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Pablo Baksht founded Lo Coloco Films in 2007, with the idea to generate and produce high quality animated

content in order to compete at an international level. The mission of the studio is to position Mexico as a reference for quality, with a special emphasis in conscientious content so that solid stories and narrative quality are the greatest assets the company can offer and can, with this, develop versatile products, that manage to penetrate worldwide and can be marketed in the different media and territories that make up the global market. The emblematic project of the studio is ANA & BruNo, a 3D stereoscopic animated feature that has become a reference for quality and has the versatility to transform into different types of content: TV series, prequels and sequels, remakes, short for "small formats "applications, video games, licensing, merchandising and all types of derivatives traded. ANA & BruNo will be completed in early 2013, in both English and Spanish. Lo Coloco Films is a company 100% Mexican with values and a social commitment: we pay special attention to the content generated, for it to be socially responsible. The company has a high commitment to education by training young people to be part of the animation industry in Mexico; Lo Coloco generates jobs and trains new technicians in the industry. The team of Lo Coloco Films has been carefully selected and is shaped by people with great technical and creative capabilities. One of the immediate results of the work of this team has been the recognition to the quality: The must important animation software company in the world Autodesk uses images from ANA & BruNo in their advertisements, as an example of the quality to reach with their software. The hardware manufacturer DELL names Lo Coloco on their website as a success story in the use of their equipment. In summary the studio will be a viable and competitive enterprise with a large market for distribution of content, with sufficient solidity and quality to become a beacon in the industry of animation in Mxico.

Carlos Carrera started working in animation at the age of twelve and has directed nine animated short films one of them The Hero" won the Golden Palm at the International Film Festival in Cannes 1994, being Clint Eastwood president of the jury. He has directed nine animated short films and seven live action feature films including the highest grossing film in the history of Mexican cinema which also earned an Academy Award nomination for best foreign film. He currently presides over the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

ANA & BruNo