Computer Engineering (4th Year) CGPA: 2. My favorite fields are networking and communication.

NET 2. ASP. CSHARP(C#) 3. Pakistan PERCENTAGE: 67% My Interests • • • • Cricket Tennis Swimming Web Surfing Side Courses My Contact # : 0333-3373483 SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR 2003-2004 PAKISTAN EDUCATION FOUNDATION COLLEGE • Intermediate In PreEngineering Karachi. NETWORK AND SYSTEM ADMININSTRATION My Information Email Address: qazi64@hotmail.

T. Adnan Khan and Mr. who gave me time and provided me information about the networking. SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .Mahtab. department with me. I am also extremely thankful to to all employes who shared their knowledge and information about I. Adnan Khuwaja. from their precious and valuable time.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR Acknowledgement All praise to ALMIGHTY ALLAH. who guided me so well and gives me the opportunity to apply my knowledge on this report. Junaid and Mr. I am very much thankful to Mr. The knowledge acquired from this internship and report will definitely help me and play a vital role in my future career development. I am also very much thankful to Mr. who provided me with the strength to accomplish this report.

The demands. Information System and Management Information system in a running environment. My second object is to observe the practical Implementation of networking. SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR Project Outline Objective My primary objective of doing this project is to observe the Business implementation of computers and their relevant tasks in information technology. I also want to get a market view of the field of information technology. the skill requirements and the kind of work available in the information technology market. As computers and information technology are so very essential in today business environment that any business cannot survive without it.

At Student's End As a student. organization and university end. Key Benefits At Student’s. Organization’s And University’s End: This project is helpful at student. we observe practical implementation of our course and observe that: • How is information communicated to users? • How are data resources organize stored. update and retrieved? • What control method should be considered for input.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR Feelings Project before Starting the I was very excited that I had an opportunity to do internship and learn from an interesting and useful organization “Sui Southern Gas Company Limited” where i will meet with the qualified and specialists persons and will observe practical implementation of our course with professional attitude that how they manage their information technology department system and will get some extra knowledge about telecommunication and networking. output and storage activities? Get information which help in planning future path. processing. • SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .

How companies make their plans and advancement for competitive strategies. • Analyzing the results based on the facts achieved. make • Develop interpersonal skills in a student. • Better Communicating to stakeholders. • • Sufficient information to facilitate fair comparative evaluations of a number of different proposals is available. All relevant information is available and considered.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED • • LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR Get opportunity to observe organizational attitude. • the firm’s dedicated resources are working on the highest value opportunities At Organization’s End • Students make advancement which was helpful for organization. • Forecasting future trends in the project. • Defect prevention. • Create awareness of the work environment in organization. • Develop system approach to solve business problem. SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .this is essential in order to facilitate completion of the documentation • All proposals are presented in a standard and consistent format. • The required issues have been thoroughly considered .

• University gets recent research works. • A student reflects the atmosphere of university.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR At University’s End • It introduces university in market in better way as they observe the hard working of student and their theoretical and practical approach and concepts. Project Detail And Description SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .

The second stage was the learning phase during my internship and applies its knowledge to this report.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR System Approach: For Project – Scheduling the Project I planned and scheduled my work using a systematic approach and use every available resource. SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . The first stage was a meeting with SSGC’s IT officials in order to decide the parameter and the approach to take throughout the project. Since the learning phase was hard without some basic information about the organization and its basic functions. In this meeting IT professional helped me that what approach to take. The help from IT officials gave me a basic insight about the IT department. The helpful IT professional also guided me how to manage the whole project and gave me very useful tips. IT officials helped me in learning.

e. e. delivering services. selling products. I am the student of the computer engineering and my interests is so much towards the I. Choosing area where I am going to work was the important decision to make and you must choose the area which is related to your field or in the field you are interested. marketing services. personnel. IT. e. branch. so I was very keen to see what type of work is going on in the market on the field of the I. Typical business processes include receiving orders. other business processes will depend on it and it will depend on other processes. invoicing for services. a department.g. and accommodation. A business process usually depends upon several business functions for support. A business process rarely operates in isolation.T to control their SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . A group of business activities undertaken by an organization in pursuit of a common goal.g. i. distributing products. accounting for money received.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR The Reason for Choosing Particular Work Area A business unit within an organization. division.T which is one of the very good fields now a days.

T department for internship. their data.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR flow.Therefore I have chosen SSGC’s I. their strategies which they implemented to survive in this country and also to compete with other companies . SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .


and mitigation strategies. Responsibilities of IT department including Networking and issue email addresses and look for customer needs. Department heads to keep abreast with the emerging needs and new technology available according to need of their company Identifying the errors in hardware and software Strategic Advantage Using IT Technology is no longer an afterthought in forming business strategy. Installs only hardware and/or software approved by the IT professionals. but the actual cause and driver. Participates in risk assessments to periodically reevaluate sensitivity of the system.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR Roles And Responsibilities Of IT Department Develops and maintains system security plans and contingency plans for all IT systems and major applications for which he or she is responsible. Staffs are currently in the process of updating the 2004 to 2006 Strategic Plan to provide strategic direction for 2007 to 2009 SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . risks. Strategic IT Initiatives are • Corporate IT Strategy The primary objective of an IT strategy is to specifically identify and plan for the implementation of information technology infrastructures and services that will both support and enable the achievement of the broader corporate strategies.

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) This project will provide the ability for the public to report problems to the City via the internet.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR • Electronic Document & Records Management Study (EDRMS) An Electronic Document and Records Management System or EDRMS is a tool that will help the City manage our corporate documents during all the phases of the document’s life. Main Business Functions of “IT Department” • Enterprise Resource Planning • Networking • Geographical Information System • Database Management • Web Designing and Development • Hardware Management • Customer Information System SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . This will initially include problems involving bylaw issues and Public Works concerns.


SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR Learning Phase Departments Covered During Internship In I. Department • Network SSGC. infrastructure of • Hardware Management • GIS • CIS Networking Department During Internship I worked on different fields out of them few are as follows: • LAN (Local Area Network) connectivity • Man (Metropolitan Area Network) connectivity • WAN (Wide Area Network) connectivity • What is hub and how it works • What are switches (manageable .T. non-manageable and core switch) and how it works in an environment • What are routers and how it works in an environment SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .

SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED • LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • What are patch panels How a patch panel is being terminated. resources and communication. SSGC’s Network Computer networks may be classified according to the scale or extent of reach of the network. crossover cables Testing cables through tester Configuring an email account using Domino mail server (Lotus notes on back end) Configuring an email account using lotus notes 7.02 Creating computer domain ISA sever configuration DNS configuration How to access other computer using remote desktop connection How to access other computer (server) through IP IP Configuration Creating Local users etc Introduction to Networking A computer network is composed of multiple computers connected together using a telecommunication system for the purpose of sharing data. The size and scalability of any computer network are determined by the hardware used as well as which protocols are being implemented. cross. For instance. tagged and checked I/O punching How to connect two different devices and similar devices through cable Creating straight. for SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . a home computer network may consist of two or more computers that share files and a printer using the network.

Network Infrastructure Of SSGC Network of SSGC is centralized at Head Office.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR example as a Local area network (LAN). All the regional and zonal offices are connected to SSGC network through various links like E1. Metropolitan area network (MAN). DSL and Radio link. or Wide area network (WAN). SSGC is using all three types of networks. There are twelve zones in MAN Metropolitan Area Network of SSGC Wide Area Network Of SSGC SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .

Back-bone used for connecting switches of each floor to the Core switch in data centre is Fiber Optics. Switch of each floor connects to the 3COM’s 7750 Core switch in the Data Centre. The users of WAN first get connected to the switch of their zone. Billing etc. All the servers are placed in the Data Centre. CIS and GIS is on oracle. Each floor of the building has a TC (Telecom) room which has a patch panel and managed 3COM and Cisco switches where all nodes of the floor terminate. 3COM’s 4400.7500 and 2700 series switches both manageable and non-manageable are installed where as Routers of CISCO’s 2800 and 1751 series are installed. SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . CIS and ERP is using UNIX Operating System (A. SSGC’s DATACENTER ROOM • Data transmission of ERP.X). There is a Radio room where the Digital Radios are kept. Network is organized according to building structure.I.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR Now coming to head office. The network is divided into VLANS which reflect the Departments like Finance. then to a Cisco based router and then through microwaves they are connected to the KT terminal. from where the signals are sent through microwaves to these digital radios and then through a router they are connected to the core switch in the Data Center. IT.

• SSGC is using 3COM’s 7750 as their core switch in highly advanced network structure. UMS. Exchange. Web and Domain Controller servers SSGC is using the servers of dell and Compaq. 550. these blade server make SSGC the only utility company to have blade servers. SMS. SMS. ds4300.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR they are connected through ERP fiber switch on ERP fiber network. • SSGC have state of art blade servers from HP which are on trial for FTP. They are using IBM’s ds4700.510. FAX. • They are using HP’s dl380g5 as their mail server. Web and Domain Controller servers. FAX. Blackberry. SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .msa1500 cs and dl380g5. • SSGC is using CISCO’s 2800 and 1751 series routers. • For FTP. CIS backup tape library which is for offline data is on upto 25 tapes and one tape can store upto 400 GB. • For GIS application SSGC is using HP’s msa20. UMS.520.570. Blackberry. Exchange.

The basic functions of the Domain Controller are • Authentication of the users in the Domain’s Active Directory • Group Policies • Database Management. Additional Domain Controller Additional Domain Controller is the total replica of main Domain Controller. Domain Controller All the users. This machine also serves as Mail Server and is placed in De-Militarized Zone (DMZ). objects and resource are defined and authenticated through the domain controller based on Windows 2003. ERP Server SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR Internal Site Internal site consist of all the Servers except the Mail Server.The name of the domain is SUIGAS.

ZRG Call Center Server This server controls the call centre issues. This server contains all the information about and related to employees of SSGC. used for remote administration of all network PCs. It is based on two applications “Right Fax” and “Call Express”. DSL etc is unavailable. It is implemented where an internet connection through normal telephone lines. System Management Server System Management Server. The RAS modem is connection oriented. Remote Access Server RAS (Remote Access Server) is used for Metro call service. Unified Messaging System UMS is integrated with PABX and Exchange server. Right Fax allows the users to use their mail box to send and receive fax and Call express puts the users’ unattended calls to their mail box in the form of an attachment. It is used by the clients of SSGC in order to upload their files which are then accessed through the root folders using the SUIGAS domain. Billing Server Billing Server is used to maintain all billing records. File Transfer Protocol Server FTP server works on port 21 is used for software backup sharing. SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . a Microsoft Server Technology.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR ERP server is Oracle financial server. The user connects himself through a micro number to a modem at the Data Center where he is authenticated and is assigned an IP through which he is able to access the Data Server.

E-Policy Orchestrator Server E-Policy Orchestrator is a network Security server based on MacAfee. Lotus notes is more secure than that of exchange server and more faster with the option of web accessing too.. It acts as a Shield to SSGC. It was integrated with the Active Directory Mail server was working on SMTP and POP 3 protocols.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR Network Management Server Network Management server is monitoring the whole network (WAN and MAN). This server updates the antivirus agents on every PC on the network. Now SSGC have migrated its managerial level employees and all other of its employees to Lotus Notes 7. SMTP was used to send mails and POP 3 was used for receiving mails. SUS does not work with WORKGROUPS and its domain dependant thus it needs domain administrator rights. Mail Server Initially mail Server was based on Exchange server 2003. SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . very few of the employees are not familiar to it therefore they are using Domino server known as Damo in which outlook work at the front-end and lotus notes at back-end. It is a very handy tool for diagnosis of the problems regarding network. ISA Server ISA server is used as Proxy Server to maintain internet connectivity and it is integrated with Surf Control. It is integrated with Domain Controller and is used to enforce security policies. as it downloads the patches from the internet and updates every PC on the network. Software Update Server Software Update Service updates every Microsoft based Operating System on the network. Any site or link down is immediately reflected as an alert on the server.02 as it is new.

• Network Port required. • Cable unplugged problems. SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . It has two branches • Email Filter (works on SMTP) • Web Filter.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR It has a set of rules and restrictions that are domain oriented. • Installing softwares. Type Of Complains • Installing lotus notes and configuring mail account. • Clearing event logs. VPN Server for CIS VPN Server allows the CIS users to connect to CIS application remotely. (works on ISA) VPN Server for Zones VPN Sever for Zones allows the Zone to connect to SSGC network. • Assigning IP according to their VLAN assigned. • User id required for new users. Surf Control Surf Control monitors and controls access to the files and sites on Internet. • Printer sharing problem. • Resolving problems related to networking. • Network connectivity. • Sharing folders. • Troubleshooting windows.

SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR Cable Making Cables are of two types • Straight cables • Cross cables These are further classified as • Class A cables • Class B cables The color schemes of the above mentioned classes are as follows Class A • • • • • • • • White of Green White of Blue White of Orange White of Brown green Orange Blue Brown Class B • • • • • • • • White of Orange White of Blue White of Green White of Brown Orange Green Blue Brown SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .

SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR The connecter used was RJ 45 and the wire was CAT 5. Hardware Management Team • • • • Syed Adnan Asif Imran Syed Faisal Responsibilities • Upgrading Systems • Windows Installation • Software Installation • Software Up gradation • Printer repairing GIS (Geographical System) Information Utilities have prime importance in the development of urban and commercial centers all over the world. This makes an Ethernet cable where the Data goes on tracks 1 2 3 and 6. In the power and energy sector natural gas is the most economical and reliable source to meet daily requirements of the consumers. specially in third world countries where oil and other power resources are not readily and economically available. SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . Natural gas is used not only on domestic level. but it has a major share in industrial and commercial sector.

SMS) – required surveys of their status. there was a dire need of such information system which could help SSGC for better planning. commercial and industrial sectors of Pakistan are increasing continuously.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR Utilities are transforming themselves intelligently by salvaging useful parts of existing systems and incorporating new technologies to extend their capabilities. with large numbers of individual facilities (like Valves. Diversified lengths of pipeline network. and inspection activities have become becoming very difficult. operation. Tied to each of this countless numbers of entities and links is information . Supply of Gas (a basic social need) from stakeholders up to satisfactory level to end-users demands the best information management system. SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . PRS. In this situation. as a result. management. management. Population. To meet the challenges of continuous expansion of gas pipeline network. analysis. development. maintenance. gas pipeline network is also expanding with the same pace. safety.the information on which operational decisions are made and monitored. TBS. capacities and functions (while interacting in real time) with repeated maintenance and constant management if the system as a whole is to operate efficiently and effectively.

First phase is limited to scanning and the storage of paper maps on digital media to save them from any loss or damage. Most of them were outdated and with variable scales. Maps were stored at Karachi. using in-house resources in terms of hardware. No centralized data management system for development. Hyderabad and Quetta regional stations. most of the company’s assets information was scattered and on paper maps developed with traditional techniques. Vehicle Tracking System and Call Centre etc. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). distribution. maps and human resource. and for the development of GIS base map and its implementation as web base GIS application for the understanding and visualization of seamless information for pipeline and its associated features along with land use data. storage and restoration of the maps was existed. without any automated system. SCADA. several geometrical problems and disconnected information. Second phase will be the deployment of GIS base map at enterprise level for the improvement in business processed and its integration with other information systems like Customer Information System (CIS). transmission. SSGC is the first utility company in Pakistan for the development of large scale and high resolution GIS system SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . engineering. Before GIS. The vision of the project is to create and maintain an efficient GIS environment that fosters geographic data sharing within commercial. Implementation of GIS in SSGC has been divided in to two phases. management and other departments of SSGC.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR maintenance and operation of existing and forthcoming pipeline network. software. SSGC started development of GIS from scratch in the year 2005. GIS has the ability to maintain and integrates geographic data from many sources.

reporting. AutoCAD for vectorization information from scanned paper maps. visualize and understand gas pipeline and its associated information across the company. KESC. ESRI ArcGIS family software for the development of GIS and Trimble and Magellan GPS/DGPS for Field survey. mapping of distribution and transmission network. development and management processes of gas pipeline network. and PTCL etc. SSGC has been recognized by ESRI (the world leader in GIS). SSGC has stored all the paper maps on digital media and recently completed the development of GIS base map and its implementation as web base GIS application for the city of Karachi & Hyderabad (having 65% of SSGC’s customers).000 organizations worldwide. The information is available in the form of layers from administrative boundaries (macro level) to gas pipeline fittings (micro level). This system will serve as an analytical decision support tool to foster planning. Erdas Imagine Software for satellite data processing.5m Resolution Panchromatic Satellite Data as base map.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR for its gas pipeline network that could also be used as base for other utility companies like KW&SB. querying. SSGC is the first utility in Pakistan to implement a webbased GIS application to query. GIS system has been developed using world leading stateof-the-art technology. For this award. SPOT 2. for excellence in GIS field with a 2006 “Special Achievement in GIS” award at 2006 Annual ESRI International GIS User Conference. SSGC has been chosen out of more than 150. In recognition of this outstanding work. through intranet. The SSGC’s GIS gives fast and easy access to spatial data and provides viewing. The company is also implementing a comprehensive ERP & Customer Information System that SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . USA which is the worlds’ number one GIS conference. charting.

Manager (GIS-IT) on Improvement in Business Process through the use of Technology and Systematic GIS Development & its successful implementation in SSGC Pakistan. Syed Ali Naqi. Ensuring consistency of information base across departments. which was appreciated by GIS professionals at the conference. misfiled. get lost. Data should be more accessible to staff and secure. The company has following objectives to achieve: • • • • • • • • To improve SSGC’s image in government sector as well as in the society. Providing basis for new forms of management/analysis. To reduce cost by maintaining information. General Manager (IT) and Mr. No physical maps to deteriorate. SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR will provide interactive customer support capabilities to ensure more efficient services to its customers. Zuhair Siddiqui. Reducing potential duplication between departments. It is also a matter of pride for SSGC that papers were presented in 2006 ESRI International User Conference by Mr. Develop cooperation between departments by sharing geographic data.

• Records even From Balochistan can be viewed in short span of time. • Through CIS software which is on oracle 10g. • UNIX (AIX) Operating System on IBM’s Rx 6000 Machine. Senior Management can view all the information related to customer without needing anyone’s help. • SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR CIS (Customer System) • Information Software’s Forms and modules are on ORACLE 10g. Effective Monitoring can be achieved. • Complete customer information is stored along with dues on it. • If maximum amount allowed to customer exceeds software will generate warning through which we can monitor defaulters very easily.

we were dependent on despite of learning most of the SSGC’s system. I observed work on a coordinator networking SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 .SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR OBSERVATIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS Observations During my internship period of six weeks following • Internees don’t have enough rights to particular system.

• Due to inadequate number of employees in I.T. despite of having wireless technology they are using wired technology. • McAfee antivirus protection software was unable to detect updated harmful viruses. • In such a big environment DHCP was not enabled.T. • Internet bandwidth was insufficient which is causing slow processing. • Internet bandwidth should be increased. • More full time employees should be deputed to handle the networking problems. • DHCP should be enabled in such a big environment which will remove the headache of learning IPs. • They have state of art technologies in I.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR • Despite of good investment in IT infrastructure there is lot of paper pencil based approach being adopted in all departments except IT. GIS. Recommendations • Internees should be given rights after their learning period to attend complaints of end-users in supervision as they are there to gain hands-on experience of work.. • IT courses should be conducted at launch of new softwares in GTI (Gas Training Institute) for IT illiterate employees so that they can learn the basics of that software. • Antivirus protection software should be more protective. SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . • Trained officers of IT department should be posted in other departments on rotation basis for training on system like ERP. and CIS etc. department. • Other than IT department there are very few IT literate employees despite of having Gas Training Institute. • Resolution of some network related complaints normally takes 2 to 3 days due to inadequate number of employees for attending complains. officers have to work for more than their office timings.

Conclusion It is honor for me to be the part of I. It was during this time that I learned most of the practices of the professional world. SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED Page 38 . • There should be one or two employees in zones not necessarily from I.T Team.T. This time span made a great impact on my professional career as it provided me an exposure to a professional environment.T in case of emergency. I regard this as one of my best experience.SUI SOUTHERN GAS COMPANY LIMITED LEADING THE ENERGY SECTOR • They should move to wireless technology. It will allow me to apply new skill practically and warm up my mind for the upcoming years of my career ahead. which can rectify and solve the problems related to I.


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