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Oracle EBS R12: Advanced Supply Chain Planning

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Exam Topics Check List Overview to Advanced Supply Chain Planning [ ] Identify planning business issues [ ] Describe key capabilities of Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning [ ] Explain efficiencies achieved by implementing Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning [ ] Identify key constraints that influence distribution planning decisions and how tomeet them [ ] Explain key benefits of using distribution planning [ ] Explain integration of distribution planning with other Oracle APS suite products [ ] Explain usefulness of different plan types [ ] Identify plan classes based on scenarios [ ] Identify differences in implementation progression by plan class [ ] Describe planning business flow [ ] Describe planning data flow Unconstrained Plans [ ] Describe planning concepts [ ] Create unconstrained plans [ ] Launch unconstrained plans www.com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace. Note: the SSCDs do not count towards your course requirements for certification and should be used as a study aid only.com/education | www.precisetrace. SSCDs reinforce the course material and allow you to focus on sections that you need to review.Exam Summary Exam Code Exam Title Number of Questions Passing Score Duration Price 1Z0-244 Oracle EBS R12: Advanced Supply Chain Planning 84 62 % 105 minutes $195 Associated Certifications: : Oracle EBS R12 Advanced Supply Chain Planning Certified Expert Consultant OPN Certified Specialist Exam Track Recommended Training (one of the following) R12 Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning Fundamentals Training Opportunities for Oracle Partner Network Members NOTE: Self-Study CD-ROMs are an excellent tool to help you prepare for your exam.precisetrace.com | +966 3 896 9538 .

precisetrace.com | +966 3 896 9538 .precisetrace.com/education | www.Enforce Capacity Constraints with Decision Rules [ ] Describe Enforce Capacity Constraints with Decision rule plans [ ] Interpret End item substitution/Substitution components [ ] Setup and use Alternate resources/BOMs/Routings [ ] Planning Decision rule hierarchy Global Forecasting [ ] Describe global forecasting [ ] Spreading Global Forecasts [ ] Consuming Global Forecasts [ ] Recommending Sales Order changes Planning Information and Planner Workbench [ ] Explain the significance of various types of data used for planning [ ] Explain key functionalities of planner workbench [ ] Describe how to research data for planning [ ] Describe planning results [ ] Describe planner strategies [ ] Copy and manage plans Modeling the Supply Chain [ ] Analyze enterprise data [ ] Analyze organization structure [ ] Review planning approach [ ] Analyze item information [ ] View Bill of material data [ ] Explain types of BOM [ ] Create and Maintain BOM [ ] Create and maintain Routing & Resources [ ] Explain Engineering change order (ECO) and its process [ ] Analyze sourcing information [ ] View supplier data [ ] Define lead time [ ] Review organization relationship www.Constrained Plans [ ] Create demand priority rules [ ] Create and assign calendars [ ] Set constrained plan options [ ] Set aggregation levels [ ] Run constrained plan [ ] View material constraints [ ] View resource constraints Constrained Plans .com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace.

com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace.precisetrace.com | +966 3 896 9538 .precisetrace.[ ] Model the supply chain [ ] Describe the usage of MRP plan versus Master Production Plan and Master Production Schedule [ ] Describe the benefits of Holistic Plans Querying Supply Chain Plan Information [ ] Create personal and public queries [ ] Manage personal and public queries [ ] Create order queries [ ] Manage order queries Constrained Plans .com/education | www.Enforce Demand Due Dates [ ] Describe Enforce Demand Due Dates constrained plans [ ] Describe exceptions out of Enforce Demand Due Date Plans Integrating Advanced Supply Chain Planning with Other Oracle Applications [ ] Describe the types of manufacturing environments that are integrated with ASCP [ ] Describe the integration points between ASCP and Oracle Project Manufacturing [ ] Describe the integration points between ASCP and Oracle Process Manufacturing [ ] Describe the integration points between ASCP and Oracle Flow Manufacturing [ ] Describe the integration points between ASCP and Demantra demand Management [ ] Describe the integration points between ASCP and Production scheduling [ ] Describe the integration points between ASCP and SNO Demand and Supply [ ] Explain Types of Demand sources [ ] Describe sales orders [ ] Explain forecast and forecast consumption [ ] Analyze supply types [ ] Describe demand classes [ ] Analyze purchase orders [ ] Analyze manufacturing orders Collections [ ] Analyze & Review collections strategy [ ] Detail the types of collection exceptions [ ] Detail various Collection methods [ ] Analyze & Review collected data Analyzing Unconstrained Plans [ ] View unconstrained exceptions [ ] Compare and manage unconstrained exception messages [ ] View recommendations [ ] Peg supply and demand [ ] Release recommendations www.

com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace.Constrained Plans .Enforce Capacity Constraints [ ] Describe ECC plans [ ] Analyze Sales order exceptions [ ] Analyze Forecast exceptions [ ] Analyze Late supply exceptions [ ] Describe causes of late demands [ ] View Gantt chart [ ] Run and Analyze Planning detail /Plan comparison reports [ ] View and Analyze Workflow notifications [ ] Analyze Bottleneck resources [ ] Review outcome of Network routings [ ] Firm work orders Cost-Based Optimized Plans [ ] Setting plan options for Cost Based Optimized Plan [ ] Describe Optimized Plans [ ] Describe Desired Outcomes from Optimized Plan [ ] Setting Penalty factors for Optimized Plans [ ] Configuring targets for key performance indicators and reviewing results Planning Strategies [ ] Perform Net Change Plan simulation [ ] Compare Simulation Plan results www.precisetrace.precisetrace.com | +966 3 896 9538 .com/education | www.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the previous three sentences.. and may not use different Learning Credits accounts to acquire a single product or service or to pay related taxes..com/education.. Cancel your registration 1-6 calendar days prior to the class start date. Learning Credit may also be used to pay taxes. You may be required to execute standard Oracle Ordering materials when using Learning Credit to order products or services. or similar taxes as required for the purpose of the Learning Credits.com/education | www. Confidentiality www.. value-added. Cancel your registration 7 or more calendar days before the scheduled start date of the class. Quote for discussion purposes only. Learning Credit may be used to acquire education products and services offered in the Oracle University online catalogue posted at www. may not use them as a payment method for additional Learning Credits. or cancel on the day of the event Oracle Testing Center (OTC) Exam If You.. Learning Credit purchase require the execution of separate ordering documents and you agree to pay any sales.precisetrace. please contact the PreciseTrace sales representative list above.precisetrace. Cancel your registration 14 or more days calendar days before the scheduled start date of the event Cancel your registration 1-13 calendar days prior to the event start date Do not show up for the event. If you are ready to purchase. Actual fees may apply at the time of purchase. Learning Credit are non-transferable and non-assignable. You may only use Learning Credits in the country in which you acquired them. Learning Credit are valid for a period of 12 months from the date your order is accepted by Oracle.oracle. or cancel on the day of the event Private/Onsite Training Events If You. cancel on the day of the exam. duration and prices subject to change. Class schedules. Cancel or reschedule your exam registration 7 or more calendar days prior to the scheduled exam date Reschedule your exam registration 1 to 6 calendar days before the scheduled exam date Cancel your exam registration 1-6 calendar days prior to the scheduled exam date.com/pearsonvue | education@precisetrace. The list price will be reduced by applying the Learning Credit discount specified at the time of your Learning Credit purchase.com | +966 3 896 9538 PreciseTrace Will assess No Charge 50% of the class fees 100% of the class fees PreciseTrace Will assess No Charge 50% of the event fee 100% of the event fee PreciseTrace Will assess No Charge No Charge 100% of the exam fee or will invalidate your OCP voucher if your payment method is OCP Voucher . and you must acquire products and must use any acquired services prior to the end of such period. or do not show up for the exam OU Terms and Conditions: The Quotation is offered under the OU standard terms and condition.Oracle University/PreciseTrace Education Cancellation Policy Publicly Scheduled Instructor Led Training/Live Virtual Class Events If You. Learning Credit Terms and Conditions: The quote is offered as a Leaning Credit purchase under the Learning Credit Terms and Policies. All quotes for per diem and travel expenses are based on commercial list price and are estimates.. Do not show up for the event. materials and/or expenses. Learning Credit may only be used to acquire products and services at the list price in effect at the time you order the relevant product or service. materials and/or expenses. and may not be used for any product or service that is subject to a discount or a promotion when you acquire the relevant product or service.

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